7 Magic Energy Experiments Review: (All the Secrets to Manifesting are Finally Revealed)

7 Magic Energy Experiments Package

Have you ever felt powerless and not in control of your own life? Did you read ‘The Secret’ and feel left wanting for more…. almost like ‘The True Secrets’ to manifestation wasn’t actually revealed in the book or the movie? Well, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, done that, along with countless others. Will the 7 Magic Energy Experiments be any different? We’ll answer that question with this review. But first a little background information……

Even though the promises made in The Secret were real, they never gave us all the tools we needed to achieve what they promised. And that really sucked!

And you know what….. the truth of how we can achieve the lives of our dreams has been purposefully hidden, distorted, manipulated, and kept from us. A few groups, (mostly secret societies) down through the ages wanted to use the knowledge and power to manifest for their own greedy, negative, and selfish purposes…….. so they lied to us, the 99.99 % of the world’s population, and kept the hard-core truth about how to manifest for themselves.

However, the TRUTH cannot remain hidden forever, and we are living in a time when what was hidden is now being revealed. And for us, this means that we now have access to the previously hidden secrets that can teach us how…..


……… and all we need to do is harness the ‘REAL SECRETS’ OF THE UNIVERSE,’ the ones that have been kept from us by the rich and powerful for millennia.

7 Magic Energy Experiments Review: (All the Secrets to Manifesting are Finally Revealed)

The information you need to make your life easier, make it better in every way, and that will allow you to become the powerful creator you were born to be is now ALL available in the 7 Magic Energy Experiments. This program works by using: a) AUDIO BRAIN PLASTICITY (helps to quickly strengthen healthier belief formation patterns), and b) embedding new positive beliefs into your unconscious mind using brainwave entrainment technologies.

& Magic Energy Experiments packageThese two super learning techniques are fundamental to accelerating changes within our brain’s neural pathways to help release anxiety, depression, trauma, and the internal beliefs we have that are holding us back. Only when we have cleared our blockages can we embed the new positive beliefs we desire into our subconscious…. the ones that align with what we truly want out of life.

All positive change requires that we go through a process that begins by addressing our negative emotional states to heal our past wounds and childhood trauma. We must own up to where we are on our journey and put in the time and effort required to clear our blockages. And the beginning stages of The 7 Magic Energy Experiments are designed to do exactly that.

Real lasting change requires deep and total healing, and nobody or no program can help you achieve this overnight. And that is why the 7MEE program runs over 21 days.

21 days is necessary to ‘build belief in yourself.’ Since you’re not already living your dream life it is because you don’t have the necessary tools and information to do it yet…..

21 days to change your life for the better, forever, is really quick!

& Magic Energy Experiments banner adTime is required because it can be incredibly challenging to overcome limiting beliefs and build new beliefs to align with our goals. And unfortunately, most self-help programs don’t take this into account. Instead, many offer ‘quick fixes.’ However, because these quick fixes aren’t built on a solid foundation, they are never going to last long-term.

If you think about it, everything we have previously learned and become good at has required a proven process and hours of time investment….. so why would learning to manifest your dream life be any different?

You couldn’t learn to run before you could crawl….. and then walk!

Manifesting your heart’s desires is the same…. And the reality is that you haven’t done it yet, so why do you think any program could teach you to do it overnight?

My advice….. take the 21 days, enjoy the process, and be confident that your life will be forever changed for the better!

What will completing the 7 Magic Energy Experiments course teach me?

In ancient times the alchemists and magicians were the people who knew and worked with the Laws of Nature. They understood that EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION, tiny particles of moving energy that could be transformed into different vibration formations…… magic? No, just Universal Law!

They were often teachers who taught people how to break down the limiting parts of themselves and transform themselves into whoever they wanted to become….. Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, and Wise……

However, none of this transformation is possible until we clear our blocks at a subconscious level. Then the 7 experiments can transform your energy so that you will become a vibrational match to what you desire….. and only then will it becomes yours.

With this course you will learn each experiment in the EXACT order you need to build belief in your manifestation abilities. Then complete financial freedom, deeply fulfilling relationships, and the ability to control how you spend your days, weeks, and years for the rest of your life will be yours!

Why do I recommend this course?

I’m beginning to sound like an ad for the creators of this program, Jackie Jones from Canada, and her ‘musical genius’ friend, John. Well, this isn’t an ad, but it is a review of the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program. And, if you hadn’t guessed already, it’s a positive review.

When I first read the sales page, I resonated with what Jackie was saying. It seems we began similar journeys all those years ago…. The Celestine Prophecy was also one of the first books that opened my mind and heart to a world of ‘creating our lives’ instead of just accepting everything that blindly comes our way.

That first ‘awakening’ then led me to yoga, Reiki, meditation, Abraham Hicks, Sadhguru, Buddhism, and others. I knew the truth was out there, somewhere, waiting to be discovered….. so imagine my joy when I came across the 7MEE’s program. All the best stuff I have learned about manifesting my life to be the way I want it has been put into this one program….. and it’s been made accessible in an easy-to-use format that everyone can benefit from. WOW! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

7 Magic Energy Experiments Abundance gift

What’s the best insight I got from this course?

The core principle of these teachings is that we as individuals have the ability to access the Divine within ourselves….. in other words, we can transcend the everyday world by using our intuition and internal processes instead of receiving guidance from external sources……

….. and this is why powerful organizations including religions and governments don’t want us to know this information. Because once we know that we are powerful within ourselves, we understand that we don’t need them interfering in our lives anymore.

What are the basic principles taught in the 7 Magic Energy Experiments course?

The 7 Magic Energy Experiments is designed around all seven Alchemical Laws of the Universe. This program comes with corresponding experiments to reinforce and ensure that we, the students, learn to apply these Laws in our own lives. After all, this is why we are here, right? To learn how to tap into the abundance, health, and joy that is our birthright?

Sacred Symbol Highly transformative neuroscientific audios are a key component of the program and it’s required that you listen to specific tracks for 12 minutes a day for a total of 21 days. These MP3s work directly on our subconscious mind to enhance the power of the experiments, reinforce our understanding of them, and speed up their effectiveness.

The goal of the program is to help YOU manifest ALL YOUR HEARTS DESIRES….. and it achieves this by making sure your subconscious mind allows these desired energetic shifts to manifest within you and around you…… All this means is that: In effect, you become a co-creator with the universe and achieve your goals and dreams easily…… instead of struggling and settling for stuff you are not happy with!

The seven principles Jackie shares with us explain how the natural world behaves. They are derived from Hermeticism (a group of philosophical and religious beliefs that connect the threads of esoteric and occult knowledge from Judaism, Christianity, ancient Egyptian religious practices, and Greek philosophy.) The Hermetica covers a diverse range of topics including medicine, astrology, cosmology, theology, alchemy, and magic…..

The Hermetica is a user guide telling us how to exist within the world in harmony with the Divine and ALL natural laws.

Over the course of the 21 days, you will be guided through the 7 alchemical experiments, one at a time. And it is essential to do them in the correct order so that you attain the life-transforming results you desire.

You begin at level 1 with simple and easy experiments that give ‘small wins’ to boost your belief in your ability to manifest changes in your life. And as your confidence grows, you’ll start to notice magical changes taking place.

Level 2 changes are bigger, but can only occur and ‘stick’ if you have mastered the foundational work throughout level 1 of the course. Why? Because anything that comes too quickly without building up the proper foundation and momentum will not last as our thoughts and actions will not yet be in proper vibrational alignment with our desires.

What are the laws as taught in The 7 Magic Energy Experiments?

7 Magic Energy Experiments The Law of Light1) The Law of Light: This experiment proves how important it is to watch every thought you have! Thoughts do create reality, and you get to prove it to yourselves by learning how to manifest synchronicities into your lives. And also how to stay connected to intuition and identify which are clear guiding signs from the universe.

2) The Law of Release: This experiment is about plugging into the universe to realize you are one with the Divine. You will receive a clear and specific message to help you navigate through a problem you are currently facing. The greatest benefit here is learning to trust the source of all life..… and once you let go, all the best answers will become available to you.

3) The Law of Growth: This experiment is to clear the past karma that has been keeping you stuck! The subconscious shifting audios make it easy to identify and release parts of your psyche that have been keeping you small. They help to clear away shame, guilt, etc. so that you can repair and enhance your relationships with yourselves and with others, whether they be romantic, work-related, or social. Forgiving yourself for your past allows for a clear and bright new future to begin to emerge.

4) The Law of Integration: You will learn how to transform negative situations into positive ones by releasing any negative energy you have around people, places, memories, etc. You become empowered to the point that nothing feels too scary or unattainable anymore.

5) The Law of Strength: “What’s meant for you won’t pass you by” is an ancient mantra that we get to claim as our own. The new evolving YOU is put to the test by venturing into unknown territory, something where you don’t know what the outcome will be.

However, your new faith in the Universe will provide the strength needed to see it through.

7 Magic Energy Experiments The Law of SpiritInstead of thinking that power lies in ‘controlling’ everything, you will realize that there is greater power in surrendering to the Divine Source of all knowledge and wisdom. Here, you can discover what you were born to do and be…… and let go of your limiting beliefs about what you think is available to you.

6) The Law of Spirit: To be whole, you need to embrace both aspects of self, the masculine and the feminine. Your energetic frequencies will be brought into alignment, balancing whatever is out of sync. And then you can move through life as a completely-balanced spirit.

Our feminine aspect is the flowing visionary who creates and speaks our manifestations into existence. And our masculine aspect is the driver of action that makes our manifestations become a reality.

7) The Law of Self-Actualization: This is where matter and spirit meet! This is the ultimate stage where you can shift and manipulate energy into becoming whatever you desire. You become intimately aware of your spiritual self and raise your vibration to come into alignment with Source Energy, or The Universal Mind. Transforming energies and shifting realities becomes possible for you as it was for the ancient alchemists that came before.

But there’s more great stuff still to come…….

Within the second level of this experiment, you will manifest something huge for yourself, something that you previously thought would be impossible…… But something that is now possible through your understanding of the SEVEN LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Practicing these laws activates the Divine within us, the powerful creator of our reality, the aspect of self that can manifest unlimited abundance! And all we have to do is follow the SEVEN Magic Energy Experiments, step by step for 12 minutes a day, for 21 days!

And by the end of 21 days, (or however long you choose to take,) your life will be magically transformed into something so much more than you could have previously ever dreamed possible.

Bonus: The 7 Magic Money Experiments Program

The 7 Magic Energy Experiment tracks are powerful enough to allow you to create everything you want in your life. However, the authors have created these bonus tracks specifically around improving your confidence to attract an abundance of wealth. These are a mixture of level 1 and level 2 experiments that will definitely shift your ability to generate the wealth you desire.

What is the cost of the 7 Magic Energy Experiments course and the 7 Magic Money Experiment Bonus Tracks?

7 Magic Energy Experiments product package + bonuses

So what would you pay to get your hands on the Seven Magical Energy Experiments, derived from the ancient Hermetic, Gnostic, and other esoteric knowledge, that has been hidden to keep us from living to our fullest potential and claiming our true power?

Well, the good news is that it’s only $47…. the same price of a meal out at a restaurant…….. for secrets that will open you up to major breakthroughs in your career, relationships, finances, and all areas of your life…. in only 21 days!

Price and buy now buttonAnd…. you have 60 days to request all of your money back if you try it and don’t see radical results. You can’t be any fairer than that!

So, are you interested in becoming more positive, having more self-confidence, an improved self-image, increased imagination, less stress, and the ability to manifest more wealth, love, success, and free time in your life?

Then why not give 7 Magic Energy Experiments ago today, risk-free?

Go direct to their website for the genuine program here: 7 Magic Energy Experiments

I wish you all the best on your journey through this game of life…. Why not play to win!

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4 thoughts on “7 Magic Energy Experiments Review: (All the Secrets to Manifesting are Finally Revealed)

  1. I have always believed that it takes 21 days to create or replace a habit. Because of this, I have a strong belief that this program could truly work. And then, of course, you mix the number 7 in there and I am in heaven.

    I cannot wait to learn more about the 7 Laws and how to use them in my life.

    1. Haha. Thanks, Greg. Yes, significant numbers to be sure.
      I agree, that it takes at least 21 days to truly embed new beneficial habits into our lives. And this is why this is one of my favorite programs. I continue to use it, well after the 21 days because I understand that every moment I am doing something positive to help myself is a moment that my subconscious mind is not being allowed to revert back to its old negative habits.
      So, until my subconscious is completely purged of all negativity, I will use the 7 Magic Energy Experiments and other programs I have daily….. It’s the only way to truly transform our lives for the better.

      I wish you all the best and would appreciate hearing how you are getting on with the program.
      Cheers mate,

  2. Manifesting what I want out of life and perusing what we are wanting in life, we are glad that this program of 7 magic energy experiments. This review on the secrets can open up new doors for us and for $47 is not that bad to take a shot at what we are missing out on.


    1. Yes, we must learn new stuff so we can move on to bigger and better things, and the 7 Magic Energy Experiments course will certainly provide the right information and skills needed to make better lives for you.
      I wish you all the best and would like to know how you get on as you progress through the course.

      Have a great day,

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