8 Surefire Ways You Can Make Your Life Better Starting NOW!

You’re here because you understand that YOU CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER. Maybe there is a big gap between how your life currently is and how you would like it to be. Or maybe the gap isn’t so great. Either way, it’s easy to implement some strategies to make our lives better, and more importantly, it’s the responsible thing for us to do!

All too often we were told that our feelings are not that important. We were brainwashed to put our feelings aside and consider our responsibilities, other people, and ‘the good of society’ before we are ’allowed’ to consider ourselves. Well, that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard, and I’m telling you that you should be the number one consideration in your life. Why?……

…….. because when you have got your act together, when you are healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise, then and only then do you have much more to share with others. Then you will be in a much better position to help any and all who need it.

And when you haven’t got your act together, you will just continue to contribute to the dysfunction that is already going on in your life and the lives of those around you, including people you love. So, if you want a better life for yourself and them, you must begin by taking responsibility for your own life and make it the best experience it can be…..

It’s not hard to create a better life for ourselves, but you’ve probably never spent much time considering how to best do it. You can begin right now by adopting some of the ideas I have included below. They focus on changing our ‘inner world’ instead of changing stuff that is happening in our ‘outer world.’ Why? Because it is in our inner world of thoughts and feelings that we experience and measure the quality of our lives and find meaning to life.

I wish you all the best in your quest for happiness and fulfillment….

What are 8 Surefire Ways You Can Make Your Life Better Starting NOW!

1) Begin to become aware of how you are feeling more often

Our feelings are our indicator of ‘how good our lives are.’ Yes, our feelings…. not how big our house is, how fast our car is, how much money we have in the bank, etc. Because, while it’s great to have all these outward signs of success, they do not guarantee that we will be happy, or find fulfillment.

Our lives are more complicated than ever before because we have more distractions than at any other time in history. We have social media, we take our office home after work, we have more options for where to eat, to holiday, to socialize, more forms of entertainment……. and more stress and depression.

The key to regaining balance in our lives is to take some time out of all the madness that occupies our every waking moment. Yes, we need to take time out to relax, to breathe, and to check in with ourselves to recognize ‘How am I feeling NOW!’ This is really important for our well-being and you can read more about ‘why and how’ in my post: Nothing is More Important than the Way We Feel.

2) Live more in the present moment

This follows on from the first point in that it is another way of making our experience more personal and connected to what we want to get out of life. Mindfulness, or being present, naturally focuses our attention on whatever is happening here and now. And when we bring our awareness from many scattered directions to a focused point, our breath will naturally become calm and centered.

The very act of breathing more slowly and deeply connects us with our soul essence….. and it’s here that we can feel whether what we are doing is for our benefit or not. When we are always busy, we are generally doing many things that are not for our benefit. However, we may not recognize this because we can’t feel if we are in alignment with what is in our best interest.

Your life will become better by degrees when you learn to focus attention on a few things that are important to you rather than have your energies divided among many things. The ‘many things’ are mostly stuff that will probably not improve your life in any way whatsoever but may in fact be bringing you down.

3) Understand that life is a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual journey

Our lives are composed of many different parts, and it’s just common sense that if one or more aspects suck, then our overall life experience is not going to be great. Sure, we may have heaps of money, but if our emotional and physical health is not good, we will not be able to enjoy all our money in the same way a healthy person can.

Woman meditating on a beach, promotion for Zen 12 meditation programIf our life is devoid of feelings, how does having a great intellect help us? It may enable us to logically reason stuff out, but without feelings, life has no color, no flavor, and no joy.

It’s important to enhance and balance all aspects of our being to have a fully integrated and truly healthy and happy life experience. Therefore, nurture your body by doing regular exercise, eating healthy foods, and spending time in nature.

Expand your mind by regularly challenging it. Engage in interesting conversations to stretch your knowledge, and also learn to meditate to add balance.

Cultivate your emotional aspect by becoming aware more often of how you are feeling (as already discussed.) And lastly, develop, or improve the relationship with your higher spiritual/vibrational self. To learn more about how to do this, you can read my post: What is Evolving, and Why is Evolving Ourselves Important?

4) Keep your environment clean and well organized

Our environment includes our bedroom, our kitchen, garage, yard, workspace….. anywhere where we hang out. These spaces are a reflection of the chaos or calm of our internal world. And as with number 3 above, when we positively change one aspect of our lives, the other aspects will also be positively affected.

So, de-clutter your spaces, remove any useless crap, (stuff that you haven’t used for ages,) and your mind will breathe a sigh of relief….. (after it’s finished freaking out, haha.)

I laugh because we often subconsciously clutter up our outer world as a way of distracting ourselves. The issue is that often we don’t want to ‘feel.’ And because of this, many people essentially don’t know who they are. So when we strip away all the crap that is keeping our minds distracted, it is left with nothing but raw thoughts….. and the reality is that many people don’t like hearing what the little voice inside their heads is saying.

Why? Psychiatrists tell us that for up to 95% of our waking lives we are not consciously thinking. This means that the majority of our internal dialogue is coming from our subconscious minds. The problem with this is that approx. 60% of it is negative……. kind of sucks, doesn’t it! No wonder we surround ourselves with heaps of distractions!

For more about this huge subject, check out my post: Why Do I Have so Much Negative Self-Talk and How Can I Fix This Problem?

And if you’re looking for a successful program (to help you overcome this problem that is stuffing up your life) to permanently rewire your brain for success and happiness, check out my post: Brain Evolution System Review

5) Remove or limit toxic people from your life

It’s said that we are the average of the five people we hang out with the most. This means that if our two ‘worst’ friends out of the five are negative, anxious, stressed, depressed, poor, needy, etc….. guess what?????? They are, by their very presence in our lives, influencing how we think, feel, and behave. And this has the follow-on effect of what we are able to achieve. Their influence may extend to and affect our job prospects, our income level, the car we drive, where we live, and who we will date, marry and have kids with…… text review for Manifestation Gods

Now I don’t know about you, but for me, I want anyone who is influencing me to know more than me, be more capable than me, be better adjusted and more successful than me…… not worse in any respect. Because people who haven’t got it together are just going to pull you down.

So, when you’re wanting to learn how to make your life better…. Get rid of, or seriously limit your exposure to negative, toxic, unhappy, depressed, sad, lazy, unhealthy people….. otherwise, some of their traits will continue to rub off on you and affect the quality of your life.

Instead, make new friends who are already living the lifestyle that you desire…. and let their positive traits rub off on you to enhance your life experience.

6) Practice appreciation and gratitude for all that you already have

It makes you feel better when you whine and complain about stuff all the time, right? What, no it doesn’t???? Surely it must help to solve problems and get things done? Really, No again???? Well then, JUST DON’T DO IT!

Constantly engaging in behaviors that have no benefit, and actually have negative consequences for our general health and wellbeing, is surely a sign of on-setting madness? It doesn’t take a genius to work out that doing things that make us feel worse MAKES US FEEL WORSE. And doing things that make us feel better MAKES US FEEL BETTER.

So when you want to know how you can make your lives better, you have to do things that make you feel better…. because as I said before, NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WAY WE FEEL….. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEASURE OF THE QUALITY OF OUR LIVES!

couple on the beach seen through heartshaped handsSo, how do we feel better right now even if we think everything about our lives sucks? We can appreciate:

– having a smartphone/computer, and the time to be scrolling the internet now.

– we woke up this morning…. because some people didn’t.

– the sun rises and sets every day, the clouds move in the sky, and the waves crash on the beaches without any direction from us.

– our stomachs, hearts, brains, legs, and eyes function automatically without us having a clue how…..

There is so much already in our lives to be grateful for….. just think about it for a moment and cultivate the feelings of gratitude and appreciation often, and you cannot help but turn your life around and make it better!

7) Turn off social media, get off the couch, and go and do something meaningful

In what ways did the last 20 hours you spent on the couch watching Netflix enhance the quality of your life? Does scrolling through your social media feeds for a couple of hours each day help you get the report finished, lose the extra pounds you are complaining about, get the job promotion you want, or enhance your relationship with your kids?

Time is a fixed commodity. We all have 24 hours to spend each day. However, there is a huge difference in the ways people use their time. Some use it to better themselves and their life circumstances. They may learn new things, develop new skills, exercise, and build meaningful social and business contacts.  And others seem to think that lying on the couch and complaining about how life is not working out for them is the ‘best’ use of their time!

I suggest that if life is not working out for you it’s because you are not working out in your life….. You get the best out of this game of life when you invest yourself into it in deep and meaningful ways. So stop being distracted by meaningless crap that does not help you progress towards achieving your goals and dreams, and get off your ass and go and do something that will!

Not sure what to do? Start by reading this post: How Can I Change My Life? (The No1 Most Important Way To Get Guaranteed Results Every Time)

8) Do something nice for a stranger

Although we may think that our lives are pretty tough at times, I bet (if you are paying attention) that you pass others each day who have it much worse. Sure, they may be their own worst enemy in that they may have unconsciously, stupidly, or ignorantly created their regretful circumstances, however, it doesn’t mean that they are beyond help.

Man standing on top of mountain banner for Midas ManifestationDo you remember the last time you were able to lend a helping hand to someone who needed it? I bet you can remember how their gratitude made you feel. It just lifts us up to know that what we did, however big or small, had a positive impact on someone else’s life.

I wrote earlier in this blog that we should tend to our own well-being before considering the needs of others. And you may think I am contradicting that now….. However, the reality is that when we act with compassion, we are engaging our heart, our energy, and our soul nature, in such a way that everyone benefits (including us.) And what could be better than one person looking out for the best interests of everyone we share our spaces with?…….

……. many people who have the best interests of the greater environment at heart.

So, if you notice someone in need, and it is not in any way detrimental for you to assist them in some way, why not share the power of unconditional giving/sharing/love. And you will find that it will be as uplifting for you as it is for them!

So what do you think? Do you now have some ideas on how You Can Make Your Life Better?

I hope you are feeling inspired and motivated to do something to make your life better, starting now. It’s not hard as you can see by the examples I have given, but it does require you to do something’s different from what you have habitually been doing.

Life really is a gift, however, so many of us don’t understand that. The problem is we get so caught up and distracted with all the dramas happening in our ‘outer world’ that we forget the quality of our lives is an internal experience.

By bringing our attention back to ‘how we are feeling’ more of the time, we will naturally begin to cultivate lives that feel good more of the time…. and this is the process by which we win the game of life.

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Shared with love and respect for all the brave souls who choose to play this game of life,


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