Brain Evolution System Review: Is This Inspire3’s Best Product Ever?

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The Brain Evolution System, by Inspire3, is a 6-month program designed to completely retrain your brain to perform at optimum levels on demand….. and it does this by using only 30 minutes of your time, 6 days a week! The really great news is that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON AND LISTEN WHILE RELAXING.

This is a ‘gym for the mind,’ an exercise program like none other that gives your brain a routine designed to develop strength, sharpness, and flexibility. It does this using the science known as ‘Brainwave Entrainment.’ These specialized recordings train us to access deep meditative states quicker and easier than ever before….. states that are normally only possible by learning advanced meditation for many years.

Once we have learned to access these ‘super learning’ and ‘super productive’ states, they literally become second nature to us. And then we are able to call our new enhanced cognitive abilities or ‘peak performance states’ on demand.

The Brain Evolution System is not for everyone and it’s not the answer to everyone’s problems. It’s not for people who want huge rewards for doing virtually nothing…. However, it is for people who want huge rewards and who realize that they are going to have to put a little time and effort into achieving their goals and dreams…..

…… So, if this is you, read on to learn what the Brain Evolution System is, and how it will help you get the things you want in your life.

Brain Evolution System Review: Is This Inspire3’s Best Product Ever?

Our brainwaves are a series of electrical activity, and their frequencies change depending on what state we are in. And the reality is that it benefits us to be in certain states depending on what we are wanting to achieve…. but we are not always able to benefit if we cannot get into the best brainwave state!Brain Evolution System Free download button

But what if there was a way to ‘hack’ our brains so that we could be in the best state to achieve the best possible outcomes more of the time? Can you imagine how this would boost your productivity, your confidence, your abilities, and your whole life outcomes in general?

The Brain Evolution is a system for achieving exactly that….. It trains us to be able to access the deeper brain states more easily and quickly than ever before……. and the benefit of this to us is ‘the deeper the brainwave frequencies we reach, the greater the benefits to our lives.’

The benefit comes in the form of ‘reconditioning’ our minds for peak performance more of the time. After learning with the system, we become more alert, more aware, more intuitive, more focused, less stressed and worried, and more capable of focusing on and achieving our short and long-term goals and dreams.

What advantage does the Brain Evolution system have over other ‘Brain Improvement’ programs?

Brainwave entrainment is not new technology. The benefits of purposefully changing brainwave frequencies to alter our ‘state of mind’ to a more receptive, beneficial one, have been recognized for almost 100 years. Brainwave entrainment is typically used to help the recipients feel more awake, express more creativity, improve concentration, gain mastery over brain functions, and reach deep meditative states more quickly and easily than ever before.

Brain Evolution System is better than traditional programs as it doesn’t use a ‘singular method’ approach to developing your most important asset, your brain. Instead, it incorporates multiple techniques at once. Their secret weapon is the use of their exclusive 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process (3P DEAP.)Brian Tracey Testomional

Binaural Entrainment is combined with Rhythmic Entrainment (including isotones) and Temporal Entrainment (utilizing the effects of timing and speed) to deliver the greatest possible impact over a wide range of entrainment stimuli within our brains.

This process is not static like some other systems, but dynamic (like our brains.) And because each successive level has been engineered following a highly detailed brain ‘entrainment map,’ our brains are therefore more readily able to benefit from the Brain Evolution Program entrainment than from other programs.

What benefits will you get from using The Brain Evolution System?

The benefits of using The brain Evolution System are wide-ranging and vary from person to person, depending on ‘where you are’ on your journey of self-development when beginning the program. Someone who is already a proficient meditator will obviously not perceive ‘reaching deep meditative states’ as a major bonus of the program and will likely see ‘heightened levels of creativity as more beneficial.

However, everyone benefits and will perceive more and varied benefits the more they continue to use the program. Some of the benefits you can expect to experience will include:

Brain Evolution System product box– Enhanced relaxation due to reducing levels of stress, anxiety, and worry

– Increased mental performance and creativity at home and work

– With prolonged use, your cognitive functions will become sharper

– Improved focus, clarity, and mental flexibility

– improved moods (probably because of the ability to relax more)

– Helps with sleeping and remembering more dreams

– Helps to boost the immune system

– Improves your capacity to get in the flow and ‘get things done’ instead of procrastinating

– Able to reach deeper states of meditation more quickly and easily than ever before

– The benefits are accumulative and last long after the meditation sessions

– I also find it easier to express my emotions appropriately and be empathetic and compassionate towards others

What is included in the Brain Evolution System?

The program consists of 6 levels, each is a 30 minute specifically engineered audio track.

Level 1- Transcendence: The first level is the easiest for the brain to listen to. Its role is to prepare the brain for the following levels. It does this by inducing within us basis meditative skills like relaxation and the slowing of our patterns of thought. This stage is important and is built upon in successive levels. These qualities are also of benefit for us in our everyday lives.

I have been meditating for years already and even so am able to reach deeper states simply by using these soundtracks. I noticed they allowed me to go deeper quicker and easier than before….. and I always felt so light and carefree after listening.

Level 2- Lucid Echoes: Your meditative skills are further developed and built upon. The sounds deliberately introduce mild distractions to represent the choices we have…. Resolve to go deeper or become agitated. Of course, the only real choice is to strengthen your meditative mind and push forwards towards your end goal of creating a powerfully focused mind capable of achieving all your goals.

Level 3- Infinity: While entraining our brain into deeper states of meditation, level 3 also challenges our brain/mind to operate at multiple frequencies without losing focus or our calm state of mind. All the brainwave states (beta, alpha, theta, and delta) are presented simultaneously to help prepare and strengthen our brains for what’s coming next.

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Level 4- Crystal Rain: This is the first level that takes you into the deepest and most relaxed meditative state. It’s like a holiday away from your busy mind….. and it’s the gateway between our conscious mind and deeper inner awareness. When I reach this state, I’m normally ‘zoned out’ and have no conscious awareness of anything.

However, I’m comfortable knowing that the ‘magic’ of entrainment is still encouraging my brain and mind towards greater and better things.

Level 5- Neptune’s Cave: Delta brainwaves (deep sleep) are used for deep relaxation along with other tones to maintain a degree of ‘quiet wakefulness.’ (Doesn’t always keep me awake, haha.) Some of the sounds are geared towards stimulating the release of brain chemicals that promote wellbeing and the rejuvenation of the body’s immune system.

Level 6- Fusion: The last level pulls everything together and helps our brains understand how they can easily go between intense focus to undistracted awareness. This leads us to greater creativity and a stronger more developed intuitive system. (I’ll let you know what it’s like when I get there!)

There is a Level 7 available for those who graduate the previous 6 levels. It’s not officially part of the program, but is apparently available after we have completed the full six months program…. It is a track that is 50 minutes long and is something I am very much looking forward to experiencing.

How do I use this program for maximum benefit?

The System is composed of 6 30-minute MP3 files, (and a seventh for graduates of the first six). All you need to do is download the files and play them on your computer, smartphone, MP3 player, smart TV, etc. One month is required for each track, and they need to be listened to in the correct order as the ‘entrainment’ process is progressive learning. You will not benefit from skipping any of the tracks or decreasing the time to less than a month.

I say that we need the full month because, in reality, most of us have accumulated a lot of mental and emotional ‘baggage’ throughout our lives. And realistically, if you haven’t been able to get over it already, why would you expect to listen to a 30-minute soundscape once or twice, and then be cleared of all your baggage?

If you’re going to invest in reprogramming your brain with this incredible technology, at least allow it the opportunity to do what you have paid for…. Give each track a month to do its job!

Brain Evolution System testimonial Dr Joe RubinoListening with stereo headphones or earbuds is going to be the most beneficial because of the way the binaural beat technology has been encoded into the audio tracks. However, your device speakers will also give you results because of the other entrainment technologies encoded into the audio tracks.

While listening, you should be somewhere comfortable, where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the soundtracks (30 minutes.) Sit or lay down, relax, close your eyes, and let the magic of the soundscapes do their job…. You will notice your stress, anxiety, and worries dissolve, and you will be set up in a calm, relaxed, yet oddly ‘softly’ focus state. Actually, I always feel very ‘tuned in’ to myself and my surroundings after coming out of the sessions.

Just like using other meditation practices, the idea is not to think of anything, but rather to allow thoughts to come and go from your mind, without judgment or attachment. And when I do find myself getting caught up on a train of thought, I just revert my attention, softly back to the gentle, deep rhythm of my breath.

Will you benefit from using The Brain Evolution System?

Because we are all so diverse and are facing different issues and stumbling blocks on our road to success, there isn’t a single program out there that will satisfy all of our needs. Having said that, some programs are way ahead of the rest in terms of results achieved for time and money spent.

In my opinion, The Brain Evolution System from Inspire3 is the most comprehensive brainwave entrainment program currently available. However……

…… if you don’t use it as directed, with the proper intention, then you are not going to benefit from it. But if you are serious about improving yourself and the circumstances of your life, then get it and use it with all of your heart…… I say this because we all know that intention is a powerful indicator of the success we will receive…. We literally do create the circumstances by which we will succeed or fail!

This is your life…… Do you want to be living a better version of yourself in the future? If yes, then you need to start doing things differently NOW!

So get the Brain Evolution System and USE IT AS INSTRUCTED and you will begin transforming into the person you have always wanted to become….. Today can be the day…… yes, or no???? It’s your life, and it’s up to you…….

Why not download and try the first session for free….. No obligation to buy! Give it a go now.

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