Can Other People’s Energy Affect You?

The fundamental building block of everything that exists is energy. And because energy is everything, and is everywhere, you cannot escape it. The whole environment in which you exist is energy, and this includes your mind, body, and emotions.

However, there is no reason to be afraid of it…. ‘Energy’ is not out to get you. It is the substance that gives you life and allows you to have meaningful interactions in this physical environment.

And, yes, you are being affected by other people’s energy, just as you have an effect on others with your energy. And, of course, this is OK because, without these exchanges of energy, we would not be able to have meaningful and interesting lives….

Can Other People’s Energy Affect You?

Some people are more ‘empathetic’ than others and are capable of sensing a wide range of energy (information) from the environment. They may easily get ‘vibes’ from people, animals, objects, places, etc. Others, who are considered ‘sensitive’ may be affected by energy from people or places, but not all the time. And then the majority of people just have occasional experiences with sensing others’ energy and may receive this information in the forms of gut feelings, intuitions, hunches, etc.

You Are Being Exposed To Different Energies All The Time!

We all have a unique ‘baseline frequency’ at which we exist. However, this is constantly subtly changing with each thought we have and the resulting emotions we experience. Loving thoughts make us feel better and raise our vibration while fearful thoughts cause stress and anxiety and will lower our vibration.

A person’s typical vibrational rate can be thought of as their predominant personality type. I’m sure you are all familiar with people that could be considered Grumpy, Happy, Sad, Thoughtful, Loving, Shy, or Fearful? However, we are never just one thing, but a mix of many and it changes concerning what energies we are exposed to throughout our day.

And because what’s true for us is also true for others, everyone else is also displaying a mix of different energies. And, like us, the energy of their predominant personality type will be most evident in their personality.

& Magic Energy Experiments banner adOther people’s energy affects you most when their energy is very different than yours…. It’s the contrast that you notice because their vibrations are not in sync with yours. And this applies to people you know and hang out with often as well as others you may be meeting for the first time. The result for you could be an improvement in the way you feel or feelings of fear, anxiety, or anything else in between.

Either way, it’s important to understand that you have the choice of whether you allow other people’s energy to affect you or not.

Everyone and Everything is Vibrating All The Time

We may catch up with a good friend who we normally have a lot in common with… However, if they have just had a traumatic experience, we will surely notice that their energy is different. They may be uncharacteristically fearful, angry, defensive, etc…. And if we allow it, this energy can have a destabilizing effect on our energy, bringing us down to ‘share in the feeling’ of their experience.

The opposite is also true. You may go somewhere where people are happy, laughing, free, and having lots of fun. This ‘high vibe’ energy is easily contagious, and if you allow it, you could be swept along with the good feeling vibes and begin having a great time, irrespective of how you were feeling before arriving.

In the first scenario, it is not in your best interest to get pulled down by the negative energy (however, you can still feel compassion and display an understanding of the situation.) In the second scenario, it would more than likely benefit your spirit to be uplifted by the good-feeling vibes.

So, throughout every day, stuff is happening that has the potential to affect you. It’s the people you interact with, the places you visit, the content you view on TV, and of course the social media content you expose yourself to. There is always a lot going on that has the potential to affect your vibe.

However, you can learn to be discerning and manage your energy by choosing which energy you ‘allow’ to become part of your energetic makeup (vibration) and which energy you don’t want to affect you. This is learning to become Emotionally Intelligent. Simply put, this means that you become responsible for managing your vibrational energy and allow others the same consideration.

Because, at the end of the day, what someone else is going through is ‘their business,’ so to speak. And it’s not your job to fix them… (because in reality, nothing is ever broken!) Everything is just life, unfolding as it is, at this moment…. and you will notice that eventually, everything seems to get resolved one way or another, regardless of what you do.

This means that you should recognize that other people are having an experience, just as you are having an experience…. and your experience ‘could’ involve being dragged into their dramas, or not… it’s all about the choices you make!

How Can You Stop Other People’s Energy From Affecting You?

While we may think of ourselves as human, we are still at our core just a collection of energies. And it is our mental, emotional, and physical energies that we utilize to experience and interact with our environment.

Limitless Labs Review-Free DownloadOther people’s energy is not something most of us can see. However, most people do experience it intuitively to varying degrees. We all get gut feelings, hunches, ‘bad vibes,’ the hair on our arms standing up, etc. And it is these intuitive feelings that are our guide as to how we are being affected by energy that is coming from outside of us.

The more familiar we are with our energy, the easier it is to distinguish between what energy is ours and what is coming from other sources….. and that’s why growing in self-awareness is the best way to protect yourself from the unwanted energies of others.

However, it is the ‘good’ and the bad’ people, situations, and experiences that give us reasons to be happy and sad, to be fearful and loving, doubtful and optimistic…. and we benefit when we get to experience a range of emotions. Why?…

… Our soul craves diversity because its purpose is to learn, grow, and evolve into something more than that it was before we came into these bodies…. And we do not learn anything or achieve any growth by only being exposed to stuff that we are comfortable and familiar with.

However, this does not mean that you should allow other people’s dramas and problems to negatively influence you. You can learn to protect yourself from the unwanted energy of other people in a variety of ways, including:

1) If possible, remove the negative people from your life, or at least limit the amount of contact you have with them. Instead, choose to hang out with people who possess the vibratory qualities of someone you would like to become. The more time you are around people you aspire to become like, the sooner your vibration will be raised to reflect that.

2) Allow others to live their lives as they are, and put your focus where it is of the most benefit…. Back onto you and how you are feeling….. In life, your life, there is nothing more important than the way you are feeling. If you are feeling ‘good’ the majority of the time, then your life will be good.

However, if you are allowing people, events, and situations to bring you down often, then your life will be pretty crappy… remember, how you feel is your choice based primarily on what you are thinking, and what you are doing. If you are not happy, change what you are thinking and doing to something else that will make you feel better….

Wealth DNA Code-Find out more button3) Because your thoughts are energy, you can just imagine yourself being impenetrable to the energies of others that you don’t want. You are a sovereign being, and as such, you have a lot more control over all aspects of your life than you may think you do…..

You can become more self-aware by engaging in Personal Growth and Development. And as your awareness of self develops, you will come to realize that you can choose the way you act and react in the world. Eventually, you will come to understand that your relationships, financial situation, health and well-being, work-life balance, etc. are all things that you can influence to become the way you want them to be…..

The Universal Law of Vibration states: Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.

The Kybalion

4) With greater awareness, eventually, you will come to realize that energy is just energy. The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ are just different degrees of the same thing. They are just a way of measuring our response to what’s going on in our environment…. and we are all affected differently by, and respond differently to the cues from our environment.

For example, someone who wants to enjoy a barbeque at the beach will respond differently to a farmer who needs rain for his crops to grow when it rains. You will be upset when your crush marries someone else, while the happy couple will be celebrating…..

When you learn to ‘see’ energy for what it is, you will be less inclined to judge it as good or bad. And without the judgment or fear of consequences, you will be freeing yourself just to observe people, events, and circumstances as they are, instead of from some agenda of how you want things to be!

Zen 12 meditation Free Trial Pack5) Change your focus to become curious so you can learn more about others and how they are affected by energy. Once you are securely grounded in your own energy and the present moment, you can begin to understand how others are influenced by energy in their environment. This enables you to make a distinction between ‘their energy’ and ‘your energy.’

Curiosity allows you to become detached from the dramas that are playing out in front of you, and instead, you can be a witness to the experience rather than being swayed by your feelings. The practices of Mindfulness and Meditation are the best tools to develop your ability to be present and detached from the negative energies of others.

Yes, Other People’s Energy Can Affect You!

Every day in so many ways, you encounter situations that can disrupt your energy. It may be something simple like walking past the TV when a violent show is playing or overhearing a conversation your co-workers are having about you.

Maybe your vibration will be positively affected by taking a walk in nature, receiving an unexpected hug, or hearing your favorite song on the radio while commuting to work.

Whatever it is, the energy from other people, as well as the places you visit and events you encounter ‘compete’ with your vibration and can pull you emotionally and mentally towards them… but only if you allow it!

Origins Reborn Law Of Attraction BannerHowever, you can, when you have learned how to take control of your vibration for your continual future benefit, make choices that empower you and improve your future prospects. Once you have an understanding of The Law of Vibration, (substitute The Law of Attraction here) you will realize that nothing happens by accident.

This knowledge then enables you to begin to control/design your energy/vibration so that you will resonate at the frequencies that will attract the people, events, and circumstances into your life that match your goals and desires…. and this is what deliberate creation/conscious living
is all about…..

…. Conscious Living is about creating your life the way you want it to be…..

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