Cellular Sound Tuning Review: (Can My Body Be Reprogrammed To Thrive?)

CellularSound Tuning- Sound Vibration

If you are looking for a ‘fast track’ to manifest your dreams, The Cellular Sound Tuning System is one of the best currently available!

Why would I say that?….. Because it works on a cellular level to tune you into someone who resonates at the same frequencies as your goals and desires.….. and this is the way that ALL manifestation works….

Yes, all the wanted and unwanted stuff that is part of our experience is there because we first offered a vibration at a cellular level which then acted as a magnet and attracted ‘LIKE’ to us.

So if you have unwanted stuff in your lives, or are still not attracting the stuff you do want, it’s because your vibration is not properly tuned to your goals and desires.

If you are resonating/vibrating at a frequency of lack, fear, hurt, etc. these are the things you will be attracting to yourself….. Only when you change your vibration will you change your life!

Read on to learn how The Cellular Sound Tuning Program works directly at a cellular level to upgrade the outcomes you can expect to receive IN YOUR LIFE, really quickly.

Cellular Sound Tuning Review

Focusing on external stuff to achieve success cannot work if our internal environment is ‘out of sync’ with our goals and desires. We need to re-tune our internal environment (our thoughts, feelings, and cellular vibration) to match the outcomes we desire…. Once we are tuned in harmony with the love, wealth, freedom, success, etc. we want, only then will these things flow with ease into our lives.

Cellular Sound Tuning Product

How does the Cellular Sound Tuning System work?

Every part of our bodies is made up of cells. A human body has on average 50 trillion cells, and in each of us, they are all ‘singing,’ or vibrating, at unique frequencies.

It is the beliefs we hold that determine which frequencies our cells are vibrating at. And according to The Universal Law of Attraction, we receive circumstances in our lives that match our vibrations.

The Cellular Sound Tuning program is a series of uniquely engineered audio tracks that are embedded with Biofield Technology designed to positively influence the health of our cells.

Modern science tells us that all our cells vibrate, or ‘sing.’ Unfortunately, due to the constant pressures of modern living, for most of us the song they sing is out of tune with our goals and desires.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein

The Cellular Sound Tuning System aims to bring our song back into harmony with the abundance and love of Universal Energy. And once we are re-tuned, we will be assured of achieving our goals and dreams.

The soundscapes were created by Jace, who is a Sound engineer as well as an Energy Healer. This unique combination of skills and passion enabled him to mix spiritual practices, sound medicine, and energy healing with technology to produce these unique soundscapes.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nicola Tesla

We all know how certain sounds make us feel stressed, and others leave us feeling at peace. Now imagine how the best and purist sounds will make you feel…. The sounds that were meant for us…. sounds that vibrate in harmony with the creator and creation…..

For me, this program is not perfect, but it goes a long way toward re-creating a harmonious physical, mental, and emotional environment for us to ‘live within.’……..and that’s way better than the ‘out-of-tune’ existence most of us are currently living!

Some Benefits Of Cellular Sound Tuning Include:

  • Re-tune your cells to their Natural Vibratory StateCellular Sound Tuning- Woman Listening To Headphones
  • Re-establish a connection to Source Energy
  • Create harmony and health in your body
  • Establish a positive healthy mindset
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and fear
  • Re-establish a sense of purpose and clarity of thought
  • And most importantly: Your body and mind, once tuned, will naturally and easily begin attracting your goals and desires to you……

The 4-Day Sound Program Includes:

4 special 20-minute frequency audios that are embedded with 5D Biofield Technology.

The recommendation is to listen to each track once a week for 3 weeks…..

However, if you want better results, do what I do….. listen every day, and don’t stop after 3 weeks. Why?????

You are out of tune because your daily habits have got you here! And unless you change your habits, they will bring you back down here again!…. Therefore, for best results……

….. continue to listen to these tracks for really deep and lasting benefits!

Day 1: The Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony

The first step is to cleanse away the blockages you have that are stored in your body and are preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams.

This tracks 5D Biofield Technology offers a ‘factory reset’ for your cells to get them vibrating in harmony with the natural abundant “Sound of the Universe.”

Day 2: The Heart and Mind Coherence Ceremony

Cellular Sound Tuning Heart Coherence AudioOur heart is the true source of our power. According to Heartmath.org:

“The heart’s magnetic field, which is the strongest rhythmic field produced by the human body, not only envelops every cell of the body, but also extends out in all directions into the space around us. The heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers.”

Unfortunately, most of us have been ‘educated’ away from trusting our hearts and instead are trained to use our logical minds for decision-making. However, our logical minds, without the power of our intelligent cells will never give us the happy, fulfilling, and successful lives we desire.

This ceremony will harmonize the coherence between your heart and mind so that you can function as a ‘complete’ person and once again re-establish a powerful connection to the Universal Energy, The Source of all life!

You will instantly feel better after this ceremony.

Day 3: Healing Beyond Body Ceremony

Energy flows through the cells in our bodies by way of energy meridians. These are the pathways that are targeted by traditional healing systems including Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Yoga, Thai Chi, etc.

This track targets these pathways with specific frequencies to cleanse and positively activate your chakras so they will vibrate in harmony with well-being and abundance.

Day 4: Deep Soul Connection Ceremony

The healing frequencies of Ayahuasca and magic mushrooms are introduced to your vibration.

Why? Because anyone who has participated in a Sacred Healing Journey with these and similar natural plant medicines knows how they facilitate a deep and profound connection to your spiritual self….. the source of life, wisdom, and abundance.

And, essentially, ALL HEALING must take place on a deep spiritual level for it to be lasting and effective. The use of plant medicines’ frequencies clears deep-seated emotional baggage in just a few minutes….. without any nasty side effects!

I feel a sense of deep, deep, inner peace, calm, and very clear when using these vibrations. And if you want to focus your attention on anything in particular, like love, wealth, success, happiness, etc….. this is the best time to do it, as your attention and intuition can be razor-sharp!

Fear, doubt, and insecurities vanish as you tune into the natural well-being of the Universal Energies. It is in this state of being that thriving is the natural order of life for us.

The Four Ceremonies, combined, is a holistic system of re-tuning your entire system to its intended Natural Vibratory State. I say “intended” because by design, we are intended to thrive…… but unfortunately, our bodies and minds are severely out of sync with the natural order of life due to all the crap we are subjected to throughout our daily lives.

Just take the multiple hardships imposed upon so much of the world’s populations during the preceding few years of the pandemic, for one example of how we are skewed away from living in vibrational harmony with our goals and dreams!

However, we are powerful beings and we can choose to realign ourselves with the best goals and dreams we have for ourselves….. Cellular Sound Tuning is a great way to do this.

I love it, and I choose to align myself with the best possible vibration I can, every day…… because to not do it is to continue to live in lack, pain, doubt, and fear….. I’ve been there, done that, and now deserve something better……

What will you choose for your future?

I know the program creator, Jase, says that it takes just 4 days to realign our bodies to receive our dreams….. However, it’s my experience that it takes longer. So, my advice is to keep using this program for months and even years to really TUNE EVERY CELL in your body for success.

Why Should You Buy The Cellular Sound Tuning Retreat Today?

Vibrational re-tuning is something I’m very passionate about as a quick and very easy way to heal ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

It’s so easy,…… all you have to do is allow 20 minutes a day to lie down, close your eyes and allow the uniquely engineered soundscapes to flood your system and work their magic.

The many alternatives I’ve tried in the past (vision boards, affirmations, positive thinking) all involved having to consciously focus for long periods to achieve minimal specific results….. not the holistic results you will get with Cellular Sound Tuning!

Anyone can just push play and allow the soundscape to infuse their body and mind…..

Try it, and you’ll love it! If not, you can request all your money back within 365 days! That’s a 100% money-back guarantee for a whole year….. no risk to you.

Cellular Sound Tuning Purchase

Also, if you want to try it now, you will get three additional bonuses.

Bonus 1: Perfect Deep Sleep Solution (valued at $97)

This audio track is designed to reset your body and brain for a deep and relaxing sleep every night. This is necessary for us to remain in a ‘high-vibratory state’ during the days.

Bonus 2: Peaceful 5-minute Meditations (value &97)

Cellular Sound Tuning HeartsTraditionally, the benefits of deep meditation are achieved after long periods of sitting in specific postures. NOW….. Brainwave Entrainment Technologies make it possible to achieve the same and more profound benefits within much shorter periods.

Five minutes of listening to these soundscapes embedded with Biofield Healing Frequencies is all you need to meditate like a monk. The tracks include:

  • Full Moon Energy Alignment Meditation to manifest with the radiant lunar energy of the whole moon
  • New Moon Intention Setting Meditation to launch new beginnings
  • Vibration Cleansing Meditation for an instant shift into positivity after a long day
  • Divine Signs Meditation to call-in perfectly timed “magical events” and signs into your life!

Bonus 3: The Cellular Sound Tuning Member’s Page (value $97)

An app is provided as soon as you join. You can instantly have lifetime access to all the Cellular Sound Tuning Ceremonies, the Miracle Sleep Solution, and The Meditation series on all your devices.

Will The Cellular Sound Tuning System Help You?

Well, like many things out there, it can be of tremendous advantage to us.

But so often, it is we who do not commit to using these things to their full advantage……

What it comes down to is this…. HOW READY ARE YOU TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE?

Do you BELIEVE you deserve a better life than the struggle, pain, confusion, doubt, and negativity that you are currently living?

If yes, then do something about it NOW! Either buy The Cellular Sound Tuning Program NOW ($47 for lifetime access) and begin using it every day….. or find another program that will help you achieve the results you desire…… BUT DON’T DO NOTHING!

Because if you do nothing, you will still be in this same situation years from now wondering why your life isn’t getting any better…….. (I know why…. Because you didn’t do any of the things you could have done to improve it!)

We are all different, but one thing is for sure…… the more you commit to making your life better, the better it becomes….. I know this from personal experience.

So, what about you? Are you willing to make a small investment toward a much better future for yourself and your loved ones today?

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