Aligning Our Energies Makes Achieving Goals Easier. (And How We Can Bring Our Energies Into Alignment)

Four figures meditating with energy bodies

Many of us are good at planning and achieving short-term goals. Here I’m talking about saving for a holiday, losing weight, running a marathon, etc. And each time we have a new goal, we devise a new plan and again take the necessary steps to make these goals become our reality.

New steps, strategies, and tools, etc. are often required to achieve each of our short-term goals as the way we achieve each one is generally goal specific and, as such, the requirements we needed to achieve one goal may not carry over to other goals we have.

Although the planning and implementing of our plans is fun and rewarding in itself, maybe you just don’t have the time or the energy to be rushing around trying to complete a bunch of different goals while also looking after the kids, socializing with friends, and spending too much time at work.

So, instead of constantly coming up with lots of ways to achieve our short-term goals, what if there was an easier way to ensure that we can reach them all? Would you be interested in learning how you can align your energies to make achieving your goals easier?

Aligning Our Energies Makes Achieving Goals Easier.

The good news is that there is an easy way to achieve all our goals. And once we understand how and apply it to our lives, there is nothing that we cannot achieve. The key to achieving ALL our life goals lies in bringing the four aspects of ‘our being’ into COOPERATIVE ALIGNMENT. Once aligned, we become the awesome creators that we are here to be.

We can achieve all our goals when we understand, and properly apply, the process of ‘Conscious Creating.’

So, ‘four aspects of our being,’ what are they?

As humans, we tend to identify with four aspects that make up our whole selves. We have mental, emotional, physical, and energetic aspects, and tend to talk about these parts as separate from each other.

We can often be heard to say things like ‘I’m feeling emotional today’ (emotional), or ‘I have a stomach ulcer’ (physical), or ‘I’m not thinking clearly today’ (mental), or ‘I don’t have the energy to do this now’ (energetic). These statements and many others add to the belief that we are somehow a fragmented being, whereas the truth is that we are a single complex unit and all these aspects of ourselves are intimately connected and interdependent on one another.

This is easy to understand when we realize that the thoughts we are thinking (mental) directly create our feelings (emotional), and both components add together to affect the health and wellbeing of our bodies (physical) and because we are, in essence, energetic/spiritual beings, our vibration then matches the ‘output’ or state of these other aspects.

And it is our vibration that attracts, through The Law of Attraction, the circumstances of our lives to us.

Proct against harmful EMF radiationFor example, if we are habitually thinking negative thoughts, our emotions will match this and we will be feeling ‘not so good’ for a large part of the time. Our bodies cannot possibly be vibrant and healthy when we are feeling down, so they will be lethargic, slow, sore, uncomfortable, dis-eased, etc. And then, what do you think happens to our vibration?- (the part of us that is sending signals out into the universe and attracting matching circumstances back to us) It attracts back to us, events, people, and circumstances to match our crappy feeling.

I’m sure we have all heard some sayings that illustrate this perfectly well: ‘we get what we deserve’ (what we are emitting), ‘an eye for an eye,’ and ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’….. all talking about The Law of Attraction at work constantly in our lives.

To get better results into our lives, we just need to emit (vibrate) better information and we will then reap the benefits of what we are ‘sowing.’ And EVERYTHING begins with our thoughts.

Yes, I’ve heard it a thousand times before, but so far, trying to think positive all the time has not worked out so great for me!

Yeah, me too. Been there, done that for many years and even though this resulted in my life improving, the results were nowhere near as good as I expected them to be. So what was I doing wrong, or what was the missing information I needed to allow me to manifest all my dreams?

As I said, ALL FOUR COMPONENTS THAT ADD TOGETHER TO MAKE OUR BEING WHOLE need to be aligned so that we can effortlessly create….. and it all begins with our thoughts (but does not end there!)

Meditating figure showing the bodies energy chakras
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All the beautiful things and all the ugly things humans have done and created first came from our minds. It is impossible for us to create anything without the necessary preceding thoughts.

Someone dreamed up the pyramids, the Eiffel tower, and the Taj Mahal, as well as their personal success, abundance, and love. And others dreamed up the wars, industrial poisons, and imprisonment for smoking nature’s medicines, as well as personal pain, fear, and self-loathing.

Knowing this, we can begin to understand that if we are concerned in any way what-so-ever about the conditions of our lives, and the state of the planet, it’s extremely important that we first learn to create the right things in our minds.

The right thoughts will return to us the things we desire and create our world the way we want it to be.

The alternative is: if our minds are not aligned to what we want to create, we will just continue receiving circumstances into our lives that are seemingly random and haphazard (the results of our unfocused minds).

I do spend time visualizing the things I want, and still, I do not get them.

The biggest problem with humanity at present is the lack of ability to focus, to concentrate on a specific outcome, without deviation or contradictory thoughts. Our minds are being constantly distracted and pulled in many different directions. It’s as if we have a goal to travel somewhere, but every five minutes we are changing direction. How can we reach our destination when we are behaving like this…… we cannot, it’s simply impossible unless it is by chance or accident!

Let’s imagine we want to build a house. Thought number one is ‘I want to build a house.’ Thought number two and three maybe, ohhhh, but I don’t have enough money, and I can’t draw the plans and get the required permits for the design I want. So, thought one is moving forward towards our goal, and thoughts two and three are separating us from our desired outcome.

So, on one level we created a desire and on another level, we created ‘it’s not possible.’ With this conflicting information, we may not get our house, or if we apply lots of action and energy we can make it happen, but the energy cost to us is time-consuming and enormous.

We can attract all that we desire if we attain the correct vibrationI can hear you say ‘we have to face reality’ arguments, and yes, there are always lots of reasons why we cannot, or it’s difficult to manifest our dreams. However, ALL THINGS THAT ARE MANIFEST ARE FIRST ENERGY, AND AS OUR THOUGHTS ARE ALSO ENERGY, IF WE ONLY PRODUCE THE THOUGHTS THAT ALIGN WITH OUR DESIRES, WE WILL HAVE A MUCH BETTER CHANCE OF ACHIEVING THEM.

It’s not actually our business HOW the energy comes into manifestation! We should leave this up to the infinite wisdom of the Creator of all things, or the Source Energy of all that exists.

The only concern for us is to HAVE DESIRES and then to utilize the awesome power of our minds to align ALL OF OUR THOUGHTS to achieving our goals and desires.

It is the Creator’s wish for us that ‘ALL that we can imagine and want becomes ours to enjoy.’ And for this purpose, we were given the universal Law of Attraction: which delivers to us that which we align our energies with, and nothing more, and nothing less!

It’s not easy to focus solely on what we want when everything outside of us is ‘telling us a different story.’

So, we want to build a house, our intention is set, and then BAM….. the bank refuses to lend us money, our parents tell us it is not a good time to buy the market is at an all-time high, and we’re expecting our first child.

Uplevel your life today!When facing reality, it often seems that outside influences are stacked against us. Our educated logical left-brain can easily find many thoughts to counter or cancel out our desires. And if we continue to move forward regardless, the creation process can sometimes seem like a battle as we are compelled to take many actions to fight our way onward.

However, this seemingly ‘need’ to struggle and fight is more a result of our conditioning (our subconscious mind programs) rather than the creation process itself.

The most miraculous thing in this existence in terms of instruments, is not the computer, car, or spacecraft, but the human mind. It is the most miraculous thing if only you could use it consciously.” Sadhguru

Why did we learn that struggle was a part of life?

Unfortunately for us, our societies place much emphasis on becoming ‘educated.’ An educated mind is one that sees many options, recognizes all the obstacles in the way, and devises many plans to either give up before beginning, or to proceed, overcome, and triumph. So, many people when viewing life through the consensus reality, consider being highly educated to be an advantage.

However, education leads people to believe they know how to get things done, and this leads them to engage in many compulsive states of activity to strive towards achieving their goals. They become busy ‘human doing’s.’

I’m reminded of a story from the Bible that I heard when I was young.

Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. All they had to do was desire something and it was manifested for them (pure thought led to instant rewards.) Everything was provided freely without the need for them to do anything.

Then Eve was tempted, and ate from ‘the tree of knowledge.’ This was the beginning of their downfall, (or separation from alignment), as they decided they should start thinking for themselves. Once they started questioning their reality, they lost the purity of focused thoughts and were ‘cast out of Eden’ (lost the ability to instantly manifest everything they desired.)

And ever since then, I think humankind has been on a quest to reconnect with the original simplicity of living lives we now only dream of.

Just ask, point and receive to manifest your desiresThere’s a lot to be said for being ‘simple-minded,’ (living without the intelligence to see problems everywhere.) This term is often used negatively in our cultures today, but simple-minded can also be uncomplicated, and singly focused on a goal without distraction. And this is an important aspect of being able to match our vibration with our desired outcomes so that we will receive what we desire.

People who have great faith and powerful imaginations are simple-minded in the respect that they believe in, and focus only on, the desired outcomes, regardless of exterior conditions. And this is how miracles happen. However, to someone who understands the process of creation, there are no miracles, there is just the correct use of a focused mind to create the desired outcome.

As I mentioned, everything begins with our thoughts, but it does not end there.

If we can organize our minds to a high degree and focus only on our desired outcomes, our minds will in turn organize our whole system. Our bodies, our emotions, our minds, and our energies will become organized in the same direction. And once all four dimensions of ourselves are singly focused, anything that we wish for can happen without effort.

We all know, or have heard of, high achievers in different fields of science, art, sport, etc., and the common theme that makes them successful is their ability to organize their thoughts with only the desired outcomes in mind.….. We can all do the same!

However, I’m a great believer in OVERALL WELLBEING AND ACHIEVING. For me, this means that instead of focusing on a specific goal, I like to view life holistically. After all, there is no point in achieving a billion dollars in assets if we have no family and friends to enjoy it with, or no point in having six kids if we do not have a stable source of money to provide for them, or no point insisting on eating a pure diet if it excludes us from going out occasionally and enjoying a meal with friends and family.

So, with this in mind, I choose to think positively about ALL things, events, circumstances, and people that are in my life, in the world, and all that exists. In this way, the positive neural pathways in my brain are being reinforced and constantly added to, and this is helping to raise my vibration ALL THE TIME.

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I choose to believe that my body is incredibly intelligent, and knows exactly what to do with all the food, liquid, and absorbed substances that I expose it to, and will always get everything that it needs so it can function optimally. The goodness that I give to my body is making my cells healthier and raising my vibration ALL THE TIME.

I choose to look for the good in all situations, and strive to feel good at all times, regardless of conditions outside of me, and this is raising my vibration All THE TIME.

Together, ALL THESE THINGS are moving me from living life in a compulsive reactive state to a conscious creative state of being. By focusing on the positive thoughts, feelings, and actions ALL THE TIME, this becomes my vibration and is the signal that I am emitting into the universal mind, and by The Law of Attraction, this is what I receive back as my life circumstances.

At the beginning of this article, I asked: “what if there was an easier way to ensure that we can reach ALL of our goals?” This is the HOLY GRAIL! It is when we are genuinely feeling good ALL THE TIME that our vibration is raised, and we attract to us better and better circumstances IN ALL AREAS OF OUR LIVES, AT ALL TIMES!

So, why not begin NOW to bring all of your energies into positive alignment so that the creative force of the universe will flow through you, and then you will become the powerful attractor/creator of all that you desire.

I will tell you, it’s not easy. It does require constant attention to our thoughts…. and even then, our negative bias does trip us up (some days more than others.) However, with practice and focus, it does become easier and easier…… Just remember that life is a journey, and we are all constantly learning…… enjoying the moments along the way is what makes a great life!

What do you think? Do you agree with me that choosing overall wellbeing is a better way to conduct our lives, or are you going to remain ‘goal-specific?’

Do you now think that “Aligning Our Energies will Make Achieving our Goals Easier? Please let me know of your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Shared with love and respect for ALL who chose to play the game of life.


10 thoughts on “Aligning Our Energies Makes Achieving Goals Easier. (And How We Can Bring Our Energies Into Alignment)

  1. Hi Andrew.
    This stood out the most for me in your article “People who have great faith and powerful imaginations are simple-minded in the respect that they believe in, and focus only on, the desired outcomes, regardless of exterior conditions. And this is how miracles happen.”. Honestly, that sums it all! Positivity attracts positive energy towards and around you.

    In the same vein, negativity does the same – “misery loves company!” Negativity (just like positivity) not only affects your persona but also your physiology which is what results in depression, cellular changes or destruction, and disease.

    Personally, I choose to be happy and believe that I can and will achieve any goal I set for myself. Life is too short to live in the land of negativity.
    Thanks for a good read.

    1. Hi Ceci.
      Many thanks for your comments. I have to agree that life is too short to live in the land of negativity!
      A negative mindset is just too destructive on us, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, as you say. If we care for ourselves and wish our lives to become better, we have to first become it with our vibration, and this means to begin feeling uplifted at all times, for no other reason than it will make our lives better in the long-term.

      I wish you well and lots of happiness on your journey 🙂

  2. Hi Andrew

    I think most people suffer from not being able to achieve their big, life-changing goals (at least those who actually know what they want do!). You know what you want but the gap between where you are now and where you want to be is so massive that you end up focussing on the lack of what you want and consequently, that’s exactly what you create!

    A good tip from Dan Sullivan who wrote ‘The Gap and the Gain’ is to focus on the little gains or wins that you have which over time will help you to believe that you can achieve your dreams.

    Another thing I find helpful in raising my vibration is affirmations. I never used to believe in them until I decided enough was enough (of my muddled mind and lack of clarity) so I gave it a go and guess what? It works! I have so much more clarity it is keeping me moving forward and feeling like I can do it.

    Thanks for writing about this amazing topic. I never get tired of it!



    1. Hi Jean.
      I agree, that by focusing on the small gains we can achieve regularly, we are setting ourselves up to attain the overall goal at the end. Big goals are often daunting, as you say, and everytime we focus on something we didn’t achieve, we are attracting more of that negative energy into our lives.

      Haha, it’s good to know that affirmations are working for you and are helping you move forwardin your life. Keep it up, and I’m sure you will have a happy and successful life.

      Have a great day,

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Absolutely loved this article. Like any other human being, I get riddled with negative thoughts from time to time. A mentor once advised me to always strive to weigh in more positives than negatives. Even to be grateful for the simple things. That helped me a lot and I think this article has explained the whole science behind it.

    I’ve personally experienced the law of attraction from my growth as a person, and it really does start with the mind. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article.


    1. Hi Sam.
      You’re not alone in having times of negative thinking. I also used to be riddled with negative thoughts.
      From my experience, it has taken years to reprogram my mind away from negativity to become someone who is more than optimistic (most of the time.)

      It’s important to remember that life is a journey and that every step we take that takes us closer to our goals is a victory for us and it makes the next steps easier and easier.

      Gratitude for all that we already have is a fundamental principle to help us appreciate our lives and by being grateful, we will attract more into our lives to be grateful for.

      Have a great day, Sam.

  4. Such a fantastic post you have here!

    I read through every single bit of it, but one sentence stands out a little bit more than the others: “Our bodies cannot possibly be vibrant and healthy when we are feeling down, so they will be lethargic, slow, sore, uncomfortable, dis-eased, etc.”

    Honestly, it doesn’t get more accurate than that.

    We as individuals need to focus on positivity since it will have an enormous impact on what kind of energy we give out to the world, and on the actions that we take on a day to day basis.

    I’m a firm believer in affirmation, and I can guarantee that it can have a massive effect on oneself if it’s done correctly.

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed post, my friend. I had a blast reading it!

    1. Hi mate.
      Awesome! Thanks for your encouraging comments.

      It continues to amaze me how few people realize the connection between our bodies, minds, emotions, and energy. We need to become more consciously aware of our whole selves, all these four aspects of our being if we want to live great lives.

      There is nothing more important for us than the way we are, so we should always be checking up on ‘how am I feeling now.’ If we do this regularly, and then adjust the other aspects of ourselves to ensure that we are feeling great, then WE ARE LIVING GREAT LIVES!
      And once we begin feeling great more of the time, we automatically attract more stuff into our lives to feel great about.

      It’s really when you think about it!

      So, why not choose to have a great day, every day 🙂

  5. Hi Andrew,

    This is such an important post, and at the right time of year for people when we are heading into a new year. With the year we have just had, people will be setting goals that will hopefully be achievable for them and that can help people be a lot more positive.

    I love your conscious creating section of the article because when I set goals, I didn’t know it but I wasn’t actually doing any conscious creating. It is still early enough to adjust my goals and do some conscious creating with them for the new year.

    I will let you know how that goes and if I have any questions or issues then I will get in touch. If that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom.

      Yes, I never thought about it when writing this article, but I guess then is the time of the year when many people spend some time evaluating the past year, and setting goals for the coming year.

      It’s been a very abnormal year for so many people because of the fear surrounding Covid and the ongoing lockdowns which are leading to loss of jobs, businesses closing down and extra stress as families are locked us 24/7 together.

      These factors make it more important than ever that we try and maintain a healthy internal environment (thoughts and feelings) so that we will not only get through this situation, but come out in a better state of being, physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. If we look after ourselves, then we have more to share with others that may not be as strong or resilient as us.

      Yes, please let me know how you get on, and I’ll always do my best to help in any way I can.
      All the best mate,

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