Create a better life by overcoming negative thinking.

We are a magnificent spiritual being of light and love, immersed in a game of life, restricted by the purposefully suppressed memories of our true immortal nature. Why would our unlimited spiritual being choose this? For the same reasons we, as humans, choose to do anything we enjoy- for fun, for new experiences, for joy, and ultimately for growth!

We are here to grow and learn to empower ourselves as individuals so we can discover how to regain control of our own lives to enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journey that we are on. The ultimate goal of this journey is absolute freedom. This freedom is accomplished by remembering that we are an infinite soul on a journey back to the spiritual ‘Oneness’ that encompasses all of creation. Here and now freedom can be realized when we attain a state of deep and profound inner peace. When we reach this stage, no aspect of the game of life will ever frighten us again. We understand the game for what it is and realize that the content of our life is totally up to us. So, the logical next question is: “How to have a better life?”

Many people consider that ‘life is hard’: Can I make my life better?

While we are here in these physical bodies, our limited senses make us believe that we are no more than the individual human being that we identify with. This includes us believing that this life we are living is finite- and for many, can often be filled with suffering, confusion, and a sense of helplessness. This results in too many people currently feeling that they have no control over their own destiny and they identify with an attitude that ‘life is hard.’

Many people are choosing anger, fear, criticism, and aggression as a result of their conditioning or programming. If we are routinely subjected to these emotions during our formative years, they become part of our psyche, part of our identity, and we unconsciously resort to these negative ways of dealing with life’s situations. We are reacting in the same way over and over again because it’s a habit, and habits are the easy option. However, it does not have to be this way.

Can I make my life better? Yes, you can! Reacting with love, acceptance, peace, and support are better options- Better for you and better for the other people that you associate with. So, make a choice to think better thoughts, speak more positive words, and act in a more positive uplifting way at all times. Make this choice now! Remember it, and act upon it- beginning now.

It is as easy as becoming aware of the thoughts that are going on in your head at this very moment, and every other moment. Becoming more aware of your thoughts, more of the time, is the key to changing your life for the better. Whether we feel loving, powerful, and accepting, or fearful, angry, and jealous is simply a matter of what thoughts we are currently thinking and then the words and actions we choose based on these thoughts. Change your thoughts and change your life!

Overcoming negative thinking: And why it is so important!

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What difference does my presence make in the world? Most of us would answer ‘not much’ or ‘no difference at all.’ However, this is not the truth.

Our limited ego-self makes us believe that we are separate individuals and that we have no effect on the world outside of our sphere of influence. However, our Soul-Self realizes the holistic nature of our being, and therefore understands that every thought, every word, and every action that we use all affect the ‘whole energy of all that is manifest and unmanifest.’

So your thoughts, (which are energy), your words (which are energy), and your actions, (which are energy) all contribute to the energetic vibration of the ‘whole’ system. Do you want to make your life, the life of those around you, and the whole environment a better or worse place to be in? Or, ‘Is the contribution that you are making on a moment by moment basis positive and uplifting or negative and un-supportive?’ It’s your choice! What do you choose?

What is my life mission? Begin with the foundation for a better life.

As a limited human being, there are two distinct and necessary parts to the changes that we must go through as individuals, from the unrealized limited state we are currently in, (the ego or identity self), to fulfill our mission on Earth at this time. First; we must concentrate our efforts on coming to know and understand ourselves- so that we can unconditionally love and forgive ourselves. This is the foundation for a better life.

A strong foundation will enable us to nurture a more aware version of our identity ‘self’ which will ultimately culminate in the realization of our enlightened soul ‘SELF.’ Then with increased awareness, we can help to initiate the second function of being a human here on Earth; enabling us to assist others to become all that they can be. Does this sound like a good life mission?

Your life is waiting for you to face your fears, overcome them, and live a better life filled with fun, joy, laughter, and love. This part of the journey is about renewing our mind and transforming our soul so that they again recognize our already perfect spirit.

Life is a journey: Change your thoughts and change your life.

It’s important not to get lost in all the small details. Whenever you find yourself struggling with anything, stop, pause, and take a few deep slow breaths. Remember that every journey is an accumulation of many small steps before arriving at the final destination. Becoming aware of, and involved in all the small steps along the way is an interesting part of the journey, not the final destination. If you can relax and remember that whatever is confronting you now is just temporary and that you can choose how you want to react, then you are in control. You can then change your thoughts and change your life!

Everything in our lives is constantly changing which gives us many options as to how we will react. Will you walk the easy narrow path that is well-known and safe for your ego, or will you choose to think, speak and act in a way that is positive and uplifting and supportive of a better life for all humanity- of which you are a very important ‘part of the whole?’

Remember when facing any challenges that ‘This too will pass!’

With much love and respect to all beings,


12 thoughts on “Create a better life by overcoming negative thinking.

  1. I’ve just read your post now and.. wow.. honestly, I believe you are one of the few people who think this way. I wish you much success to your spiritual journey and I thank you for helping people through your website! I am glad I found your post and read it, it really made me smile and be grateful for the fact that although there are too many negative thoughts out there, people like you fight them and bring light into the darkness.
    May your battle never be in vain!


    1. Many thanks for your kind words, Alexandra. I believe and hope I can pass on the message, that we can all win the game of life not by fighting, but by simple awareness of remaining positive, supportive, and loving at all times.
      I wish you all the best on your journey.

  2. Hi. Thanks, Andrew for your inspiring article. Life is definitely a journey and it’s how we handle the misadventures while we are on it that makes us stronger. I’ve always been a great believer in positive actions. Not only the ones we take for ourselves but also those we install in others.

    1. Hi Jim. Thanks for the comments. Yes, you are so right. If we can encourage the formation of good habits in those close to us while they are young, we are setting them up for a ‘better’ life experience. Keep up the good work.
      Kind regards

  3. Great article. Really needed this to pick me up this am, and very true. Change your thoughts, change your life, so powerful. Energy to me is Purpose, creativity. When you have no energy, your purpose gets lost. Thanks again for the pick me up. Look forward to more articles.

    1. Thanks, Laura. I am happy that you got some benefit from these words. I look forward to writing more inspiring words hoping they will have the same effect on many people.
      Kind regards

  4. Thanks for your post, Andrew.
    I enjoyed reading it and it helped to remind me that we create a life out of the way that we think.
    Prosperity consciousness is not easy for everyone because how can you feel this way when you have never had that experience. But I think being grateful for what we have is prosperity consciousness.
    I loved the last bit about not taking life too seriously. Such a great way to live this journey. Find the fun.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Mary. It’s really beneficial to be grateful for all that we have, and focusing on this every day opens us up to receive more abundance. Keep feeling uplifted and grateful and you will be given more to be grateful for.
      I wish you well on your happy journey through life ?

  5. Very inspiring, especially for those that don’t think positive enough. I am an upbeat positive type of person, and I know first hand the power of positive thinking. It can do wonders for keeping the negative thoughts away. I recently went thru a health issue that did test me, and I did have to stop and think about all the positives in my life. Always helps!

    1. Hi Matts Mom, Thanks for the comments. I find that being tested can be very uplifting as it reveals to us how strong and positive we actually are.
      Wishing you all the best,

  6. That’s a beautiful piece, Andrew.
    Change your thoughts and change your life. I have been a firm believer of this at least for the last 3 years when I realized that we cannot go through life cribbing about our difficulties. I raised my thought vibration to a higher level (happy thoughts) and was able to focus and achieve more.
    Look forward to more of your posts.

    1. Many thanks for your continued support Rudolph. I hope your example inspires others around you to also raise their vibration. One by one the world is becoming a better place.
      Kind regards

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