Create a positive foundation for your life: This will ensure your tomorrow is better than your today

We all have different lives. However, the same truths apply to all of us. We may believe that the nicest people have the nicest lives, some people are always lucky and the grumpiest people have unhappy lives. We may think that ‘grumpy people’ are grumpy because of all the misfortune they have had in their lives, because of all the stuff going on outside of them that has a direct impact on the quality of their lives. Should we feel sorry for them?

The Law of Attraction says that their life, and everyone else’s life, is a direct result of the mental energy that they have accumulated in the past which translates into their vibration. This energy is the direct result of the seeds they have been cultivating through the thoughts they have had in the past up until this point in time.

How can their lives be improved? Definitely not by continuing to think and do the same things that they have done in the past! This is how their lives became so out of balance in the first place. To make changes in our circumstances, whether it be relationships, finances, work, etc. we actually need to make changes in ourselves, and this is achieved when we begin consciously cultivating positive thoughts more consistently!

The grumpy person has a grumpy life experience because their mind chatter revolves around thoughts that have created this reality. Like attracts like, and our thoughts crystallize into habits, which then solidify into circumstances. A change in thinking is required if we wish to change our circumstances. Learn how to use The Law of Attraction to change your life here.

All positive change must begin with self-appreciation: First, accept yourself and then learn to love yourself

If we are having a negative relationship with ourselves we are creating the exact same relationship with life. Changing this to having a positive loving relationship with our-self will attract love, health, abundance, and joy into our lives.

When we realize this, we can become more discerning about the choices we are making on a moment-to-moment basis. Before acting, ask yourself, “Is what I am doing, or about to do, creating more love in my life, or taking me further away from love?”

But why stop there. What about everyone else? We should always treat others as if they were ‘our self’- because, in reality, they are one in spirit with us. We are all connected by energy, and by honoring all of creation we are honoring ourselves. Negative thoughts towards another person will only backfire and come back to harm ourselves. For an explanation about this, see my post about karma here.

Reprogram.Me free wealth creation hypnosis audio track.What if someone else harms us? If someone else is behaving negatively towards us, they are just showing us how THEIR mind is working, and we should not take it personally. They are just showing us that there is something wrong with them, not us. They are being negligent in regard to their own wellbeing and are therefore incapable of showing compassion and consideration towards others. Normal happy healthy people do not go around with the intention of harming others, whether it be people, animals, nature, or anything created.

How to win the game of life: The power of time

It takes time to overcome the unconscious limiting habits that we have accumulated and for us to learn new ways that support how we wish to be living our lives. But that is OK as we have the whole of this lifetime and many others to learn our lessons.

Time is nothing but a product of our collective consciousness and doesn’t actually exist. However, the illusion of time is necessary for us to be able to play here in this physical reality.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed, not a destination to be reached. So, enjoy all the time you have!What we imagine as time is a linear reality that allows us to have the experience of being ‘born not knowing who we are,’ and then we can play the game of life to ‘evolve into who we wish to become.’ So enjoy the time you have to play, for we never know when our time is up!

Imagine if we could see all time and space, here and now. We would see all of our lifetimes together, everything we had learned and will learn, all together. We would not need to do anything. Everything would be happening instantly right now. There would be no point in having a life. Game over! Viewed this way, time is our friend as it allows us to participate and act out many lifetimes of experiences.

What do I do with the time I have available to me? Change your thoughts to create a better life for yourself!

We are here, and the time is now. This is the best time to assess how much we value ourselves and to think about how much time we are willing to invest in our self-development. Start with your most rigidly held beliefs. These are the ones that will be holding you back the most from achieving the things you want.

Beliefs like ‘I never win’, ‘I’m not good enough’, and ‘I could never do what they did’ severely limit what we are willing to try and keep us talking to ourselves in un-supportive ways. Our focus is kept on what is not working in our lives, and with these beliefs, we will also deny or ‘talk down’ the good experiences or successes that we have.

Creating a better life is easy when you know how!Our personal beliefs are not universally true. They are ideas we have that change as we grow with experience. If we can understand this and realize where our beliefs came from, we can work on changing them by becoming aware of and then changing our self-talk and changing the ‘experiences’ we are having in our lives to bring about different results.

If we have sat in a noisy, poorly lit, smoky bar every night drinking alcohol for the last year, our mind and body would really benefit from going for a walk in the sun on a beach instead. At first, this new experience may be a shock to our senses and way outside of our comfort zone. This may leave us feeling stressed, agitated, and wanting to go back to something that we are familiar with to alleviate the discomfort. Don’t do it!

If we are able to accept these feelings as a natural part of any learning and remember that we probably felt the same way the first time we learned to ride a bike, or went for a swim in the ocean, we will accept the normality of the stress that learning new things brings and appreciate the heightened sense of self-worth gained by having new adventures.

We should never let the fears we currently hold on to, because of what we ‘already know,’ stand in the way of accomplishing what we are ‘yet to know.’ Instead, we could do our best to bring thoughts of ‘I can do this’ and actions of ‘trying to do it’ into harmony which will help to reduce the amount of internal conflict experienced when committing to creating a better life experience for ourselves. And any success we achieve will be very satisfying.

A final word of encouragement: Plan to have lots of fun!Enjoy the journey and have as much fun as you can!

Happiness and contentment come from within us and once we understand this we know that no one and no external circumstances has the power to take them away from us. However, until we learn this we are destined to continue to struggle as we expose ourselves to various lessons again and again that ‘push our buttons’ until we have learned all there is to learn about being a human being.

I suggest that you refuse to go to the grave without striving to achieve the things you want in this life. Instead, aim to go with the knowledge that you participated to the full extent of your abilities and you lived a great life!

I wish you well on your journey and would love to have your feedback or comments in the section below.

As always, written with love and respect for all beings.


12 thoughts on “Create a positive foundation for your life: This will ensure your tomorrow is better than your today

  1. Hi,

    I’ve listened to those ‘Abraham’ presentations on YouTube by ‘Esther’ but after a while, I started to wonder if it was all a big scam. What are your thoughts on those teachings?

    Can you recommend anything else?


    1. Hi Dan. I have also listened to some of the Abraham presentations by Esther Hicks. I found them very interesting and practical. Whether you believe Esther is a scam or not is not the main issue. It is the information that is important, and I think the information she provides compliments what all great books and masters have taught throughout the ages. Can I recommend anything else? Yes, there are so many awesome resources available for us to choose from, and I will be adding some reviews onto my site soon. However, at some point in your journey, you will realize that you already have all of the information you need to create the life you desire, within you right now! This is when you will give up the search for more information and begin to live life with passion realizing that you are creating your life moment by moment. I wish you well on your journey. Kind regards,

  2. Great points brought up in this article. One of my favorite tips is optimizing your life to increase the time you have available. Anything that can improve your efficiency and increase the amount of free time for things like self care – yoga, working out, etc. Definitely one of my go-tos.

    1. Hi Dave. Thanks for taking the time to visit my page. I often wonder at the way some people never have enough time, and yet others have all the free time in the world. We are all gifted with the same number of minutes in a day, and the same number of days in a year. it’s how we choose to spend our time that is important. This should give us all something to think about. Thanks for sharing. Kind regards,

  3. When negativity is too much to bear we move towards that negativity but life is not just a result of cause and effects, life is dynamic. Every one possess a distinct life and we think and move distinctively. This is the reason why mistakes can be corrected upon the realization of the doer.
    Positivity is the ideal one that results in the ideal situation that every one of us wants to because the more it will give meaning to life than on the other side.
    I’m sure this site will inspire its readers and I hope they will live into the desired way of life you presented, the positive foundation.

    1. Hi Jimmy. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that life is dynamic. This is good for us as the challenges we encounter provide us with the ideal lessons we need to grow to achieve our potential. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you here again soon. Kind regards,

  4. Hi Andrew,
    A great reminder and I agree about living in the present. Maybe it is called the present because it is a present and now we have to open it daily. I wish you the best with everything.


    1. Hi Phyllis. Yes, the present is definitely a gift that we can use to our advantage so will eventually end up living our dream life. Kind regards,

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Wow! This article is simply amazing!
    Upon reading your article, two things really got my attention.

    1. “Is what I am doing, or about to do, creating more love in my life, or taking me further away from love?”

    I am surprised to be amazed on how you made this quote. I really like it. True that we have to do things that makes us happy but to create more love has a deeper and meaningful meaning. This is a fact that I was looking for sometime and I just realized how important this is. Thanks for that.

    2. I suggest that you refuse to go to the grave without striving to achieve the things you want in this life

    I have been procrastinating a lot and to see this. I want to do more things in life. To travel, read more books, hang-out with friends, and so much more. I like to do something about it so I learned to earn online. I’m striving so I can make time for the things I like in the future.

    Great Article!

    1. Hi Jason. Good on you for striving towards making a better future for yourself. Procrastinating never serves our highest good, so it’s always a good idea to move with purpose, and if we keep moving towards that which we want we will eventually get it! Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a great comment. I am happy that I was able to inspire you. I wish you all the best for your future. Kind regards,

  6. Wow, what an inspiration for all of us.

    I truly do believe in all of the wonderful words you have put forth. I try to alter my mindset all of the time. It’s hard to break the negative thought process and switch over to positive thoughts. It certainly does get easier with time, however.

    I appreciate how you touch on enjoying being in the moment and having fun. Sometimes the challenges and stresses of life can sweep you away. I like to be able to take a step back and really analyze what is important to me and how I can relieve the stress to be able to enjoy this thing called life!

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Kahlua. I also find that by returning to the present moment it is a lot easier to enjoy more of life. The worries about the past and future, which are just thoughts in our mind, magically dissolve away. This is why it is so important to develop mindfulness. It helps us to remain present so we can deal with the reality of now. I wish you well on your journey. Kind regards,

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