Do Our Thoughts Create Our Reality? (6 Sure Ways To THINK Your Life Better)

Positive and negative thought bubbles

Most of us have heard the saying, “We are what we think.” Is it true? Do our thoughts create our reality? Modern quantum physics as well as ancient spirituality say YES. So let’s explore how and why our life circumstances are the result of the thoughts we have.

Briefly, if we purposefully give our attention to a thought, we are in effect giving it our energy. And our most often repeated thoughts, with time, continue to build up energy. They gain momentum, grow more real, and become our beliefs.

Once our thoughts become beliefs, they have more power over our lives. Because when we believe things, we become strongly attached to them. Then they can trigger certain emotional responses in us. And it is our emotions that cause us to act and react to stimuli from our environment.

If we strongly believe something, we won’t deviate from it and will repeatedly take action in predictable ways. And it is these consistent behaviors that define us and make up our personalities.

Our adherence to our personalities (repeated behaviors) returns similar and predictable results as our life circumstances.  In this way, our lives become a mirror for the beliefs we have! And remember, our beliefs are made up of our most often repeated thoughts!

To Summarise: Do Our Thoughts Create Our Reality?

Our most often repeated thoughts become our beliefs. Our attachment to these beliefs elicits emotional responses which cause us to act and react. These actions are us responding to our environment and this is creating our reality. Then, what we have created causes us to have more thoughts, which trigger more actions, and the cycle continues. It is this cycle of thoughts and actions that has created the very life circumstances we are now living!

Having said yes, our thoughts do create our reality, it is important to note that not all thoughts are created equal! Some have more power to influence the directions that our lives take than others. To understand why we first need to understand what our thoughts are. And then how they gain energy to grow momentum to influence our circumstances.

What are our thoughts and how are they influenced by our environment?

According to the blog, Psychology Today: Fundamentally, our thoughts are maps representing and corresponding to things that our brains have either perceived with our senses, felt with our emotions, or formed as an action plan (e.g. forming an image of reaching for a ripe fruit on a tree branch).”

We can see by this definition that it is our environment that is mostly responsible for the thoughts we are having. Our ‘environment’ is the ‘reality’ that we are facing all the time, i.e. the current circumstances of our lives.

This includes the examples of love, wealth, and health, that we are exposed to (see around us) every day. And it also includes things like what climate we live in what diet we consume, what we watch on TV, and our social media habits.

“You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Head silhouette with thought bubblesOur senses are constantly receiving information from ALL the stuff that is happening to us and around us. And we are having reactions to, and forming ideas and opinions about it all, and at times. However, most of the thoughts that cross our minds are below the level of our consciousness. This means that we are not paying much if any, attention to them.

We can be hearing some music, smelling the dinner cooking, feeling the texture of the cold floor tiles, tasting some ingredients, and watching the kids playing all at the same time. We may not be consciously aware of everything that is happening, but our subconscious mind is taking it all in.

Everything we are exposing ourselves to is influencing us. And some stimuli affect us more because of the attention we give to them.

Why do some thoughts generate more energy and gain momentum to influence our reality?

Our magnificent brains are composed of approximately 100 billion neurons. Neurons are cells that release neurotransmitters (brain chemicals.) These neurotransmitters generate electrical impulses (in wave patterns) to influence thousands of neighboring neurons. And this process develops our thoughts.

Our brains are made up of many different parts. We have parts for anger, love, sex, food, science, health, etc. And where our awareness goes (what we are currently thinking about) is where our energy flows. This is where the neurons are active.

This is easy to understand if we imagine our thoughts are balls of light and our brains are a vast space. Our awareness (thoughts/the lights) are ‘attracted’ through our minds to go to the particular area that they resonate with. Our thoughts are magnetized and have no choice but to go to the matching area of our minds.Angry woman boxing a man

This means that if we are having angry thoughts, our awareness is flowing into the angry area of our brains. And the more we are angry, the more energy we send along this particular pathway. This pathway becomes familiar and deeply ingrained into our personalities. Therefore it becomes easy and quick for us to travel this path even if we are triggered by the slightest provocation.

This scenario is the same for all of us. What we have been thinking about for the majority of the time have become things we believe. And our life circumstances have become a reflection of the beliefs we hold onto. They may be beliefs we have inherited, (because of our environment) or formulated from our conscious reasoning. Either way, it is the thoughts that we have repeated and refined during our lives, which have led to the creation of the current reality we are living.

If our thoughts have created this reality, will changing my thoughts create a different reality?

Our beliefs are nothing more than chronic patterns of thoughts. Therefore, if we wish to improve our lives, we need to change our thought patterns. We need to think thoughts that generate new beliefs to correspond to the new life we wish to create.

Imagine your mind is a huge house filled with multiple rooms. In one room is happiness, in other rooms are wealth, success, fear, confidence, lack, abundance, loneliness…..etc. All the rooms have different aspects of your lives in them.  And you, and you alone, get to choose which rooms to enter and light up, and which ones you will bypass.

The most valuable skill you can ever develop is to learn how to direct your thoughts to the rooms you wish to illuminate. Because your thought energy will make these rooms grow…. And then these aspects of your lives will continue to develop in direct proportion to the energy that you send to them.

Therefore, to achieve what we want, we need to become adept at quickly evaluating situations, and coming to conclusions, of what we most want to achieve. Then, this is when we need to direct our thought energy to create strong beliefs. Over time, these beliefs become magnetic and will attract our desired results as conditions into our lives.

“A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.” – Eric Hoffer

What are some ways I can change my thoughts to create a better reality?

1) Change The Environment We Normally Exist Within:

Wealthy mansion with palm treesThis is the most extreme option and the one that gains the quickest results. Just imagine if we were adopted from a poor family into a wealthy family when young. This radical change in our environment would have a profound and immediate effect on our subsequent thoughts. And consequently, our future reality would certainly be changed as we would have learned to view and interact with the world differently from poor families.

I’m not proposing that we become young again and be adopted by a wealthy family. I’m simply using an extreme example to drive the point home that we are, for better or worse, massively affected by our environments.

Knowing this gives us options, right here and now. So, if you have a dream or goal you want to achieve, and have been struggling with, ask yourself how much effort and thought are you currently applying to achieve it? And how are your current habits (environment) supporting or hindering you?

Are you wanting to be healthier, but sitting on a barstool three times a week, complaining with your mates about how life isn’t fair? Are you spending hours every day watching TV or checking social media instead of exercising?

Do you get the picture? If our environment is not aligned with the reality we wish to create, we need to change our minds/thoughts/habits, and beliefs to match our desires. Nothing will begin to change for us until we begin to change who we are and what we regularly think and do!

2) Change Some Of Your Habits:
You can learn how to focus your mind as successful people do!
It’s easy to copy the success of others when you have learned how!

If you want to be successful and wealthy, you won’t learn how from unsuccessful poor people. Why? Because if they knew how, and lived what they knew, they would already be successful and wealthy. But they are not!

Therefore, seek out people, books, programs, etc. that can teach you what you want to know. This includes people who are already living as you wish to be living. They currently have the appropriate mindset that you want to develop for yourself. Hang out where they hang out. Read the books they read, and absorb the best aspects of them, and you will begin to develop a similar thought pattern.

3) Look For The Positive Aspects In All Situations:

Life is a school…. We are here to learn from our circumstances. And it’s equally important to learn what we don’t want as well as what we do want. The hardships we experience can be used to promote focus and harden our resolve to strive, without deviation, for what we do want.

When we understand that there are no failures, we will enjoy better mental health, greater satisfaction, and better overall wellbeing. This is because we will no longer consider ourselves in a negative way. Instead, we are a student who has experienced and learned something new and better.

Maybe we were laid off at work. How did we feel? Like a loser, or liberated because we are now free to pursue something else we have been wanting to do….. like travel?

4) Actively Change Your Thought Patterns With Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualization, And NLP Practices:

CD picture of Zen 12 productAll these practices, and others, help develop our ability to focus and concentrate the energy of our minds towards the things we want. This is critically important because no one ever achieves their dreams with only occasional wishful thoughts.

Our dreams will only become our reality when our bodies and brains vibrate in alignment with the energy that matches our desires. This is The Law of Attraction/vibration at work in our lives. We can use our ability to concentrate/focus to change our point of attraction (our beliefs) to correspond to the lifestyle that we wish to be living. Then, with time, if we hold our attention on it, a vibrational shift will occur within us, and then we will get what we want.

5) Take Appropriate Action:

I guess we all know that the way to develop twenty-inch biceps is to lift weights? Could you achieve it by watching other people lift weights, or by reading books about how it’s done? No. And creating the reality we want is no different.

It is us that need to take the appropriate actions….. And it can all begin NOW and must continue to be the dominant driver of our lives. It all starts with aligning our thought process with how we want to be living in the future.

6) Pay Attention To How You Are Feeling!

How you are feeling is a result of how you have been thinking. And the reverse is also true. When we are feeling down, we can focus our attention on feeling good and this will bring about a corresponding change in the thoughts we are thinking.

Happy man jumping in front of sunsetThe way we are feeling now is so important. Because we cannot end up having a happy life if all the steps along the way are not happy. Practicing happiness is a skill that makes the whole journey towards achieving your dreams worthwhile.

What person in their right mind wants to live miserably for ten or twenty years trying to achieve their goal so they can be happy in the future? This is your life, right here and now…. Why not choose to be happy every step along your path towards achieving your dreams?

I’m not suggesting you kid yourself that everything is great right now. However, there is much merit in realizing that it is the journey that is our lives, not the destination. And if we can find meaning in every step along the path, and see our progression, we can take comfort in knowing that we do have control over ourselves and our circumstances.

Life is meant to evolve, to progress into something better and better

Every component of our lives is drawn to us because of the vibration we are broadcasting. Our vibration is an accumulation of the thoughts and feelings we habitually have had and continue to have, and the resulting life circumstances become the story of our life.

Our stories are not set in stone, and this is good news for us, as it means that our lives are not predetermined. We can choose to reprogram ourselves and therefore change our circumstances any time we want.

The world we exist in is constantly changing. Every day we are being confronted with stuff, both good and bad. Some days we will inevitably feel better than others. However, when we learn to harness the incredible power of our thoughts we will become less likely to react in ways that prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams.

Psychologically we must understand before we can do! We can never ascend to a new level of awareness by using our existing minds. Because our existing mind is responsible for our current circumstances! To improve our circumstances, we must evolve our mindset/beliefs.

It is our repeated imaginations that bring new realities into existence.

Why not start now by using your thoughts to manifest the reality you desire instead of just rehashing old habits and circumstances. for wealth creation Logo
Why not begin today to reprogram your subconscious to align with your goals and dreams? can teach you how.

10 thoughts on “Do Our Thoughts Create Our Reality? (6 Sure Ways To THINK Your Life Better)

  1. Hi Andrew, I definitely like to believe this is true. Our thoughts are powerful things. A saying of mine is good ideas write themselves. I think maybe this could correlate a bit here. If you really feel like something is a good idea you have a lot more chance of making it happen than something you don’t feel so sure about.

    Further to this, I think it is the things that we are not so sure about that we need to convince ourselves about what is possible. It can be very difficult sometimes I think but maybe we can write these things down or say these things out loud to make them seem more real.

    One exercise I was told to do from one training program I have participated in is this. You film yourself saying it is a date 1 month in the future you say you have achieved all these goals etc. and watch the video on repeat. Like it is the 24th November I’ve had a really good month I wanted to make $2000 and buy myself a new coat and I have done it. In fact, I made $2500 and bought myself a new pair of trainers as well. Next month I am sure is going to be even better, etc.

    I think it could work to be honest if you just keep watching the video. If you tell yourself something enough times you will eventually begin to believe it.

    1. Hi Alex.

      The video idea sounds like a great idea. I’m sure it is a powerful technique that will return the desired results. But again, it will only work if we are able to vibrationally sync with what it is we desire to create.

      I have to agree that good ideas write themselves… and this I believe, is because we are already a vibrational match, or close, to the desired results. Whereas, the things we struggle with are the things we are not vibrationally tuned into, so they are harder for us to achieve. And therefore we will often give up before we achieve these goals and dreams.

      For us, it’s good to be able to tune into our feelings so that we can determine what we are in tune with, and what we are struggling with. And we should go for our goals and dreams that flow easily as a way of affirming to ourselves that we are the creators of the circumstances of our lives. And once we get into the flow of things and are comfortable with the creation process, all of our other goals will also begin to become easier to achieve…. because our vibration is of a ‘better quality.’

      Keep going, mate. Every new day is another opportunity to focus on and move closer towards achieving the wonderful lives we desire for ourselves.
      All the best,

      1. Hi Andrew, Just had a read through this again. Your comment above I like. So you think it is not just about wanting something you actually have to position yourself to get what it is that you want by aligning your thoughts with your will.

        So we must vibrate towards what we actually want to happen.

        I think I understand this. It is kind of difficult though I wonder is it that I am not doing enough, I should be doing something else instead, or am I simply on the right path already but I just need to give it more time?

        1. Hi Alex.

          You are definitely on the right path…. because there is no wrong path. There is only even life and experiences. Our lives are ruled by cause and effect, and what we think causes our lives to unfold as they do. And then we react to what has unfolded, which causes us to think again…… etc. The cycle is infinite!

          So, it never pays to ‘think’ we are on the wrong path because this just causes negative responses from us which generate vibrations that are contrary to the awesome lives we wish to create for ourselves. This is something I read last week that may help get my point across:

          “Be easy about it. Don’t rush into things. Savor them more. Make more plans and be more deliberate and specific about the plans that you are making; and in all that you do, let your dominant intent be to find that which pleasures you as you imagine it. Let your desire for pleasure — your desire for feeling good — be your only guiding light. As you seek those thoughts that feel good, you will always be in vibrational harmony with the Energy that is your Source. And, under those conditions, only good can come to you; and only good can come from you.”

          It’s the feeling, the vibration that is the attractor of our circumstances. So if we make it our mission to be feeling good and ‘imagining’ that everything is unfolding in the best possible way for us, we will get everything that we desire…… but it is a process, and for the process to work, we need to become comfortable with the process and allow it to unfold naturally.
          So in answer to your point, “do I need to do more?” I would suggest that you are physically already doing enough. However, if things are not unfolding as well as you desire them to, then it is your vibration (your thoughts that are generating feelings of lack, struggle, fear, etc.) that need to be cleaned up. And by cleaned up, I mean STOP THINKING THESE THINGS AND JUST IMAGINE THE SCENARIO, THE FUTURE LIFE, THAT YOU DESIRE FOR YOURSELF. Because OUR THOUGHTS ARE CREATING OUR REALITY, and if you are thinking about what you don’t have, then this is what you will continue to receive…..

          I hope this makes sense for you,
          All the best, my friend,

  2. Hi Andrew,
    I really enjoyed learning from your article. My key takeaways were:
    * Once our thoughts become beliefs, they have more power over our lives
    * We are what we consume in our environment – TV, mainstream media, coworkers, etc
    * We CAN change our thoughts and reality – I really like the ideas you suggested. All of us can do these things if we put in conscious effort.
    Then from all the great ideas you have presented – taking action is the key if we want to change our thoughts, situations, and realities.

    1. Thanks, John.

      Great summary. I could have saved lots of words and maybe bored fewer people if I was as concise as you, haha.

      Unfortunately, too many of us are having our narratives shaped by the monster that is Main Stream media….. and unfortunately, they are becoming more unbelievable by the day. Their greatest lie to us is to make us believe we are powerless and have very little control over the content of our lives…. and that we need to rely on them and the existing power structures to tell us how we should, and can, live our lives.

      The truth, however, is the opposite. We are powerful and once we wake up to the fact that the content of our lives is being manipulated without our willing consent, we will break away from the limiting programming, as you are doing, and create our live’s the way we want them to be. It’s just a matter of consistently choosing better thoughts that reflect what we desire to create as our life’s circumstances!

      Thanks for sharing, John
      Have a great day,

  3. Love this article! I know having a positive mindset is the beginning of a better life. It’s easy to tell someone, or yourself, to have positive thoughts, but it’s not as easy to actually implement that process.

    You have a very unique way of explaining the thought process; I’ve never heard it explained quite this way before. I am continually striving to keep my thoughts positive, and articles like this give me a new approach on how to do that.

    Even before I thought about mindset, I always had the same routine whenever I was sick. I wouldn’t lay in bed all day, but I would get up and get dressed for a casual day. I would try to do what I could around the house. I did this because I felt better by this simple action.

    You are correct in that life is a school. In this crazy world, one’s thoughts are about the only thing that a person has control over. By learning how to control them is one of the best gifts a person could give to themselves.

    1. Hi Willow,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article.

      If we can become the master of our minds, we can use them to focus on only the things we wish to create in our lives. And by becoming the master, I don’t mean that we need to struggle against or fight with our minds….. because our minds are not our enemy. They are in fact acting in the only way they can which is according to the programs we have accepted as our beliefs.

      It really benefits us if we can come to view our minds with love and appreciation as they are our ‘ever faithful’ servants, carrying out their duties as previously programmed by the past thoughts and beliefs we have had. And if we are not happy with the thoughts we are having, we just need to change them…..
      Yes, this is very easy to say, and in practice, is very difficult for many people to achieve. Why? Because so many people do not have the ability to focus or concentrate for more than a few seconds on what it is that they do want!

      Try it. Try now by thinking of something that you want to happen or something you want to receive in your life today. What does it feel like, look like, smell like, taste like, sound like…….
      How long can you keep your full attention placed on that which you want before your habitual mind takes over and gives you 100 reasons why you can’t have it or what you’re going to cook for dinner?….. Not long? But this is something you really want??????

      If we can befriend our minds and point them in the direction of the things we want for more of the time every day, then we will begin receiving these things…… Learning to meditate is the best way I know of to retrain our minds so that we will achieve our goals and dreams.

      I wish you all the best,

  4. Hi Andrew

    So much of this resonates with me.

    I have a work colleague who is triggered at the very smallest thing and now I see that because she always has an angry reaction to anything irritating, her brain automatically goes to angry mode. It’s just what she does. And it absolutely drains her. (I’m too scared to tell her, lol.)

    Number 6 is so true. I have learned that if I am not feeling good I only need to think about what I have been thinking about and I have the answer. And yes, it is absolutely possible to change your thoughts and feel better almost instantly. (Though it takes practice if you have just learned this.)

    I used to think I had to think whatever fell in my head! Luckily with continued learning and practice, I am managing to keep in a high vibe most of the time.

    Keep up the good work.



    1. Hi Jean.

      Maybe your workmate has no idea how detrimental her angry behaviour is to her health and to everyone around her?
      Maybe, like you used to, she believes that “I had to think whatever fell in my head!” I wonder if she would be open to learning how she can make her life better by learning how to control her emotions and reactions. After all, don’t we all really want to live better, happier, and healthier lives?

      Changing our long-standing patterns of thinking and reacting does take time. And every time we notice that we have had a small victory, we do become inspired to continue on the journey of self-improvement. it becomes like a game where we can challenge ourselves to become better and better people, all with the aim of creating a better life experience for ourselves and those that we love.

      I wish you a happy journey with your game of life, and may your successes inspire others to also become better!
      All the best,

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