Do subliminal messages work: Can they improve my life?

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Subliminal messaging is a term used to describe “the information we receive that is not recognized or understood by the conscious mind, but still has an influence on it.” Or “Information inadequate to produce conscious awareness but able to evoke a response.”

Consciously, we can only be aware of a very small fraction of the information that we are being exposed to at any given moment. We can only relate to that information that is holding our conscious attention. However, that does not mean that more information is not being processed and retained in our minds. And all the information received by our minds influences us and can be recalled for use at a later time.

The process of taking in all that is happening around us all of the time is how our magnificent minds are designed to work! And what we want to know is: Are we able to use positive subliminal messaging to improve our lives? I’ll get to that soon, but first:

How do we process subliminal information?

Right now, while I am sitting in this café, my conscious mind is focused on writing this article. However, depending on how intently I am concentrating, I may only be aware of what I am doing, or I may also be vaguely conscious of what is happening around me, or my attention may be wandering altogether. In each scenario, the amount and content of information known to my conscious mind is different. However, our unconscious minds ALWAYS sense and record everything that is happening.

Whether we are aware of it or not, or consciously choose to focus on the weather conditions outside of the café, we are still gathering all of this data and storing it for future reference. Our incredible unconscious minds seem to have an unlimited potential to take in information, when what we can consciously process is, by comparison, minute.

Watch this fascinating short video to see how completely we are influenced by subliminal cues…. much to our astonishment:

Who is using subliminal messaging and for what purpose?

So, to get to the point, yes, subliminal messaging is a very powerful tool. And this is why advertisers use it, and so do personal growth and development companies. The latter sells products that can help people, through the repetition of positive Subliminals, to achieve their goals and dreams.

In advertising, Subliminals are used to try and influence people without them being aware of it. For example: by flicking messages for such a short time (0.003/second) that people’s unconscious minds absorb the message without the person being consciously aware of it.

A visual cue may be flashed within an ad, TV program, or a video game, that is too quick for our conscious minds to detect but is recognized by our unconscious minds. Or an audio cue may be embedded into a piece of music at a level that is not detectable by our normal sense of hearing but is still absorbed and processed by our unconscious minds.

According to Ian Zimmerman, (a professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota Duluth), subliminal advertising can be a pretty potent form of influence. However, he believes its influence is dependent upon whether or not the audience is in the mood for the products being advertised. In other words, we seem to ‘get the information we are wanting.’ So if we are thirsty, we will more easily recall something we saw or heard that could help satisfy our desire of thirst.

Zimmerman also noted that “They (Subliminals) can’t make you go buy something you don’t want or to vote for a political candidate you don’t like. The messages just aren’t that powerful.” However, if you watch the experiment in this short video of how easy it was to ‘influence these professional influencers’ you may come to a different conclusion.

Can we use subliminal messages to change negative beliefs?

Our subconscious mind is a vast reservoir of all the information we have ever been exposed to, all the thoughts we have ever had, and all the actions, reactions, and in-actions we have ever taken. It is responsible for our automatic reactions to the events and circumstances that are occurring in our lives, and therefore, has a huge impact on the outcomes we achieve in our lives.

Basically, it is our subconscious mind that is ‘running the show’ because as psychologists tell us, we are only consciously aware for about five percent of our awake time. Therefore it is our subconscious minds, through our programmed habits and deep-seated beliefs, that are responsible for our success or failures, our fears and our turn-on’s, our compassion and anger, and our sadness and love.

Our subconscious minds began attaining their programs (our beliefs) from the moment of our birth (or before birth as claimed by some physiologists.) And from then, we have never stopped updating and revising our basic programming based on the information we are exposing ourselves to every moment of our lives.Change the information received and change our lives

Whether we think we are ‘deserving’ or ‘not worthy’ of a fantastic life is due to the program we have in our subconscious. It has nothing to do with truth….. the reality is that we are just conforming to ‘the program’ in our unconscious mind…… a program that we did not consciously choose to install there for ourselves.

If we had been surrounded by or exposed to healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise people and information, we would have acquired similar beliefs over time and we would now be leading lives that reflect these beliefs. Sadly, for many of us, this was not the case!

The good news is that if our lives are not currently meeting our expectations/goals/dreams, we can change our programming to get better outcomes for ourselves! And subliminal techniques are a really practical and easy way of doing this!

Positive subliminal affirmations are a great way to enhance the quality of our lives.

By flashing positive affirmations on our screens or listening to subliminal audio recordings we can effectively bypass our doubting conscious minds to directly influence and upgrade our unconscious beliefs. The more we expose ourselves to the new reality or outcomes (the new subliminal messages) we want to create, the stronger the new neural pathways in our brains become.

These new strong pathways will then become the default programs that our subconscious refers to when we are not consciously thinking. (Up to ninety-five percent of each day.) This allows for new habits and beliefs to be formed….. the beneficial ones we want that will support our desires, goals, and dreams. And according to The Law of Attraction, what we think about the majority of the time will come to be our reality.

So, if you want a better life, stop watching so much crap on TV, gossip on social media, and getting involved in the dramas at work. This is all negative programming and is keeping you stuck, destined to repeat the life you currently have.

Instead, you can choose to do something positive about your health, fitness, finances, bad habits, in fact, any aspect of your life. Why not rewrite your basic programs to reflect the conditions you want to be living instead of repeating more of the same?

Will positive subliminal messages change my life?

If your brain is rewired to believe that you are healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise, this is the reality that you will be living in the future. However, subliminal messaging is not magic! Therefore, if you fight against it by holding onto your old thoughts and bad habits, nothing in your life will change.

reprogram your subconscious mind with Subliminal 360As with all things in life, it is a lot easier to reprogram yourself if you really, really, really desire to make changes. You need to be motivated to change for the changes to work. No one can force you to improve your life. So, you need to ask yourself, how badly do I want to improve my life?

Am I motivated to lose weight, give up smoking, let go of a harmful relationship, build self-confidence, become more creative and productive, achieve financial success, etc. Because, if you do what it takes, you will achieve the results you want.

If your answer is positive, then subliminal technologies are a great way of helping you to achieve your goals and dreams. I know this from personal experience and am happy to recommend that anyone can benefit from using Subliminals to improve their lives. If you are already motivated to change, i.e. have an existing desire, you will benefit from subliminal messages. However, Subliminals will not help you get your partner off the couch if they have no desire to change themselves!

Are all subliminal messages the same?

I mostly use sub-audio messages as a way to strengthen new positive neural pathways in my brain. Sub-audio Subliminals are messages played at a low volume that is inserted into my favorite music. I play these tracks as often as I can every day. It’s so easy to use Subliminals because you do not have to concentrate on them. Instead, it’s best to just continue with jogging, washing the dishes, walking on the beach, or talking to family and friends.

No effort is required as it is our unconscious mind that is doing the work of accepting the new messages.

Use subliminal messages to improve your livesSince using Subliminals, I have been able to create new positive habits in my life. I have been able to improve my self-confidence, my health, and my financial situation, as well as other aspects. But the journey doesn’t stop there because as my living conditions improve, I update the messages to reflect the new and better circumstances I wish to create for myself.

Sub-visual messages are visual cues that can be flashed on our screens (phones, computers, TV’s) that are so fast our conscious minds don’t perceive them. However, our unconscious minds see them and store the information along with all other information we are exposed to.

The results achieved by either method are difficult to quantify and separate. Therefore, I suggest a combination of both methods would be better than just one method alone to help us achieve results more quickly. Audios are great when you are cooking dinner, going for a run, meditating, or even sleeping. The visual cues are only effective when you are using devices with screens. Our subliminal messages can play in the ‘background’ so that we are not even aware of their presence while we watch TV, work at our computer, or play our video games.

How can I make Subliminals that specifically address what I want to achieve?

An important aspect of reprogramming our unconscious minds to achieve our goals and dreams is to be consistent. If we change our minds (and the subliminal messages) often, we will just create a lot of confusion in our brains. Therefore,  no strong neural pathway will be created….. And so we will not get what we want, because, in essence, we do not really have a clear focus on what we want!

Decide what you want, be very clear about it, and be motivated to achieving it!

And then do what it takes to make your goals and dreams become your reality.

I researched making Subliminals myself, and yes some people do it and even make a good job of it. However, for me, it is easier to use a program that has been developed by a professional team that is customizable to suit my particular requirements.

upgrade your life today with subliminal messagingSubliminal 360 is the best program I have come across. It is developed by Inspire3, a company that prides itself on “Creating Powerful Products that help Unlock the power of our minds using Scientifically-Proven Methods.”

Subliminal 360 is a program that is easy to navigate and comes with a library of over 4000 affirmations and 350 subliminal sessions. It has a tool to fully customize your subliminal sessions with text and picture options. There are pre-made ready-to-use sessions for those who don’t want to make their own. The program also has training videos and lifetime support and a one-year money-back guarantee.

Want to lose weight, gain confidence, boost brain power, attract abundance? It’s all there, whatever you want, just tell it, and it’ll “program” your mind for you.

Why not check out Subliminal 360 now to see how you can begin transforming your lives today?

I wish you all the best…….. and I know that if you do what is required, you will soon be living the lives that you are as yet still dreaming of!

What will you choose?


10 thoughts on “Do subliminal messages work: Can they improve my life?

  1. This was very interesting, to think that you can be influenced that much is scary. I do know that we are influenced without being aware of it and repetition plays an important role. For example listening to baroque music when studying or starting your day with a positive mindset. I agree with Ian Zimmerman, this is almost like when you thinking of buying a car, you will do the research and then suddenly you will see that type of car every where.

    Subliminal 360 sounds like an awesome product, to think you can motivate yourself with a program on your computer without consciously putting in the effort.

    I really enjoyed the article and the videos were very informative and fun to watch. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Cornelia.

      I still shudder to think how easily most of us can be programmed or persuaded without us even knowing that it is happening.
      However, we are not helpless and we should not consider ourselves as victims. Because while we are can be manipulated, we can also use a program like Subliminal 360 to implant repetitive suggestions, beliefs and ideas into our unconscious minds that are for our benefit.

      The choice is ours. We can either watch and listen to stuff that is supportive of our goals and dreams, or take no responsibility about which situations/environments we immerse ourselves in.
      My choice is to go to places, be with people, listen to and watch stuff that aligns with the goals and dreams I have for a better life. And because of this, my life just keeps getting better and better.

      I wish you well on your journey,
      All the best,

  2. Hi Andrew,

    This is a really interesting article and product because I have tried using subliminal messaging with past teams when I first took up management positions. It didn’t really work, but I know that this can work. I love to watch Derren Brown as he is one of the best at this stuff.

    For this stuff to work, you really do have to want it and be motivated to do it. It is one of those that to change your life, you really do have to change your life.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great and interesting work you are doing.
    All the best,


    1. Thanks for your input, Tom.

      Yes, Derren Brown really knows what he is talking about, and his little experiment with the two advertising agents was amazing. I am surprised at how accurately the unconscious minds of these two picked up the ‘trail’ of messages that Derren laid out for them. It just proves how powerful our minds are.
      It also tells me that we should be a lot more careful in regards to the situations we are placing ourselves in, as all the information is being absorbed by our unconscious minds to come back at us as future reference as to how we should think, act, and feel.

      This makes me more determined to immerse myself in ‘quality’ situations when the environment is stimulating my conscious and unconscious mind towards achieving my goals and dreams.

      Thanks for sharing. Have a great day, mate,

  3. Wow! I knew that subliminal messages could be effective but to the point where 3 people receive the same message, it’s strong!
    This is not very good for our small kids who have parents that take TV as a “sitter”. TV is one big box that sends us subliminal messages, it’s full of it.

    Thank you for sharing, I like your website I see a couple of titles very interesting to read.

    Very good article.

    1. Hi Lyne.
      I have to agree that the TV is one great big programming device, and not all of the programs that are installed in our kid’s minds are good…. in fact so many of them are negative. I cringe whenever I see parents or caregivers give young impressionable children mobile phones or tablets just to ‘shut them up!’ They obviously have no awareness of the damage they are doing to their child’s potential.

      The thing I found most shocking about the influencers video was that all three of them were not only manipulated by one visual cue but by a string of visual and audio cues that subconsciously manipulated them into doing exactly the same things….. frightening stuff.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂
      Have a great day.

  4. When I grew up, the subliminal messages that were instilled in me by the people who surrounded me – parents, stepmother, friends – was that I was “stupid” and I would “not amount to much”. It took me a long time to get over that, but after reading this text I now understand why it took me longer than most people to achieve some stability in my life. I would like to try these subliminal messages, they might be just what I need for the finishing touches of my self-improvement.

    1. Hi Christine.
      It really sucks that so many people had parents and peers that were themselves so damaged that they did not know how to raise children to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise.
      We are fortunate that now there is a lot of information available that shows us how to ‘grow’ happy, successful children. However, there is still so much ‘negative programming’ going on that it astounds me.
      The mainstream media focuses mostly on negative news and gossip, bullying abounds on social media, and parents are stressed working to pay the bills and are therefore not paying the appropriate attention to their kid’s upbringing. So, we grow up with negative beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in.

      However, life is a journey! And I’d like to share something that I read earlier today: “If you are ending up where you want to be, what difference does it make whether you went fast or slow? Or what difference does it make whether it was painful before it got really good? Isn’t that the point of free will? You get to choose.” Abraham Hicks.
      With our conscious awareness, we get to choose where we end up and how long it takes us to get there. So, now that we understand that we are in control of our life circumstances, all we need to do is change ourselves to become that which we want to be…….. and change is an internal job….. it is our thoughts, beliefs, and habits that need to change so we can live the lives we want for ourselves.

      Subliminal messaging is a great way to reprogram ourselves for success, and happiness, and I wish you all the success you desire for yourself,
      Shared with much love and respect, from one soul to another,

        1. When I read this quote, it helped me to relax a bit more, and remember that it is the journey that is important, not the destination 🙂

          Have a great day 🙂

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