Do You Want a Better Life? Then seek transformation instead of information

Do you really want a different life than the one you have now?

I’m assuming that you want to make it ‘better’ in some ways than the life experience you are currently living.

Do you realize that this means you will have to change things about yourself, not other people? Other people are not responsible for creating our lives. Our life experience is our responsibility and if you are blaming other people or other events/circumstances for your reality then you are playing at being a victim of forces outside of you.

The benefits of being a ‘victim’ are that you do not accept responsibility for anything you do not like about your life. It’s so easy to complain and moan about how life is unfair, but this is just being lazy and in no way benefits your purpose for being alive.

So, why am I alive? Is there a purpose to my life?

You are here to experience what being alive in a body, in a physical reality has to offer. The range of sensations, emotions, and experiences available to us, as human beings, is mind-blowing and it is by fully immersing ourselves in the experience of life that we are afforded opportunities for enormous personal growth and development. Embrace the experience with all of your heart as this is a very exciting opportunity for your soul!

You could, however, just choose to sit on the couch, watch TV and eat junk food all day, and complain about how life is not treating you fairly!

What! Seriously, how can this even be an option anymore?????

We have so much information available at our fingertips, all day, every day now that ‘not knowing or not understanding’ what’s going on is no longer a valid response. Sure it takes some of us longer to learn some stuff than others, but Up-level your life by learning a new skill!someone who is serious about wanting a better life will never let that deter them from seeking out information on how to improve their life experience.

However, learning lots of new information by itself will not change anything. We need to apply and then act upon what we have learned to set the wheels of change in motion to begin manifesting our desires. So, how do we transform our lives to create more abundance and specifically more health, wealth, happiness, and wisdom? We begin by learning how we created the reality that we are currently living.

Our current life is a manifestation of our past thoughts

It is your past thoughts and actions that have manifested the life you are currently living and if you do not change the way you are currently thinking and acting, you will continue to create a future that is similar to your present. Our lives are not meant to be ‘soft and fluffy’ and full of ‘sugar and spice and all things nice.’ What would be the point of that? Where is the impetus for expansion, personal growth, and development when things are good all the time? That’s why we need ‘challenges.’

The challenges we are confronted with are what we need to face so that we can evolve into a more mature being. That’s all. The challenges we face are not there to ‘piss us off,’ defeat us, break us, or ruin us in any way whatsoever. They are our best friends in the respect that they are revealing to us what we need to learn/overcome so that we will grow into a more aware, more conscious being. They are our best signposts, showing us how we can create a better future for ourselves.

As I’ve said before, If you keep thinking and doing the same things that you have always done before, your future life will be a continuation of your current life. Nothing significant will change as your thoughts are validating that which you currently believe about life, which is attracting your life circumstances to you. Go here to see my post on The Law of Attraction for a fuller explanation of this concept.

Receive lasting abundance when you retune your vibration for wealth

Fear is a huge problem for many people: But what is fear?

Many people are controlled by insecurity and fear. What they will and won’t do, what they can and can’t do are related to thoughts they have about all sorts of stuff. If we continue to have thoughts based around fear and insecurity we reinforce this as our current and future reality. To make a positive difference in our lives, we need to change our way of thinking.

Fear doesn’t actually exist. Ask yourself now, ‘What is fear?’

What answer did you get?

I bet you can make a list of the things that you fear, or feel uneasy about. But is this actually fear itself? Or is it just an emotion you have to certain things that you currently don’t like or try really hard to avoid?

Learn how to hear and understand the quidance from your soul and other spirit guides.So, stuff happens and we have an emotional reaction to it. The exact same event can happen to the person standing next to us and they may have an entirely different reaction, one that is not fearful. Why is that?

It’s because fear is an individual choice. All of your fears are specific to you, and they are because of the beliefs you have accumulated throughout your lifetime and decided to accept as part of your reality. That’s all, nothing more to it.

So what can you do to overcome your fears?

We do the same we do for every other challenge in our life. We begin by creating the very thoughts and emotions that are the opposite of fear and insecurity. In this case, we need to consciously appreciate all that we have in life and understand that we are supported by a divine plan that has our best interests at heart.

Our new vibrations take time to manifest, and that’s OK!

This sounds easy, but I do realize that to change from our current reality is a process that takes time, and the amount of time will depend on how much conscious awareness we give to our thoughts each and every day. Life is a journey, not a destination, and our journey will head in a positive and uplifting direction daily if we can choose loving, supportive, thoughts more frequently than we have done in the past.

Wealth has a vibration that we can tune into.Having information about transforming our lives is not enough. We must then implement the knowledge we gain to transform our lives into an adventure we will be excited to be living. So, begin dreaming of new big ideas and take the feelings of excitement that you experience, and use them to act so that you begin to move in the direction that you wish to go.

Feelings of love, joy, and appreciation always benefit and support us while our new thought vibrations begin to attract into our lives the expansion that our new thoughts have given birth to.

It’s up to you, and you alone, what your future will be like. So, no more excuses. If you begin now, your energy vibration will begin transforming now, and you ARE ALREADY attracting to you the life you desire.

If you want to wait until tomorrow to create your ideal life, that’s up to you. However, we all know that tomorrow never comes!

With love, appreciation, and respect for those that take up the challenge of personal transformation,


19 thoughts on “Do You Want a Better Life? Then seek transformation instead of information

  1. What we think is a choice. It’s easy to blame everything or everyone else for the problems in our lives, but this will never ever resolve the issues that we face. This is because our lives are a result of everything that we have ever thought, which led to the feelings we had, which led to the actions/reactions we took, which returned to us our life circumstances. Taking responsibility for our lives is the only way for us to improve our life circumstances! And this begins with watching our thoughts, as you have said.
    I wish you well on your journey. Kind regards,

  2. Great post Andrew! I do love coming to your site to get new wisdom for the week. Your articles resonate so much with me and seem to be super timely as well.

    I know it is important to get out and experience life, but right now I am trying to turn my online business into full time income. How can I motivate myself to just walk away from the computer and find more motivational and supportive people for my life?

    1. Hi Irma. Thanks for reading my blog. Change is never easy, and maybe it is fear of the unknown that is holding you back. We often get stuck in comfort zone doing what we know and understand. If we remain here, we remain safe. However, we also remained unchallenged, so we will never be able to grow beyond who we currently are. How can you motivate yourself to walk away? You just stand up and do it because you know that this is the best option for your future. If you don’t change something now your future is assured to be the same as your present. Is this what you want for yourself? Before you go, ‘imagine’ the good things that will come from you facing your fear and overcoming it. You will be exposed to new people and opportunities that can help you on your journey through life and you will be stronger and more powerful than you are now because you chose to improve your own life. I congratulate you on your bravery 🙂
      With love and respect,

  3. This is an excellent article Andrew! Our thoughts and feelings matter! They matter a lot. I like the points you made that our present lot in life is the direct result of our past thoughts and feelings. In order to improve our future condition, we need to change the way we think today. Like anything worthwhile, the process takes time. It is important to be deliberate and patient.
    Thank you for this uplifting and helpful post. I really needed that today 🙂

    1. Hi Mike. I like how you said that: “we need to be deliberate and patient.” So true. Luckily for us, we have the rest of our lives to keep improving our ability to be the deliberate creators of our life. Thanks for sharing. Kind regards,

  4. Yes, I do really agree with you that learning lots of new information by itself will not change anything. We have to act and implement of what we learned. Wealth, good health and good relationship does not just happen, it requires action.

    1. Hi Florencio. As you point out, it is a waste of time sitting around waiting for good things to happen to us. We should instead use our creative energy to focus on making good things happen in our lives. Many thanks for sharing. Kind regards,

  5. I love that you point out that our current life is a manifestation of our thoughts. What we focus on is what tends to manifest. We will notice more good things in our life when we are focused on the good things in our lives.

    1. Hi Melinda. Yes, when you think about it, we do notice more good things in our life when we go around looking for them. It’s quite obvious really, and such an easy way to pick ourselves up if we are feeling down for any reason at all. Many thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Andrew,

    Every time I make my way over to your site, I fall in love with the process of self development all over again. I genuinely love reading your posts. So many people will stay in the mindless form of watching tv and eating junk food, it amazing that you are there pushing people outside of their comfort zones, facing fear, and seeking a better life!

    Cannot wait to read more!

    1. Hi Katie. I’m really happy that my site makes you think and that you like it. I believe we have many options in our lives, but basically there are two main ones. 1) we continue as we are, 2) we make changes to ourselves which will affect our life. So why not make positive changes and strive to lead the best life we possibly can! I wish you all the best on your journeys. With love and respect,

  7. Hi Andrew!

    Wow! I loved this article so much I had to read it twice. Well written and I couldn’t agree more! We are EXACTLY where Wwe deserve to be! I heard many years ago that our thoughts become things so we better think good thoughts. Your post has reinforced that idea for me!

    1. Awesome. I’m happy that you enjoyed my article. Yes, what you consistently think about becomes your reality. Make it an awesome life 🙂
      Cheers, Andrew

  8. Hey Andrew,

    Great article. I really agree with many of the points that you made. I really like your way of looking at problems as a positive as opposed to a negative. Many people think that the bad things that happen to us is just life trying to break us but I really believe it’s life helping us become the person we are meant to be. I would love to see a post from you about some book suggestions you have on these topics. Thanks.

    1. Hi Dan. Many thanks for the positive comments. Yes, life is not trying to break us but is guiding us in the direction that we need to go to become better people. If more people can understand this, as you do, we would all be a lot happier and healthier.
      I will be doing some book reviews soon. There is so much awesome reading material available that is uplifting and inspiring and I would love to share what I have read with you. Kind regards,

  9. is indeed captivating, that is, if you are actually looking for it. The website theme is as crisp as the message it is serving in the article that follows. It is this “connectivity”, as the term applies to environment aesthetics, that draws me deeper into the discussion.

    I am currently reading a 1072-page tome by Abd-Ru-Shin expressing the same message in many more words. While I immensely enjoy the long periods of meditation required for absorbing the content in “In the Light of Truth”, the clarion calling, “… seek transformation instead of information” is a beautiful precis.

    Thank you Andrew.

    1. Hi Charles. Many thanks for your kind comments regarding my site and the article. I will endeavor to keep creating quality content that is relevant and brief as I know many people do not have the time required to read thick books. I however, like you, appreciate the relaxation/mindfulness achieved when immersed in a quality book. Kind regards,

  10. Hey Andrew,
    Nicely written article, I like your take on this.
    Take ownership of your life and where you want to be.
    Sometimes it is hard to accept that we are in life, exactly where we have chosen to be.
    Our decisions have taken us to the point we are at.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for sharing Mitch. You are right that, for most people, it’s very hard for them to accept responsibility for their life. We can never really understand this until we are personally ready to take responsibility no matter how many times it is explained to us. Have a fantastic day. Cheers,

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