How Can I Help Make The World A Better Place?

We live in a beautiful world, The world is already perfect, love life

As individuals, we may think that what we do has little effect in the greater scheme of things. However, this is not true. The reality is that we are ALL actively co-creating our environment with every thought we have and every action we take, ALL OF THE TIME.

So, if we are a positive person most of the time, when our energy is combined with the energies of all others, we will have an uplifting effect on our environment. The opposite is also true. Negative energies will combine with the collective consciousness and will lower the overall vibration of humankind and the environment of which we are an integral part.

This is true for us as well as everyone else that exists. Therefore, as we affect others with our energies, we, in turn, are affected by all others. Everything that exists is energy!

A simple example is how we feel and respond when surrounded by different groups of people. How do you feel when you are surrounded by happy, healthy people compared to a group of sick, negative, depressed people? It is obvious that our mood is elevated when in a healthy, happy environment, where people are smiling, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.

In this situation, we can become part of the vibration, and become happy and fun to be around, and we will enjoy feeling good.

In contrast, it is much more difficult to remain positive and healthy in an environment that does not support our intention to be happy. Our vibration, or energy, will be brought down to correspond to the environment that we are in.

How Can I Make The World A Better Place?

We can make the world a better place by becoming happier within ourselves. This means that we don’t need to change the whole world for it to become a better place. And realistically, for most of us, that’s not even going to be possible. However, when we can all find stuff to celebrate inside the world, as it exists, and by doing so, our ‘better vibration’ will add to and improve the collective vibration.

There is nothing wrong with the world we live in!

I know that this may seem like a crazy thing to say considering all of the ‘bad’ stuff that is happening to people and the environment every day, but the world is as it is due to the creative energies of all souls that have lived and continue to live now.

We have collectively manifested this planet, with all of its beauty and problems, exactly as it is. It is a perfect vibrational match to all thought energy that Humanity has had in the past and continues to have now, which includes everything that we have personally contributed.

It helps us if we can accept this and then, from a position of acceptance, we can decide what part we want to play in the continuing drama that is ‘Life on Planet Earth.’ We can continue to be battered and tossed around by ‘stuff’ that is happening or make a better choice, which is to become responsible for our own lives and our own happiness.

We do this by becoming aware of our own habitual thought patterns, or programming…. and we only tend to do this once we have had enough of living semi-conscious lives that are not fulfilling or satisfying. Only then can we come to realize that we, and everyone else, have the ability to actually live in abundance and joy at all times.

How Can I manifest Things I Want-Man standing on top of mountain banner for Midas ManifestationOften the first thought obstacle that we need to overcome is: ‘What anyone else has, or does, has nothing to do with us.’ It is none of our business! We are here to get on with experiencing our own life in any way that we choose. Therefore, our life experience is a direct result of how we utilize non-physical energy with our thought. It is a result of how we think, and nothing else.

Then, once we realize that the way we feel is dependent on the current thoughts we are having, we have unlocked the key to eternal happiness: To be happy, we just need to think thoughts that create feelings of happiness within us. Simple really 🙂

What kind of life do you want to live?

We are born into these physical bodies, with a mind that is intelligent and capable of imagining and then creating the life of our dreams. So then, what kind of life should we create for ourselves?

Looking around we can see so many options available to us. Some people seem to be ‘lucky’ and are already living a great life, and yet the majority of us are in many ways unsatisfied with our lives or aspects of them.

Why is it that so few people are content and fulfilled, while many are experiencing varying amounts of hardships in their lives?

It’s because most people are accepting circumstances that are ‘coming at them’ from outside of them-self. By this, I mean that people are busy spending most of their time reacting to circumstances and events that are happening around them instead of using their internal creative thought energy to manifest the things that they desire.

And if we live like this, we will never be happy because we are not in control of our own lives. Our lives are in effect controlled by the stuff that is going on around us and we are just reacting to it. However, it does not need to be this way!

Our life’s circumstances can be whatever we wish to create for ourselves…. and create we do, each and every moment of every day. This means that if we are able to consciously apply positive focus to what we want, instead of being distracted by all of the stuff going on around us, we would be able to materialize everything that we desire.

The Amazing You banner adDoes this sound good to you? Yes? So, what should we create?

The choices available to us are only limited by our imagination and our ability to actively create, through focused thought energy, what we desire.

Whatever you decide to create, I would like to suggest that part of your purpose or goals could be to continue to learn, to grow and develop yourself, and to continually improve your situation in life. This will benefit you personally and will also fulfill your soul’s reason for coming here and playing this game of life, which is to grow ‘experience-rich.’

We are alive and at some time we will pass away. Everything else in between, we make up as we go along!

Our current situation is a direct accumulation of all the thought energy we have been having in the past up until this moment. This is what we have been making up as we go along. So, our abundance or lack of it is determined by our perspective, by how we view and subsequently feel about our life and all life in general.

If we are not happy with what we have made up, we can choose to change our fortunes or circumstances in any way, and we do this by beginning to tell a different and better story. If, for example, our frequent thoughts focus on what we are lacking, we are just strengthening a vibrational point of attraction that gives us more of the same. In the same way, thoughts that are filled with an attitude of complaining will ensure more of the same in the future.

Is this something that you want for yourself?

A new pattern of thoughts that improves upon the existing negative one, will provide us with a new point of attraction from this present moment and will progressively change our future to one that is a vibrational match with our new improved thought patterns.

The simple effort of looking for the positive aspects in all situations will set a new vibrational thought pattern which will immediately begin attracting more positive thoughts, people, and circumstances into our lives.

This is easy to do: Just look for stuff that makes you feel good, more of the time, and your circumstances and happiness will automatically improve in direct proportion to your ‘happier’ thoughts.

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Why not choose to become SO HAPPY that when others look at you THEY WILL BECOME HAPPY TOO!

We can choose many things for ourselves. To be healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise, would rank among the most popular choices. To become any of the above, our vibration needs to match what it is that we desire so that the Law of Attraction will manifest it in our lives.

Once we are successful in achieving abundance in any aspect of our life, be it wealth, health, relationships, or work, it then becomes easier to achieve in all other areas of our lives. Why?…. because we understand that it is our attention to the positive aspects of what we want that causes them to manifest in our lives, (Law of Attraction).

It’s also really important to realize that we are not responsible for how other people are feeling…. and we actually have no right to change anyone else or expect them to be any different than how they already are. However, when we are happy and healthy our vibration will naturally affect others around us in a positive way.

Sleep Salon adTherefore, as I mentioned in the beginning, to make the world a better place, we don’t need to change the world, we only need to change ourselves. If we work on our own personal growth and development first, to improve our own circumstances, others will notice and they will be infected in positive ways and become happier and healthier when they are around us.

It is when other people reach a point of ‘really wanting’ to change (and not just talking about it) that we can share with them how we were able to improve our own lives. Then, one by one, we will accumulate more positivity, and the world will surely be uplifted to a higher vibrational state.

It’s my life and it’s up to me!

Our lives are actually meant to be abundant in all aspects. The only reason many people do not currently live in abundance is because of the poor choices we have been making due to the habitual negative thought patterns that we have programmed to have.

If we try and get rid of the things we do not want in our lives, by focusing on them, we will just ‘attract’ more of the same. This is because using negative thoughts and actions to try and gain a positive result is impossible. It’s like ‘fighting to end war or cancer.’ ‘Fighting against” anything just attracts more of the same negative energy into our lives. That is why war and cancer will always be part of our lives.

Negative thought patterns block or ‘pinch off’ well-being. And if we didn’t have negative thoughts, abundance would naturally flow to us and everyone else. So instead of thinking negatively, it’s much better to begin looking for the evidence of all the good in your life.

If you look for the abundance and beauty that is everywhere in nature you will have many reasons to be positive every day. Doing this, little by little, every day will shape your own personal experience in a way that is more satisfying to you.

What can I do here and now to begin raising my energy to contribute to making the world a better place?

  • Take a walk in nature.
  • Listen to uplifting music.
  • Meditate.
  • Be grateful for everything that you have and for the experience of being alive here and now
  • Visualize what you want every day, and generate the feeling of having already received it. Only dwell on your desired results and this becomes a preview of things to come.
  • Practice mindfulness and become aware of your thoughts and replace any that do not serve your highest good with more uplifting ones.
  • Regularly exercise your body. Your body, mind, and emotions will love you for it.
  • Become aware of your feelings more of the time, and deliberately choose to feel ‘better’ by choosing thoughts that inspire joy, happiness, success, and abundance.
  • Mix with positive, happy people that you wish to become like.
  • Eat nutritionally rich foods that enhance your health instead of highly processed foods that are devoid of life energy.
  • Use less manmade chemicals in your everyday life. We don’t need the majority of them and many are detrimental to our health and the environment at large.
  • Be good to yourself, because you deserve it. You are wonderfully made and are a powerful creator of your life and the environment around you. Make it a good life and all other life will benefit because you are here!

Shared with love and respect for all beings with the intention of helping to make the world and happier healthier place, one soul at a time,


14 thoughts on “How Can I Help Make The World A Better Place?

  1. Hi Andrew. Thank you so much for sharing such an inspirational article and reminding us to stay positive. I couldn’t agree more that we need to surround ourselves with positive people…a great article after a tough day for me!
    Cheers for that 🙂

    1. Hi Adel. Thanks for your comments. If given the choice, most of us would surely want to be surrounded with positive rather than negative people. So, why is it that often we suffer people that bring us down? Once we understand that our happiness, or not, is up to us, we would surely take more care with our choice of friends and situations so that we can feel happier more often? Be happy, my friend, and enjoy more of the moments that life has to offer!

  2. This is an awesome article! And a timely reminder for me. I agree wholeheartedly with you on creating the vibration around you is how we impact others around us. I am very sensitive to the negative vibrations of those around me. I know that when around negative people, I struggle to stay positive myself.

    I love that you have pointed out the impact that negatively has on our whole planet. Not just our immediate environment, but shared vibration. I think our energy plays a huge part in our earth’s issues. By talking about it more, by raising awareness like you are here and sharing the power of positivity I believe we can work together to create a safer, calmer world, simply by working on ourselves and our emotional responses to what happens to us. Take control of how we interpret our responses so we can see the lighter side or silver lining instead of remaining pessimistic when bad things happen. This is a learned response so learning how to accept how things are rather than ruminate on the bad things that have happened, we can move forward towards a different space simply by changing the direction of our thoughts, responses, interpretations, perceptions in a more positive way. I also love your tips for how to work towards increasing our vibration and agree with each and every one of them :). Thanks for a valuable consciousness-raising post.

    1. Hi Kat. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I have to agree with everything that you have said. It is how we are interpreting what is happening in our environment that creates our emotional state of being, or vibration. This vibration adds to the collective vibration of humanity and does have a direct effect on our immediate environment as well as all of creation. Any changes to our immediate environment as well as the planet must be instigated by us, as individuals, as we are ALL just bundles of energy vibrating at frequencies matching our feelings. If we are feeling good, we will add positive energy to the collective, and feelings of low vibration will result in a lowering of the collective vibration.
      Our feelings originate from how we are thinking, so if we want to feel good, it is simply a matter of thinking thoughts that will make us feel happiness, joy, love, etc. This gets easier once we realize that we are not our thoughts or feelings. Our thoughts are just ideas going through our minds that we can, with awareness, have total control over. Then, with practice, it becomes easy to change our emotional state to what we want it to be.
      One by one let’s raise our own vibrations by choosing positive thoughts and together we will make the world a better place.

  3. This was a timely post for me, Andrew. Thank you for that. I’ve been a very pragmatic person and had a very scientific world view most of my life. In recent times I have started to question many of the things I’ve been taught. What led me on this path was some sort of yearning for purpose and that there must be more to life than what we simply see. Also some time ago, I started experiencing these mystical coincidences.

    It seemed that whatever I was thinking, seemed to pop up in the world somehow. In the newspapers, on the radio, in discussions, etc. When I started to pay more attention to this I first thought I was losing my mind or was having a psychotic episode. I did some research and found out these coincidences are called synchronicities. Everyone experiences them, we are just conditioned not to notice them. I’ve since then read a lot about synchronicities (if you are interested, check out a book by Kirby Surprise), meditation, the law of attraction and even simulation theory.

    My current understanding is that the world we perceive is simply a simulation that our brain constructs from the sensory input of our senses. It is affected by our beliefs, emotions, actions and physical limits. The world is so much more than the glimpse we see. I have no doubt that our beliefs and thought can have effects on our surroundings, or at least how we perceive them. We are the surroundings and it is us, the outside world reflects our inner world.

    I believe it was no coincidence I was given this post to read today. I’ve spent the whole day contemplating this stuff and organizing my thoughts so I’m sure this produced a synchronistic event or a manifestation or whatever you want to call it. It’s all connected. One thing I don’t like about the law of attraction concept is all the marketing and new age stuff around it. I understand the concept, it just seems that since this stuff is not (yet) acknowledged by science, there is no common terminology. People talk about the same stuff with different terms and it makes an intelligent discussion about the subject difficult. That’s why I always tell people this is spiritual for me so I don’t have to argue with them. Mostly I just don’t tell people I believe in this stuff though as I’m an engineer so people would think I’m crazy.

    Oh man, I just started to ramble again :D. Thanks for the post, I definitely want to help make the world a better place!

    1. Hi Jukka. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post.
      Questioning what we currently believe is the way to move beyond who we currently are by breaking free of the mind prison that we are trapped in. I agree that it can be difficult to talk about this kind of stuff with people as we often attach different meanings to the same words. It can almost be like we are taking about different stuff entirely. However, it’s really not important to justify why we think the way we do to others because, as you say, life is an internal experience, and the content and extent of reality is a personal experience.
      I like how you were exposed to many synchronistic experiences in a short period of time. To me, this means that at that particular time your vibration was in a receiving mode and was allowing your thoughts/desires to reveal themselves to you by showing up in your physical life. Imagine if you could be in this mode more often????
      Well, the truth is that you can. It just takes a little practice and requires that you be more consciously aware for more of the time. The rewards for being consciously aware are a much-enhanced life experience, so who wouldn’t want this?
      I also believe that the world is made up by us, to be our playground for an experience-rich and sensory-rich experience. And it is our collective thoughts/beliefs/feelings and emotions that are creating the content of our ‘game.’ I also have experience, that as individuals, we are able to break free from the collective or consensus reality and create our own life as we wish it to be. Rules made by humans are changeable and conflicting, but universal truths are absolute and uncompromising. If we can align with the universal our lives will be magically transformed. There will be nothing that we cannot do!
      I wish you well on your journey, my friend. Kind regards,

  4. Awesome article Andrew. You are so right regarding our thoughts and feelings. I used to be a horribly negative person. Always in a bad mood and always worried. I read a ton of books on positive thinking and similar topics and it completely turned my life around. It was at that point that I realized that everything in our life is directly related to the way we think. Like anything else, negative thinking is a habit, but sometimes it can be so difficult to break! If anyone reading this has had that problem, don’t give up! With effort, you can transform the way you think. I love the suggestion at the end of raising your energy. Definitely going to use some of those! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Dan. Thanks for your kind comments. Once we realize that the quality of our life is up to us, we can set about to create a life full of fun, joy, and happiness for ourselves. Why would we ever choose any negative emotions anymore when we know they contribute to dis-ease and sickness. Life is a gift, and our life is ours to mold with our thoughts as you have realized. I hope that you are using your powerful thought energy to make a wonderful life for yourself. All the best my friend.

  5. Taking care of my feeling—it is the message I got from your lovely writing. Recently, I started to understand that thoughts turn into feelings. And feelings are on top of everything and important to making anything happen the way I would like it to. Creating the space of isolation to ‘take care of what I am feeling right now ‘ is one way of becoming focused and achieving clarity.
    Thank you for the lovely writing Andrew.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my article, Yoyo. Yes, it is our feelings that make up the quality of our life experience, and our feelings are a direct result of what we are thinking in any given moment. Therefore, if we desire to feel ‘happy’ at any time we must be having thoughts that align with the feeling of being happy. Really it is that simple to create a happy life for ourselves! Just choose to only have happy thoughts in your mind at all times.
      I wish you lots of joy and happiness in all of your thoughts.
      With much love and respect,

  6. Instead of trying to find something wrong with everything, try to find the right in everything. Enjoy the pleasant times, and know that the hard times will come to an end. This was a good read, thank you!

  7. Hey Andrew,
    I absolutely agree with you that everything is energy.
    I’ve been connected with my ‘habit’ thought for some time now. But I’d been noticing that my ‘judgey-self’was reappearing. I took myself in hand, and consciously connected with self when I did this. Then I sent the judgey thought away and replaced it with a warm spacious feeling which covered my whole body.
    This morning when ‘dog’ and I were in our happy place, roving the bush tracks of the deserted local park, we came across a friendly dog. The owner was happy to stop & let our dogs play and race around together. This was pure bliss for us all. Then I went onto the internet and found your post.

    1. Hi. It’s great when we are aware of our habits and are able to consciously change the way we are thinking to direct our energy to achieve our goals. This is an ongoing process and is the way to having a fulfilling, satisfying, life experience. The warm spacious feeling is one of growth and expansion and the more often we can ‘be’ in this energy, the quicker we will achieve our goals. Nature and animals are wonderful healers and I think that it is wonderful that you are able to enjoy both. I wish you all the best on your journey. With love and respect,

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