Does Coffee Lower Your Vibration?

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Foods and drinks have an energy/vibration of their own. And when you consume them, their vibration combines with your overall vibration to either raise or lower it.

If your vibration is generally low, consuming low-quality/low-vibrational products may not have much of an effect on you. However, consuming foods and drinks that have higher vibration will definitely make you feel better.

The reverse is also true. If you are generally resonating at a high vibrational frequency, low-quality products will bring you down…. while high-vibrational foods will help you remain stable or will increase your vibration.

Because we are all different, there is not one simple answer as to whether coffee will lower your vibration or not. And this is why doing a google search will give different answers… some say coffee lowers your vibration and some say that coffee actually raises your vibration.

So, how do you work out if coffee lowers your vibration or if you can drink coffee without it adversely affecting you?

Does Coffee Lower Your Vibration?

Coffee is a stimulant that affects your nervous system, thinking processes, emotions, and body. The extent to which people are affected varies, however, some common issues occur for most people. While coffee can initially give you an energy boost, it can also interfere with sleep quality, increase anxiety, and cause dehydration and headaches. Consuming too much coffee can also lead to addiction which adds more stress, lowers your willpower, and reduces vitality and motivation.


What Does ‘Lower Your Vibration’ Mean?

When people are talking about ‘vibration,’ they are usually referring to a person’s spiritual energy. However, it also relates directly to your zest for life, your energy, motivation, drive, vitality, and your overall well-being or ‘state of being.’

We are talking about WHO YOU ARE, and the degree to which you are positively or negatively interacting with your environment… and this relates directly to the quality of your life experience.

We each resonate at a personal frequency and our frequency is different from (although it may be similar to) others around us and the environment we are in. People who resonate at higher vibrational frequencies have better lives than those who are on the lower end of the vibrational scale.

Everything we think, say, and do, also has an effect on our vibration. Therefore, our vibration is constantly changing (maybe only slightly) depending on what we are thinking and how we are feeling about what is happening at any given time…. and we know how our vibration is being affected by the way we feel.

If we are feeling happy, loving, appreciative, etc. we are resonating at a higher frequency than when we are feeling unwell, angry, jealous, fearful, etc.

How Will Drinking Coffee Affect My Vibration?

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quizIf we are sensitive to, or mindful of, how we are feeling, we will be aware of any effect that coffee has on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being while consuming it or shortly after. We will either feel better or worse for having consumed it.

However, if we are not very familiar with or ‘tuned in’ to our thoughts and feelings, it’s going to be harder to determine what effect drinking coffee is having on us. And it gets more complicated than that because drinking coffee is not the only thing that is affecting our vibration.

We are complex bio-electrical beings and our subconscious minds are constantly processing millions of bits of information every second even though we are consciously not aware of most of it. And this means that there are usually some other interactions all happening at the same time that will also be influencing our vibration.

We may be having a coffee while enjoying the company of really great friends in a café, receiving sad news, getting yelled at by the boss, or learning that your child won their race…. And any of these events, and so much more, affects the way we think and subsequently the way we feel, and this changes our vibration accordingly….

Can We Narrow It Down To Find Out If Coffee Lowers Your Vibration?

The best way to see how coffee affects you is to give it up for a while…. say a week. After this week, notice if you feel any different throughout your daily activities, and notice if your sleep improves at all.

7 Day Mind Balancing Plan- ebook-is-lack-of-sleep-harming-your-healthIf you’re reading this then you already have the idea that drinking coffee is lowering your vibration. And because you believe this, it will, through The Law of Attraction, be something that is robbing you of your vitality. Your beliefs have created this reality for you…..

Your thoughts about anything, including the foods and drinks we consume, have a profound effect on how they interact with the cells in our bodies. Our cells trust what we believe and process the foods accordingly…

If you believe that coffee is bringing you down, your vibration will be lowered.

If you believe that coffee doesn’t adversely affect you, your vibration will not be lowered by drinking coffee.

So, if you have an idea in your mind in any way at all that drinking coffee is making you feel crappy or interfering with your ability to have a great night’s sleep, then don’t drink it!

If you are using coffee as a pick-me-up to help you get through the morning or day, then you have become dependent on it…… and any addiction robs you of your ability to ‘self-regulate’ your energy, thoughts, and emotions….. IT IS HAVING A LONG-TERM NEGATIVE EFFECT ON YOU…. It’s lowering your vibration for sure!

However, if you can drink coffee and feel fine, then there is no reason to stop.

Anything that makes you feel good, is not lowering your vibration…. however, for most people, the benefits they receive from coffee are only a short-term pick-me-up….. and they feel more depleted and tired afterward from having consumed coffee…. Only you can work out what effect coffee is having on your vibration!

What Are Some Great Ways To Raise My vibration?

We have all been programmed to believe certain things throughout the course of our lives.

Some people believe walking in nature is a great way to raise your vibration (including me.) Others are afraid to be in the wilderness because they may be attacked by a bear, a cougar, a snake, or just get lost…..

It’s our beliefs about what we do and experience that have the biggest influence on how these things will affect our vibration.
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Being enthusiastic, appreciative, and excited about getting out into nature (for example) definitely lifts our vibration. And being afraid will certainly lower your vibration.

And thinking that coffee will lower your vibration will definitely make it so….

However…. since our thoughts create our reality, (Law of Vibration/Attraction) to drink coffee without lowering your vibration just requires that you ‘change your beliefs to match the reality you want to create….. and this applies to anything in your life…. your finances, relationships, confidence, health, etc…. everything!

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