Does Gratitude Lead To Success?

Gratitude is the emotion we experience when we are in the process of receiving something or have already received something that we really wanted. It is the feeling of appreciation and thankfulness we feel when receiving things that we consider will make our lives better. And getting the things we want is a simple definition of success.

So, how do we get the things we want that make us feel successful…. and is getting lots of stuff the main reason for wanting stuff in the first place? Or, is there a quicker, easier, and better way to become successful?

Does Gratitude Lead To Success?

Everything we want in life, we want because we think we will feel better by having it… Therefore, it is the feeling we are really after. The reason we want the latest, fastest, and most comfortable car is because of ‘How It Will Make Us Feel.’ We want to fall in love… because of The Way It Will Make Us Feel…. We want stuff, not because of the things themselves, but because of The Way They Make Us Feel.

There Is Nothing More Important Than The Way You Are Feeling!

Sure, we want the promotion so we can make more money, gain more prestige, etc. And yes, more money is great… but not because of the money, but because of the things that we can buy with it that Will Make Us Feel Better….
It’s always the better feelings we are chasing….. (We never intentionally chase after stuff that will make us feel worse unless we are seriously out of balance with life.)

It’s the same with gratitude. It’s great when we receive stuff because we have the experience of gratitude in our bodies…. We feel better! And it’s the ‘feeling of gratitude’ that lets us know that our lives have just improved in some way. And when you understand this, you can begin using the feeling of gratitude to create all the success you want in your life.

Quantum Manifestation Code Program banner adHowever, currently, most people are living their lives waiting for external changes to happen before they feel the emotion of gratitude. They’re waiting for new relationships, new jobs, or other things to happen before they allow themselves to experience gratitude.

And because of this, they are stuck living in their ‘current situation.’ This is a problem for them especially when their current situation is made up of thoughts and an environment that reflects lack, fear, emptiness, doubt, anger, etc. Why? Because what you are focusing on is what you are going to attract more of into your life…. where your attention goes, your energy flows and it creates more of the same.

This is the basis of The Law of Vibration/Law of Assumption/Law of Attraction stuff…… you always, without exception, receive according to who you are, not according to what you want!

So, How Can You Achieve Success If You’re Not Currently Feeling Successful?

Most people believe that they have to wait for something in their outer world to positively change before they can begin feeling better on the inside. However, this is not true! You can change the way you feel, and therefore vibrate, without the corresponding improvement in conditions in your outer world…. (and then the physical improvements will begin to manifest.)

As mentioned, Universal Law dictates that we receive according to our vibrations….. and this means that everything about your current life is a direct reflection of your vibrations. And if you understand this, you now have the key to transform your life and begin receiving everything you want!

The Wealth Genome ButtonAll you have to do is raise your vibration to become a match for the better life you desire. And when you do, you will become a magnet that begins pulling the better conditions, events, people, and circumstances that you desire to you…..

However, if you are like most people, you are more than likely sitting around waiting for the new relationship, the new car, the new job, etc. before you will allow yourself to experience gratitude, happiness, or the feeling of success. And therefore, you are living the majority of your life in lack, fear, doubt, alone, etc…

…. You are probably still waiting for something to happen outside of you to bring about an internal change in your emotional state before you allow yourself to Feel Success, right?

You Cannot Create A Better Life By Continuing To Do The Same Things That Got You ‘Here.’

“Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves.”Mahatma Gandhi

The secret here is you need to become a better vibrational being if you want to attract better stuff into your life….. and this means that You Need To Start Thinking Greater Than You Are Currently Feeling!

If you are like most people, you will be responding to life’s circumstances instead of actively creating the better life you desire…. It’s what Dr. Joe Dispenza refers to as ‘The Newtonian Model of Reality.’ And what’s happening when you’re acting within this model is that you are continually
reacting to
life’s circumstances instead of creating a better life for yourself.

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quizIn this model, people are waiting for stuff to happen in their lives before they will let themselves feel good. If they get a pay rise… then they will feel better, when they fall in love, then they can feel better, and if they reach a goal, they will feel better….

The problem with acting in this way is that if these things don’t happen, you’re always waiting in limbo…. You’re often left feeling unhappy because there’s a separation, or gap, between the things you want and the things that you are receiving…. And if you are living like this, the quality of your life is being determined, not by you, but by the things that are happening in the surrounding environment…. Therefore, you are just reactively responding to life.

You Must ‘Become The Change You Want’ Before You Receive It!

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”Mahatma Gandhi

Our unconscious mind and our bodies do not know the difference between an experience that creates emotion and an emotion that we intentionally create with our minds alone.

Therefore, if we intentionally create the feeling of gratitude or another of the ‘heart-centered emotions’ including love and joy, our body comes to believe that we are already living in the future where we have the things we wanted to get us to the elevated emotions…. without having to have the physical manifestations first.

banner ad for Midas ManifestationDr. Dispenza has written extensively about his research in his books including, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and “Becoming Supernatural,” He has proven that the moment we feel heart-centered emotions, we are signaling our genes ahead of the expected changes we wish to see in our lives. This means that you can teach your body to feel the ‘better emotions’ that you are wanting to experience in the future, NOW! And this is important because then you are programming your body to believe that it is living your preferred future reality while in the present moment.

So, our environment is triggering us to have thoughts and actions…. It is signaling our genes to behave in certain ways (mostly based on old patterns or habitual responses.) And over time, all your habitual responses have added up to result in the life circumstances you are living now…. The environment signaled your genes, and this lead to emotional responses, that lead to your current circumstances….

To change the results you are receiving in your environment/life circumstances, you can actively choose to experience the heart-centered emotions ahead of the actual experience that normally creates them….. thus raising your vibration and therefore attracting improved circumstances into your life.

It’s Your Feelings (Vibrations) That Are Attracting Your Future Reality

This immediately changes your life in positive ways and you literally start becoming your dreams, the better things you have been wanting….

When you feel gratitude, you tend to be less interested in looking outside of yourself for how ‘the better life’ is going to happen. Instead, you are more interested in just feeling better…. and if you can condition your body to feel the emotion of being in love with yourself and your life, of being worthy to receive, open and inspired, optimistic and enthusiastic, a lot of the time, you will feel like your better future is already your reality….

Midas manifestation program user manualYou will be less likely to feel lack or separation between what you have been wanting and what is, and so you will be calling (vibrating with) the better future towards you…. And, I’ll say it again, in the meantime, you get to feel as if everything you want is already your reality!

Your future desired reality (the better feelings you are choosing to have) produce a measurable improvement in your body’s magnet field. And this improvement, (you resonating at a higher vibration/frequency) relates to better quality information being transmitted into the quantum field (the place that everything in existence comes from.)

The longer you can maintain the higher vibrational energies of gratitude, love, appreciation, etc. the more capable you are of calling your desired future to you. You do not have to go anywhere to get what you want, try to make anything happen, or even know where it is coming from…. Instead, you are a magnet that is collapsing time and space, and drawing events, people, and circumstances toward you as synchronicities and serendipities.

What Does All This Mean For You?

So, you’re ok with the concept that you need to become what you want to attract before you can get it, right?

Another quote from Gandhi sums it up nicely….

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Dr. Dispenza makes this concept easier to understand when he says: “For you, this means that if you want a better relationship, and it’s not happening… you need to take out a piece of paper and write down everything you want in a new relationship. And then become that person! Because the question fundamentally is: Would you go out with you? If the answer is yes, you’re starting to love yourself so much that you no longer need another person or you’re no longer in lack, then you magnetize an equal. It just happens as a side effect. And it doesn’t happen in ways that you can predict. It happens in different ways.”

Essentially, what you are doing is teaching your body, emotionally, what the better future you want feels like. And a big part of this is being grateful because gratitude puts you in the perfect state to receive what you are resonating/vibrating with….. you will get what you want, and to me, this is the very definition of success!

However, Creating Positive Change May Not Be As Easy As It Seems….

If feeling gratitude, appreciation, love, joy, enthusiasm, excitement, anticipation, etc. for a better future creates that better future for you, what about if you are not able to Think Better Than You Are Currently Feeling?

Bemoreom-banner-ad-easy-meditationWe tend to be creatures of habit and therefore our bodies crave ‘the familiar’, in other words, the easy known path. So, even though you want to change your life for the better, your body is probably going to offer some resistance because it doesn’t trust what it doesn’t yet know. And it would rather continue as it is, even if it involves pain and suffering than take a risk on something new.

The process of retraining the body into a better future is easiest done with meditation. Meditation is about becoming aware of the present moment….. and this is important because it is only in the present moment that we can create an intense focus that is capable of producing change.

When you are present in the moment, you forget about your past mistakes and future problems, you forget about your illness and your stress, and you forget about your car, house, dog, and time itself…. And you become pure consciousness….. you become connected to the quantum field, the place where all creation begins….. and you begin to dream/create your preferred reality into existence….

It’s here, in the present moment, when you are beyond your known familiar self, that you can feel/experience/create the Self you wish to become. And the longer you can remain connected to this future version of yourself that you are creating, the sooner it will manifest as your reality.

To Sum Up

The power of gratitude is immense. When we can cultivate heart-centered emotions including appreciation and thankfulness without a corresponding experience, we are signaling to our body and the universe that we are already living in that future reality.

Wealth Activator Code Review BannerIn this way, we are becoming our dreams and attracting them to us, rather than waiting for external events to change how we feel inside. Therefore, gratitude is not just a state of mind, but a powerful energy that can magnetize our desired outcomes and bring them to us in synchronicities, serendipities, and coincidences.

Therefore, if you want to achieve success in any area of your life, start by cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Focus on what you have rather than what you lack, and practice feeling thankful and appreciative for all the blessings in your life.

When you do this, you’ll begin to see amazing changes in your life, and your dreams will start to manifest in ways that you never imagined possible. So, why not begin today and watch in awe as the power of gratitude transforms your life into something much better?

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