Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Review: (Will the Information Tim Ikels Provides Improve Your Sales Rate?)

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Is the Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit FREE course really “The *real* secrets of email marketing, while also providing the best tools available for advanced, professional email marketing?“

Let’s check it out!

But first…. You have to realize that if you’re in this game to make serious money, YOU are going to have to do some work! If you’re not interested in taking this seriously, please don’t waste your time here.

So, if you’re still here you will already know that even though this course is free, you are not going to get amazing results by doing nothing…. Some of your time and effort are going to be required…..

However, I will provide you with Tim’s newest and honestly ‘best option for making real money quicker and easier than ever before’ towards the end of this review. However, it’s not free…. But it is insanely good value at only $97…. and you don’t need to buy it to make this FREE course work for you!

But be sure to read all of this article so you understand how it all fits together.

Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Reviews-Zero Dollars Today

What is The Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Product All About?

It’s never been a secret that in the MMO niche, ‘The Money Is in the List!’ Yup, specifically your email list. So, how’s your list looking?

Is it filled with qualified customers? Or, like the rest of us, do you want more?

What about once you’ve done the hard work and got them on your list? Are they even bothering to open your emails……. or do they just ignore them?

And maybe, shock horror, if they read them and don’t get any value from them, they end up unsubscribing!

Fortunately, many of the ‘problems’ we face regarding our lists as online marketers can be avoided. Some by using common sense, and some with a little understanding of how the whole process works…. including a little technical stuff that you probably haven’t considered before!

For us, the whole process begins with getting as much qualified traffic as possible… and to learn more about how to do this, you should check out my review of another of Tim’s Valuable FREE Courses, Traffic Endgame.’

Tim’s idea is this:

“As long as you are a “cool, helpful, kind, respectful individual”, sharing valuable content and offers with your list, asking questions, and as long as you are actually helping them to achieve their goals
(again, the training goes into depth on this!) they likely
want to stay on your list and they likely want to continue to hear from you.”

Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit: Product at a Glance

Tim Ikels Profile PictureProduct Vendor: Tim Ikels

Launch Date:

Front End Product Cost: $0.00

Commission for you: 100%

JV Page:

Support Network: All you ever need! Tim is available by email and on his private discourse server where a community of like-minded people is happy to share tips and tricks for success.

Recommended: 100% Yes… a FREE product packed with information, FREE done-for-you resources, and tools that will enhance your ability to succeed…. Why not?

Upgrades Available: 3 upgrades are available for purchase. However, you absolutely do not have to buy anything more in order to make this training work.

Associated Products:

Lazy Commissions: A FREE and comprehensive course teaching you a proven way to quickly and easily generate $100/day and more online.

Traffic Endgame: A FREE educational course (with many free resources) teaching you how to take advantage of the TOP 3 TRAFFIC SOURCES that pro-affiliate marketers use to get rich.

How Will The Information In The Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Help Me?

Your time is well spent when you learn how to do things in the best possible way right from NOW!

And how do we know what the best possible way is? The easiest way is to follow those who are successful and do the same things they did to become successful! This can help you avoid a lot of wasted time, effort, and probably money spent on courses that don’t live up to their promises!

However….. in recent years, the game has changed a lot! And to become successful, we need to understand what’s changing and how we can use it to our advantage… because the old ways just don’t work anymore!

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have meant that harvesting emails, buying lists, and blasting thousands of inboxes with your emails no longer works. The AI moves anything remotely suspicious directly into the spam folders…. where you have zero chance of engaging with your customer….

This means that the business of online marketing has become more difficult than ever before.

However…. as with all things, some new methods work and many of the old ways won’t work anymore.

It can be very challenging to keep up with all the innovations, especially when all we really want to do is find great offers, email them to our lists, and have many of them click on and purchase our offers.

If you are like me, you don’t want to spend numerous more hours trying to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, rules, regulations, etc.

Fortunately…This is what Tim Ikels excels at. He is a tech nerd who can help us successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape that is the world of online marketing….. AND THIS COURSE, ALONG WITH HIS OTHER FREE COURSES, TEACHES YOU THE MOST UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION THAT YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL FROM HERE ON IN!

Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Reviews-Logo PictureWhat does he know that you don’t? Probably shit-loads of techie stuff about how the whole system works…. And he begins teaching in The Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit a new approach that recognizes that we can’t fight the big tech companies. Because rest assured, they will win…they hold all the power here….

So instead, Tim shows us how we can work within their ‘rules’ to become successful.

And what does that mean, practically, for us? We are shown the best ways to get our emails, with our offers, into the primary inbox of our lists…… Why…. Because this is where the money is!

Many of you have already spent a lot of time, effort, and perhaps even money building your lists. And now you can learn how to maximize its potential, by making every email, every offer, count!

So, don’t waste any more time… learn how to do it properly, NOW. Get your FREE copy of Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit NOW!

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What Is Included In The Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Product?

The training is divided into 7 sections and is mostly composed of Tim talking on video. Each video is short and contains relevant information and they should therefore be watched in the proper sequence. In total, the videos add up to approx. 1.5 hours of material.

Email Marketing Secrets: Consists of 5 Parts

Part 1: The Ultimate Goal of Email Marketing

We aim to develop our name so we can build a substantial list. And once we have a list, we need to educate them and nurture their needs so that: 1) they will open our emails; 2) they click on our offers, and; 3) They make the purchase.

To achieve this, we need to understand how to get our emails into their inbox (not spam folder), how to get them to open our emails, and how to get them to click on our links.

Part 2: #1 Email Marketing Secret

If you think about it, which are the emails you open all the time and click the links without hesitation? They would be the ones from your best friends…. Therefore, if we can emulate, as closely as possible, this scenario, we are going to win all the way to the bank!

Realistically, it’s not possible to build the level of trust that people reserve for their best friends just with a series of emails. However, Tim points out ways to ensure we can become more successful than we already are.

Some things we need to think about include knowledge of behavioral, technical, and legal processes….. most of which I had never considered before. But understanding these things will help us achieve our goal of getting our emails into the inbox, having our customers open them, and then clicking on our offers.

Part 3) Best Email Marketing Practices: This section contains 4 important videos preceded by an overview video

– Overview: Here Tim elaborates more on the ‘learning’ of your ESP and ISP and what information they use to determine how to treat your email. Will they view it as friendly and therefore desirable, or will they treat it as spam?

This is important because if we can understand how they ‘think’ we have a better chance of ending up in the desirable ‘inbox’ folder instead of the spam folder.

– Important Metrics and List Cleaning: Are you getting too many ‘Hard Bounces,’ Soft Bounces,’ ‘Complaints,’ or being sucked in by ‘Spam Traps?’

Many of these common problems can be avoided, and Tim offers solutions here. He also offers some FREE TOOLS in the Email Marketing Toolkit (and some to buy) to help you reduce bounces and complaints, as much as possible, by validating the email addresses on your list.

– Content and Legal: This section informs you about the legal requirements that you must adhere to so that your emails will be delivered, as well as some ‘best format’ ideas.

Tim mentions the best ways to get engagement from your list…. By offering valuable content/offers, asking questions (to find out how we can help them), and asking for replies to our emails.

– Technical and Behavioral: The ESPs (email service providers) look at our sending history and rank us accordingly. Our history has a large impact on how they treat our emails… this is before our intended recipient even get to know we are sending them an email….. And in this video, Tim talks about how we can create the best impression with the ESPs.

Part 4) Practical Examples: (of good and ugly emails!)

I’ll leave you to read and learn from the examples provided on your own.

Part 5) Email Marketing Mistakes

As well as learning what to do to get great results, it’s also beneficial to learn what you definitely should not do. A few simple avoidable mistakes could get you unsubscribed, or even worse blacklisted as a spammer…. Make sure you learn the information provided in this section as it could greatly increase your chances of success.

Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Reviews- Proof of Income

Email Toolkit

These mostly free tools help you implement ‘email marketing best practices!’ They will verify if the emails on your list are genuine, and active, as well as send bulk emails for you and make the process easy in many different ways.

More helpful resources are also included.

List Building: 2 Parts

Part 1) Overview

The big picture is that we drive traffic to an opt-in or squeeze page so we can harvest their email addresses, right?

And we would all agree that the best way to achieve this is by promoting great offers. Right?

Ideally, the offers would be our own product (so that we make more money.) However, not all of us have great ideas for products or the time and energy to invest in putting them together.

So the next best option is to promote affiliate products. For those of us who are not very techie, Affiliate Marketing is a great business model because all the technical side of product creation, squeeze pages, payment systems, etc. is taken care of.

We are then free to focus on writing great emails that convert to sales….. by using the resources provided for us.

Our biggest concern then becomes “Growing our list.” (Be sure to check out Tim’s FREE product, Traffic Endgame to learn how to successfully build your list with quality traffic.)

And better still, get Lazy Commissions, another FREE educational resource from Tim to learn the entire affiliate marketing model in the best possible way.

As mentioned at the beginning, I will now share with you Tim’s newest and honestly ‘best option for making real money quicker and easier than ever before’……. List Building Maniac!

This offer is for those of you who want to begin building your lists today and don’t yet have any opt-in pages, squeeze pages, products/offers, an email autoresponder, or anything set up yet.

Tim’s done all the work and will give it all to you…… in his latest product, List Building Maniac!

Part 2) What Is “List Building Maniac?”

List Building Maniac is for those of you who do not want to put in the time and effort that it takes to build your own business and sell your own products……

List Building Maniac is “the fastest and easiest way to get started building your own email list & making EPIC Affiliate Commissions, starting today.”

So, how does it work? There are 5 simple steps to follow to start seeing results really fast!

Step 1: Purchase The (Triple) Special License Rights ($97)

This step is necessary so you can have access to the complete contact details of your leads and buyers. Plus you will get 100% commissions on all upgrade sales from all 3 funnels.

Step 2: Request Your Affiliate Links

Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Review-List Building Maniac processTim shows you step by step how to get affiliate approval and receive your own affiliate links.

Step 3: Make A Copy Of Your Preferred Lead Magnet

Open the google docs documents that are already ‘Done For You’ and save a copy that you can then edit.

Step 4: Make The Document Your Own & Insert Your Affiliate Links

Edit the documents by inserting your own affiliate links so you will receive the full commissions every time you make an upgrade sale. The complete process of doing this is shown step by step.

Step 5: Share Your Lead Magnet Document With The World

Download the PDF version of your lead magnet and share it with everyone. Tim also gives suggestions as to groups of people who may be interested in receiving this information.

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What Do I Think About This Product And Tim’s Other Products?

I’ll make no secret about it. I have been following Tim’s for a while now, and the guy is SOLID!

His no-bullshit approach ensures that you just get the information that works so you can quickly and easily grow your online business…. without any of the hyped-up marketing crap that creators of these types of products usually use to suck you into purchasing their products….

INSTEAD, TIM IS GIVING YOU Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit FOR FREE (for a limited time only!)

If you’re smart and serious about growing your business and living a life of freedom sooner, rather than later, you will sign up and spend the next hour and a half learning from someone who understands this business that you are trying to make it in!

But…. Why stop there? No one can teach you everything you need to know to grow your business in 1.5 hours….

And that’s why Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit is one of a series of 3 FREE educational and resource-filled courses created by Tim to virtually guarantee your success in the world of online marketing.

….. I say virtually guarantee your success because, at the end of the day, it’s up to you what you do with the information that is given….. Are you an action taker, here to succeed?

Then take action now!

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You may be wondering why is Tim giving this information away for free when others are charging for information that’s outdated and therefore less valuable. I told him he was mad and asked him why. This is what he said to me….

“Listen, Andrew, I will become a millionaire by making many other people 5-6 figures…. That’s my plan. If you want to be one of them, go out there and copy me!”

I thought he was just a little crazy last month…. NOW, I really think he has lost the plot….. because of his latest release, the “List Building Maniac” for such an insanely low introductory price…. (he assures me that the price will go up shortly!)

What Upgrades Are Available Within The Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit?

1) Ultimate Marketing Vault ($7)

This is for those of you who are not afraid of a little work and are in a hurry to begin making money. Just watch a few more instructional videos, use the resources provided, and repeat.

Tim has already spent the time to produce for you to use, splash pages, landing pages, lead magnets, and a series of follow-up emails you can send to your growing lists THAT CONVERT!

  • 100% Free, Professional Hosting
  • Training Included
  • Frequent Content Updates
  • Done-For-You Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages, Bonus Pages
  • DFY Emails (Follow-up, Educational, Promo/Aggressive)
  • DFY, Valuable, Fully Editable Lead Magnets (MMO Niche)
  • CPA Landing Page Library (Insane Value)
  • Tutorial / “How To” Videos
  • Priority Support

2) Secret Affiliate Insider ($27)

  • Join the Exclusive, Private Discord Community of like-minded, friendly & helpful people
  • Accountability Channel
  • Review Access Channel
  • Advanced training on traffic, lead gen, email marketing, and more
  • Direct access to Tim

3) Special License Rights ($97)

If you’re not yet ready to build and market your own products, you can get 100% Commissions on this (and 2 more) entire funnels that Tim has developed! AND…. Tim will give you ALL YOUR LEADS AND BUYER DATA! (No one else in this industry is doing that!)

So, why not become a highly valued affiliate and partner of Tim’s valuable, purposefully underpriced, helpful solutions, irresistible offers, high-converting, and highly profitable funnels?

  • 100% Affiliate Commissions On Everything
  • Not 1 But 3 Entire Funnels
  • Lots Of Opportunities For Cross-Promotion & Ongoing Upgrade Sales
  • Get Your Entire Leads’ And Buyers’ Data (Via Email Once Per Week)
  • Nobody Is Offering Something Remotely Powerful Like This
  • Priority Support

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Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Reviews-Logo and Menu

FAQ’s about The Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Course:

– Is Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit Really Free? ($0.00)

Yes. I hope that you like the training and use the tools, take massive action and become successful with it.

Furthermore, I hope that you fall in love with Email Marketing Secrets & Email Toolkit and consider becoming an affiliate for it.

Because you don’t risk anything here, go check it out & let me know what you think!

– Is This A Scam? Are You Trying To Trick Me?

No. I couldn’t even charge you if I wanted to, because I don’t ask for your credit card or other payment information on the (front-end) checkout page.

The idea is rather to provide massive value upfront, and maybe you consider buying something else later from me.

– Are There Any Additional Offers? Can I Buy Something Here?

Yes. After the free checkout, Tim presents 3 upgrade offers.

However, you absolutely do not have to buy anything in order to make this training work.

At the same time, I really think the upgrades could help you a lot and speed up the whole process significantly.

That’s why I strongly recommend considering the upgrade options if you see a good fit. That’s all. 🙂

– I Have A Different Question!

No problem. Just get in touch with Tim here or get into the free training here.

However, your questions are likely to be answered inside the training.

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