Hard life? Wouldn’t you rather be Wealthy?

Struggling from paycheck to paycheck is no fun. Many people live like this for their whole lives, and for them, Life IS Hard. They do it because it is all they know. It is because they are manifesting their reality out of all of the unconscious beliefs they have regarding money, work, relationships, etc. It’s the same for all of us, our reality is perfect according to our beliefs. We cannot believe something to be true at an unconscious level and then expect to manifest a different reality. Life simply does not work that way!

When we are young we adopt the beliefs of those closest to us, and the probability is that most people will end up living their whole lives without scrutinizing the subconscious beliefs they hold about money, relationships, politics, and life in general. If we do not change this internal programming, we will not grow far from the beliefs we inherited. Luckily, we do not have to continue this cycle, as with some personal growth we have it within us to improve our lives in any direction we desire.

The first thing we need to do to improve our situation in any aspect of life, (financially, relationships, job satisfaction, etc) is to come to the firm belief that we deserve it! Do you want to be able to say ‘I AM WEALTHY?’

We are currently living the life that our beliefs have created for us!

Within a few short years, most people that win lotteries end up in the same financial position they were in before they won. Why is that? If you took all the money in the world and divided it equally between all the world’s inhabitants, within a few years each of us would be back in a similar financial position to that which we are currently in. How is this possible? Is it magic?

New Life Frequencies gift Magnetic Wealth AttractionNo, it’s not magic. It’s just one of the Laws of Creation manifesting the reality that we deserve based on our predominant thought patterns. Many people currently refer to this law as the law of attraction. Unfortunately, positive thinking alone will not save us. It does not matter how much you repeat to yourself “I’m a rich person, I’m a rich person, I’m a rich person,” you will never be a rich person if you do not first change the thought patterns that have created your present reality.

When we come to understand that our current situation is our own personally created reality, we can then realize that we have choices available to us. If we do not accept our current situation as our creation, then we must believe that somehow someone else is controlling our lives. Personally, I do not accept this, so I made a commitment years ago to change my reality for the better, and what do you know, LIFE IS GREAT!

So, how to have a better life?

How do I get rich? Read on…….

Rich vs Poor: They have different beliefs about money.

If our thoughts create our reality, what is it that wealthy people learn and believe about money and life that is different from the thoughts and beliefs that poor people have?

For some misconceptions that poor and middle-class people hold about money refer to my previous blog ‘Is it healthy to be wealthy?’ You can probably relate to some beliefs listed there, and maybe a few more.

Let’s compare these self-limiting, self-destructive thoughts of the ‘financially limited’ to the thoughts that the wealthy hold about money. Their beliefs include:

  • Rich people know they are responsible for creating their life,
  • Rich people value education so they are always growing and learning,
  • Rich people have their money working for them instead of having to work for money,
  • Rich people commit themselves to be rich and work at it. Poor people only ‘want’ to be rich,
  • Rich people encourage and support success in others whereas poor people are often jealous of others success,
  • Rich people get paid on the results they achieve, whereas poor people get paid for the hours they work,
  • Rich people work until their problems are solved. Poor people give up when encountering problems.
  • And most importantly, Rich people hang out with other successful people where they can share ideas and support each other on the road to greater success.

So it is obvious that the rich and poor among us think differently and live differently as a result of their thoughts. If you want to improve your financial status and your general relationship with abundance in life you need to think in ways that are supportive towards success, health, happiness, wisdom, etc. instead of having thoughts that limit what you are able to achieve. You can get some ideas on how to positively change the way you think here.

How do I get rich quickly? If you’re not already rich, you don’t!

Any learning is just the addition of new information and new skills. We have already learned so much since we were born, and we never need to stop learning. However, so many people think that once they have left school that they have learned enough. This gives them a mediocre, stagnated, limited life experience based on what they already know and this excludes many, many, many other possibilities for a great life!

Are you willing to settle for ‘not much?’ I hope you said NO!

Wealth creation is easy once you have reprogrammed your subconsciousAs humans, we are gifted with so much potential to thrive and enjoy life. We don’t need to ever stop learning and growing. This will ensure we will have a fulfilling, exciting, and adventurous life experience. We can use the power of positive thinking to learn new skills and retrain our minds to achieve beyond what we currently know and understand. It is only by changing our current beliefs about money/wealth/abundance that we will bring about a corresponding change in our personal circumstances.

Go here to a previous blog to learn how you can begin now to bring about the changes you desire in your life.

Get rich quick schemes don’t work, and if you do get the money, within a short period of time your current subconscious beliefs about money will bring you right back to your current financial status, which is where your beliefs are telling you that you belong! The foundation for a better life is: Change your mind to change your life! And this takes time.

Let’s not be too serious: Life is a journey, not a destination!

If we make something more difficult than it needs to be, we are likely to give up. This is why I urge you now: Do not take yourself too seriously! Yes, get committed and stay focused on your goals and never ever give up. BUT also never forget to have fun in your life, never forget to laugh at yourself once in a while, and never forget to love yourself, your family, friends, the planet, and the journey of YOUR LIFE!

Read ‘Life is fun: Are you enjoying yourself yet?’ to learn how to chill out and enjoy more of the details.

What’s it like to be a wealthy person? Why don’t you make it ‘your personal reality’ and then you can get back to me so we can compare notes.

I wish you all the best on your journey and would love to hear what you are thinking about this post.

Best wishes for financial success,


12 thoughts on “Hard life? Wouldn’t you rather be Wealthy?

  1. Hi Andrew,
    This is a great mindset to have, we CAN indeed control our own destiny if we believe we can.
    Never stop growing and learning, life IS a journey.
    Very positive and uplifting, thanks!

  2. What a great article about manifestation. You can’t be successful without a positive state-of-mind. Thanks for a great article Andrew.
    Best wishes,

  3. Wow very inspiring! And I agree with you, to get new wealth we need to change our old way of thinking that means changing our thought patterns and believe in ourselves as you said.
    Thanks for the article.

  4. Hello. What a powerful presentation and message. Thank you for getting the message out, we do have choices,
    Our mindset is so powerful. We are in control of how we choose to see things and the beauty of being able to change the outcome. Wishing you much success.

    1. Many thanks for your comments. Yes, how we choose to see things is definitely our choice. Some people see problems while others see opportunities. Perception creates reality!
      Kind regards

  5. This is right on the money ? My parents always told me that wealth and money are two different things. We never needed a lot of money to feel rich. But I also knew, I didn’t have the personality to become rich. You don’t get rich, working for a boss. You need to be a boss. A few months ago I changed the way I meditate and changed my way of thinking. I’m reinventing myself, challenge my beliefs about myself and I feel a subtle shift in my life. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn to earn my own keep, be my own boss. It starts with a thought. Just one, tiny, powerful thought.

    1. Hi Bianca. Thanks for sharing. You were lucky to be taught early on that wealth and money are not the same. I think you can challenge yourself a little more and dream of a BIG shift in energy. If you can have one tiny thought, you can have many more bigger thoughts…… there’s really no difference between the two. It’s just a choice! You can positively, absolutely earn your own keep and be your own boss. I believe in you! Now you need to believe in yourself too.
      I wish you all the wealth that you desire.
      Much love and respect,

  6. “Manifesting the reality that we deserve… ”
    Exactly! This is the most devastating belief in people’s lives. If you don’t believe that you deserve you will never create abundant healthy and wealthy life.
    I changed my beliefs thanks to affirmations: I AM WORTHY OF HAVING IT ALL.
    We are incredible beings able to create whatever we want!
    Andrew! Thank you for this article.
    Awesome blog BTW!


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