Healthy Wealthy Happy Wise- The Main Ingredients for a Successful Life

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The mere fact that we are conscious does not mean that our lives are being lived in a fulfilling way.

The majority of people comply with what is expected of them and go through their whole lives conforming to the norms of their society instead of focusing on the things that would make them truly healthy wealthy happy wise.

Ask yourself- Have I ever taken the time to stop, sit down and consider ‘If I continue to live my life as I am now, will I be satisfied when I am breathing my last breath?’ Or ‘have I lived the best possible life that I could have?’

Answering these questions honestly may be difficult, as all too many people have accepted a consensus reality without question and therefore are greatly restricted in the choices that are available to them.

Healthy Wealthy Happy and Wise…….Is it time to question your beliefs about life?

Are we here to make others happy or do we owe it to ourselves to live the best life we can imagine?

What is a good life? Every one of us will have a different criteria list when it comes to what we want to achieve. However, the foundation is basically the same for all of us. Once we have establishes a solid base, we are then able to achieve, with ease, our other goals. We attain a strong foundation by continually being healthy wealthy happy wise.

HEALTHY- There’s more to it than you may think!

How to look and feel better than ever before!What does it mean to be healthy? Health means a variety of different things to different people. The majority of people will immediately consider the state of their physical bodies. However, this is only one aspect of healthy living.

We are a complex bio-electrical being composed of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, all intertwined and continually feeding off and reacting to each other. These four aspects must be brought into a balanced state of ‘wellness’ for us to consider ourselves truly healthy.

A healthy body alone will not help us achieve a quality existence, especially if our mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects are not attuned to that which we wish to achieve. The same can be said for our mental, emotional, or spiritual state of being. What good would it do us to be mentally healthy if we are emotionally stunted, or physically unable to enjoy the sensations that life has to offer us?

It is actually impossible to feel completely fulfilled until all aspects of ourselves are in balance and working harmoniously together. I’ll talk more in-depth about how we can ‘tune up’ these different energies in later posts.

WEALTHY- Isn’t just about the size of your bank account!

What is wealth? Again, by asking different people we will get many answers. However, the majority of the answers will revolve around money, with the desire to have enough to survive and at least purchase the necessities for daily life, (food, water, shelter, clothing, education, etc.)

Wealth creation is easy once you have reprogrammed your subconsciousFor some, in underdeveloped countries, this may equate to $2/day, whereas others in more developed countries may consider that even $1000/day is not enough to survive comfortably. We all differ in what we consider an acceptable income, as we all differ in what we are willing to do to achieve the financial goals we set for ourselves.

Money is a wonderful thing, not in itself, but because of THE FREEDOM that having it can give us. If we have enough, we are able to buy all the goods and services we desire, but more importantly, having excess money can give us the freedom to spend our time as we wish to. Leaving the rat race is a dream many aspire to, but sadly few will ever achieve.

Having excess money is ‘being rich.’ Having excess time is a better way to describe ‘being wealthy.’

Other components of a wealthy life may include;

  • Loving what you do and the contributions you make;
  • Being healthy and able to do all the things you wish to do;
  • Knowing that the ones you care about (family and close friends) are comfortable and happy;
  • Freedom from worry, freedom from fear, and freedom from stress, resulting in peace of mind;
  • Wealth can be considered an abundance of anything we really want.

“Contentment is the greatest wealth.” A wise Buddhist saying.

It greatly benefits our spirit when we also aspire to be and achieve wealth in friendships, love, and joy.

Happy- Lasting happiness comes from within

Happiness is many things to different people. It may be a nice glass of wine, a beautiful sunset, looking into the eyes of a loved one, and so much more. Many things are available to us, externally, that may bring about a feeling of joy, love, or happiness. However, any external stimulus is temporary, and can easily change as we move location, have different conversations, or even change the thoughts that are in our minds.

True and lasting happiness and joy can only be attained and maintained when we have reached a state of loving respect for ourselves. It is when we deem ourselves worthy of our own love that we can allow others to fully love us without conditions. It is then that we are capable of loving others, unconditionally, and well as all other beings.

Happiness is a state of mind, as is love and joy, and we are fortunate that we are able to change our minds any time we choose. So, when you find yourself in a negative frame of mind, pause, take a deep breath, and consciously choose to change your thoughts to ones that will make you happier. It’s easy! Why not give it a go now!

If you do this repeatedly throughout each day, your brain will slowly be rewired to accept this new pattern of positive thinking as normal, and it will become your ‘new normal’ state of mind!

Wise- Knowing stuff doesn’t make us wise

It’s important to have knowledge of specific stuff so we can do our jobs properly, drive a car, pass exams, or just communicate with loved ones about their day. Knowledge is ‘information gained through experience, reasoning, or acquaintance.’ Having knowledge helps us navigate through each and every day of our life. However, being knowledgeable does not necessarily mean that you are automatically wise.

Rediscover lost wisdom from the past!Wisdom is ‘having good sense, and the ability to discern or judge what is true and right.’ Being wise allows us to make the best possible choices for all concerned at all times. Wisdom is achieved through the integration of knowledge and experience and allows for the understanding and tolerance of life’s ups and downs. Therefore, a wise person is able to navigate with ease what others would consider obstacles in their way because they remain mindful of what is happening around them.

Being wise is having the ability to face all circumstances without fear, knowing that nothing is so drastic that we should lose our ability to deal with events in the most enlightened way possible, for the benefit of all concerned.

Why strive to be healthy wealthy happy and wise?

Life is an adventure! However, most people are caught up in the need to work to make money so they can pay their bills and purchase the goods and services that they consider will satisfy them. In a way, they are suffering. This is because they are having to spend large amounts of time doing things they would rather not be doing to make money. Most of us, if honest, would stop going to work if we did not need the income!

Even if money is no obstacle, they may be in either mental, emotional, or spiritual pain, or a combination of all. These imbalances will never allow us to truly create a satisfying life experience, and this leaves us hoping that at some time in the future, we will experience satisfaction with our lives and that it will all have been worth it!

Free gifts to improve your life!We can all live a more rewarding life than we currently are. And we begin by taking care of the only thing that we truly have any power over…… and that is ourselves. We need to sort our own lives out, first, before we can help others do the same.

When we take the necessary steps to become healthy wealthy happy wise, our lives will forever change for the better, and the world will become a better place because we have chosen to improve it by first improving ourselves.

There is a Zen saying: ‘Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.’ To me, this means that satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment with life come from within. And once we are content and balanced within ourselves, it doesn’t really matter what we do in the world, because it is the complete experience of living, in itself, that provides meaning and satisfaction to our lives.

Shared with much love in the hope of making the world a better place, one soul at a time 🙂


23 thoughts on “Healthy Wealthy Happy Wise- The Main Ingredients for a Successful Life

  1. Hi Habib. I couldn’t agree with you more that health is the actual wealth. This is mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. All aspects are connected and to have a truly wonderful life we need to ensure that we are balanced mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And yes, our overall health and wellbeing are determined by the thoughts we are having. We cannot have negative thoughts and expect to be happy. If we just make a decision to always be thinking positive, supportive, uplifting, happy thoughts, then everything will fall into place, and we will be living a happy life 🙂
    I wish you all the best, my friend,

    1. Hi Bella. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post 🙂
      I wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous and prosperous year,
      Kind regards,

  2. This is a great article. It really just shows how complex we are as humans. Wealth to one person isn’t the same thing as another person and the same with happiness. Thanks for such an inspirational post, looking forward to seeing more post like this.

  3. Love this article!! It not only combines physical health but the importance of mental health along with it. A lot of people are so worried about working on their bodies not realizing the mind is the other side of the equation. Thank you again…

    1. Hi Sabrina. Thanks for the comments. Yes, it is our mind that determines how we think. Our thoughts determine whether we consume healthy or unhealthy foods and whether we engage in activities that are beneficial or detrimental towards our physical health. Any change we want to create in our lives, be it on an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level, must begin with the awareness of our thoughts.
      Wishing you an awesome life adventure 🙂

  4. Great post and I wholeheartedly agree! Since I stopped thinking about wanting to be rich and instead started working on being wealthy and abundant, my life has changed in so many positive ways.
    I am also more tuned in to my intuition, which I believe motivates us for success in our lives, whatever that may mean to each of us.
    What do you think is a good first step for encouraging others to think about healthy, wealthy, happy and wise when they might already think that they are doing this already but not having success?

    1. Hi Irma. It’s great to hear that your life is improving in so many positive ways.
      A good first step for all of us to to be able to ‘stop, and listen.’ If we can become aware of the unconscious thoughts that are continually going on inside our head, they will reveal to us our true nature. They will reveal to us who we are. Because the person we currently are has been created by the predominant thoughts that we are unconsciously thinking. If someone is not experiencing the things that they are talking about, like success, then you know that their words are not true to their innermost deeply held beliefs.
      We can help ourselves in any way we choose, but only when we come to intimately know how we are actually responsible for creating our own life.
      Thinking about healthy, wealthy, happy and wise is not enough. We must reprogram our subconscious mind to experience this reality as a ‘fact.’
      You can help others by always steering any conversation towards the positive, and avoid any conversations that will ‘bring the energy down.’I hope this helps.
      Kind regards

  5. Wow I just bookmarked this page for future reference because it just lifts me up and makes me realize there is a lot I am capable of doing since I will be starting to follow my dreams soon.
    I love that you point out the health, wealth and happiness all go hand in hand because working life makes you end up just chasing wealth which causes you to loose your health.

    Thanx again

    1. Thanks for the uplifting comments Thabo. It a sad fact that so many people get caught up in the pursuit of money and it takes over their life. As you say, this can be detrimental to our physical and mental health, relationships, and general wellbeing. The more we can pause and remember that there is so much more to life, the better off we will be.
      Kind regards

  6. Yes, true happiness can only come from within. However, while we are human we still need to take care of the practical issues related with being alive, and this is where having ‘enough’ money is important. Enjoy the journey.
    KInd regards

  7. I have to agree with you that money does not bring happiness. It’s all about your health and loving life and what you make of it. If you follow your dreams and do what makes you happy then money isn’t the main reason for happiness. Happiness comes from within your soul! Great article! Thanks!

  8. Lasting happiness for sure comes from within ourselves! I already incorporate lots of the things you touched on in my life today! Digging this a lot thanks

  9. Well done! positive and vital article. You are in the right state of mind and this post shows it. I like your frequency and vibrations level – keep on moving!

  10. Hi Andrew its wonderful to find such positive words in a world that’s full of negatives. Awesome post

    All the best

  11. I really like this post alot because I try to be in a great state of mind each and everyday. “Lasting happiness comes from within”, that phrase has helped me through some times in my life. To get true happiness it has to start with myself. Thanks for posting such a timely article.

    1. Thank you for your comments. It does get easier every day, and soon, without even knowing it, you won’t have to be ‘trying’ anymore. You will just be living a more positive life.
      Best wishes to you on your journey.
      Kind regards

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