How and Why Does The Law of Attraction Work?

If we believe it, we can have it!

The universe we live in is absolutely amazing! It is vast beyond comprehension when compared to this tiny planet we inhabit. However, regardless of the size and diversity, all that exists conforms to natural laws, and therefore, the behavior of the universe and everything in it is predictable – once the natural laws are understood.

The Law of Attraction is one of the fixed, uncompromising, natural laws and is in action at ALL times, giving us the life that we magnetize, or attract, to ourselves as a result of our predominant mental attitude.

Our minds are the creative force responsible for ALL the conditions and ALL the experiences in our life due to the habitual thoughts (predominant mental attitude) that makes up our unique vibration.

For us, this means that once we learn and understand how the Law of Attraction works, we can begin to use it to ATTRACT TO OURSELVES what we desire, and by this, I mean that EVERY ONE OF US CAN create the life of our dreams!

Study after study has concluded that optimistic people are happier and healthier than pessimistic people. This is just one small example of how our thinking affects the quality of our life and once this is understood, we can begin to understand how we can transform our lives for the better.

The BIG SECRET to getting everything we want is to utilize and maintain the appropriate mental attitude, one that resonates with what we wish to create. Simple really!

However, before I show you how to create a better future for yourself, you need to understand how you have arrived at this point in your life.

How did The Law of Attraction create the life I currently have?

The world ‘without’ (our life circumstances) is reflecting the conditions of the consciousness ‘within’ (our predominant mental attitude). Our mind and what we are thinking at any moment is responsible for how we feel (at this moment) as well as for the actions we take or don’t take. This is because the way each of us views life is through our senses, and the sensations we perceive at any given moment are processed in our minds. Therefore, it is our mind that is responsible for the make-up of our reality (for the thoughts we have and the resulting beliefs we build based on what our senses perceive).

It is our thoughts and feelings that draw matching circumstances into our lives

Sensations processed in our mind lead to thoughts that create our feelings, which cause us to act/react, resulting in life our life circumstances, which gives us more sensations.

All of us are living a different reality/life because of the different reactions and actions we have to stimuli from the environment, which, as already mentioned, is a result of the way our own minds process information.

Simply put, this means that you, and everyone else on the planet, have a personal view of what is happening because our minds process and sort all received information based on our own beliefs which are unique to us.

How does my mind choose a response to what it senses happening in the world around me?

Our minds have an incredible capacity for processing information and have several options available when deciding how to respond to stimuli from the environment. Information is either managed consciously or unconsciously, and the choice we make has a significant impact on the quality of life we end up living.

In fact, it is the way our mind processes information and the resulting decisions/conclusions that it arrives at that are responsible for EVERY circumstance of our current life.Learn how to steal the genius of anyone!

This means that we are absolutely responsible for every circumstance of our life, as nothing has ever happened by chance or due to fate in this infinitely intelligent universe that is running, uncompromisingly, according to fixed natural laws, one of which is the Law of Attraction.

Therefore, each one of us is responsible for our own lives and no one else has any power over us, or has ever done anything to us that we have not in some way allowed to happen because of a weakness in our thinking processes.

Am I really responsible for every circumstance in my life?

It’s easy to say, ‘I didn’t choose this event to happen to me,’ or ‘I didn’t choose to be feeling angry, jealous, unhappy,’ etc. However, we alone choose what to think and the way we feel is directly related to our current thoughts, – most of which conform to our most deeply held beliefs.

This is because our strongest beliefs are an accumulation of our past predominant mental attitude, and these beliefs are responsible for the way we act and react the majority of the time. These unconscious deeply held beliefs are the ones that we resort to when we are not consciously thinking and are just drifting through the day in ‘auto-pilot’ mode. Because of this, it is our unconscious mind that is the primary influencer of the majority of circumstances we are attracting into our lives at all times.

Unfortunately, most people have never taken any time or effort to examine their unconscious deeply held beliefs, and most people are not even aware that these beliefs are the ones primarily responsible for creating the circumstances in their lives.

To learn what beliefs you have lurking in your subconscious, you just need to look at your life with regard to love, finances, freedom, happiness, etc. You will currently have the appropriate level of all things according to the deep-seated programs that are prominent in your subconscious mind. This is because you have ‘attracted’ results into your life in direct correlation with your predominant mental attitude…… This is the Law of Attraction at work, without compromise, in the life of all conscious beings.

Why is what my unconscious mind believes so important and dominant in the creation of my life circumstances?

The most common method of dealing with stuff that is happening outside of ourselves is unconsciously. There is so much information coming in at all times through our senses that we are unable to be consciously aware of all of it, and if we were, we would be overwhelmed as we could not consciously process everything and then make decisions on how to act.

Too much information just confuses us.

Therefore, we are very fortunate to have such a remarkable asset as our unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is an incredibly vast and complex storehouse for memories and information, as well as being the asset that keeps our body functioning by regulating blood flow, fighting disease, digesting food, and eliminating waste, to name but a few of the many complex processes that are going on 24 hours a day, every day of our lives.

Our unconscious mind has an enormous capacity to learn and then take over actions, once learned, so that our conscious mind becomes free to engage in new endeavors. For example, when first learning to drive a car, our conscious mind is in charge. However, once we become competent drivers, we can operate on ‘auto-pilot’ much of the time. The actions and reactions required to drive successfully have been learned and are remembered and repeated when necessary by our unconscious mind.

This ability to function successfully, while driving, running, working, etc. without having to be consciously aware of everything that is happening at all times is incredible, and it gives us more time to use our conscious mind to our advantage. However, it’s not all good news for us!

Why is living on ‘auto-pilot’ not such a good idea?

Scientists estimate that for ninety percent of each day, our subconscious mind is dominant, and we are just acting and reacting in predictable ways based on what we have done in the past. This is because the subconscious mind is only capable of regurgitating past learned behaviors, habits, thoughts, beliefs, and reactions.

Wealth has a vibration that we can tune into.Repeating past habits and behaviors is useful if these actions and responses are to our benefit, however, if we are repeating thoughts and practices that are not for our general wellbeing or long term good, then we are trapped into a downward cycle of not being able to live the life we desire for ourselves.

Some examples of beliefs that may have been programmed into our unconscious minds when young that may be working against us to this day may include:

Our unconscious mind never discriminates or judges thoughts as right or wrong, but accepts everything that we are exposed to as ‘truth,’ so if we are mentally and emotionally abused when we are young, the scars will remain with us and we will continue to act and react according, even if we are not aware that these programs are still affecting us.

However, the good news is that we can reprogram our subconscious mind to achieve anything and everything we desire!

Why is it important what thoughts are recurring most frequently in my unconscious mind?

Before anything can happen, before we do anything, before we can create anything, a thought has to occur. Therefore, every thought is a cause, and every
condition that manifests in our life is an effect of our thoughts. This is what the Law of Attraction is all about!

Every thought we have ever had is creative, and all thoughts act upon the universal mind to manifest conditions in our life that correspond precisely with our mental attitude. So if ninety percent of our mental processes are unconscious and subconscious, we are receiving results in our life based on our predominant unconscious thought patterns.

The path cannot become clear until we clear our minds.Unconscious, by definition, means that we are often not aware of what we are thinking for ninety percent of every day, and if our habitual unconscious thoughts conflict with the ten percent of conscious thoughts we are having, guess which set of thoughts will manifest into our lives as effects?

Our unconscious thoughts will win out because we are consciously thinking for only ten percent of each day, and even if ALL of our conscious thoughts are focused on what we desire, it is still not enough to change our vibration to attract these desires to us. And the reality is that we can never focus all of our conscious thoughts on what we desire anyway because we also have to spend time thinking about the kids, dinner, work, friends, etc.

Therefore, to accomplish anything worthwhile, we need to be able to take advantage of our subconscious and unconscious thought processes. It is this vast storehouse of thoughts that are responsible for the lives we are currently living, and it is here that the creative power of our mind has caused our lives to manifest into the conditions that we are now living by ATTRACTING to us the objects and circumstances that we think most often about.

So how am I able to use The Law of Attraction to improve my life?

Think about it: Thoughts are creative, and they result in the conditions of your life! And if you have only been consciously thinking for about ten percent of each day, and those thoughts have been scattered between love, friends, family, food, TV, social media……etc, how likely are you to achieve all that you desire?

Just ask, point and receive to manifest your desiresThe reality is that a few scattered conscious thoughts about what we want to achieve every now and then are not going to materialize into the results we desire unless our predominant mental attitude is in harmony with our desires.

So, we need to be able to enlist the help of our unconscious mind to achieve our dreams, and because for the majority of us, ninety percent of our mental power is never, or seldom, used, most of us have enormous potential to achieve so much more than we currently are.

Does this inspire you to direct more of your enormous mental capability towards achieving more of what you want??????

The alternative is that you keep receiving more of the same conditions in your life that you currently have.

The Law of Attraction is already working in your life at all times!

The world within (our mental processes, conscious and unconscious) is the creative force or ‘cause’, and the world without (our life circumstances) is the ‘effect.’ If we want a different outcome (more health, wealth, happiness, wisdom, etc.) we must change the ’cause.’

Unfortunately, most of us have been taught to try to change our circumstances (effects) by working on the ‘effect.’ This will never produce the desired results as we are only changing one form of distress for another.

All circumstances in our lives are attracted by us!

To remove that which we don’t want in our lives, we must remove the cause, and the cause can only be found in the world within (our predominant mental attitude.)

The remedy to every problem that we have, and the solution to achieving all that we desire is in understanding and applying the Law of Attraction; We will accomplish all that we want if we can focus more of our thoughts more of the time so that we bring forth only desirable conditions.

Becoming a conscious thinker more of the time will return the desired effects quicker, and this is where practices like mindfulness, visualization, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and meditation can significantly help us achieve the life of our dreams!

Understand this: It is within the capability of all of us to achieve our dreams. We do it by thinking the appropriate thoughts that correspond to the circumstances that we desire.

The Law of Attraction is real and fixed and already at work in the lives of all of us. However, most of us are not yet living our dream life because our thoughts are scattered and often in conflict with what we desire!

Change your thoughts (consistently and with focus), and you will change your world!

Shared with love and respect for all beings and the hope of making the world a better place one soul at a time.


8 thoughts on “How and Why Does The Law of Attraction Work?

  1. The subconscious mind and it’s power over how we live our lives is something relatively new to me, but that I have been seeking to understand and utilize more. I never realized how much power it has over our emotions and ultimately everything that happens to us in our lives. Your explanation of the process and connections has been helpful in understanding the processes and impacts it can have on your life. I’m starting to think about how I can now practice and utilize my subconscious mind to enhance my life and achieve what I want in my life.

    1. Awesome Carly! Good for you. The inner world (our thoughts, feelings, and emotions) is where the real exciting journey is! The outer world (stuff that is happening outside of ourselves) is happening as a direct result, or is a mirror of our inner world. If you can ‘KNOW’ this concept, you have the secret to having everything in life that you want. Creat first, consistently and without deviation, with your visualizations, imagination, thoughts, and gradually your outer world will become a reflection of all that you have held true with your thoughts!
      I wish you lots of fun and success in creating the life that you desire for yourself.
      With love and respect,

  2. Hi Andrew, thank you once again for a wonderful read! The mind is a fascinating phenomenon, in the name of imagination and thoughts.
    How would you define controlled thoughts and free thoughts and what should be the important one?
    It is true, what you think you create, I have a few negative people around and it is absolutely true, everything they do has and is a problem. Nothing ever runs smoothly, there is always a sting. The more they moan about it the more it comes true. I always cancel their negative thoughts as far as I go and luckily it does not affect me.
    Thank you for the reassurance that all will manifest, just believe and it will come true, and I am a firm believer.
    May you prosper and go from strength to strength.

    1. Hi Stella. Great to hear from you again. Controlled thoughts vs. free thoughts: What do I think?
      If free thoughts are not aligned with our purpose or that which we wish to create for ourselves, then they are not helping us achieve the life we desire to create for ourselves. I do like daydreaming, which I consider being free thoughts, as you put it, and when doing so, I try and align these thoughts with concepts of overall wellbeing for myself, my environment, and all life in general. In this way, they are beneficial.
      Controlled thoughts are the ones that are more likely to return results we desire but only if we are able to direct enough of our mental energy towards the objects and circumstances we wish to create for ourselves. Because all thoughts return results, whether we want them or not, it serves our highest good to spend as much time as possible focusing our conscious thoughts on that which we wish to create for ourselves.
      All circumstances in our lives are a result of our mental programming, and if we can direct enough of our thoughts towards creating new beneficial programs they will eventually become our predominant subconscious programs and continue to run in the back of our minds to return to us that which we desire.
      I also have a negative person in my life at present, and it is so interesting to see their negative thoughts and words manifest daily in their life circumstances. It’s not always easy to separate ourselves from their dramas, but I do know that we are always in the right place at the right time to learn what we need for our continued growth, even if we are not aware of the lessons. My situation is resolving itself as we speak, so I guess I have learned all I need from this particular situation. Onwards and upwards to whatever comes next 🙂
      I wish you well on your journey, with love and respect,

  3. I was delighted when I came across this article on “How and why does the law of attraction work,” because I’m a great believer that there is a universal power that interacts with the universal mind and thoughts of any individual.
    Yes, I agree with you that the universe is exceptionally unusual. We have all the needed things we desired to have if we believe and use our minds to direct and acquire what we intend to have in this life. Thank you so much, I’m more than motivated than before,

    1. Hi Lyn. I’m happy that my post motivated you 🙂
      I like to think of the universe as a super highly intelligent ‘computer.’ I know it is so much more than this, but I use this concept because, like a computer, the universe runs according to fixed programs or Laws, and once we understand these laws, we can create any life or circumstances for ourselves that we desire. These laws, like the Law of Attraction, are in place for our benefit. We, as infinite Souls, chose to have a physical experience in this space-time dimension for the fun of it and it is the wish of the universal mind that we can create any experience for ourselves that we desire.
      Unfortunately, when we arrived here, in these bodies, we forgot the rules of the game……. on well, life is a journey, and it benefits us greatly when we can remember to love and have fun along the way. Enjoy all of the moments, and life is great!
      With love and respect for all souls as they walk the path home 🙂

  4. Hi Andrew. Great work. I agree with everything you have said. Discipline is the key until everything is second nature. Our thoughts are what control us and the understanding of where the sub conscious mind fits in and works is important. I have found using the 6 intellectual factors has helped me understand more readily. They are Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason and Perception. Thank you for your reinforcement of what is needed to succeed.
    Many thanks

    1. Many thanks for taking the time to read my Post Stephen. Replacing ‘bad’ programing does take discipline as you say. The idea that keeps me focused is that ‘I can actually have everything in life that I desire,’ and knowing that the only way to get it is to create it within my mind first keeps my mind on the goal. The six factors you mention are so important, and I would say that imagination is the most important because what we can hold in our imagination, without deviation, we will achieve! In the bible, it was said that all it takes is Faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains. Faith = imagination = absolute belief!
      Cheers mate and I wish you well on your journey.
      Kind regards,

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