How Can I Change My Life? (The No1 Most Important Way To Get Guaranteed Results Every Time)

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I don’t think there is anyone on the planet who is completely satisfied all of the time. It just seems that our minds are wired so that we are always seeking more, different, and better. The thoughts we have can include desires for more things, better things, new experiences, and deeper/more meaningful relationships, etc. And this is all great!

It means we’re alive and we are desiring to expand our life experience to include more of what life has to offer. The thrill of having new experiences, deeper understanding, and embracing new toys/technologies, etc. all keep humanity moving forward.

But what about us as individuals? Is it ok or selfish for us to want to change our lives?

I propose that not only is it ok, but it is essential for us to keep changing! Change is a necessary part of growth and evolution. And our change should be aimed towards getting the most enjoyment and satisfaction out of our life experience that we possibly can. So, “How can I change my life?”

How Can I Change My Life?

The number one most important way to change our lives is to change our beliefs. And since our beliefs are made up of our most repeated thoughts, change requires that we modify the regular thoughts we are having. All other strategies proposed by other blogs are meaningless and ineffective….. UNLESS we can make the corresponding change in our thought patterns. Read on to learn why…..

Our past thoughts are responsible for creating our current life circumstances.

It is our thoughts that cause up to act and react within our environment. And it is our actions, or lack of action, that create the resulting conditions that become our life circumstances. Therefore, to change our lives, the number one most important thing to do is to change our predominant thought patterns.

Every action we purposefully take is proceeded by thoughts. And every reaction is proceeded by the habitual responses we have developed based on our previous habitual thought patterns. There is nothing else that has the power to so completely influence the circumstances of our lives.

“We can’t stand still.” We are either giving our attention to where we’re going or we’re giving attention to where we’ve been or we’re giving our attention to where we are, but in any case, wherever we’re giving our attention is our vibration, and the Universe is matching it.” Abraham Hicks

three men thinkingYou may ask, “I thought the other day that it would be nice to be a millionaire. Why hasn’t it happened yet?” That’s because an occasional rogue thought, that doesn’t match our deep-set unconscious beliefs, cannot undo the hundreds of other thoughts we have where we are complaining about our lack of money.

Every condition in our lives is a result of the CUMULATIVE power of the positive and negative thoughts we have ever had.

Every thought we think has direct consequences for us. And unfortunately, the majority of the thoughts we think are thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that we have inherited. We have acquired them as a result of the environment we are brought up in and are now functioning within. Therefore, they are not the result of our ‘free will’ or our desire to achieve our goals and dreams.

In fact, free will is a very rare thing when it comes to how we think and behave. This is because we are programmed and conditioned by society to conform and ‘fit in,’ so we can function as productive members of society. And this is often contrary to what our freedom-loving soul would choose for us. And it is this internal conflict that is the major reason why most of us are left ‘wanting more.’ It is the very core of the reason why we want to change our lives.


Thoughts are energy and they attract matching energy. To change our lives, we must change the energy we are emitting, and therefore attracting. (Law of Attraction)

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” – Albert Einstein

The Law of Attraction quizWhen we talk about positive and negative thoughts we are talking about energy. When we say ‘they are a negative or a happy person,’ we are talking about energy or vibration. And it is the sum total of all our thoughts that have manifested the exact lives we deserve according to our predominant way of thinking.

Our personalities, (positive or negative) receives life circumstances to match our beliefs (predominant thought patterns.) If we have more negative than positive thoughts, our lives will be pretty dismal. If there is fear in our thoughts, or we are dwelling on things we don’t want to happen, these are the conditions that will manifest.

None of the conditions and circumstances of our lives have happened by chance…. They have ALL happened because The Universal Law of Attraction dictates that we can only ever receive what we have first put out.

The converse is also true. If we learn to manage our thoughts, we can consistently manifest good events, good people, and great circumstances.

So, How’s your life? What energy have you recently been sending out into the Universal Mind?


Our thoughts are ‘placing orders’ and the Universal Mind has no choice but to deliver what we order, without judgment!

When life is not going well for us, or we are not receiving what we expect, it’s not because of something outside of us.

Life is meant to go well for us. We are all able to succeed and be satisfied with our experience. And when we are not, when we are feeling bad, it is just a signal to let us know that we are not properly aligning our thoughts with our goals and desires. And often when this is the case we think we are somehow failing or underserving. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that we just do not understand The process of creation/manifestation. Because it is only ever our own erroneous thought processes that have resulted in unwanted conditions in our lives. Jesus even taught this truth over 2000 years ago.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” –  Matthew 7:7

man emitting vibrations from his heart centreIt is the energy of our accumulated thoughts (the essence of who we are) that is emitting vibrations into the Universal Mind. This is what ‘we are asking.’ Therefore, our beliefs are ‘placing the orders’ for what we will receive as conditions back into our lives. And this applies to both the good and bad conditions as the Universal Mind responds without judgment about what we are asking. We have ‘FREE WILL’ even if we do not know how to apply it to our advantage in our lives.

If we are having negative experiences in our lives, it is because we have used our free will and ‘ordered it up’ with our vibration/prominent thoughts. It is something that we may not wish to happen but has to be brought into existence because it matches the content of our mind’s energy, our deep-seated beliefs…. (that which we give the majority of our conscious and unconscious mind energy to.)


If we wish to change our lives, we need to change the orders we are sending by way of our vibration.

Nothing ‘out there’ in the world is against us. No one has it in for us. When we are not getting what we want, the only real and lasting solution is to be found within us. Because we live in an attraction-based universe, not in a universe based on assertion where others would have power over us.

Once we realize that we are in control of our lives, taking control becomes easy. Once we realize who we are (just look at the conditions of our current lives) and understand The Law of Attraction, then we can use our emotional guidance system to align our thoughts with our goals and desires.

Our emotions, if we can interpret them appropriately, will always guide us in the best direction, on the path of least resistance to attract our dream lives into our experience.

If we can train our thoughts in the direction of only what we want, we will calibrate our emotions (vibrations) to resonate at these desired frequencies. Then these will become the conditions that begin manifesting as our reality! (Meditation is a sure way that we can learn to better manage our thoughts.)

Initially, it may seem that the feelings of connection (when our thoughts align with our desires) we have are rare. However, with focused attention on your thoughts, the time will come when the moments of connection are normal, and you will actually feel ‘out of sorts’ when not connected to our emotional guidance system.

However, we are human, and our life journeys are about exploring the wonderful diversity and contrast that this experience offers for our pleasure. So, we will never reach a place where we will not need to be conscientious about our choice of thoughts.

The contrast we experience daily, (including what we don’t want) is a blessing in disguise because it gives us the impetus to focus on what we do want……and with conscious attention to what we do want, we can change our lives to be the wonderful, fulfilling experiences that they are meant to be!

So, starting now, if you can think and speak about only that which you want, your life will immediately begin to change in the direction of your choice.

Some Affirmations:

Today I’ll only see the good.

Only good ever comes from me.

Today I manifest only love, kindness, and beauty……

I’m sure you can think of hundreds more affirmations to replace the non-supportive thoughts you have been sometimes having 🙂

I wish you well on your journey and hope all your dreams come true,


6 thoughts on “How Can I Change My Life? (The No1 Most Important Way To Get Guaranteed Results Every Time)

  1. Hi Andrew,
    This is an absolutely stunning and very useful post! You have brilliantly explained the impact of thoughts on our lives, which we are usually mostly unaware of. I know from my own experience that this is true. Whenever I have negative thoughts about a person or perception of future events, it has never brought me good. People feel someone else’s negativity and walk away. And vice versa, when I was positive I attracted people like a magnet!
    It is needed, as you said, to change the pattern of thinking, but it is not so easy. It takes a lot of strength, will, and perseverance. I find that those who believe in some higher power, in God, for example, have more power to control his thoughts because he is on a higher frequency.

    This post will help a lot for those who suffer from negative thought patterns. I will send this to my cousin who needs encouragement.
    Just keep helping and all the best!

    1. Hi Danijela,

      Thanks for your continued support. I am happy that you are finding what I have to say beneficial.

      The more in tune with our own thoughts and feelings we become, the more we are able to tune in to how others are also feeling. And yes, we can spot negative people from a distance. And really, who wants to go and hang out with them?
      Once we understand that how we feel is a choice, we will naturally choose to be feeling good for as much of the time as possible.

      I wish you and your loved ones a happy life,
      Keep smiling 🙂

  2. Hi Andrew,
    This is yet another great post on making ourselves better. In the last 2 years, I have started to change my life into a healthier one, and it works exactly as you say. I pictured myself at a lower weight and able to have more freedom of movement in my body. I started some meditation. It worked! Each day I get out of bed and start my exercise program and then go for a daily 30-minute walk. I have changed my life! My weight is down to a point it has never been before and my cholesterol levels are great!

    I did this because I wanted to and in a period of being happy and inspired. It is, as you have said here, much easier when we are happy, and not in a bad frame of mind. You are right! It is a choice!

    1. Awesome, Chas.

      It’s great to hear that you have made positive changes in your life that benefit your health and as well as your mental outlook.
      And what you say is so true. If we are feeling inspired to do it, it will be easy for us to set up beneficial new habits. However, if we try and do it because other people are telling us we should, then we are not as likely to build and maintain the momentum.

      Change is an internal event…. meaning it has to come from within us, and when it does, then there is nothing we can’t achieve.

      I wish you all the best, mate!

  3. We have been coming to your website for months, learning so much, changing my life for the better, and guaranteed results if you put your mind to it. We focus on the big picture and never give up on ourselves; we learn new tips and tricks every time.
    This website is helpful in so many ways; to help ourselves realize what is wrong and then learn how to change it.

    Mathew & Deloris

    1. Thanks for your continued support guys.
      I am pleased that you are continuing to find more useful information on how to improve your lives.

      Have a great day,

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