How Can I Feel Good About Myself: I Want To Have A Better Life!

Previous lifetimes of energy are what we come into this life with. An accumulation of energy in this lifetime, up to the present, is what we add to it. This is where we are- here and now- with this energy score. Many people refer to this as our ‘karma.’ If you’re not familiar with this term, go here for a definition of karma.

From now on, imagine if every thought and every action you take is with the purpose of raising your energy (vibration) or creating a better karma score. Can you imagine how these simple processes would contribute to improving your quality of life?

How Can I Feel Good About Myself: I Want To Have A Better Life!

Be happy. Be loving. Generous. Be kind. Be considerate. Forgiving. And be compassionate, because every time we feel good, our thoughts and feelings improve not only our lives but also the lives of others around us for the rest of time. Knowing this, why would we choose other feelings, thoughts, and actions that will not raise our vibration, but actually lower it? Conscious awareness of what we are thinking and how we are feeling is how we begin to change the bad times into good times.

Life Can Be Hard, So How Can I Feel Good About Myself?

Our conscious mind is the vehicle that perceives the world we live in. By feeding it with positive input we will be rewarded with a positive experience. And conversely, if we feed it with negative input it will turn on us and our experience will not live up to its potential. This is why it’s so important to become aware of all the information that we are absorbed through our senses, either deliberately by actively choosing them, or by default, by doing nothing to stop absorbing the content that we are exposing ourselves to from the environment around us.

Everything we are exposed to, the good and the bad, directly affects our quality of life. Everything is energy, and at all given times our own energy is either raised or decreased by the information our senses are being exposed to. This then acts as a magnet and draws similar energy to us. This is the uncompromising natural Law of Attraction at work in our lives.

Manifesting is as easy as 1, 2, and 3Our physical body is a vehicle with which we experience this physical reality. Feeding it well and looking after it with exercise to keep it in peak condition means that it will be able to experience more of what life has to offer than if it is unhealthy and unloved.

We can lie on the couch watching TV all day eating junk food if we want. Many people do this and consider that they are living life. Yes, they are living a version of life, and it is valid and maybe it is all that some people can handle this time around.

However, as infinite souls, we are capable of so much more. If we pay attention to our bodies and keep them physically fit and healthy we can climb mountains, go surfing, have fantastic sex, see, feel, and touch more than someone who is not expressing health and vitality as their reality. Doesn’t this sound like a much more fun way to live?

Everything Is Energy And It All Effects Us, Mentally And Emotionally.

Everywhere we go, everything we see, hear, feel, smell, and touch is energy and therefore has the ability to support our health and well-being or to undermine them. Most of the time the effects are subtle, mostly indiscernible, however, sometimes they may be dramatic. Our level of awareness of energies outside of ourselves depends on our sensitivity (how tuned in we are) to our own vibration and the differences in vibrations that we are being exposed to.

It is therefore very important when wanting to cultivate our life to be a certain way, to be conscious of what content we are surrounded by. We can then work towards deliberately avoiding that which does not support our best interests andWealth has a vibration that we can tune into. instead choose to actively expose ourselves only to information and energies that help us move towards our goals and desires.

For example, if we want to lose weight, instead of sitting on the couch night after night drinking beer and eating junk food, we could take a walk in nature or join a sporting club. One option aligns our desires with our energies, and the other does not. Another example is, if we desire more money, sitting around complaining about not having enough is detrimental to our well-being while taking positive actions to create more wealth is beneficial to us.

Our subconscious mind is so powerful that it records everything that our senses are exposed to, and these things cannot be unseen and unheard. If we continue to expose ourselves to violence in movies, music, news broadcasts, gossip, etc. thinking that we are not affected by what we have seen and heard, we are mistaken. This accumulation of negative energy is helping to shape our personal reality, whether we like it or not!

To Create A Happier Life, Surround Yourself With Happier Experiences

It almost seems that our senses are being assaulted constantly by the negativity that is happening all around us. This keeps us in a state of fear and stress and therefore off balance, which makes it difficult to be in control of our own lives. It is this stress that makes us vulnerable to negative feelings like anger and hate. And it is this fear that drives the unrest and chaos that is so predominant in our world today.

When stressed, we tend to lose the ability to think clearly and end up reacting according to our old subconscious programming. This causes many people to overreact to situations that could be resolved in a much more beneficial way. When fearful, people tend to ignore facts, statistics, and direct experience and instead focus on sensationalism and media-created hype, which is not based on reality. They lose perspective and become senseless, and in this state worthy solutions to problems are hard to find.Our thoughts are our choice. Why would we choose negative thoughts?

It is sad to realize that so many mainstream TV shows and movies contain graphic violence, murder, rape, and war. And in America, breastfeeding a baby, which is the most natural act in the world, to which most of us were exposed when born, is censored. Breastfeeding stimulates feelings of love, compassion, joy, and peace. However, instead, we see blood, guts, fear, betrayal, and disease on a daily basis, which ensures that fear and stress remain entrenched in the current human consensus reality.

If you desire more anger, fear, and violence in your life, then continue to watch much of the content from mainstream media channels. By constantly viewing content that shows us what is wrong with the world we are programmed to accept this as our reality.
Why not begin today to reprogram your subconscious to align with your goals and dreams? can show you how.

You Will Feel Better When You Overcome Your Negative Subconscious Programs

We are often being manipulated through the content we expose ourselves to, against our soul’s desire, towards fear, and away from love. To avoid this we each need to take responsibility for our own lives by becoming more aware of the content we are consuming at all times. In this way, we will contribute to making the world a better place, one soul at a time.

So next time you are sitting down to watch your favorite TV show ask yourselves, “how does viewing or listening to this content help me, and does it help to raise the energy vibration of the world at large to evolve into a better place to live?”

Planting good seeds in our minds and cultivating them constantly will help to over-run the fear-based subconscious programming that most people involuntarily resort to. It helps if we can remember that fear is not something that is real. It is something that has been programmed into us and we have just accepted it as being real.Up-level your life by learning a new skill!

We and we alone have the power to change our programming to create a new positive reality for ourselves.
Are you happy with your current life experience or would you like to upgrade it to create a more abundant, more fulfilling life for yourself?

What do you consider you are worth?

I believe that you are worth a lot more than you currently give yourself credit for!

I wish you well on your journey and would love to have your feedback or comments in the section below.

As always, this article is written with love and respect for all beings.


22 thoughts on “How Can I Feel Good About Myself: I Want To Have A Better Life!

  1. This is definitely something I enjoyed reading and needed to hear. Being that I am going through a tough time (which seems to happen every-time things are going well for us) this was an uplifting article to read. We need more people in this world like you and maybe we would have a more peaceful existence. I have a huge heart but at the same time, I have been conditioned with anger and have some serious trust issues. I have never really given meditation a try because I automatically felt that it would not help me in any way, but after reading this I might just go ahead and give it a shot. I need more peace in my life.

    1. Hi Kristena. Meditation will help! Meditation is the best way for any of us to come to realize and understand ourselves. The patterns of behavior that we are repeating will be revealed, and then once we understand that we have just been programmed/conditioned to behave in certain ways, we can begin to change our negative behaviors.
      Meditation works because it brings our conscious attention to the present moment and opens up space so that we can observe ourselves and our thought patterns. Once we realize the conflict that is going on within us, between what we say we want for ourselves and what the majority of what our thoughts are creating, we can begin the process of bringing our thoughts into alignment with what we desire. In this way, we will begin the active process of creating the future we desire for ourselves instead of just settling for more of the same, over and over again.
      It is important to realize that you are the sole creator of the content of your life. Therefore, any changes you wish to make in your life have to come through you…… and as much as we wish to blame others for our circumstances, no one else has any power to control our lives. We alone are responsible!
      So, you have been conditioned with anger and trust issues. Don’t worry about it, don’t waste your precious creative thought energy thinking about it in negative ways because this will just continue the negative cycle that you are on. Instead, just use your powerful creative mind to imagine yourself being the happy, fun, loving, trusting person that you desire to be. When you are thinking about this person you will be her, and the more you think in this way the more time this will be your actual reality.
      So what will you do to achieve the happy, loving, life that you desire for yourself? I know you can change if you want to!
      With love and respect,

  2. Hello again Andrew;
    Had this post linked in a document to look at. Glad I returned to it today. I love your point about asking yourself whether or not an activity will help you. I need to do that more often. Keeping yourself in alignment with your goals and purpose is important to not get distracted by trivialities.

    1. Hey Ben. Welcome back. Distractions abound making it so easy to go off track from the things that we really desire for ourselves. However, if we can keep our own personal wellbeing at the top of our priority list, we will find it easier to stay on track and therefore will more easily attain our goals.
      I wish you all the best. Cheers mate,

  3. This is a great article, it really makes you think and puts things into perspective! I am a true believer, that you get what you put out, so I agree with you when you say if we feed ourselves positive energy, we will get positive results in return. I love this and I can’t wait to share it with my sister who is struggling right now!

    1. Hi Madysen. Thanks for your comments.
      It is through thought that all circumstances come into being, so we are always receiving what we have ‘sown.’ Universal law is fixed and indiscriminate so it can not be any other way. Choose to be happy and we will be happy, choose anger and that is what we will receive in return. As a species, humanity likes to overcomplicate things, but if we constantly remind ourselves that with every thought we are creating our reality, we may just be more careful with what we are thinking.
      I wish you and your sister a fantastic life experience. However, in reality, it does not matter what I wish for someone else, as we are each responsible for the circumstances of our own lives. Happy creating 🙂
      With much love and respect to all souls who have chosen to have this human experience.

  4. This is an outstanding article Andrew! I couldn’t agree more with the points you raise here. In terms of applying the things you’ve mentioned and generally thinking more positively about life, I exercise in the mornings to improve my physical appearance and also my mental strength. I often come across people who are frustrated with their current life and I’m a strong believer of exercise as one way to better yourself. I used to hate the way I looked, but exercising gave me something positive to work on, as opposed to looking in the mirror and being unhappy. For me, choosing to get up when I don’t have to work in the mornings means more than getting up because I’m told to. It’s about practicing doing things that are different and challenging your brain and at first literally by doing what seem like small things, but all build up to a better life. I think daily goals are important because at the end of the day, when someone has completed the goals, it gives them a sense of achievement and it will put them in a more positive state of mind. What’s great about your article is you’re challenging people to make a change but you’re not forcing it, and that’s great for people to read and then ease themselves into a more positive way of life as opposed to feeling pressured!

    1. Hi Nick. Many thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article. It’s great that you realize that you wanted to change, and then took the necessary steps to achieve it! Getting up to exercise in the morning is a fantastic way to discipline yourself, and this is only the beginning of more great things to come for you, my friend. I wish you all the success that you want for yourself.
      Kind regards,

  5. The problem with this is that some people really don’t have much control. Granted, with things like the internet, you can go look for things that make you feel content (which is still kinda hard thanks to mainstream media, negative reporting and bandwagoning posts showing up), but I feel that in the end a helpful situation that’s not tied to the computer and thus no directly related to us in most cases is needed. But in cases like mine, I’ve got barely any money, my family is overbearing, my friends are constantly busy. I can’t really do much with this other than just keep a positive attitude and work towards getting and saving money so that I can eventually leave and then truly start to live my life.

    1. Hi Aljareaux. I hear what you are saying. Sure, life can be difficult at times. But to believe that you can truly start to live your life when you have money and can leave is not helping you. You have been and still are living your life now! Don’t ever forget this. You are on track when you say that you can keep a positive attitude. This is good because there is no advantage whatsoever in being negative about anything. It just causes you self harm. My question to you and others is ‘how much of the time are you consciously aware of your thoughts, and how much of the time are your subconscious thoughts still running your life and causing you to play out old negative patterns of thinking, feeling and acting?
      Becoming conscious more often is the key to improving your life. It will happen if you stick with it.
      I wish you all the best,
      Kind regards

  6. Thanks for sharing this post Andrew bringing awareness to all the negative influences that surround us on a daily basis via TV shows and News. Positive Thoughts bring us Positive Results , this is one simple method that is often overlooked . I urge all your readers to give it a try , they will be surprised at the results .. feeling good about yourself is a frame of mind in my experience .

    1. Hi Rick. I have to totally agree with you when you say feeling good is a frame of the mind. Our feelings are a direct result of our thoughts so it is us who are totally in control of how we are feeling at all times due to the thoughts that we are having. It’s such a simple concept! However, sadly most people are only too happy to give away their power and let others have influence over the way they are thinking and the resulting feelings they have. We become more powerful and more in control of our lives when we accept responsibility for our own thoughts. Knowing that our thoughts control the way we feel, why would we ever consciously choose to have thoughts that do not support health, happiness, and abundance in our lives?
      Thanks for sharing,

  7. Hey Andrew,
    I really like how respectfully you wrote this article.
    I tend to agree with everything you mention in it and I would be really interested to read how you have put these pieces of advice in practice into your own life and what positive changes you experienced by doing so. 🙂

    1. Hi Nathalie. Thanks for your kind comments. I have only recently read this book, about 4 months ago to be precise, and I began thinking in a different way because of some of the information in the book. Since then I have had 2 income producing opportunities come my way that I have taken on board because I consider them too good to let go. I Wrote this review because I have directly benefited from the information in it and I think many others could also benefit. I do realize that unless we are ready to receive the information and then act upon it, nothing in our lives will change. I choose to ACT! What will you do? Kind regards,

  8. Hi Andrew,

    Wow, what a read! As I was reading, I was thinking… “Man, I wish I could just sit in front of the TV and call that life.” Haha! But unfortunately that’s very not productive and not healthy at all!

    I definitely agree with keeping the negative inputs out and just keep the positive. Funny enough as I was reading your post here, someone came to mind. He’s a… well, I guess a friend. I mean, he is quite negative and I couldn’t get myself to stick around anymore as his negative vibes were coming onto me. I needed to escape before I became negative and bitter.

    When you wrote “If you desire more anger, fear, and violence in your life, then continue to watch much of the content from the mainstream media channels. By constantly viewing content that shows us what is wrong with the world we are programmed to accept this as our reality.”, this part really stuck out to me and made me think of this friend. It’s actually very true. If people actually wanted to change and become more positive, they should stay away from watching those content.

    I would love to share this post with him but I fear that if I start replying to him again, he will continue being argumentative and bring on more negative vibes. I am done with getting verbally and emotionally abused by him and taken advantage of just because I let him act the way he does in hopes to help him become a better person.

    I enjoyed reading this post! Always stay positive!


    1. Hi Teresa. Many thanks for reading my article and sharing your story. I think you are wise to stay away from that negative guy. Unless he is willing to change himself there is nothing anyone else can do for him. So By giving him ‘information that you think can help him,’ you are just giving him something to complain about and be negative about. The best thing for your life is to be the best, positive, happy person you can be. One day this guy might wake up and realize how silly he was as he saw you evolve into a better person and did nothing to help himself. I wish you lots of healthy, wealth, joy and wisdom in your life. With love and respect,

  9. What an interesting take on things. I don’t necessarily believe in karma perse but I do believe that we are infinite beings and our potential to improve ourselves and experience joy is infinite. I definitely agree that allowing negative emotions into our thoughts is damaging in many ways. It’s sometimes very hard to avoid negativity and embrace positivity but I’m working on it!

    1. Hi Mariah. Karma means many different things to many different people. To me, it is a way of explaining the life lessons we are here to learn from the moment of birth. Then I think the law of attraction becomes much more important as we begin to reap the rewards of our current thoughts. Karma is not some mystical force sent to punish us, but a guide and friend to give us the opportunities for continued growth and development. That’s just how I see it! Keep working on the positive stuff and the negative stuff just falls away to the side. Thanks for visiting my site. Kind regards,

  10. Andrew,

    Another great post.

    As I was reading it, I kept thinking man I watch a lot of TV. Like way, too much and I don’t even know why. I turn the TV on to play on my phone it’s so ridiculous.

    It’s time for no more television and to find things I can do in my free time that are more productive!

    I do find it challenging as it is starting to get colder out but that just means I get to bundle up in something cozy and go for a walk.


    1. Haha, hi Kahlua. It like the tv and phone are addictive. many people share the same problem. It wouldn’t actually be so much of a problem if the content available was more uplifting and supporting and helped to create a better world. Instead, we get too much violence and negativity thrust upon us. I’m sure you will make good choices 🙂 Kind regards,

  11. Hi Andrew!

    I could not agree more with this post. You have so many great points that we should all live by. I have used these practices in my life and they have 100% changed my life for the better. Things like overcoming your negative subconscious programming and that you need to surround yourself with happier life experiences, you wouldn’t think would make a whole lot of difference. But when you start implementing them into your daily life, you become a whole other person!

    Thanks for the post! Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Katie. Yes, even implementing small changes frequently add up to big changes with time. And one day you will look back and realize just how far you have come. Best wishes for you on your journey through life. Kind regards,

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