How can I help my family and friends realize their true potential?

Help family and friends have a better life- a crowd of happy people

It’s only natural for us to want to share the good things we have learned that have helped us improve the quality of our lives. Who wouldn’t want their family and friends to also benefit from the new knowledge, ideas, and beliefs that have helped us overcome our problems and make us feel significantly better more of the time?

So, we tell everybody about the things we now know that will also be of benefit to them to enable them to have an improved life experience. How generous of us 🙂

Unfortunately, the responses we get are more often than not, NOT as we hoped for or expected!

How often have you shared your breakthrough ideas to help others with their problems, only to be ignored, ridiculed, or looked at as if you are crazy? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, this is very common and happens because our family members and friends are reacting based on their programmed habitual responses which often don’t allow them to understand the new information we are trying to share with them.

However, all is not lost, and we are able to help them once we understand more about our purpose for coming to this beautiful planet in the first place.

We are here to have an exciting, fun-filled adventure.

As souls, all of us have come to this third-dimensional reality for the experience that being alive in a physical body brings. This experience is meant to be joyous, playful, interesting, entertaining and lots and lots and lots of fun 🙂

This world is so full of wondrous things: things to experience by taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound. These sensations are designed to elicit emotional responses of awe, joy, and wonder in us, and yet for so many people, something has gone wrong with the original plan!

What has happened to us, as a species, that our senses are so restricted, our thoughts are so narrowly focused and our emotions are largely shut down, or more often than not, negative?

This is not what our soul intended for us to experience, but it seems that this has become the default ‘reality’ for the majority of the people that are alive today.

Why are so many people having a less than satisfying experience?

We are born into this physical experience with an open and blank mind. Immediately, the conditioning begins. We are programmed to take on the ideas and beliefs of those closest to us which include beliefs about culture, religion, money, politics, etc.

In this way, individuals sharing common beliefs can interact together without too much friction as they have a common understanding with their family, friends, and other members of the communities and societies they are living and interacting within.

We end up believing certain things to be TRUE and other things to NOT BE TRUE. These things that we believe, are just BELIEFS! They are neither right nor wrong, they are just ideas that we hold on to that make up our identity.

They may include:NLP Hero audio track for total confidence

  • we have to work hard to make money
  • Republicans and better than Democrats
  • I will never be successful
  • I don’t deserve the best things in life
  • I’m too tall, short, fat, or skinny
  • There is not enough for everyone

The list is endless, and our beliefs are just a tiny fraction of all the possibilities that exist and they are not always the same beliefs that other people hold to be true!

So, most people are programmed to fit into and accept the existing reality as it is, and they are also programmed to believe that anything beyond this limited box of understanding is not good for them or society in general.

The problem with this is that people cannot grow and learn more and different things when they are holding onto, and limited by, ‘what they already know.’

This consensus reality has become a prison for our body and mind that severely restricts our potential and without personal growth and development, our purpose to evolve beyond what we currently know and understand is severely limited.

Our consistent thoughts make up our beliefs which cause us to react and act in predictable ways to create our personal reality.

When we think the same thoughts often, our brain seizes upon it as something we believe to be true, (regardless if it is true or not.) So when our family/ friends program us while we are young and impressionable to believe things like: we will never be successful, rich people are greedy, or we are lazy, if we accept these ideas, and dwell upon them often, through the Law of Attraction, these ideas/beliefs will manifest into our reality.

So, we are who we are…. And our personal circumstances are a result of every thought we have ever had about ourselves and about life, whether they are true or not.

Our programming has caused us to have the particular thought patterns that we currently have, and this programming is a result of information and experiences passed onto us by those responsible for our upbringing.

However, there is no one to blame for our circumstances. It’s not the fault of our family and friends, etc. as they have also been programmed with the beliefs that they hold, which they are just passing on to the next generations. They do not know any better as they too are a product of the restrictive conditioning that they have been subject to for the whole of their lives.

Societies, religions, governments, clubs, the mainstream media, etc. are also constantly conditioning us to conform to their agendas.

Governments program us to believe that we need them to control an ever-increasing number of aspects of our lives. They want us to believe that resources and money are scarce and we need to be ‘managed’ by them so that everyone gets a ‘fair’ share. for wealth creation Logo
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Religions (all the many hundreds of forms) want us to believe that they alone hold the secrets to our salvation, which will be ours upon leaving this physical body, but only if we do as they instruct us to do while still alive, in this body on Earth.

The mainstream media is constantly bombarding our senses with war, violence, scarcity, drama, fear, and advertising. Most of the world’s media is owned by a handful of transnational corporations and they highlight the news and views that serve their agendas for more global dominance and market share which means more profits to them and those who support them.

How does this programming affect us?

We have been, and still continue to be conditioned to think, act, and behave in certain ways so that those with influence over the world get the outcomes that they want! This ‘privileged class’ of people, or the less than one percent, seem to think that this world is their playground and they can manipulate people to suit their agendas.

With globalization, their reach has spread further than ever before. It’s now possible to buy McDonald’s, Nike, Roundup, and other products manufactured by these huge transnational companies in nearly every country on the planet. Google, Facebook, and other online market leaders are able to exert considerable influence over the content that their readers are exposed to. These are just a few ways that the masses are being manipulated by a ‘few.’

This has been the way of the world for many ages. There have always been a few people who set the agenda, and then the majority will just conform to the rules imposed upon them and accept this as their ‘lot in life.’

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.”

William Shakespeare.Pure Natural Manifestation Free eBook

People living within this limited, conditioned, consensus reality police themselves from growing beyond the preset choices imposed upon them by the controlling authorities and then also become complicit in keeping others from ‘waking up.’ This is so that they don’t feel threatened by what they don’t yet understand- the freedom that SELF-awareness will bring.

‘You are free’ if repeated often enough will be believed by most people to be the truth. And, unfortunately, the reality of people’s confinement does not even register in their psyche- As this confinement has become so entrenched into their normal waking life and the lives of all those around them. Everyone has come to believe it to be ‘just the way things are.’

And they can be completely comfortable, compliant, and complacent within their accepted limits, mistaking it for actual freedom.

Fortunately, there have always been a few who have been able to see past the control system and have sort to live their own life on their own terms, and we can learn from their examples! These are the ones who have become, or have the potential to become free from the programming of others. These people are freedom seekers and include many great figures from the past, including Buddha and Jesus Christ.

THIS IS OUR TRUE POTENTIAL: To wake up to, and experience freedom while alive in these bodies on this beautiful planet!

However, waking up can be a very scary event if you are not prepared for it!

Awaking from being a ‘human doing’ (subject to the will and manipulation of others) can be a frightening experience for many.

This transformation, no matter how painful, is eventually necessary for all of us! Why? Because the purpose of our life is to evolve into the awareness of our true unlimited spiritual identity- while we are alive in these bodies…. so we can become a ‘truly aware Human Being.’

Resistance to the signals from our soul for inner growth and development creates pain and any pain or dis-ease is a signal that we are not ‘in tune’ with our soul’s desire for being here. A better option for all of us is to embrace personal growth and seize every opportunity possible to expand our understanding of life through new learning and experiences.

Expansion is the way to break free of the restricted lives we have been living and will lead us to freedom of body, mind, and spirit. Transforming our own consciousness to overturn the limits we have been living with, due to the conditioning of our thoughts will empower us. And, it will also lead the way for others to do the same for themselves.

This is how we help our family and friends to evolve!

Over time society will transform one by one from the inside out, manifesting in a world based on the spiritual principles of abundance, love, peace, and harmony for all beings.

Life is a journey, and the journey never ends!

One of the biggest problems facing humanity today, as a collective, is the lack of understanding of our spiritual origins.

Help Family and Friends Realize Potential-One Hand Helping Another UpMost people have been programmed to believe that this one life is all we get- and from here we either go to heaven or hell, depending on how well we obeyed the administrators of the world’s various religions. However, as eternal souls, we have come to Earth for experience and to learn to live intelligently with each other, nature, and the environment, which we presently call our home.

Looking around, it becomes evident that most people are only semi-awake. Therefore, they are unaware of their true spiritual nature. This valuable finite time in a body is mostly being used to pursue more mundane and trivial endeavors- which include being completely distracted by all the ‘noise’ in our environment.

However, there is nothing wrong with this as these distractions do support the ‘game of life,’ and that is all that many souls currently seem to desire.

So, this means that not all souls are here to evolve into SELF-awareness at this time. Some are simply here to enjoy the experience of being in a physical body and interacting with the diversity that life on Earth has to offer, just as it is.

With this in mind, it is important to realize that there is no advantage in arguing and debating with others or trying to talk them into expanding their reality as many people simply cannot see and relate to events the same way as others who are choosing to wake up do.

So, what can I do to have a better life as well as help others improve their life experience?

Personally, our time is better spent advancing our own agenda for SELF development. We can support our family and friends in their illusion until if ever, they are ready to move beyond their own restrictions.

However, it would be disrespectful of us to push information onto others who have not asked for it and do not want it. And doing so will often just ‘backfire’ and lead to them attacking the person presenting the information and totally ignoring the validity of the information. We need to respect that others are entitled to their point of view and let them keep it if they choose to. Then they won’t feel personally threatened by us.

It helps us if we can remember that we are not here to save anyone….. and that everyone is entitled to live their own life experience. With this in mind, we can avoid unnecessary counterproductive confrontations and allow things to evolve naturally for every individual when their timing is right.

“You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.

And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”

The character Morpheus, from the movie ‘The Matrix.’

It needs to be emphasized, that the best way to improve our lives is to empower OUR SELF with spiritual wisdom: AND THEN TO LIVE WITH INTEGRITY IN ALIGNMENT WITH THAT WISDOM. In this way, we may raise our vibration above the emotions of fear, anger, and hate.

The Amazing You banner adWe can begin right now, at this moment, with total acceptance of how things currently are. Then we can begin to feel love for all players in this game of life- who are after all just playing their limited part, mostly through ignorance that there are better alternatives available.

Those souls who choose to act out low vibrational frequency emotions and responses are just in a different phase of their journey to us. It is unwise to feel anything but love for them as a way of demonstrating how beneficial it would be if they were to rise above their anger and fears.

Any friction we may currently feel when reacting to them is our guide to show us how we can best heal ourselves.

It is for the benefit of all souls that ALL souls exist, for without the friction, that others provide, there would be nothing for us to grow against.

Therefore, be grateful for all that exists, and remember, you always have the freedom to choose how you think about what you are experiencing……. And the important thing here is that your thoughts will lead you to feel a certain way. It is these feelings that determine the quality of your life, not anybody else’s, but your life alone!

Gratitude, acceptance, appreciation, and loving thoughts are guaranteed to give you a wonderful life experience. This will be noticed and appreciated by others and hopefully, inspire a few of them to ‘wake up’ to how they are creating their own lives.

So, what are you choosing to spend most of your time thinking about?

Together, we can change the world for the better, but only if you start creating it now with every thought that you have!


Shared with love and respect for all beings playing the game of life.



14 thoughts on “How can I help my family and friends realize their true potential?

  1. Wow! Such a lengthy yet awesome article. I’m impressed!
    The way you have explained how most of us are chained in habits of conditioning sounds so true to me. People have so limited view of themselves and the world and it is all because of their old habits of conditioning with which they are too comfortable to break off.
    This programmed life has now become the default and we hardly question the truths being presented to us. Right and wrong, good and bad, all this kind of dual perceptions limit us from accessing our limitless potential.
    The law of attraction is really amazing too. I’d really love to know more about how our thoughts help to attract things in life. Please let me know when you will share more about it. I’d be happy to read it. Thanks a lot again for this wonderful article.

    1. Hi Samita. Many thanks for reading my long article 🙂
      You are right when you say that most people never question their ‘default’ life. It’s interesting that people just accept things the way they are, and accept that they are virtually powerless to change things! They are so wrong about this! I hope to empower people with the knowledge that they are actually powerful creators of their reality, and they are currently just re-creating a reality that conforms to their default programming! If only they could see beyond this, and open their minds to new and wonderful possibilities, they would experience and achieve so much more than their current reality.
      The Law Of Attraction is uncompromising, and we are receiving in exact proportion to our beliefs. Change your beliefs, and change your world! Another article I have written that you may like that explains this is:
      I look forward to hearing from you again.
      With love and respect,

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Really interesting and in-depth article. I often try to challenge my own beliefs and try to assess if they are having a positive or negative effect on my life. I find it a bit of a struggle doing this for myself, much less trying to challenge the existing beliefs of others.

    I guess the only way that you can help people, is to encourage them to challenge their own beliefs. Any thoughts on how you can encourage others to begin looking at challenging their own beliefs.

    1. Hi Nate. Other peoples beliefs are their own business and should only concern us in regard to ‘Do we want them to be part of our life experience?’ If not, we move on and let them live their own lives in the way they choose to. If we want them to be part of our lives, then we need to accept them as they are, without judgment. If we are making a good job of our own lives ad achieving our dreams, our family and friends will of course notice this and may want to ‘learn by our example’ how they can improve their own lives. This is the best and surest way to affect positive change in those we love 🙂
      I wish you all the best on your journey.
      Cheers, Andrew

  3. Wow, am glad I came across this article. You are absolutely right, Andrew, our feelings determine the quality of our lives. There is, therefore, the need for us all to be aware of the freedom we have to choose how to think about whatever we are experiencing.
    We need to learn to live our lives on our own terms, without the need to feel pressured by whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. This article is so positive it needs to be shared with as many people as possible.
    Thanks a lot for raising the awareness and sharing such a powerful, positive and insightful article

    1. Hi Daniel. Many thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article. Personally, I know that I do not want other people telling me how to live my life. I want to live on my own term as you say, so I think we should extend the same courtesy to all others. We all have had different upbringings and experiences which have led us to become the person we are at this moment, and it is only our own efforts that will generate change in our lives. There has to be a willingness on our part to want to create something different for ourselves, otherwise, it will never happen, regardless of how much others want us to change.
      I wish you all the best on your journey, my friend.
      kind regards,

  4. Great article Andrew,
    I totally agree with you, we should not give others a chance to change us or try to control our way of life. We need to make our decisions by ourselves the way we feel is right and comfortable for us.
    Thank you Andrew for being more clear and honest.

    1. We can only ever live our own life, so our priority should be to our own happiness. Supporting and helping others is a naturl=al desire for so many of us, but in the end, each one of us is totally responsible for only our own lives. Live free and be happy my friend.

  5. This is an incredibly insightful article, and it came at just the right time for me. I am currently trying to take the next step in my personal development through self-examination, unplugging from mainstream media, and building my own business. It can be hard to focus on these things when others in my life are still held back by negative thinking and fixed beliefs about the world. This is a great reminder to turn my frustration into an opportunity to practice patience. I can only control the actions I take in my own life and hope to eventually have a positive impact on others through example.

    1. Hi Bailey. Many thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us. As I said in my article, you are not alone when you talk of the frustration that arises when going through change while others are still standing still! However, you have offered your own solution, which is to let go of the frustration and practice patience. Your life, your thoughts, and your actions are all important, so put your focus onto your own personal wellbeing first. In this way, you will benefit and ALL others around you will also benefit. It simply cannot be any other way.
      I wish you all the best and remember, you are never truly alone.

  6. Wow, my mind is blown. Thank you for taking the time to write such an emotionally provoking article.

    As I spend time on myself and wake up, I am often saddened to see people struggle with the same issues I have been gone through. But as you said, anytime I have ever tried to help, I was met with resistance. I guess I was fighting against people programmed beliefs.

    I love your message about continuing to look inward, about never stop growing and evolving ourselves. It is like the belief that people will see the joy you have and want it. That is when they become receptive to learning the lessons you have learned.

    You have given my brain a lot of food for thought. It will take me a while to digest it all.

    1. Hi Dovey. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my latest post. I am happy that you got something positive from it. We all have time, but we all use it differently. Those that use it to look inward, like yourself, are rewarded with a better life experience because we come to understand that life is about the journey. Too many people are rushing to reach a destination, but the truth is that there is none…. life is just a continuing unfolding of events for us to experience in any way we choose.
      By choosing to see the beauty in all things, events, and circumstances, we are rewarding ourselves with a beautiful life experience. Others WILL BE INSPIRED by our example and want to learn how they too can create the life of their dreams.
      With much love and respect,

  7. Hi Andrew! Great to see you again. Love that you’re here publishing useful and effective content.
    This is something I’ve struggled with. For me, I always hold back because I don’t want to tell people what to do or say anything about someone’s “laziness” or weight problem. I don’t want to tell people how to live their lives, so I usually just let people do what they want. However, one of my family members reports being more inspired due to my discipline with going to the gym and weightlifting, so that’s great!
    Your comments about beliefs remind me of a book I just finished: Awaken the Giant Within, by Tony Robbins. An incredible self-help book, one of the best I’ve read.
    Thank you so much for all the inspiring reading!

    1. Hi Ben. Thanks for coming back to my website. I appreciate your time and comments.
      Our biggest concern/priority is how we are doing in life. Are we happy and healthy? If not, then we have not right to pass judgment against anyone for not being the same. And then, even if we are living a ‘perfect life,’ we still have no right to judge others for choosing to live differently than we do. Their lives are not our responsibility. You are doing the best possible thing, by setting an example of self-improvement, and it is fantastic that it is being recognized by others and inspiring them to make changes in themselves.
      Awaken the giant within is a great book. I read it many years ago and it contributed to me changing my life in many positive ways. I wish you all the best.
      Keep up the good work my friend!

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