How Can I Help Someone Raise Their Vibration?

How Can I Help Someone Raise Their Vibration- Two women talking by a camp fire

Wanting to help other people raise their vibration is a noble idea. It shows you have compassion and love for others. However, unless the other person is willing to change their life, there is nothing you can do to help them…. except to be the best example possible of how having a raised vibration leads to a better life experience.

If you are positive, happy, optimistic, and generally upbeat about life, this attitude has the potential to be contagious and will be ‘absorbed’ by those around you who are ready and willing to upgrade their lives. And, if people aren’t ready, they will think you are crazy and may become annoyed by your positivity.

However, that’s not your problem… unless you allow yourself to get caught up in their negativity. And that’s not a wise choice as it will lower your vibration. It’s far better to inspire them from a position of your strength than by being dragged down into their weakness.

How Can I Help Someone Raise Their Vibration?

Each person is sovereign and therefore responsible for their own vibration. You have no authority over another being and therefore cannot raise their vibration on your own. However, if they are ready and willing to change, you can be an influencer and guide them in a direction that enables their vibration to raise.

Would You Be Happy If Other People Messed With Your Vibration?

Each one of us has a unique vibrational signature. And we vibrate at frequencies that return to us circumstances, events, and people that match our specific vibration. This means that all the conditions in your life are there as a result of the vibration you have created for yourself based on your past thoughts, feelings, and actions.

And it is the same for everyone else. Every person is living the life they have manifested based on the culmination of everything that has happened to them, every thought they have ever had, and everything they have ever done…. The Universal Laws (including The Law of Vibration/Attraction) are absolute and never get it wrong.

Origins Reborn Law Of Attraction BannerAnd because you cannot ‘walk in another person’s shoes you cannot directly change their vibration. And this is a good thing…. Because if we could intentionally change other people’s life circumstances, it means that others could also change the circumstances of our lives…. and I for one certainly would not want other people messing with the awesome life that I have spent years carefully creating for myself!

And yes, I know that there are many people that we could help if they ‘just did things our way’…. But that is not how the Universal Law of Vibration works. However, this does not mean that we are powerless to have a positive influence on others so that consequently, their vibration will raise.

The Best You Can Do For Others Is To Attend To Your Own Vibration First!

Dealing with people of a lower vibration can be challenging. To be able to relate to them and their problems you actually need to get down to their level…. and this means that while you are trying to help them, you are at the same time effectively lowering your vibration to match theirs. And this is never a good idea. Why?….

Because problems and solutions exist at different frequencies….. It’s impossible to fix any problem by lowering your vibration and dwelling in the vibration of the problem. The solution is always to be found at a higher vibrational frequency.

As Abraham Hicks says:

“You can never get sick enough to make a sick person well….”

And Albert Einstein said it like this:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Wellness is a higher vibrational state than sickness…. So if you want to help a sick person become well, the best thing you can do is resonate in a state of wellness. And if they are open and willing to help themselves (and not everyone is, and this is ok) then your positive vibration will rub off on them, inspiring them to become well.

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quizAnd this is why I say you must attend to your own vibration first. Become the guiding, shining light, the beacon of hope and positivity that will show others the benefits of aspiring to raise their vibration…. and with time, most of the time, this will be enough to help them shift to a higher vibrational state.

Respect That Other People Are On Their Own Journey, And It May Not Be Similar To Yours

Ask yourself, “Why do you want to raise this person’s vibration?”

In other words, “what’s in it for you?”

Obviously, if you want to raise their vibration, you are seeing them as someone who is not yet good enough…. and that you can somehow fix them to be ‘better.’

This is pretty judgmental and is just a reflection of where you are at in your life. Maybe your vibration is not as high as you think it is. Because remember The Law of Attraction never gets it wrong… and this means that we attract people, events, and circumstances into our lives that are an accurate representation of who we are and what we need to learn.

Psychologists tell us that we are the average of the people we hang out with. And this makes sense according to Universal Law. Of all the people we associate with regularly, some will usually raise us up and some people will generally bring us down.

Limitless Labs Review-Free DownloadAnd if you care about your vibration, you will begin making intelligent choices and begin hanging out with, and finding more people who lift you up… and begin avoiding the ones that bring you down.

Remember, we all have our own issues, problems, dramas, history to overcome, etc. and we all have the tools within us to positively grow beyond who we currently are. However, now may not be the perfect time for others to move forward…

…. so just let them live their own life in their own perfect timing, and put your attention where it will do the best…. and that is back onto your own growth and development.

You Help Others The Most By Being The Best Version Of Yourself!

So, you want to help others raise their vibration. And fortunately, there are some things you can do that will inspire them to change if they are ready. Things you can do include to raise your vibration and positively influence them can include:

1) Express gratitude for all the good things in your life, including them…. and be genuine.

2) Be happy and do lots of things for fun…. happiness is contagious and your high-energy state affects everything around you.

3) Take care of your body by exercising regularly. A healthy body is necessary to hold a higher vibrational state.

4) Feed yourself more high vibe foods and drinks and avoid toxins that will lower your vibration, including alcohol, cigarettes, processed foods, and drugs.

5) Improve your mind by consuming content that makes you feel good and improve yourself instead of drama, horror stories, and the depressing Mainstream Media nightly news.

6) Immerse yourself in nature as often as possible as it will help to detox your body and mind.

7) Raise the vibration of your home and the other spaces where you frequently spend time.

8) Hang out with people who you would like to become more like. People of a higher vibration are easy to spot and are going to be a positive influence on you and your vibe will rise just by being around them.

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9) Actively seek out books, movies, YouTube videos, self-development courses, etc that will educate you as to how you can make your life better than it is now. The BioEnergy Code is a program that helps you activate your natural energy…. this may be a really good place for you to continue your journey…. Check out my review of The BioEnergy Code HERE

10) Learn to meditate and to become more mindful of your thought patterns and ditch the negative ones. Reprogramming your mind towards positivity will help you reach your goals and dreams more quickly and easily.

11) Forgive yourself for all that you perceive may be wrong with you…. Because the truth is that nothing is wrong with you. Life is a journey, and you are on the path…. You will enjoy the journey a lot more when you learn to love yourself unconditionally…..

In Summary, I Would Like To Say That It’s Important To Respect Other People’s Journeys….

Let them live their lives in the best way they can. And trust that they have within them all the information they need to get them to where they want to go.

However, they may not realize it just yet…. And this is not a problem, and it is certainly not your problem to fix.

The most help you can give to other people is to just be the best version of yourself that you can be…. So enjoy your life, do plenty of things that make you happy, and you will inspire others to become better than they are…. and …. Have a great day, every day!
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