How Can I Increase My Energy? (4 Quick Fixes, And 8 Permanent Fixes For A Better Life)

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Our energy, at any given time, is a finite thing. We only possess a certain amount, so it’s important to know how you can increase your energy when it‘s low. Equally, it is important to know how you can stop losing the finite amount of energy that you already have.

Researching the topic, it becomes evident that most answers relating to increasing our energy levels focus on short-term physical solutions. And, I will also include a list of the best ways to temporarily gain energy below. These solutions are helpful because we all have times when we are depleted and need an energy boost.

However, for lasting results, longer-term fixes are the best solution. These invariably include lifestyle changes and are therefore often avoided by many people. However, you cannot remain the same person you are now, doing the same things you are doing and expect to miraculously improve your life.

For your life to change, it is you who must change so that you can begin attracting different circumstances. So, let’s check out some quick fixes and longer-term solutions for increasing your energy levels so you can decide which ones you are willing to take.

How Can I Increase My Energy?

Your energy levels drive your days. They determine the results you achieve and your overall level of satisfaction with life. The best policy is to avoid short-term ‘fixes’ in favor of long-term lasting solutions. These include strengthening your personality, avoiding energy vampires, and adopting healthy practices like yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and a positive mental attitude.

What are some quick fixes that will boost your energy levels?

1) Drink water: Our bodies are made up of more than 60% water. Water is essential for flushing the toxins out of our system, maintaining a healthy weight, and keeping us energized. If we are dehydrated by just two percent, our performance in mental and physical tasks is impaired.

Therefore, use water as our first ‘go-to solution’ if for any reason we think we may not have been drinking enough. It’s the best solution. It’s natural and essential for the proper functioning of our whole systems, mentally, emotionally, and physically.Woman doing yoga posture overlooking the ocean

2) Stimulants like energy drinks, coffee, chocolate, etc. These can provide a ‘hit’ of energy to get us through. However, I wouldn’t recommend their use often because, coffee, for example, overworks our adrenal glands. Over time, this causes our adrenals to become weakened and less able to function optimally.

3) If you have been inactive, working behind a desk, or sitting overindulging in TV, GET UP and MOVE YOUR BODY! When we move, we breathe more deeply and therefore add more oxygen to our system. Our muscular actions promote improved blood flow and send oxygen throughout our bodies to where it is needed.

Our blood flow enables the elimination of waste products from our bodies. If not removed, these waste products/toxins leave us drained of energy and eventually can cause disease. So stretch and move your body regularly….. not just because it is good for you, but because it also feels great!

4) Do something that you enjoy! Call a positive friend, dance, sing, and laugh. The way we act directly influences the way we are feeling. Remember what you were doing the last time you felt great, and do it, or something like it again, now! Do it, just because it will make you feel better.

Your energy levels directly affect your quality of life!

If you are occasionally feeling depleted of energy, maybe short-term solutions are a good quick-fix option. However, if you are lacking energy on a daily basis, then you need to find solutions that can help you to feel better more of the time.

Unfortunately, feeling good is something that many of us don’t spend much time considering. We are always putting our needs behind those of our families, jobs, friends, etc. It’s as if we have been trained to forgo our own happiness out of some mistaken belief that it is our job to put others’ well-being before our own.

Maybe we don’t consider ourselves important enough or worthy enough to have a happy and fulfilling life. Or maybe we have been told that life is not about being happy and satisfied!

Whatever the reason, I’m here to suggest to you that ‘There is nothing more important than the way WE feel.’ And for us to feel good, we have to be full of vital energy. So, how can we increase our overall energy levels so that we are enthusiastic about our lives for more of the time?

What are some long-term ways to increase your energy levels?

Man standing on top of mountain banner for Midas Manifestation1) Change the people you hang out with: If we are living or working with negative people, it’s going to have a negative and draining impact on us. We need to either get out of there or change the way we interact with them. The people we associate with will either drain our energy or boost it. Are your friends and co-workers supportive and upbeat, or are they robbing you of vital energy?

2) Change your environment: If we are living in a low-vibrational home and hanging out in unhealthy environments, move! Try to spend as much time as possible in upbeat places that enrich your sense of well-being. Trade the dark and gloomy pubs and clubs with mind-numbing hypnotic music for places where there is sunshine, fresh air, and plenty of vibrant nature.

3) Examine your lifestyle choices: Are you getting enough good quality sleep? Is your diet full of healthy nutritious foods? Are you exercising regularly to maintain a fit and healthy body? Are you spending some time alone each to reflect on your life and the choices you are making?

4) Do you have set goals: People who set goals have a definite purpose. They know what direction to head in and are generally excited to devote time and effort to the pursuit of their goals each day. Our enthusiasm is a great motivator and we are able to increase our energy just by being passionate about our goals.

“Think about every good thing in your life right now. Free yourself of worrying. Let go of the anxiety, breathe. Stay positive, all is well.” ― Germany Kent

5) Cut out or reduce things that stress you out or don’t make you happy: It’s difficult to be happy in a situation that is stressful or that we don’t like. So rather than forcing ourselves to be happy, the easier solution is to reduce the amount of time we are exposing ourselves to undesirable situations.

CD picture of Zen 12 product6) In general, DO LESS STUFF: When we are always busy, our energy gets spread out over many different situations. We may have 900 ‘friends’ on social media, belong to several clubs, and socialize a couple of times a week. Remember, our energy is finite. So the more we are trying to do, the more energy we lose and the less quality we can give to each activity/person. For more information check out my post: Why Am I Always Tired, Sleepy, And Have No Energy? (6 Different Types Of Energy Vampires And How to Best Protect Your Energy)

 7) Cultivate a small network of supportive people: We are social animals by nature and thrive when we have a supportive group of positive, enthusiastic, and energetic people around us. Be the best friend you can be to others. Be uplifting and encouraging and expect the same from them when you need it. Make sure you laugh, smile, and have lots of fun together….. This is what a good life is all about!

8) Learn practices that actively build your energy: Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, active breathing, and martial arts, are just a few of the many practices available that are designed to improve our physical and mental well-being. And by definition, a healthy body and mind is an energized body and mind. And if you begin now, your future self will be forever grateful for this positive investment in your future well-being.

Your life is your choice! What are you choosing today?

At any time, you have the power to choose what you are thinking. Sure, there is stuff happening, there’s always stuff happening and it influences how we think. Someone may have cut us off in traffic, and we resorted to our normal automatic response of…… (I can’t type those words here.) It was a choice we made unconsciously based on our past programming. And it didn’t help to raise our energy/vibration!

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quizThe biggest secret to maintaining our energy is to stop giving it away by drifting through life in autopilot mode. We are in autopilot mode when we are not consciously aware of our actions and reactions but are just behaving based on our previous habits. And according to psychologists, more often than not, these habits are negatively biased….. meaning they deplete us of vital energy.

So, if we want to improve our lives, the biggest step we can take towards making positive changes is to become more consciously aware of how we are feeling more of the time.

And always, always, always, aim for the best feeling thought possible under all circumstances.

8 thoughts on “How Can I Increase My Energy? (4 Quick Fixes, And 8 Permanent Fixes For A Better Life)

  1. Your article on increasing energy levels is really insightful! The quick fixes are a great start, but it’s the long-term solutions that can truly transform your life. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips!

  2. This is such a fantastic post.

    Useful tips for short-term and long-term energy growth that should seem like common sense, but I know I don’t always follow them. I will say if I’m feeling tired or low of energy my wife makes me do 10-15 push-ups and it’s incredible how much of a pick-me-up that provides! I think everyone can learn from the tips you have outlined here and it’s a good reminder to live your life with a purpose.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and putting these tips together!

    1. Hi Derek.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post.
      Your wife is doing you a favor by making you do press-ups when you are feeling tired. A little exercise gets the blood flowing and really helps to stimulate our whole system, physically, emotionally, and mentally. It seems like this should be common sense, but unfortunately, so many of us have developed bad habits that we no longer intuitively know what’s good for us.

      I wish you well,

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for another such inspiring article. I really enjoy reading your posts. There is so much empathy and optimism.
    I found this post very useful especially nowadays when our energy is completely depleted. Many people suffer from a lack of energy and will. And that’s all because, like you said, they don’t have good habits.
    The tips you have given for raising life energy are great. You’re absolutely right about energy vampires. I think this is one of the main causes of lack of energy in people. Bad relationships wear us out and it is very difficult to get out of them. But I think it’s just necessary to make a decision and be firm and persistent.

    We don’t need a psychologist and a comforter with your texts. You do a great job. Keep up the amazing work!

    All the best,

    1. Thank you so much, Danijela.

      Your kind words mean a lot to me and encourage me to keep writing in the hopes of inspiring more people to realize their potential for creating great lives for themselves.

      Bad relationships are definitely a source of energy depletion fr many people. The only upside to a bad relationship is that we get to understand what it is we don’t want. And once we know this, we can begin to formulate a clearer idea of what we do want.

      Although we can leave a bad relationship in an instant, we are still the same person that was previously in it and affected by it. Significant change, for most of us, takes time. And as you say, if we are firm and persistent in knowing what we do want, then our journey of changing ourselves into the person we need to become so that we can get what we want can begin.

      I wish you a happy journey, every step along the way 🙂

  4. This is an excellent post and a good reminder to keep energy vampires out of my life. I live in the middle of nature, so it’s a very relaxing environment. I spend a lot of time sitting when I work on my laptop but I always remind myself to get up and stretch and go for a walk, just be active. I take frequent walking breaks in between during the day.

    A few days ago I’ve also started running in the mornings, only for 10 minutes – I’m starting slowly but I’ll work up to more – and in the afternoons I’m doing a half-hour aerobics or aerobics/dancing. It is true that exercise is not only good for our bodies but it makes us feel better, more energized. I’ll keep on doing this exercise.

    I’m sometimes guilty of cursing those words you can’t write 😉 when there are stressful situations in traffic but I try to remind myself to stay calm. Having those little bursts of anger depletes us of our energy, so I’m trying to be mindful about it.

    1. Living in nature is good for us, mind, body, and soul. The energy is fresh and alive compared to what is available in busy cities. Good for you, Christine, for making this wise choice.
      I too love to exercise, and could not imagine my life without it. I get to deal with all types of people on a daily basis and can see that the ones who neglect their bodies and their minds are always the unhealthiest. I don’t understand why they cannot see the connection for themselves between a healthy mind and a healthy body?

      I have to say again that life is a journey, and that having the occasional outburst or negative rant is not a huge problem. the important thing is that you are aware of it, and are therefore in control of how you are going to respond. Awareness is an important milestone on the way to self-mastery 🙂

      Have a great day,

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