How Can I Manifest Multiple Things At Once?

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You already can, and do manifest multiple things at once. However, if you’re asking this question, it means you’re still not yet fully ‘tuned in’ to how things are manifested.

So, in this article I’ll explain:

– How manifestation works,

– Why you are already manifesting multiple things at the same time,

– How you can use the manifestation process to get more of the things you want,

– And how to stop manifesting the things you don’t want.

I know it’s unsettling when you first learn that it is you who is manifesting the wanted as well as the unwanted stuff into your life. We manifest the unwanted stuff unintentionally and it’s happening because we don’t yet fully understand the manifestation process.

However, be assured that Universal Law is absolute and does not only work in only one direction or only sometimes…. It is absolute and WE ALL receive ALL things and ALL circumstances into our lives according to these fixed laws. Our saving grace is that once we understand the laws, we can ‘magically’ transform our lives!

How Can I Manifest Multiple Things At Once?

The Law of Attraction, (of Cause and Effect, of Vibration) is responsible for ALL things and ALL circumstances in your life. If you come to understand and apply this Universal Law, you will ‘magically’ transform your life. Not only will manifest multiple things you desire at once, but you will become a better person….. And the world will be a better place because you are in it, and you will be fulfilling your purpose for coming here.

How Does Manifestation Work?

We exist in a universe that operates on fixed laws based on attraction, NOT ASSERTION. This means that there is no one else asserting their will upon you and creating unwanted stuff into your life….. UNLESS YOU ARE ALLOWING THEM TO DO SO!

And if you are allowing others to influence, control, or manipulate your life, you are still responsible for the results you receive…. Yes, you are allowing these things to happen because you do not understand how things and circumstances are created. You have unintentionally allowed all the ‘unwanted stuff’ in your life.Manifest Multiple Things At Once- Womans Hand Glowing With Creative Energy

I won’t repeat myself here, but for a breakdown of how this process works, check out my previous article: How Can I Manifest The Things I want Into My Life?

Briefly, it is our energy, our vibration, that is attracting things and circumstances into our lives. The most important thing we need to know about this is that our energy, our vibration, is something that we can have complete control over…..

Our feelings are our guide to what is happening with our vibration… feeling good means we are vibrating in harmony with our desires, and feeling stink means we are out of tune with, or not getting what we want at this moment.

Fortunately, we are the ones in control of our minds…. We alone have the power to manage the way we feel. And we do this by managing our thoughts. This means that it is our minds, or more specifically our dominant thought patterns that are the ‘Attracting/Manifesting’ power that is creating our lives.

Therefore, to manifest more of the things we desire, we just need to learn how to have better feeling thoughts that align our vibration with the vibration of what we desire. And we need to practice this ALL THE TIME!

Are You Really Already Manifesting Many Things At Once?

Yes…. You are currently a powerful creator, whether you choose to believe it or not.

However…. YOUR PROBLEM IS THIS: You are not being a responsible creator… You are currently creating lots of crap into your life UNINTENTIONALLY! So if you are unhappy with some aspects of your life, all you have to do is STOP CREATING THIS UNWANTED STUFF NOW!

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Remember: Your life is your creation. It is a result of how you are vibrating in relation to all subjects. This means you have a vibration relative to wealth, relationships, work, health, self-worth, etc….. and you are radiating a specific signal out into the Universal Mind for every subject you have ever had a thought about…. (your thoughts are creative energy.)

…. and the Universal Mind, the Mind of God, has given you, without question, ALL the things and circumstances that your vibration is asking for (resonating with.)

This means that if you’re not happy at work and your thoughts and feelings reflect this…. Guess what? This is the signal you are vibrating out into the Universal Mind…. and this is the signal that the Universal Mind receives and responds to in kind….


This is how attraction works….. and it’s working like this for every aspect of your life. When you are unhappy, feeling lacking, unworthy, unhealthy…. You will get more of this crap to match your vibration.

If you are happy, satisfied, and content in some aspects of your life, you will receive/attract more of these good things…. (Thank You!)

So YES, you are already manifesting many things at once….
You are a manifesting machine… Your energy/vibration is a magnet that is always tuned on and is always ‘asking’ the Universal Mind to give you stuff whether you are aware of it or not. And you receive in accordance with your vibration…… It cannot be any other way in this universe of attraction.Manifest Multiple Things At Once-Busy Wizard

But…. What about if your boss was mean to you, or your business failed because of what someone else did, or your partner left you, etc…. Learn this and you will take control of your life….

There is no assertion…

YOUR predominant thought patterns created the energy that ‘attracted’ these things into your life….


How Can I Stop Manifesting Unwanted Stuff Into My Life?

Everything in our lives has come to us either through a ‘conscious process’ of creating it, or unconsciously because we didn’t pay attention to what we were thinking about. And because of this, our lives are mostly a mix of wanted and unwanted stuff.

Wouldn’t it be really good if there was less of the unwanted stuff? We’ll get to that in a moment….

But for now, we are where we are, and our lives are as they are… and we can’t change that!

But we can change what our future is going to be like.
And, I’m guessing you would like to make it a better future than the life you are currently living. Yes???

So, how do we do it?

There are two ways…. And the first one is we need to stop manifesting unwanted stuff. The second of course is to manifest more wanted stuff!

Now that you know it is your thoughts that create your feelings. And your feelings translate into your vibration…. Your vibration is the metaphysical aspect of you that is asking the Universal Mind for matching results…..

….. And, the Universal Mind delivers us what we ask for, nothing more and nothing less. So if you stop having negative thoughts you will no longer attract negative stuff! It’s so simple, right?…. In theory anyway….

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However, practically, we have been conditioned to believe a lot of crap about life that just isn’t true, as well as being constantly distracted by all the stuff that’s happening around us every day. And this makes it almost impossible to think as Jesus Christ or Buddha did.

The ‘ideal’ for us would be to have only desirable, loving, and compassionate thoughts in our minds, 24 hours a day, every day of our lives….. but we don’t!

With that in mind, the best we can do is to become aware of when we are having negative thoughts and which ones we have most often. Because it is these habitual thoughts that are attracting the unwanted stuff into our lives.

Your conscious awareness of the unwanted negative thoughts you are thinking is the necessary first step to creating positive change.

And you begin creating a better life by transforming the negative thoughts into something that can be used to your advantage. However, first, you must become aware of them.

Then, ask yourself, is this thought (every thought) adding positive or negative energy to the future I am manifesting?…. And then, do I really want to attract stuff into my life that resonates with this negative thought?

& Magic Energy Experiments banner adProbably not! Next, try to understand why you are thinking these negative thoughts. And then overwrite them with positive thoughts about stuff that you do wish to be included in your future.

If you can do this process often, before long, it will become an automatic habit…. and when it is, you are guaranteed to get less and less of the unwanted stuff in your life.

How Can I Use The Manifestation Process To Get Only The Things I Want?

So, this is the second way we can make our future lives better than our current reality.

This is when we consciously focus on creating our desired outcomes more of the time…. (because by now we understand that we no longer need to unconsciously accept stuff we don’t want in our lives as we have been doing up to now.)

Instead, we now understand that manifestation isn’t magic, it’s not luck or chance, and it’s not only for others. We too can manifest the life of our dreams…

However, it does require your sustained attention on that which you want, as well as the exclusion of all thoughts that don’t ‘fit’ with what you want to manifest.

How Can I Manifest Multiple Things At Once- Womans Face Surrounded By Creative EnergyThis means you need to be very clear about what it is you want to manifest AND to create a positive vibration around it. For example, if you want more money in your life, feel and see yourself enjoying the extra money instead of asking for it from a place of need or desperation.

The vibration that you create in each case is completely different. Creating a positive vibration will get you the extra money you want. And the vibration of feeling ‘NEEDY’ will just create more neediness in your life…. not something you are wanting.

The Bible says it like this: “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.” Matthew 25:29

Therefore, focus only on what you want. And YES, you can focus on multiple things at once…. and you will receive them according to your ability to ‘feel like it is already yours.’ The more you feel it, the sooner it comes.

To learn more about reprogramming your subconscious mind to attract the things you want, check out another of my posts: Eddie Sergey’s ‘15 Minute Manifestation Made Easy’ Program

Why Not Think Bigger?

Manifestation is not only reserved for small things like a few more dollars, a new car, the perfect partner, etc. The Law of Attraction does not place any limits on what you can manifest.

So, why not think big? Why not transform your whole life by creating an exciting new story….. one that includes your ever-evolving desires for a more fantastic life?

All you have to do is dream up a new concept of yourself, one that includes all of your goals, dreams, and desires fulfilled. Then, allow The Law of Attraction to do the rest…..

Creating a better life story is an easy way to manifest multiple things at once. Why, because attraction happens because of the way we feel (our vibration.) And if we can feel what it is like to be living our better life now, we will attract these things to us.

The best way to begin this process is to begin daydreaming of how your life ‘IS IMPROVED’ because some of your desires ‘HAVE ALREADY MANIFESTED.’ Just keep imagining it (fake it until you make it.) Then just keep adding a few new things (feelings) into the story occasionally.

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And if you can really imagine and ‘feel’ yourself living this better story, it WILL manifest as your life! Your aligned vibration with what you want will instruct the Universal Mind to make it happen…. It is Universal Law and it cannot be any other way.

However…. it’s important to realize that this is a process that takes time…. and it is a process that you can engage in for the rest of your lives…. because, why not?????? Why not always imagine that your life is getting better and better…. mine is, and I’m loving the journey!

So, how committed are you to having a great life? I hope you realize that you have the power to make it better, and it begins now with what you are thinking, NOW and NOW and NOW….. and NOW

Your future is only a possibility…. And the possible future you will live in is dependent on the thought vibrations you are creating most often… So why not reach for a better feeling thought NOW and NOW and NOW…..

The only limits you have are the ones you have set for yourself….. and you have it within you to transcend these limits, beginning now…. So, get passionate about your life and start consciously creating it to be better NOW!

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