How Can I Manifest The Things I Want Into My Life?

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The reality is that WE ARE MANIFESTING ALL THE TIME. Yes, the whole of your current life circumstances is stuff that YOU HAVE manifested……

I hear you say, what, are you mad? That’s just not true!

I know what you’re thinking…. You’re thinking there’s no way you would have intentionally manifested the pain, hardship, fear, doubt, lack, and insecurities that are currently part of your life experience, right?

However, the reality is that anything and everything that is in existence has been created by mental energy. And more specifically, YOUR CURRENT LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE A RESULT OF THE THOUGHTS YOU HAVE HAD MOST FREQUENTLY THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE. And psychologists tell us that up to 95% of these thoughts are habitual subconscious thoughts, (of which 60% are negatively biased.)

The good news is that since you have created your current reality, you can also create it to be different and better in the future. And the process to do this can be learned and applied, beginning today, to begin manifesting the new and better reality you are wanting to be living.

How Can I Manifest The Things I Want Into My Life?

– Our previous thoughts have created our current reality.

– To begin creating a better reality, you need to clearly and consistently think about what your better future will be like. Why? Because what we focus on expands….

learn how to manifest the things you want- ad for The raikov Effect As If Gift– Then you must FEEL ‘AS IF’ you are already living with these desires as your CURRENT REALITY.

– This means that you can no longer have thoughts contrary to what you are wanting to manifest. Why?…. Because, what you focus on expands…. AND YOU DON’T WANT MORE OF THE NEGATIVE CRAP TO EXPAND INTO YOUR LIFE!

– Expressing gratitude for all the good things you see and experience every day will cause your vibration to raise and will quicken your desired manifestations.

– Some inspired action may be required (but not necessarily) to ‘attract’ your new desires into your life.

Let me explain in more detail…..

Everything That We Have Manifested Was First Created In Our Minds.

Jesus said it like this: “And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, BELIEVING, you shall receive.” – Matthew 21:22

Notice he said ‘BELIEVING’…. This is mental energy…..

Buddha said: “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” “Thinking”…. More mental energy…..

And according to the first principle of the Hermetic texts, Hermes Trismegistus (known by the ancient Egyptians as “the great-great” and “master of masters) teaches that: THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”— The Kybalion.

Our thoughts are the creative energy that brings our material conditions into existence.

I find it very sad that there are so many examples throughout history where the greatest teachers have tried to impart this fundamental truth about our reality. And yet, our modern ‘education’ system is not teaching these truths to many generations of students already.

In effect, we are being denied the knowledge, and therefore the ability to create our lives the way we wish them to be.

However, all is not lost because the truth about manifesting awesome lives is known and available for all of us…. but only if you sincerely seek it and know where to look…..

…. and the masters all tell us that we must look within.

Yes, it is in our minds that we create our realities. And to create the reality we want we need to learn the ‘Mental Laws’ that govern all of creation and then intelligently apply them to our lives….. instead of just using our minds in a haphazard and unfocused manner.

I’m sure you have all experienced periods in your life when you just seemed to be ‘tuned in.’ It’s at these times when all the cards seem to be stacked in your favor and everything seems to magically turn out right for you….. this is what it’s like to be in touch with our inner creative energies.

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At times, you get the best car park, the money appears to pay all the bills or buy a new dress, and you meet the right person at the right time to get you an answer to the question you have. This is being ‘tuned in’ and it’s a state of being. It’s a state when we are vibrating in harmony with our higher self (our soul self.) And it is a state we can learn to be in more of the time……

This is what manifesting great lives is all about…. It requires us to be in sync (to attract synchronicities) with our desires….. instead of manifesting a lot of random crap based on the unfocused thoughts that are rampaging freely through our minds.

A focused mind creates desired realities…. An unfocused mind creates the random stuff most of us call our current realities…..

The Law of Attraction Corresponds To The 6th Hermetic Principle of “Cause and Effect.”

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”—The Kybalion.

When we don’t understand the Universal Laws of Creation, we believe that things ‘just happen’ and therefore our lives are random, subject to luck, chance, fate, etc.

However, there are no such things. ALL Universal Laws are fixed. This means that everything that happens in our lives,(EVERYTHING), happens according to law. And when we understand the laws, we can work with them to bring about our desired results/circumstances (effects.)

The sad thing is that majority of people have learned, and accept, that they are subject to the will of others who are stronger than them, their environment, and their genetics. They are obedient to an uncertain environment and take whatever comes their way … they are constantly reacting to circumstances that life is putting in their way.


…. to become someone who can manifest our lives the way we want them to be. We are here to learn to become the ‘causer,’ the one creating, instead of the one reacting to ‘effects’ that we wrongly consider to be random.

How Can I manifest Things I Want-Man standing on top of mountain banner for Midas Manifestation….. and the way we do this is by raising our vibration so we can operate at a higher level of consciousness…

This is not something special, difficult, or extraordinary. It merely requires that we become the master of our moods, character, qualities, energy, and the environment surrounding us. And then we become the shapers of our reality rather than pawns who are tossed around by the will of others and the ever-changing environment.

And when you have learned to become the ‘causer’ of your life’s circumstances, you can really begin to have fun and Play the Game of Life in any way you choose. You will no longer be played by others and tossed about by the ever-changing environment.

What Is The Process Of Manifesting The Things I Want Into My Life?

As I mentioned earlier, manifesting is a skill we can all learn, and one we will continue to get better at with more practice. And the practice involves training our minds to focus on the stuff we want to manifest instead of allowing our minds to randomly think without focus for most of our waking hours.

How does this work practically in our lives?

Our limiting thoughts come from what we have previously learned. Most of us probably learned how to manage money from others who themselves were not wealthy. We learned about love from observing those closest to us, dramas on TV, etc. Were they good role models who were in unconditionally loving relationships themselves?

And we learned that money, not fun and health, is the most valuable thing to chase. Therefore, most of us spend at least 40 hours a week, 49 weeks a year, for 40+ years of our lives doing stuff that we would rather not be doing…. just for the paycheck at the end of the week.

We learned about life from people who were themselves trapped in an ever-repeating cycle of toil and suffering instead of those who have really got their act together, who can and do understand and apply the Universal Laws of Creation in their daily lives!

And that sucks!

Imagine if we were taught the rules when we were young…. how different your life would be now…..

What We Needed To Learn Was This:

Our conscious mind is the gatekeeper to our infinitely powerful subconscious mind. However, most of us are allowing too many limiting and negative thoughts to go through the gate, and our subconscious mind is creating our lives according to these inferior thoughts….. exactly as it did for those who programmed us with those limiting beliefs!

NOW…… to change your life for the better, you need to understand that who you are is not the end of your story. Who you are now is just a collection of beliefs that you have accumulated throughout your life- and these beliefs can be changed….. reprogrammed so that you can attract the things you desire into your experience…..

…. it begins with you being open to the possibility of getting everything that you want! for wealth creation Logo
Why not begin today to reprogram your subconscious to align with your goals and dreams? can show you how.

If we only allow thoughts that align with our goals and dreams to go through our conscious mind’s ‘gate,’ then it wouldn’t be long before our subconscious neural pathways are reprogrammed to ‘attract’ these things into our lives.

Yes, we can reprogram our subconscious minds making us richer in every respect….. better relationships, more abundance, healthier, wealthier, happier, and wiser than ever before.

Follow This Proven Process To Manifest The Stuff You Want Into Your Life!

Free Guided meditation from The BioEnergy Code– Learn to focus your thoughts: Because, whatever you focus on, expands.

– Think about what does the ideal day look like for you?

– Get really clear about your intentions. This means not thinking about your limiting beliefs…. only the positive desired outcomes.

– Reprogram your body, mind, and emotions with how it feels to be living your perfect day now.

– Allow yourself to live in the feeling of your wish fulfilled. The house, cars, love, confidence… and practice these feelings every day to create new neural pathways that will turn your desires into reality.

– Remember when you were most confident? What did it feel like, look like, and how will your life be made better if you felt like this for more of the time….

– Spend time every day doing things you love and be grateful that there is so much to love in your life….. because nothing is more important than the way we feel!

– Learn to meditate, use NLP, EMT, Hypnosis, and other techniques to speed up the reprogramming of your subconscious mind to make your desires manifest more quickly…..

– Appreciate all that is currently in your life. Because after all, you would not be here now if you were not as you are now. What you appreciate, appreciates, and it’s true that love, fun, and joy multiply when recognized and appreciated.

– Take action when you are inspired to do so. This is co-creating WITH the universe…. And we are here to learn how to be creators…. not have everything given to us.

It’s not about working hard, but more about recognizing when action is inspired by an inner nudge, our intuition, or gut feelings. And if we follow these feelings and feel great along the way, the journey of our life will surely be a very rewarding and satisfying experience!

And if you want to learn more about


check out this video to learn the proven method by multi-millionaire,

manifestation coach, Carl Harvey

How Can I Manifest Things I Want

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