How Can I Stay In A High Vibrational State For Longer?

How Can I Stay In A High Vibrational State For Longer-smiley faces

We are complex physical, mental, and emotional beings. And our emotions (energy in motion) change throughout the day with how we are feeling. So when we want to know how to stay in a high vibrational state for longer, what we are really wanting to know is “How can I ‘feel good’ more of the time so that my vibration stays high?”

If you’re normally negative, it’s going to take a bit of effort to get there. However, if you’re normally upbeat and are in tune with how you are feeling throughout the day, it will just require a few minor tweaks to help you stay in a high-vibrational state for longer. And with practice, it just gets easier and better all the time!

How Can I Stay In A High Vibrational State For Longer?

Our vibration is the energy field that surrounds us at all times. It is constantly changing concerning what we are thinking, how we are feeling, and what we are doing. This field is made up of the feelings we have about all topics, including love, relationships, health, money, work, etc. If we want to stay in a high-vibrational state for longer, all we need to do is to ‘feel better’ about anything…. And because our feelings are determined by what we are thinking, it means WE NEED TO HAVE MORE THOUGHTS OF A HIGHER-VIBRATIONAL QUALITY.

Why Would You Want To Be In A High-Vibrational State For Longer?

Most people are unaware that feeling better is a choice you can make at any time regardless of your current circumstances. Wanting to feel better is a wise choice because when you are feeling good, you resonate at a higher frequency compared to when you are feeling down. And there are many benefits to having a higher vibration.

When you feel good, you are naturally more confident, fun to be with, healthier, peaceful, more aware of what’s going on, loved and loving, grateful, mentally and emotionally balanced, creative, and inspiring. Therefore, you will easily attract better relationships, circumstances, and opportunities that match your high-vibe state and allow it to continue to grow.

However, unless you have reached a state of enlightenment, it’s impossible to always be in a high-vibrational state…. and neither would you want to….

Why? Because life is a school…. This is where you have come to experience contrast, the good and the bad. Now you think I’m crazy, right? However, if you think about it, if you don’t experience any of the ‘negative’ sides of life occasionally, you don’t realize how lucky you are when you are feeling good!

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quizIf it was dark all the time, we wouldn’t know what ‘light’ is. Up cannot exist without down, in need it’s opposite, out, to make sense, left is meaningless without right! Our world can only exist with duality…. And it is duality, the range of contrast that we experience, that allows us to discern between the different states and then to make choices regarding what we prefer.

You Can Choose to Raise Your Vibration at Any Time, but it’s Not Always Easy!

Even when we clearly understand that being in a high-vibrational state is beneficial, many people do not consciously do what it takes to get there. It seems a little crazy, right?

If you have a clear choice between being happy right now or dwelling on past mistakes, broken relationships, the idiot who cut you off in the traffic, etc. what do you choose?

“Everything in life is vibration.”Albert Einstein

Our thoughts are energy, and they translate into our feelings… our energy in motion. And our feelings/emotions, regarding every subject, manifest as our vibration. So, to get into a high-vibe state, and remain there, all you need to do is have uplifting, happy, and inspiring thoughts ALL THE TIME. That sounds easy, right?

The bottom line is this: What we give our conscious attention to is generating our thoughts. Unfortunately, however, psychologists tell us that most of what we think about is based on unconscious negative habitual thinking patterns. Yes, it seems that we have been programmed to have a negative bias against ourselves and life in general.

Origins Reborn Law Of Attraction BannerAnd this means that many people, unconsciously and sometimes consciously, choose to focus on the ‘negatives’ in their lives rather than the positive stuff that would raise their vibration….

Not everything is going to go our way all the time, so I get that sometimes we all suffer to various degrees. Yes, some pain is guaranteed if you are a living being…. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to dwell on it and keep the story alive by sharing it with everyone you meet.

Reliving stuff that makes you suffer, miserable, and distressed is optional. It all comes down to the choices you make depending on where you allow your thoughts to take you…..

Better Thoughts Are Your Way To A Higher-Vibrational State.

When we think angry thoughts, we feel angry. It then shows up in the language we use, our physical posture, and our vibration. Yes, people can sense when you are angry…. because they can sense your vibe.

Conversely, when you are in love, you radiate a positive vibe, and everyone knows it…..

Your vibration is just a doorway into how you are thinking and feeling about yourself and your life in general. And although you may believe that others are responsible for your vibe because of what they said or did, this can never be the case.

Universal law dictates that we live in a reality based on attraction, not assertion. And because your vibration is a direct result of your thoughts and feelings, The Law Of Vibration/Attraction will manifest
circumstances, events, and people, that match your vibe into your experience. It cannot be any other way!

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For most people, it’s going to take lots of practice to become aware of their thoughts and feelings often throughout the day. However, when you realize that being in a high-vibe state is important to you, you will begin changing your thoughts, words, and actions to reflect the state you want to be in.

We all know things that make us feel better and things and people that bring us down. And if you do more of the ‘good feeling’ stuff, more often, your vibration will remain higher for longer… simple!

And while breaking old patterns from the past may not be easy, it’s not impossible.

Meditation and mindfulness practices are a great way to become more aware of your old self-sabotaging beliefs. And once aware of them, you can begin to reprogram yourself with better high-vibrational thought patterns.
Why not begin today to reprogram your subconscious to align with your goals and dreams? can show you how.

Waking Up In A High Vibrational State Makes It Easier

Everything your feel and do begins with a thought. And if you can wake up and begin your day in a high-vibe state, then it is easy to remain there for longer. Check out my blog Building a Better Life Begins with the First Two Minutes of Every Morning
for ideas on how you can achieve this.

Yes, stuff is going to be coming at you during the day that is going to challenge your resolve to stay in a high-vibrational state…. just as it does for everyone. How you deal with that negative stuff is what is important.

If you recognize that something has your attention that usually brings you down, you can choose to deal with it consciously instead of mindlessly reacting (being in autopilot mode) as you may have done many times in the past.

15-Minute Weight Loss Free Gift ButtonThis gives you the power to act according to your choices…… and if you are wanting to remain in a high-vibe state, your choices will reflect this. When your vibration/feelings are important to you, you will always be aware of how you are feeling and consciously not choose thoughts, words, and actions, that you know will bring you down.

So, jealousy, anger, fear, etc. will be replaced by acceptance, forgiveness, tolerance, etc. And this becomes easier and easier the more you practice.

…. It helps when you understand that you are not your emotions….

Emotions are the body’s response to the specific thoughts and feelings you are having at this time….. but they do not belong to you and this is why they come and go all the time. Becoming more Emotionally Intelligent
is a great way to stop your emotions from controlling the way you feel.

Your Environment Has A Huge Effect On Your Vibration

When I say environment, it means the people we associate with, the places we hang out, the objects we surround ourselves with, our homes, the entertainment we consume, etc…. anything and everything we are exposing our senses to that can make us think, feel, and act or react.

If any of the aspects of your environment are of low vibration, then they will make it more difficult for you to stay in a high-vibe state. It may be one constantly negative friend, a painting on the wall that makes you cringe, the horror shows on TV that you are addicted to, or the feed on Facebook, etc.

When you become aware of your vibration, you begin to realize how it is in constant motion due to where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with….. and the more you begin to separate yourself from the negative aspect of your environment, the easier it will be for you to remain in a high-vibe state for longer.

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However, this does not mean that you need to control everything around you so that you are not being brought down. Instead, it means that you need to exercise more discretion in the way you think, feel, and act concerning what is going on within your environment.

By often taking a moment to pause and take a deep relaxed breath, you can resist the impulse to react habitually to situations and people. And instead, you can choose to look for the positive in all situations and all people… and why would you do this when they are clearly annoying….

….. because there is nothing more important than the way you feel concerning keeping your vibration high, and at this moment and every moment you have the choice to lower or raise your vibration….. what will you choose?

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