How Can We Survive The Coming Economic Collapse?

love, compassion, kindness, and understanding will get us through any challenges!

Our current political systems of government in western societies have become top-heavy. They are burdened by their own sheer size, interconnectedness, interdependentness, and ever-increasing complexity. More and more energy is required to keep the ever-evolving monster that is state and local governments alive and functioning.

It seems to be of no consequence to them how out of control, overbearing, irrelevant, and wasteful they have become as they focus purely on staying alive, at all costs, to the detriment of the people they pretend to represent. Like parasites, many have become damaging to the health of the communities and countries that elected them to power.

How Can We Survive The Coming Economic Collapse?

As a species, we will survive. However, there are many individuals among us who are going to suffer the consequences of their poor decisions. It’s always been this way…. and to best understand how we can survive, we need to understand what has got us into the situation we find ourselves in the first place. Then we can look for the solutions that best suit us as individuals and as family and community groups….. because, the reality is that we cannot survive alone, and really who among us would want to be the ONLY survivor?

What have we learned from history?

History is replete with examples of previous civilizations that peaked and then fell into decline. In the past, these have included the Roman, Spanish, French, British, and Soviet empires just to name a few. All of them, as well as many others, reached points where the benefits gained from their expansion were less than the energy they were required to expend to benefit from that expansion.

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This is not by accident but follows the patterns in the natural world where organisms and structures always have a potential upper limit to growth based on the resources available to them. When the height of civilization is reached, (the best possible scenario is obtained), further improvements cannot be made within the existing system, so it either stagnates or declines to give way to another system or design. Until then, the prevailing system will fight to the death to hold onto the power they have in any way it can.

Science explains this using the second law of thermodynamics: Entropy conquers everything. This means that given enough time, all systems will degrade and wind down to be replaced with something new. This is prevalent in nature and determines the maximum size of ant hills to walrus colonies, as well as in human societies, from the size of communities to the maximum beneficial size and structure of our governmental systems.

What is wrong with our current systems of government?

Over time, complacency within populations allows for our governments to install new rules, regulations, taxes, etc. which may replace the original founding values of any society. And to ensure that their rules are being adhered to, an ever-increasing use of invasive technology is being rolled out. This ‘monitoring technology’ can, and is, being used to control people’s thoughts and behaviors. This is contrary to the reasons we, as people, banded together in groups beginning many thousands of years ago, which was for our mutual benefit and protection.

text review for Manifestation GodsThe productive capacity of western-based economies may have reached a peak within the capitalistic framework that they currently operate. As mentioned, this is because they are approaching a point where it requires more energy to control the system than is extracted from the benefits that the system can provide to its members. The percentage of those working for and deriving benefits from the state outweighs the ability of the state to collect taxes from the others who are not directly funded by them.

A typical solution provided by the governments is to print more fiat-based money, (currency issued by a government or central bank). This actually only maintains the current problems for a while longer, compounds them, and makes it more difficult to rectify when the inevitable abrupt adjustment, or collapse, does happen.

Is it inevitable that our current system will collapse?

We have reached a point of no return where the controllers of our parasitic organisms, the governments, will not willingly give up their control and will fight until the bitter end to ensure that ‘the system’ they profit immensely from will prevail.

However, as they stand, the overbearing complex systems are prone to large-scale corruption and incompetence, and these issues are met with more rules and regulations to further complicate the inefficiencies characteristic within the system.

Obvious solutions exist to prevent the decline of our systems of government, but it is almost predictable that they will not happen. These solutions include less control, less command from the top, less centralization, and less legality and regulatory complexity. This basically means less government control and interference in our business and personal lives. However, the norm over recent years is for increasing interference in both our business and personal lives!

A move to a free market-based system is fairer for producers and consumers alike. For a start, it would mean less corruption because the trade of goods and services is based on needs and wants rather than regulations imposed by controllers who want to ‘get their share’ of any profits in the way of taxes and tariffs. It’s a very simple and fair system for producers and consumers alike!

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How will any sudden changes to our governmental systems affect me?

It may be fortunate that the current systems are nearing collapse, as they are so riddled with corruption. However, it will be a crisis of monumental proportions (for those who are so fixed on this ‘economics is all important’ mentality), and it will precipitate necessary changes from outside of the current system to create a new societal structure.

Survive the economic collapse-four-hands-joined-togetherBy simply recognizing that societies rise and fall as a matter of due course and choosing to accept the impending changes that will occur with a relaxed attitude, we will be better equipped to deal with the aftermath of whatever situation unfolds.

By releasing fear, doubt, and anxiety, relating to the past and perceived future, we will free ourselves to act according to that which is presented moment by moment and be equipped to better respond to help ourselves and others to adjust and rebuild societies based on compassion, tolerance, trust, and cooperation.

Who will help us if our governments collapse?

It will be uncomfortable for many to consider that our current ‘civilization’ may be on the verge of collapsing and also that our governments will be powerless to help us because they will be too busy helping themselves. In reality, their function hasn’t been to help us for a long time now. However, this is to our advantage, as without their meddling and endless regulations, we will be given the opportunity to create the types of societies that better serve us, the majority of its members.

Quantum manifestation Code Reviews-Manifest the life of your dreams buttonHowever, individuals have always stepped up in times of natural disasters to aid their fellow man to thrive in ways that are not possible when bounded by many pointless ‘revenue generating’ regulations and government red tape. Often people are surprised by what they are able to achieve when they are allowed to think for themselves and take control of their own lives.

As individuals, we can all dig deep into our generous, loving, compassionate, and wise true nature to do what is best for all concerned. This is achievable only when the inefficiency, bureaucracy, and corruption of governments, overpowering businesses, and militaries, which distort our worldview, with their desire to control everything, are removed out of our way.

What could a future world be like?

We are constantly being bombarded with movies and TV series depicting the future world after a disaster being populated by ruthless, savage, and selfish human remnants, where anarchy and tyranny rule.

However, this has proven not to be the case as pointed out by American writer, historian, and activist Rebecca Solnit, in a paper entitled, A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster. Rebecca found that:

“The image of the selfish, panicky, or regressively savage human being in times of disaster has little truth to it. Decades of meticulous sociological research on behavior in disasters, from the bombings of World War II to floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and storms across the continent and around the world, have demonstrated this. Horrible in itself, disaster is sometimes a door back into paradise, the paradise at least in which we are who we hope to be, do the work we desire, and are each our sister’s and brother’s keeper.”

Many people won’t know what to do when things change!

 It is important to approach all things new with a sense of wonder and to be excited about newness as in this way we can challenge ourselves to become more human, more loving, and more compassionate. It is when we realize that we cannot stand alone, that there is really no point in surviving alone that we can reach out and help others in need. We will all be surprised by what we can learn from others that can help us practically survive and what we can learn about ourselves, spiritually, by giving of ourselves in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Crisis, by definition, is both danger and opportunity. Our limited intellects are unable to grasp all the complexities that life has to offer us, so it is by releasing the need to ‘understand’ and just going with ‘the flow of life’ that we will be able to maximize our experiences. In this way, we reveal to ourselves what we have learned about life and what we understand about our-self by how we react in any new situations.

We should all look forward to any opportunities that help us to become the master of our own destinies. And if we can realize that life is an ‘internal experience’ we free ourselves to choose the life we wish to create for ourselves. Try to wake up and see life for the adventure that it is- an adventure full of educational opportunities and an amazing variety of different entertainment and it is up to us how we choose to react in all situations! That’s all! So release all fear for the future, and just go with the flow of whatever is happening! Enjoy each and every day as it presents itself for our pleasure.

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If you have any thoughts on any aspect of this post, please share them in the comments section below. I would love to hear what you think.

Shared with love and respect for all beings with the intention of helping to create a better world for all of its inhabitants.



8 thoughts on “How Can We Survive The Coming Economic Collapse?

  1. Wow, great article here! I totally agree with you about the governments and the people chosen by us to represent us.
    In my opinion, it is already everything about power and nothing about doing the job we were voting them to do it. I think they are simply sick people, with damaged minds. Maybe I am a bit too tough about them, but sure as hell they deserve it…
    Anyway, our salvation can only be individual – in my opinion – and only after we succeed in being good with ourself, we can hope to go united and fight back.

    1. These people who believe they are in control only have power because as individuals we allow them to tell us how we can live our lives. The fault is ours as we have given our power away to them because we do not accept responsibility for our own lives. I agree with you that ‘our salvation can only be individual.’ It is we who must regain authority over our own lives. This can be very difficult as we were born into a system that conditions us to be small and powerless. The system continually tells us that they have power over us and have the right to tell us how to live our lives.
      However, we must remember that for every one of them who claim power over us, there are hundreds of thousands of us. So, we just need to wake up, take a stand and say enough! Fortunately, there are many people who are now doing this and the ‘control systems’ are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the status quo.
      Life is becoming a lot more interesting as more people are waking up to their potential and are no longer willing to be told that they have to live within narrow and constricted parameters.
      I wish you well on your journey, Kind regards,

  2. I agree with you that governments control economics, military, and information (monitoring technology) seem to be solely concerned with over expanding to ‘accommodate’ territories’ to exert pressure on them, in order to increase resources for personal gain. The sad part about this is the population as a whole may not actually see this. Once the people that elect them to become aware of these problems never being adequate solved by their government I’m afraid there may be some retaliation from the common folks. I wish that political members could see this as clearly as you do, otherwise, we may all become part of some tragedy when the country becomes unstable due to social unrest. That is so true eventual governments of today may decline like Romans, French, British, and so on.
    Communism doesn’t seem to work because how can you share equally when not everyone can or won’t work to the same degree through labor output, especially when their leaders are making sure they get most of the resources.
    Capitalism seems to be problematic when you see power mongers using their educative knowledge to secretly claim most of the wealth for themselves. Free markets sound reasonable considering it comes down to decentralizes the control of economics from the few to the majority based on what they need. The question is are we ready to take the reins in our hands as the people or are we programmed to fully depend on the politicist to handle monetary power?

    1. Hi Linda. Many thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. The fact that the majority of people still rely on the current system proves to us that we as a society are not yet ready to be responsible for our own lives. We are still asking and expecting ‘others’ to make many decisions for us, and of course, in return, these ‘others’ take more than their fair share of the pie! One by one we are waking up to the scam that is big business and I am sure that in time, we as individuals will demand more control over our own lives. I wish you all the best.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Very interesting article. This is something that resonates to me in today’s world. Nice to see that someone captured it in a very well articulated article.


    1. Hi Andrea. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am glad that it resonated with you. I hope to see you back here again soon.
      Kind regards,

  4. Hi Andrew,

    A great post and I like what you said about crisis as danger and opportunity, and I think that is when we often change the most. We start relying more on ourselves, and realize more that we are the master of our lives. Those experiences are bittersweet and if we increase our emotional intelligence as you mentioned in another post we grow and become empathetic to people and reach out more to help.

    1. Hi Phyllis. Thanks for your comments. You have got it! By changing our mindset to one that encompasses change as an opportunity, we empower ourselves to cope with any new situations that may arise. Once we regain our balance and are well adjusted to the change, we are then in a great position to help others that need it. We will not be alone, as others will also step up and offer assistance to those in need. I believe that sharing and supporting are fundamental human traits as deep down we realize that we are all in this together. It is only those that are lost in fear that put their own personal wellbeing above all others.
      i wish you well on your journey 🙂 Kind regards,

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