How do I learn to meditate: The 2 biggest secrets to help you learn meditation that actually work!

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There is so much information available on how to meditate. You have to sit like this, do it at this time of the day, for this amount of time, and you must achieve a certain ‘state of mind’ for it to be successful. The information is so varied and often contradictory that it makes it difficult to know “Hoe do I learn to meditate.”

I’m here to tell you now that: Anyone who tells you that you must follow their guidelines precisely to achieve a specific result is not helping you at all! We are all different and we will all achieve a meditative state in our own way, in our own time. The number one secret is to be relaxed in your approach when learning how to meditate. Then, number two: it is important to have no expectations. I’ll add more details about how these 2 tips will help you meditate successfully later in this post. But first, before understanding “how do I learn to meditate?” we should understand What is meditation?

What is meditation?

How do I learn to Meditate- CD picture of Zen 12 productMeditation is the practice of becoming aware of our ‘internal world.’ Constantly, throughout our busy days, our senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and most importantly, our sight are working overtime and they determine what thoughts our mind is having. We are constantly distracted from our ‘self’ and exist in a reactionary mode to stuff that is happening outside of us, or in our ‘external world.’

The aim of a meditation practice is to bring our awareness back to our physical sensations and also to become aware of the thought processes of our mind while it is free from external distractions. We know we are meditating when we are aware of how we are feeling and when we are able to be an ‘observer’ to our thoughts without any judgment of how we are feeling or what we are thinking. If we are judging ourselves in any way at all, we are still using our reactionary mind, and therefore we are not really able to observe the ‘truth of the moment.’

What are the benefits of meditation?

The benefits of meditation are actually awesome! There are many and they cover the full spectrum from mental health, physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual development. A few of the benefits of meditation include:

  • Stress reduction and a decrease in anxiety lead to improved emotional stability,
  • Increased attention span leads to a more focused and creative mind,
  • Improved confidence and problem-solving abilities,
  • As the body learns to become more relaxed, general overall physical, mental, and emotional health improves,
  • Our problems become smaller allowing for increased happiness,
  • Blood pressure reduces as does tension related aches and pains,
  • Increased self-awareness leads to an expanded awareness of our connection to the environment,
  • A realization of how vast and peaceful our inner space is,
  • Our meditations emit a vibration into the environment of peace, calmness, and joy.
  • Improved sleep patterns and helps to build stronger relationships.

Many more benefits can be researched online, but here I just want to give you an overall impression of how meditation is beneficial to you and the whole environment. So do you think after reading the above list that it is worth spending time on a meditation practice? I cannot believe anyone would say no.


How should I sit and how often should I meditate?

What is the best position to be in for meditation? Before beginning, it is important to set up a space that you will use for your meditations. This can be as simple as your favorite armchair, a place to lie down on the grass outside, sitting on the clifftop overlooking the bay, lying down on your bed, sitting in a lotus position with a straight back, or standing on your head if this is comfortable for you.

There is no right or wrong place or posture. Sure, some choices are better than others, but for now, just find somewhere and some posture that you will be comfortable in. Don’t make a big deal about it!

Manifestation God's free audio offerThe important thing is that you need to be able to remain still and focused for the duration of the meditation. Once you have an area and a posture sorted out, and you continue to return to this space with the intention to meditate, your mind will naturally become more relaxed as it understands, because of repetition, what you are here to do.

For how long should I meditate and how often? We all lead different lifestyles and have different forces fighting for our attention, so the answer is going to be up to you. It is those people with the busiest, most demanding lives that would benefit the most from a regular meditation practice, and yet it is these people that have the most difficulty putting aside time to meditate.

A short time each day is preferable to a long time once a week.

Even five to ten minutes, to begin with, is enough for your body to start deriving benefits from the deep relaxation that meditation delivers. Your mind and body, within a short period of time, will begin to crave more time out as it realizes the benefits that de-stressing brings. The key to benefiting from meditation is to make it regular. Once or even twice a day will yield noticeable beneficial results within a short time.

How can I empty my mind?

Help, my thoughts are out of control!

It is a common misconception that meditation is a process by which we clear our minds of all thoughts. The mind is actually there to think, that is its job, and it is very, very, good at its job! So forget about emptying your mind for now, and instead bring your NON-JUDGEMENTAL attention to what is going on with your body and mind.

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It is by reducing our stress levels and improving our ability to concentrate that we will develop the potential to become more aware of ourselves, (physically, emotionally, and mentally,) our environment, and the connections between the two. If your thoughts are getting the better of you, go here to learn how I was able to, and you also can rewrite your negative thought patterns with Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Technologies  (The Medici Code) to create positive outcomes in your life.

How do I learn to Meditate?

Easy Meditation for beginners:

Begin in a comfortable relaxed position. Take a few deep relaxed breaths, full inhales in through the nose and full exhales out through the nose. Then relax the breath and let it find its own natural rhythm. If you wish to continue breathing through the mouth, that is OK.

Have no expectation of how your breath should be, and just do whatever feels natural for you, whatever makes you feel the most relaxed. Just observe the breath as it naturally flows in and out. If you are distracted, just relax, and once again return your focus to your breath. It is common to be distracted often when beginning meditation. Don’t get hung up on this!

Did you notice how often the word relax was used above, and that it is in BOLD text? Can you guess why?

Beginners may want to spend a few weeks to a month building up their ability to concentrate by remaining focused solely on their breath for their entire practice. This helps to develop strength of mind allowing for greater clarity and insightfulness.

After the ability to concentrate on the breath for extended periods is developed, we can move on to the really cool stuff! You will get to observe how your mind is working! We can use meditation as an exercise for the brain, and we can train our minds to enhance positive characteristics and to weed out undesirable characteristics like stress, doubt, anger, and fear: but only if we are relaxed about the whole process.

So now we want to relax our focus away from our natural breath and become like a visitor who is observing our thoughts. You are not your thoughts, they are things that are passing through your mind based on how you are programmed. You know this because you can actually observe your thoughts with detachment! This means having no emotional, physical, or mental reaction to them.

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Just allow yourself to see your thoughts for what they are: Programs that your mind has built up over the years based on all the information you have ever been exposed to! Practice, practice, and practice being the observer, and you will learn so much about how your habitual thoughts have either been working for you or working against you while you are trying to create the life you want. Information on how we can change thought patterns to actively create the life of our dreams can be found here.

Can music help me learn to meditate?

Can I use pillows, candles, scented oils, etc?

As I said at the beginning of this article, there is no right or wrong way to meditate. If you can remember the two biggest secrets to successful meditation, (being relaxed and having no expectations,) given time you will just naturally slip into a practice that suits you. Remember, repetition is a major key to success here.

Yes, you can use whatever props you want. If something helps you to relax, it is beneficial. However, I wouldn’t recommend a bed of nails for beginners. That’s strictly for the advanced yogis. If you like certain oils, music, or candles, use them, and enjoy them.

There is no right or wrong way to learn to meditate!

If you are having difficulty meditating you are actually trying too hard. That is all. Remember this: Successful meditation requires no effort!

Most people who give up meditating do so because they are trying to achieve something- like seeing stars in their heads, a candle flame, an enlightened deity, or something else that they have been told to look for or mentally create.

I told you at the beginning of this post, the number one secret to creating a successful meditation practice is to relax! Let go of everything that you currently think you know about meditation because chances are most of it is stopping you from actually achieving a meditative state, and just relax into the practice of ‘self-awareness.’

The number two secret is to have no expectations, but to just observe things as they are, not as you expect them to be, not as you want them to be, but as they actually are in the present moment. This is the practice of ‘Mindfulness.’

If you get tangled up in your thoughts or distracted by stuff that is happening external to yourself, IT IS OK!

Never ever judge yourself harshly, as a failure, or say I can’t do this. These negative thoughts create stress when your desire, at this moment, to be at peace. Just become aware of the fact that you are distracted and let it go. Go back to being aware of your breath and let go, let go, and let it all go.

I hope this blog helps some of you and encourages others of you to begin, or return to, a regular meditation practice. It is important for us to come to know ourselves better so that we can regain control of our lives. We can then live with passion and purpose and focus on creating the life we desire for ourselves, instead of accepting the one that is thrust upon us because of the ignorance of our own creative potential.

If you haven’t read it already, go to my post on The Law of Attraction to learn how we can change our lives into an adventure that is worth being present for.

As always, I share with love in the hope that the information on this page will at least make someone’s life a little brighter. If you have any comments, or suggestions on how to meditate, please leave them in the comments section below. I would love to read them.

With love and light,



30 thoughts on “How do I learn to meditate: The 2 biggest secrets to help you learn meditation that actually work!

  1. Thank you for the breathing advice to focus on, even if it takes weeks!
    Now I have the means to get into a relaxed state of mind.
    Previously I would give up because my mind is too busy and I have no control … lol
    I read that once your mind is still you can start focusing on a goal by tuning into its frequency, and only when you are on the same frequency will it manifest with frequent repetition, and every goal has its own frequency you have to tune into?
    It makes sense to me, what are your thoughts?
    Thank you for a great article, with great advice.

    1. Hi Stella. Haha. You are not alone, as it seems that the majority of people alive today have busy minds 🙂
      All that exists is energy, and the differences we see in the manifestation of life is just this energy vibrating at different frequencies. So the manifestation of a tree is different from that of a rock or an animal due to the speed of vibration of the energy.
      As humans, we are all experiencing different lives due to the different beliefs we hold and the unique thoughts we are having. Therefore we all have a unique vibrational frequency of our own. The things we want, or goals we desire, have a unique frequency as well and Einstein said it best when he said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
      I absolutely agree with Einstein on this, and from personal experience know that achieving things is possible when we really really desire it and take the appropriate actions. However, we, being human, often want many things at once, and it can be confusing and sometimes contradictory when desiring multiple things for ourselves at the same time. So, for me, the best idea is to raise our overall vibration. This means focusing on general health and wellbeing, love, joy, and happiness in all that we do, and in time as our vibration rises, we are in a much better position to more easily manifest the things we want into our lives…..
      It may interest you that as your vibration rises you may not be interested in having the things that you may now consider to be important. Your focus will shift to feelings of love, joy, harmony, balance, etc. instead of wanting a bigger house, latest smartphone, etc.
      I hope this helps you to find a way to achieve your goals. All the best on your journey,

  2. Such an inspiring article! I’m a meditation facilitator and when meditators ask me how they have to sit, it’s always hard not to tell them something, somehow they expect to tell them how to sit properly. So it’s so nice to see that you write about the fact that you should sit comfortably! Sometimes it’s a hard term for people as they’d always like to have instructions. But it’s just easy as that, when you sit comfortably, you’ll be picking the fruits of your meditation practice even more. It’s also nice to see some book recommendations of some authors I haven’t even heard of! Gonna check it out ;)! Thank you!

    1. Hi Virendra. I know what you mean when you say that people want to know ‘how to sit properly’ Sure, Tell them all to sit in a proper lotus pose. Haha, I’m joking, because I know for most westerners that this is just not possible. It’s good if they can actually choose a position that suits their body type and capabilities, and then get comfortable so that they will benefit from the relaxation that occurs when they come to ‘let go’ and just observe their body and mind as it is. It doesn’t help anyone to be uncomfortable as it is counterproductive to what they are trying to achieve through the practice of meditation. Thanks for your comments and I wish you all the best.

  3. This was a very interesting read. I started practicing meditation early in the year. I love to use candles. Also oil diffusers are really cool.
    Thanks for sharing this great information. Have a good evening!

  4. I like your thoughts on this topic. I have struggled with meditation because 1) I’d rather read 2) not setting aside enough time (I try to meditate right before bed but sometimes I just want to end the day haha) and perhaps most of all 3) worrying too much about the “think about nothing” part. I’ll try not to concentrate so much on mind emptiness and set my phone timer for a longer time frame.

    1. Hi Ben. Many people have the same problems when beginning to meditate. However, there is nothing as good as meditation to put our lives into perspective and to help smooth out the ups and downs that we are constantly dealing with on a daily basis. I have never met anyone who is a regular practitioner of meditation that has ever regretted beginning and persevering with their practice. Give it another go, by not trying so hard, and not worrying about the time etc, and just let go to see where it takes you. Best of luck,

  5. Hi Andy,
    Great article. I was looking for some reading about the meditation when came across your article.
    My problem is that I am trying to meditate and some people are saying that you have to stop thinking. Others that you actually need to let your thoughts flow where and how they want.
    As you said in the article it is probably the hardest part to find the time for meditation.
    Just a quick question. In your opinion, what time is the best to meditate during the day? Morning, daytime or evening?

    1. Hi Eugen. The best time to meditate for you is when you can fit it into your schedule. If you make it the same time every day, your body and mind will become used to the idea that Ah, now it’s time to meditate, and it will be easier to transition into a meditative state. The ideal time is supposedly around 3 or 4 am when the noise from the environment is at it’s least. This is the time when it is easiest to access higher vibrations without the interference of busy daily activities happening all around you. However, for most of us, unless you are really serious, getting up at this time is really impractical. Hope this helps. Kind regards

  6. Hi and thank you for your very helpful and informative article on meditation.
    I have been learning to meditate for a few years now and love it. It as improved my life and made me more mentally strong.
    I really like the way that you have put this into a step by step training style and many many valid points to consider.

    1. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for the positive comments. Keep up with the meditation and your mental, physical and emotional strength will continue to improve.
      Kind regards

  7. I love your article! It’s so informative! I’ve actually been meditating now for a little bit and this article is so helpful and encouraging! Thank you for sharing these great tips! I will definitely be using them!

    1. Many thanks, Janis. this is basically a guide for beginners. Check back later and I will be adding more blogs about meditating to actively create the life that you desire. I wish you the best of everything.
      Kind regards

  8. Great article, meditation is a must for all aspects of life, especially if we live in a busy, frustrating environment. Meditation will help clear the mind of all stress and frustration giving you a fresh start if you choose to meditate in the morning.
    Also, meditation is a great way to visualize your wants and desires, if you desire to manifest what you want through the law of attraction.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this topic, have a great day and all the success, prosperity, health and happiness that you deserve and desire. Take care.

    Kind regards.

    1. Hi Dean. Many thanks for the comments and kind sentiments. Visualizing your wants and desires is a big part of meditation for me, and I will talk about that is another blog soon. Meditation is the best time to create our future reality by being clear about what we want in the present moment. It sounds like you are passionate about life. I believe that you will create everything that you desire.
      Kind regards

  9. Thanks Andrew,

    Great post on meditation. I bet your post would open the meditation opportunity especially to those who worried about posture and place to meditate. I have always thought of meditating in bed, but I thought that wouldn’t work. Thanks for your empowering article. Now I will try meditating in bed and wherever I am as long as it is calm.

    1. Hi Khalfish. I’m happy I was able to help. I hope you will now be able to establish a successful meditation practice.
      Kind regards,

  10. I meditate for the simple reason that it reduces stress levels. My work is heavy on my stress levels so I have to do everything in my power to cut down these levels as much as I can or I can suffer long term illnesses down the line. Meditating the way you mentioned has benefited me in leaps and bounds you wouldn’t even imagine, so thank you so much for sharing and helping me in my day to day life!!!

    1. Hi Brandon. Many thanks for taking the time to read my article. It’s great that you realize that long-term stress leads to health problems in the future, both physically and mentally. Medication does not provide good solutions, so we must look to ourselves for a way to reduce stress. Meditation is the number one tool in my opinion. Wishing you a stress-free life.
      Kind regards,

  11. Hello Andrew, Good article on meditation, I love to meditate as well… the only difference is I personally like to meditate on scriptures when I meditate, that way I’m filling my mind with good things… I also love your delivery of the information, you explain it in a thorough, easy to understand, relaxing kind of way… and your choice of words induces a calm… anyways, thank you for sharing! ?

    1. Hi Blakey. Many thanks for your kind words. They inspire me to write more. Sometimes when meditating I will also fill my mind with many good things. It’s the perfect time to reprogram our subconscious mind while it is relaxed and in a receptive state.
      Kind regards,

  12. Thanks for the post. I never could get a positive result from meditating. But I have not tried that much either. Always thought it need to be in a quite and reclusive place, which for me is hard to do. So after reading your very helpful post I will be attempting it again soon. Thank you for a very informative and helpful site

    1. Hi Donald. I like to meditate in nature. Nature is never quiet but it is the sounds of nature that make me feel relaxed and secure. Also, the beach is another favorite spot where the laughter and excitement of happy people can be heard in the background. I am happy that you are inspired to try again. Best wishes, and kind regards,

  13. Hi Andrew, I love meditation and I appreciate your approach towards it. It is so individual about what works for each person. Meditation has got me through some of the most difficult periods of my life, where all I could do was be calm in my mind and body, because whatever was going to happen was going to happen to me. Mediation was helping me heal my body with my energy. It turned a dark situation into one that I could get through. That situation has now passed and I have meditation to thank for keeping me ‘together’ during that time.

    1. Hi Melissa, Thanks for your comments. It’s always great to hear the positive aspects that meditation has brought into people’s lives. I wish you all the best.
      Kind regards

  14. Great post Andrew. I meditate everyday for twenty minutes, When I had started meditation , even I had all these questions- am I doing this right ? As you correctly pointed out , there is no right way or wrong way. The best thing to do is follow your inner voice. If you do it for 40 days in a row , it will become a habit. I can say this with great confidence that meditation has changed my life .

    1. Hi Priya. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know that through repetition we can change our habits. If we apply this principle to other aspects of our lives, we can actually become any person that we want to be.
      Kind regards

  15. I love meditation. Perhaps I do it differently each time but as you say there is no right or wrong way to meditate. It all is in the relaxation. Many times I may just sit and relax. Other times I meditate to music with my headphones on.
    It just feels like I’m in another world. Relaxation is the key and I do it every day rather than once or twice a week.
    Meditation truly takes the stress away. It refreshes my mind and my inner being. It’s my time for me. I’ve always done it. I deserve it because it seems to be the only thing that relaxes me.

    1. Hi Rob. I like it when you say that you deserve it. It’s like meditation is a reward, which I guess it is. It is a vital and necessary component for our overall wellbeing. Thanks for sharing and best of luck to you.
      Kind regards

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