How Do You Deal With Current Reality While Manifesting?

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Current reality is in our faces all the time. And if what’s going on is not what we are wanting, we’re not going to be happy. That’s pretty much central to human nature…. Get what you want, happy…. Don’t get what you want, not happy!

And this, our conditioned way of responding to our current reality, is a major roadblock when it comes to manifesting something better for ourselves.

Why? The Law of Attraction tells us that what we are focusing on is going to multiply.

This means that if we are unhappy with current events, circumstances, and the people in our lives, and thinking about it a lot, then we are going to ATTRACT more of the same.

This is a big problem for most people. Because current reality is the only place where our life is happening….. and they are using it to dwell on stuff they don’t like about their lives!

However, current reality is the only moment we have that we can interface with reality to improve our vibration and positively influence our future.

So, how do we deal with current reality if we are not entirely happy with it AND focus on creating the better future we want at the same time?

How Do You Deal With Current Reality While Manifesting?

Your current reality doesn’t need to be dealt with. It needs to be lived! This moment is the reason why YOU, as an infinite soul, have chosen to incarnate in a physical body. You are here to experience the progression of your ideas turning into the things that you desire. And your current reality is the starting point that gives you the desire to manifest something different from what you already have…… So, embrace this moment, and the next, and the next, because, through them, you are learning how to ‘tune in to’ what you want to create.

Manifesting Is A Process Done In OUR Minds With OUR Thoughts!

Thoughts create reality, and more specifically, YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR UNIQUE REALITY!

No one else can assert (create for you) into your experience. Your lives are a product of the deep-seated beliefs you hold and the thoughts you have had most often in the past….

And, so really, what you are experiencing now is ‘OLD NEWS.’ It is stuff that has manifested due to the vibrations your past thoughts and feelings have generated. And it is the mental and emotional energy we are expressing ‘NOW’ that is creating our vibration and the things that will manifest in our future.

Lucky for us, our thoughts don’t manifest instantly. There is always a time lag between what we think and what we receive. And this time lag gives us a chance to refine what we want and then build our mental energy to create it in our future.

So, the life you are living now is a result of the mental and emotional energy you have accumulated from your past thoughts. And your future is created by what you are thinking and feeling now (your vibrational energy.) And this is why we need to remain in the present as much as possible….

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If we can focus our mental energy on what we want to create for long enough, or until a certain intensity is reached, then the physical manifestations will appear. This is The Law of Attraction at work in our lives.

However, most people spend most of their time not focused on making things better, but unconsciously focused on what they don’t like about their current reality. By doing this they are solidifying it in their minds…. (strengthening those ‘negative’ neural pathways,) and therefore making it likely that similar stuff will continue to manifest in their future.

And this is why so many people are having a hard time changing their lives. They can even feel like they are trapped in repeating cycles of similar bad relationships, same money problems, and the same health issues.

Why Is It Necessary To Have Some Stuff We Don’t Like In Our Lives?

As human beings, this is not what we are here to experience. We are born powerful creators and it’s in our nature to want to forever be creating new desires and improving our lives… And with this in mind, it is the role of our current reality to provide us with ‘contrasting experiences.’ The contrast is showing us what we don’t want and this stimulates us to think about and ask for what we do want.

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By this I mean that every time we see, feel, or think about something we are unhappy about, we also launch a desire for something better. And if we can focus on the better situation with enough intensity, we can manifest it in our future reality…. This is Universal Law and it supports us in creating 100%!

So, simply put: Creating is done in our minds first. Our ‘current reality,’ while not always satisfactory, is necessary for us to create desires for something more and better.

These desires must first be born within our minds before they can manifest in our future physical reality. And the manifestations will only appear when our vibration is raised to match that of our desires.

How Do We Focus Enough To Raise Our Vibration To Match Our Desires?

Let’s say we are single and we want to manifest a wonderful partner. We go out with our friends, and some of them have loving relationships. The first thing is to be grateful for all the love and joy that already exists in the world. It’s there to show you what is possible.

Thinking thoughts of gratitude stimulate good feelings within you… and this will raise your vibration….

Next, we must understand that your ideal partner already exists and is also wanting to be with you! Yes, the Infinite Universal Mind knows what you want and has the perfect solution already lined up! Knowing this should make you feel great…. and feeling great raises your vibration….

You need to understand that your job is to ask for what you want, and then imagine that it’s already yours, that’s all. And it’s the job of The Universal mind to supply the solution. So, stop worrying about who it is, where they are, and when it will happen. In other words, stop shooting yourself in your foot with worry, doubt, and insecure thoughts…. this lowers your vibration….

….. and this will attract more negative energy that will prevent your desires from manifesting!

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Once you have been very clear and asked for what you want, let it go, get out of the way, and just hold onto the good feelings associated with already having your desire….. and this will raise your vibration……

So, just continue on with your life. Imagining walking with, talking with, and sharing with your lover when appropriate….. HOW DOES IT FEEL….FEEL THE GOOD VIBRATIONS SWELL WITHIN YOU…. and allow them to become dominant as opposed to your feeling of being single….. Use your imagination because YOUR IMAGINATION IS A VERY POWERFUL CREATIVE FORCE….

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein

However, Don’t Neglect Your Current Reality!

After all, as I mentioned earlier, your life is happening in the present moment. And if you can give positive attention to all the stuff going on around you, YOU WILL RAISE YOUR VIBRATION…. and when you do, your desires will be sure to manifest into your life.

All manifesting is done in our minds… We are manifesting all the time because we are always thinking. So if we’re not getting what we want, we must ‘cultivate’ our minds so we can get what we want more of the time.

Meditation, mindfulness, visualizing, imagining, NLP, and Hypnosis are some of the great tools I have used to help me get to live the life of my dreams.

All these tools have one thing in common…..they all use methods that teach us how to direct our mind’s energy to the positive stuff we want to manifest in our lives….

Yes, that’s it… The big secret to manifesting is just being able to focus on what you want with enough mental and emotional energy that it is ‘created,’ it is done in your mind first…. And once you can see it, smell it, taste it, and touch it in your mind, it will manifest in your life.

And, this process of manifesting is done while you are in the present moment…..

So, if you really want something, turn off Netflix, get off Facebook and Instagram, and stop complaining with your mum about how tough your life is…….

Instead, learn to focus the infinite power of your mind on what you want, and in a short time, it will be yours!

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“All great acts of genius began with the same consideration. DO NOT BE CONSTRAINED BY YOUR PRESENT REALITY”Leonardo Da Vinci

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