How Long Does It Take For The Law Of Attraction To Work? (Learn 9 Ways To Speed It Up)

The law of attraction is working for you now

A very common question from those of us learning how to manifest our goals and dreams is How long does it take for The Law of Attraction to work?

What we really want to know is how much time and effort WE need to invest in the process before WE get the results we desire.

And the answer may surprise you because it is different for all of us and also different for each of the requests we are asking the universe for. Read on and I’ll explain why this is, and also how to ensure that you will get the results you desire in the quickest amount of time.

 How Long Does It Take For The Law Of Attraction To Work?

For our goals and dreams to manifest, we need to become a vibrational match to the objects or conditions that we are desiring. And because we are not all the same, we are starting with a different vibrational point from which we are trying to attract our goals and dreams. This means that the time it takes each of us to attract what we want will be different. It also means that we will be able to attract some things relatively quickly and that other things will take a longer time.

The Law of Attraction Is Always Working, Everywhere, and At All Times.

The circumstances of our lives are a direct result of the vibrations we are emitting into the universal mind. Our vibrations are composed mainly of our beliefs- and our beliefs are just things that we have thought over and over again. This means The thoughts that repeatedly traverse our minds eventually become our reality.

The universal mind can only ever give us that which we are a vibrational match to. So, in a sense, we are always, and without compromise, living the lives we are creating for ourselves.

Where our attention goes, our energy flows

You may disagree with this because ‘none of us choose to suffer,’ do we? Consciously, any sane person would say no, we do not choose to suffer. So why are many of us having a hard time attracting the things we are asking for?

The answer is that the universal mind does not distinguish between good and bad, or wanted and unwanted thoughts, but delivers according to ALL THOUGHTS EQUALLY. So, be careful next time you complain about something, because this just attracts more to complain about into your experience. Equally, if we always look for things to be grateful for and appreciate, we will be blessed with more positive and loving stuff in our lives.


It is our repeated thoughts and ideas that make up our beliefs and habits which vibrate our ‘asking’ into the universal mind.

Psychologists tell us that for up to ninety-five percent of each day, we are not consciously choosing our thoughts. This means that our Learn to quickly attract your desiresthoughts are coming from our deep-seated beliefs that are buried in our subconscious minds. Our subconscious minds are a storehouse of our past and therefore any thoughts that come from it are history. And this is a problem when it comes to attracting better things and circumstances into our lives.

Because, if we are unconsciously thinking of the past, bringing up the same old feelings and therefore the same vibrations that we have had before…. you know, the same ones that have created the very lives we are currently living….. then guess what? We are just going to attract more of the same in the future? And the more we dwell in the past the longer it takes us to attract the new things we want for ourselves.

To escape the trap of repeating the past, we need to change the way we are thinking more of the time. We must think thoughts and experience feelings in ways that raise our vibration so we become a match to our desires. It is only then that we will attract into our lives the stuff we want.

It doesn’t matter what we want… maybe a loving relationship, greater abundance, more respect, a new house, a healthy meal, or a friend to talk to….. it doesn’t matter what it is, we can achieve each and everything that we desire when we understand and work with The Law of Attraction.

As Abraham Hicks says: “It’s no harder to manifest a castle than a button.” It’s all just a matter of our aligning our vibration with that which we want, and then the Universal mind has to give it to us…. IT IS THE LAW!

How do we become a Matching Vibration to that which we want?

We are all beginning from different points of harmony vibrationally with the objects and circumstances we desire. This means that for some of us the time to manifest will be a lot quicker and will seem to be a lot easier than for others.

Manifestation is easy when you know howThis also means that you should not believe others when they say manifesting a small thing may only take an hour or a day. And to manifest larger things will take weeks, months, or even years. This is simply not accurate as they don’t know your mind and therefore they have no clue how long it will take you to manifest your desires.

As I already mentioned, the time taken to manifest varies from person to person as well as for what we are trying to manifest. If we already have beneficial beliefs about something new that we want, it will come quickly and easily into our lives. However, if our beliefs are negative about the things we want to attract, we will struggle until we can change our long-standing belief patterns.

An example of this may be that we want to be in a loving and supportive relationship: If we come from a family upbringing where our parents and their friends were in happy and healthy relationships, then we may think this is normal. It will more than likely be easy for us to also find a wonderful partner and live happily together.

However, if we were surrounded by abusive and unsupportive relationships when we were growing up, this would be thought of as normal for us. And if we do not consciously change our beliefs to improve our future prospects, we would likely end up in a relationship that was far from desirable.

Another example regarding money: To attract money, we need to FEEL how we would feel if we had all of the money we desired. We cannot feel broke and expect to attract money because we cannot manifest anything that we are not in vibrational alignment with. We have to feel wealthy to attract wealth.

So to answer the question, How long does it take for The Law of Attraction to work for us is…

…. Everything depends on us, and no two people are the same!

What are 9 ways I can speed up my ability to attract my goals and dreams? movie to teach how to effectively manifest1) Become very clear about what you want. If you want a new car, know what model, and color you want. Know why you want it and know how you will feel when you actually own it. How does it feel to be driving it, what does it smell like, what do your family and friends love about it, etc? The more clear you can be about your desires, the more you will become a matching vibration to them. And then once you achieve vibrational harmony, you will receive that which you desire. It Is Law!

2) Our thoughts must align, without contradiction, with what we want to attract. This means that if we want to attract greater abundance, we have to give up saying and thinking things like ‘I can’t afford that.’ Our thoughts and speech have to change so that everything we think and say supports our momentum for greater abundance.

This will guarantee that our vibration in regard to abundance will attract more into our lives. It can only happen when our belief in ourselves leaves no doubt that we are wealthy, successful, and abundant people.

3) We have to get out of our own way. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to attracting. I say this because so many of us have preconceived ideas about how things should work out for us. However, have you ever considered that the universal intelligence that is responsible for ’ALL THAT EXISTS’ knows more than us, and knows the best way to give us what we are desiring….. AND THAT IT IS ALMOST CERTAINLY A BETTER WAY THAN WE COULD EVER IMAGINE!

So we should get out of the way and stop trying to control how, when, why, and with who, and be open to and enjoy ‘nice surprises.’

4) Consciously choose to feel good ALL OF THE TIME. When we understand how our thoughts are responsible for generating our feelings, we have the secret to feeling good more of the time. It’s not a secret really, but just common sense. Good-feeling thoughts will raise our vibrations, and as we vibrate faster, we become a match to more and better things in life.

Practicing feeling good is easy. There is so much to love about life…. Just choose some of the best stuff in your life, or remember back to a time you were feeling great. The memories of it will recreate the feelings within the cells in your body. You will then vibrate at a higher resonance and your body, mind, and soul will benefit because of it…..

You will also begin to attract better outcomes into all aspects of your life!

Manifest abundance while you sleep5) Begin now to take actions that align with your goals and dreams. This also includes actively choosing your thoughts, actively creating better feelings, and doing things that move you closer to achieving your goals. Show the universal mind that you are serious about what you are asking for. Show it that you are focused and will not take no for an answer!

6) Listen to your intuition and gut feelings. This is our way of connecting to a greater intelligence than that of our minds alone. We will be provided with feelings, insights, and signs that guide us on the path of least resistance to achieve the things we want.

7) Surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want to attract. Their energy will ‘rub off on you.’ You will learn their way of thinking and behaving and then begin to develop a mindset that can attract similar results. If you can’t find anyone, watch inspirational movies and read books from those you wish to become like. You will be surprised at how much they can help you change your life. 

8) Have faith that our desires will manifest at the best possible time. Whenever we worry that we don’t have what we want, we cancel out the positive vibrations we have been building. This will slow down our ability to get what we want!

We need to learn to trust that the Universal mind knows what we want AND the best possible way and time to deliver it to us!

9) Get on with your life! Learn to love and appreciate the life you have now. This shows the universe that we are ok and we can be happy no matter what. And what happens…. Our vibrations rise and we will become a match to all the good things that life has to offer. Feeling good generates a great life experience…. IT IS LAW!

Don’t make it harder than it is…. Manifestation should be fun!

Alan Young from Subconscious Servant suggests that we make a game out of manifesting as a way to trick our minds into accepting the new conditions we want to attract into our lives. He suggests:

Close your eyes and relax. Once relaxed begin by asking yourself: “If I had all the money I wanted, what would I spend the money on?”

Then let your thoughts imagine what you would do and how your life would be changed. And most importantly, how would it make you feel?

Alan suggests that our minds may rebel against a definite positive affirmation like “I have all the money I want” because we know it’s not true. But by using “if” instead of “I” our minds will be less resistant and play the game.

This is important because by asking “if I had,” or “what if” we are still able to generate the critical element of manifesting, which is the heightened feelings. And feeling better moves us closer to being in vibrational alignment with our desires. This happens whether our affirmations are true or not because our subconscious minds do not differentiate between what we have and what we are thinking we have. It will treat both as equally valid and worthy of manifestation.

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How Long Does It Take For The Law of Attraction to Work- Final thoughts:

If you commit to following the steps listed above, you will attract the things you want. It may not all happen quickly or at once, but it will happen. And the speed with which it happens will increase as you practice regularly and continually strive to feel good.

As I said earlier, we are all attracting our life circumstances to us based on our current thoughts and feelings. The secret to attracting new and better stuff, people, and circumstances into our lives is to change ourselves…. And it can only happen for us when we change our vibration so that we become a match to the things we want!

Our one and only job in the manifestation process is to stay in vibrational alignment with our desires, and then we will receive them. Don’t even consider the how, why, when…etc. Be detached from the outcome and let the universal mind surprise you!

So why not begin today by putting some time aside to reflect specifically on what you want to attract, and then set about to make it your reality? You can do this! And it may happen a lot quicker than you think.

For more information, check out some of my other posts on attracting …….

4 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take For The Law Of Attraction To Work? (Learn 9 Ways To Speed It Up)

  1. Hey Andrew,

    This is a very well-written and straightforward article on LOA.
    I have read quite a few notes on the law of attraction but your comments on how to get the desirable results in the quickest amount of time are very interesting.

    I was hoping you could shed some light on fears and the law of attraction. What if I attract or manifest the things I worry about into my life? What can one do to take control of thoughts so that it doesn’t seem like there is the fear of the law of attraction itself?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Femi, Thanks for reading and commenting on another of my articles.

      The Law of Attraction is already manifesting what you are predominantly thinking about. This is just how it works, and there is nothing you can do about it.

      However, I’m guessing your question is relevant because you are just discovering The Law of Attraction and beginning to understand how it works for you specifically. I’ll let you know, right now, that you have nothing more to worry about than you have ever had to worry or be fearful about before….. unless you purposefully sabotage your own life by changing who you are and going out of your way to be ‘bad’ in every possible way…. only then can your life become worse than it is now.

      Otherwise, your new awareness of the law and how it works will be encouragement enough to want you to make your life better, not worse. I’m guessing your life is pretty good at the moment, but there are more things you want to have and achieve. The Law of Attraction will work best for you when you relax into your life and just expect to have a great life for no other reason than it is what you want!

      Have fun with your creations, and enjoy the ride!
      With much respect,

  2. Very interesting.

    I’ve sometimes had the thought “I can’t afford that” and when I caught myself doing that I quickly changed to a more positive thought, but the negative one was already put out there … I try to be aware of it.
    I practice a lot of gratitude. I like the “what if” game, I will definitely do that more often to create the reality I want to have.
    I absolutely believe that we do not control 95% of our thoughts. Sometimes I get the craziest thoughts and I am telling myself “those are not my thoughts!”
    So many thoughts that are put out into the universe every day … billions of them …

    1. Haha. I know what you mean when you say those are not my thoughts…..
      Just imagine if we could all consciously have wonderful, supporting, beneficial thoughts all the time. I think the world would instantly be transformed into a much better place to be…

      I live in hope 🙂
      Have a great day,

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