How to create a better future while living in the present

Your future is in your hands. Make better choices not to create a better future!

If you have been reading my blogs, you will know that I talk about how science has shown that the majority of us are living on autopilot for up to ninety-five percent of each day. This means that for only five percent of each day we are consciously choosing what to think and how to act and react!

I find this incredible and at the same time believable. Incredible because we are paying so little attention to OUR LIVES, and believable because every day I hear people complaining about how bad their lives are: I wish this didn’t happen, I wish this would happen, why did they do that to me?….. you get the picture.

Wise and successful people throughout history have been telling us that we are the powerful creators of our own lives. However, the message seems to have been omitted from mainstream education systems, and instead, we are conditioned to be mediocre and expect to live mediocre lives.

I grew up in the system, got a university degree in the system, and then realized that in the real world, it didn’t mean a whole lot! What it did was set me up to get a job, buy a house, raise a family, have a couple of weeks holiday each year, and after about forty years, retire on a pension and my savings (if any) that I had left after paying all the taxes, living fees, registrations, licenses, etc.

Brainwave entrainment audios to create wealth and successThere is not a lot of time in there to be creative and pursue dreams, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that we are programmed to believe that working hard is the appropriate way to achieve our dreams, and according to the latest scientific research, and what the wise people from the past have been telling us, this simply is not true!

So many of us have ended up living the lives we do, lives of conformity, not because we are happy and satisfied, but because we don’t actually know how to create something better! Essentially, we are living our lives by default, not by choice!

What is living by default?

Living by default is living unconsciously….. without conscious awareness of what we are thinking and doing. And what’s wrong with this?

It means that we have no ‘free will’ and instead are routinely JUST going through the motions of life while not being actively involved in what we are doing. While in this autopilot mode, we take what comes to us and have no power to actively create the content, and therefore, the circumstances and quality of our lives.
The sad thing is that, while we are in autopilot mode, we are still creating, but just recreating similar content over and over again without being aware of doing so.

We are gifted with incredibly complex and powerful brains. Unfortunately, most of us are not taught how to use them to set us up for living exceptional lives. However, we all have it within us to learn how we can use our brains to achieve extraordinary lives.

First, we need to understand how we can change our subconscious mind programs so that we stop living by default and become a more conscious participant in the creation of our future.

The most important skill we can develop is to ‘become present.’

Our thoughts create our reality. They determine what we do and don’t do, how we act and react, what we like and don’t like, etc. Therefore our thoughts are responsible for the way we end up feeling, and it is by the way we feel that we judge the quality of our lives.

It stands to reason then, that the greatest super-power we have is ‘THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE OUR THOUGHTS.’

Being present, mindful, conscious, or aware, means paying attention to what is happening to us (internal environment) and around us (external environment.) Being present is something that we all already do and is a skill that we can also develop and strengthen with practice.

How many of us become instantly alert when our child is in danger? This is awareness, and according to research, on average, we all do it for about five percent of each day. The rest of the time, when we are watching TV while flicking through our smartphone, and talking to our partner, we are not fully present or attentive to the details of what is going on.

Our brains are the perfect tool for recreating the past.

Our magnificent brains are a record of the past. Everything we have done, seen, heard, loved, regretted, and felt, are recorded in the vast library of records that is our mind.

Our brains are a memory of the pastAs we are waking up in the morning, before coming conscious, memories play through our minds. We think about certain people, places, times, events, feelings, etc. and this connects us to more thoughts and feelings, and then we feel the associated emotions. These current emotions are the end product of things that happened in the past that we are thinking about now…..WE ARE RELIVING THESE OLD EMOTIONS, NOW, AT THE BEGINNING OF A NEW DAY! (I hope it’s not anger, fear, resentment, jealousy….etc.)

So, every morning when we wake up to begin a fresh day, OUR STATE OF BEING IS ALREADY DETERMINED BY THE ‘FAMILIAR PAST’ (the mind programs we continually return to again and again….. not consciously, but by default!)

The BIG PROBLEM with this is that thinking about the familiar past brings it into the present, gives it new energy, and by default, it is more than likely going to lead us into loving a predictable future!

Think about it! Is this what you want for your future?

From here, for many of us, the story gets worse!

All the above happens as we are waking up. Then when we are semi-aware of where we are and what we need to do, we slip into our familiar morning routine. This may include checking our phone for messages, seeing what happened on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the night, checking emails, and catching up on the latest news. This means that before we even get out of bed, our entire state of being is already connected to our past, which consists of what we already know and are familiar with.

Change your vibration to automatically attract more wealth into your lifeAnd, it doesn’t stop there. We still have a bathroom, dressing, breakfast, getting to work, and a ‘having our buttons pushed’ in a similar way by the same people routine. All these routines will be following a very predictable pattern or habits that we have built up over the years.

Since our conscious mind doesn’t like repetitive habits (because it already knows the outcome), it stays switched off and allows our unconscious mind to complete these ‘familiar’ tasks. As a result, we drift through our day in autopilot mode because our bodies can handle most tasks without the need for our conscious mind to be involved.

However, this is not a good situation because our bodies have effectively been programmed to create a predictable future for us based on what we have done in the past! Our bodies cannot think for themselves so are relying on previous memories. Can it get any worse? Yes, it can because every time a task is repeated, the neural connections in our brains become stronger.

In effect, we lose all free will to programs that our bodies and minds are returning to because we are in auto-pilot mode. This is why many of us do the same things day in and day out, and we keep getting the same results.

What is the most important message here?

If we are waking up in the morning and not consciously thinking about how we want our lives to be in the future, (today, tomorrow, or next year) then we will continue to be locked into repeating old memories and habits from the past- the same ones that got us to where we are now. And these memories and habits CANNOT take us beyond where we are now!

All things are brought into existence as energyUnfortunately, many people tend to return to painful memories when they wake up, and the stronger the emotions we have attached to certain issues in our lives, the more we will pay attention to them. And since this is where our energy becomes focused, it just further strengthens these painful neurological networks in our brains.

If what we are constantly thinking about while in autopilot mode creates stress in us, and we are jumping from one issue to the next, our brains naturally become incoherent, which means we cannot function optimally. Thinking about the stressful drive to work, the report that needs to be finished, where is the money going to come from to pay for the kid’s schooling, etc. causes our bodies to return to their addictive pre-programmed emotional responses which are likely to be stress-related.

The way out of this stressful cycle is to become more mindful or ‘present.’

To become present, we need to actively manage our minds, instead of letting our minds manage us!

We need to train our brains away from their predictable go-to negative responses, and we can only achieve this when we realize that we are not our minds… our minds are just a collection of programmed information that we have acquired over our lifetime that we can change at will!

The possibilities for a better future are endlessPositive and beneficial changes can only occur when we are ‘consciously’ aware of our thoughts and feelings/emotions so that we can make objective decisions in the present moment, rather than reacting based on past programming. This allows for many more possibilities of thoughts which we can use to recondition our bodies differently……

We can effectively regain control of our future by telling our bodies that it is no longer in control of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and responses. Our minds, with conscious awareness and the power of our will, can now begin creating new programs to direct us to achieve our goals and the lives we have been dreaming of.

How will being ‘present’ change my life?

When we notice that we are unconsciously reacting based on past programs we need to relax our bodies and change what we are focusing on. This breaks the energetic bonds we have to the unwanted memories.

Initially, we may feel chaotic and unsettled because this is new behavior for us. Our body will try to return to familiar known habits, thoughts, and actions, that it knows and is comfortable with. However, with time, we will retrain our body to accept that our conscious mind is now in control.

Happiness is a choice we all get to make all the timeConsciously taking control of our mind is a process that takes time and effort, however, the rewards are huge. We become liberated from the chains of the past and will no longer live according to conditioned responses, thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions. We can CHOOSE to be happy in the present moment.

So now, an important choice for us is: Will we continue to be controlled by our past or make a decision to be defined by a vision of our future.

How do I move ahead and make a better future for myself?

We need to decide what we want to achieve with a level of intensity that has a strong enough amplitude of energy that it will infect our brains. It needs to have such an impact that it becomes wired into our neural network and becomes a memory. The stronger the emotion we attach to our desires and goals, the more we focus on them, the more energy that is created. And now, we can begin to ‘remember’ and therefore create our future (the way we want it to be.)

So, our clear intention (mind-thoughts), followed by strong emotions related to HOW WE WILL FEEL once our goals are achieved (heart and body-feelings) creates new networks in our brains (memories) which we can start remembering.


It’s a process, a journey, and nothing will change after one or two days, however, the process of change is much quicker for those who can ‘fall in love with their future.’ They tend to notice that the past just falls away……

To Summarize: To achieve the future life we want to be living, we need to:
Life is a journey, not a destination

  • Stop doing the same things and seeing the same people that elicit negative automatic responses from us
  • Remain in the present moment and consciously choose which thoughts ‘wire and fire our brains’ (create our future)
  • Consider if what we are doing is creating habits that are priming our brains for the future we want
  • Keep stimulating our brains with new and exciting information about what’s possible for us to achieve, and firmly hold on to this vision with strong emotions to teach our bodies what the future is going to feel like.
  • Read, learn, and study about successful people to make strong connections in our brain which becomes the raw material that allows us to believe the bigger dream….. if they have done it, we can do it too!

Until now, our brains have typically been a record of the past, but now we can make it a map to our future. If we keep ‘wiring and firing’ our neurons with our vision of the future, pretty soon we will begin feeling like we have achieved it, and then by the universal Law of Attraction, it will manifest as our reality. There is no magic here, it’s just the natural result of a process that begins with installing the correct information into our brains to get what we want.

Remember, it’s a vibrational universe and it is the energy of our feelings and emotions that attract to us our life circumstances. So by becoming aware of how we are feeling at all times, we are able to tune ourselves with our vibrations to create the future we desire!

Shared with love and respect for all souls who choose to play the game of life!


10 thoughts on “How to create a better future while living in the present

  1. This is a great motivational read, Andrew! I am trying to get my online business off the ground and after the first 6 months, I really struggled to commit and push myself to keep creating content. I have a full-time job and 3 children so finding spare time is hard. However, a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, I was sat on my sofa just scrolling mindlessly through my Instagram and I though I could be using this time on my business. Now, every time I am bored I jump online and create content. It’s all about discipline.

    Thanks for a great read

    1. Hi Russ. Great attitude!

      It is all about disclipine as you say. We have to conquer our ‘negative mind’ and at first, this can prove to be very challenging. But with dedication and commitment, we can let our body and brain know that our consciousness is in charge, and will prevail!

      Keep doing what you are doing and you will succeed.

      I wish you all the best, my friend,

  2. Hi Andrew,

    What an interesting article! I have never really thought about these things in these terms, but I have definitely noticed how unhappy I get when I’ve been undergoing the same routine every day for too long. I feel like I sort of partially discovered some of these things, because I love constantly learning and exploring new things, and I always try to be present in the moment I’m in (with varying levels of success if I’m honest).

    I am trying to be more mindful, but I also think that routines can be a good thing – like when it comes to getting into the routine of getting regular exercise. I think, like you mentioned, that it’s the ones that elicit automatic negative responses that are the ones you definitely want to do away with, but do you have any advice on establishing helpful routines (like the exercise one), while still being mindful?


    1. Hi Jade.
      Being fully present is a skill that we develop over time, so I wouldn’t be concerned if you are having varing degrees of success at the moment. Just stick with the practice and it will come.
      Having routines can definitely be a good thing at times. there are many positive routines that enhance our lives, but it also pays to be flexible (have the odd day off when your body and soul let you know they want a break) and even chop and change it. For example, if we go to the gum six days a week and do the same routine every time, it will not b good for our body, mind and soul, so we need to vary what we do even while sticking to a routine of going to the gym.

      Establishing a helpful routing? If it’s helpful, it’s of benefit to us…. so we already know the most important thing…. we will benefit from sticking to a particular routine. Once we can establish this firmly within our minds, there should be no problem comitting the time and effort to achieving the outcomes we want. We are much more likely to be successful if we can make it fun as well, and making something fun is just a matter of ‘choosing to believe that it is fun.’ Our mindset is the most important factor in determining our success in all aspects of life, so if you have a goal you really want to achieve, make it fun and know that it is for your benefit, and then just do whatever it takes to achieve your goals…. This is your life we are talking about, and you can make it be to the way you want it to be….. but you have to decide to do it, and then commit to doing it!
      I wish you well in achieving your goals, and remember, luck has nothing to do with it!

  3. Hey Andrew, I enjoyed reading your article (as I always do!). Every time you motivate me to push harder. I am working on living in the here and now, and setting up goals to work towards. And at times it feels like a pilgrimage: 3 steps forward, 2 backward. 🙂

    Yet, I don’t complain. Far from it. I love emerging myself in personal development. My guess is, if I stop doing that, I might just as well die.

    That’s the aspect I work on most and love the most: setting up goals to work towards, and at the same time be content with the life I have at the moment. In that regard, the pandemic is a wake-up call. The feelings around that can be quite overwhelming at times and I have to invest more effort to stay my usual happy self.

    I am not sure if I describe it right, blame it on the language. 🙂

    1. The current pandemic has certainly cast a dark shadow around the world. No doubt about that!
      It’s turned many people’s lives upside down, and with no clear end in sight, it is impossible to know when we can regain our freedoms. One thing is for sure, and that is that things will never return to how they were before. By pursuing personal development we are setting ourselves up to be victors, no matter what situations present themselves before us.

      Being content and appreciative of all that we currently have is a great attitude, and really the only responsible way to think…..
      A positive and optimistic attitude will always take you further in life than the opposite.

      So, keep smiling and look for the good in every situation, because every situation provides us with something so that we can learn more about ourselves 🙂
      Have a great day,

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Being more mindful in my daily life is something I’m certainly practicing and trying to adhere to.

    I’ve mentioned to you before that “I’m still a work in progress”, although you replied to me that we are ALL actually a work in progress throughout our lives, and that actually made perfect sense to me.

    We’re never the “finished article” and just like anything else in life, living in the present moment requires daily work and regular habits.

    Life in itself is an on-going learning process and I completely agree that regularly reading, learning, and studying is essential.

    I still often catch myself “living in the past” and dragging things up that bear no consequence to my current day, and it amazes me some of the stats there are around the number (and percentage) of negative and inconsequential thoughts we have on a daily basis.

    Admittedly, I am getting better, and I’m now far more aware of when “I am leading myself astray”. That’s not to say that I always end up doing the right thing even when I do catch myself overly thinking about the past or the future.

    Something you’ve mentioned here really struck home to me, and that’s the impact that other’s negativity can have on us.

    If we’re being constantly fed the same negative messages by a certain someone else, whether they’re a friend, family, or otherwise, it might be a wise decision to either remove them from your life, or if this isn’t possible, certainly spend less time being swayed by their thought processes.

    Andrew, as always, a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking piece.


    1. Hey Partha.
      You are not the only one amazed at ‘the stats there are around the number (and percentage) of negative and inconsequential thoughts we have on a daily basis.’
      It’s quite astounding to me that most of the time, a majority of people are thinking negative thoughts. It’s almost like we have been programmed that way…… oh wait, that’s exactly what has happened.

      According to the Hindu Vedic calendar, we are at the end of the Kali Yuga, a cycle of “strife, discord, quarrel, and contention.” And it seems that if we are not waring with others, we are still, perpetually, at war with our own minds.

      As I mentioned before, we are still all ‘works in progress,’ and that is the way it is meant to be. If it was easy, we wouldn’t be able to learn any deep and lasting lessons. The fact that this era in one of disharmony and discord, and we are here in it, tells me that our souls like to play it rough….. just for the fun of it.
      However, never fear, as it is the dawning of a new age when we will awaken to our potential and pave the way for those that come after us. They will not need to go through the mind-hell stuff that we have been enduring….. because we will have done the hard work for them.
      See, there is always a bright side to everything.

      Many people forgo spiritual growth and personal development for fear of what those closest to them with say and think. But, often it is those who are closest to us that the greatest hindrance for those who are seeking to change their lives. For some, it’s a hard choice to make: stay the same and keep your friends, or evolve and leave much of your previous life behind. For me, it was an easy decision because I know if I can show what is possible, some others will follow along and in the long run will also benefit.

      Enjoy your day, my friend.
      It’s good night over here,

      1. Hi Andrew,

        Thanks for taking the time out to reply.

        Your mention of Kali Yuga piqued my interest, and I did a little more research into the subject (so we have 5 more years of “misery” to endure, LOL).

        However, in a way, it does make a fair amount of sense.

        I think for many people life can seem like a constant struggle – they’re fighting with other people, fighting to pay the bills/keep their head above water, fighting to live life in the way that they want, etc.

        But in truth, the biggest “fight” that many people have is inside their own minds. Just to take the concept of Kali Yuga one step further, every single source of “strife, discord, quarrel, and contention” stems from our own minds.

        I love it when I have the “awareness” of this and I simply smile to myself and get on with my day.

        With that said, as I’ve mentioned to you many times, occasionally “I forget myself” for a moment and this is typically when problems arise (usually of my own mind’s making).

        Andrew, I could go on forever, LOL, but I won’t.

        It’s a subject matter that fascinates me, but more so that the principles of a better future/happier life, etc. are so simple, and the only thing that makes it more difficult is ourselves.


        1. Are you willing to endure five more years of hardships? Because you can if you want to! I wish you all the best 🙂

          Haha. My friend….. we don’t have to endure anything that we do not want to endure.
          But we will always endure what we are creating for ourselves…. This we cannot escape! It is our karma, our punishment or reward, for our continued thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and our lives.

          Changing our thoughts will change our lives, and while I agree that it is easier to have happy life-affirming thoughts when we are living in a ‘golden age,’ it is still possible for us to free ourselves from hardship while in any age or cycle.
          We are powerful creators, and we are here to remember that and to bring it into our daily experience so that we can live wonderful lives and have fantastic experiences that make our souls rejoice…… so just do it….. change your mind now….. no more hardships for Partha, only positive growth and development from this time forward.

          You go it when you said we are only ever fighting against ourselves. Other people are too busy dealing with their own issues to be concerned with us, so we should just get on with living our lives in the best way we possibly can.

          I wish you all the best, my friend,

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