How to get the best out of life

Happiness is a choice and is a great choice!

To experience ‘the journey of life’ is our reason for being here. And if we can allow ourselves to feel good in all the moments that make up the journey, we will have a happy and satisfying life experience…… and what could be more important than that?

We are fortunate to be alive now because there is so much to appreciate about life. And while many of us are feeling good a lot of the time, we can never really be absolutely free until we are in control of our vibration. This means that the way we feel at any moment must be our choice and therefore not dependent on other people, circumstances, or events that are happening outside of us.

Feeling good is vital to our well-being because when we feel good we know that we are following our soul’s highest desires for us….. our reason for being. And when we are not feeling so good, it is because we are off track and heading in a direction that does not support our general health, abundance, drive for fun, and our ability to thrive.

So our feelings can be considered our internal navigation system, and if we follow our feelings, or gut instincts and intuitions, which are our soul’s best recommendations for us, we will be assured to always be having satisfying, happy, and interesting lives. This is because our soul ALWAYS wants what is best for us!

How to get the best out of life-kids having funUnfortunately, society has different ideas for us, and when we conform to the ‘consensus reality’ it’s not easy for us to put OUR well-being and happiness first.

Many of us are conditioned to ‘achieve.’ When young, we are forced to consider what career path we should take in life. Should we train to be a doctor, an engineer, a musician, or be our own boss? All this leads to a continuation of society as it is, with all the pressures and stress that we already have.

However, if we looked at things a little differently, we could choose to put our happiness first and decide that our career or life’s journey should be about creating a joyful life for ourselves.

We can achieve this while still becoming a doctor, an engineer, etc. However, the significant difference is that if we put our happiness and well-being first, all of our other intentions for freedom, growth, and joy will more naturally and easily come into alignment. Because when we are genuinely happy, we are vibrating at a frequency of happiness, and this signal will attract other circumstances back into our lives that will continue to give us more things to be happy about. (Basic Law of Attraction stuff!)

Life is just a collection of stuff that is always happening, and it’s how we FEEL about this stuff that is important.

We are all the lead actors in our own life stories. And as such we have the potential to play different roles every day. Every morning we can wake up and be a completely different person than we were the previous days. However, the reality for the majority of us is that not much changes from day to day.

Our thoughts are mostly a regurgitation of the same thoughts we have had many times before, and our actions and reactions are habitual and therefore predictable. On Mondays and Wednesdays, we may go to sports training, Fridays are a quick drink with friends after work, Saturdays may be shopping for groceries with our partner, and then Sundays are for family and friends. And then there is the dreaded routine of going to work for forty or fifty hours a week, for forty-eight weeks a year!

Creating a better life is easy when you know how!We have been conditioned, through the expectations of society, to lead lives where the majority of our behaviors are repetitive. Our behaviors may differ from others and as such, we all tend to conform to our own patterns.

This repetition becomes more rigid with time and strengthens our personalities and comes to define ‘who we are.’ The problem with this is that when our behavior patterns are strong and inflexible, it is almost certain that our lives will continue pretty much as they are now.

However, whether we believe it or not, we always have many more choices available to us than we are allowing ourselves to experience. The truth is that how we have been living up until now does not need to be the way we will be living in the future or even tomorrow….. unless we continue to immerse ourselves, and regurgitate, the same story of ‘how things currently are.’

By its very nature, life is always about growth, expansion, and improvement because of new experiences we have and new desires that are born within us.

Many people are happy to have the security of knowing what they will be doing tomorrow, next week, next year, and even in ten years’ time. And if someone is genuinely happy with their life, great! There is nothing that needs to change. All they have to do to keep living life as it is, is to keep focusing on WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW, and this is sure to create more of the same content for tomorrow, the next day, and the next…….

However, as humans, we are gifted with the ability to dream for more, desire more, and hope for more… more adventure, more love, more fun, more confidence, more wealth, etc. It seems to be a ‘default program’ built into each of us to want to create something more than we already have, and if we are not ‘listening’ to this drive we have, we will become sick, depressed, resentful, and even jealous of others who are acting upon their desires to ‘get more out of life!’

It is our repetitive thoughts that manifest as the overall theme of our lives.

Sacred Sounds produce lasting abundanceOUR CURRENT LIVES ARE ONLY A TEMPORARY REFLECTION OF A HABITUAL VIBRATION THAT WE HAVE BEEN SENDING OUT INTO THE UNIVERSAL MIND. So this means that our current life circumstances are a reflection of our past thoughts, habits, and actions that when combined have formed our specific vibration which has manifested in the exact reality we are now living…….This means that WHAT WE ARE LIVING NOW IS BASED ON OUR OLD VIBRATIONS.

If we want some aspects of our lives to change, or be ‘upgraded’ we can begin to move our focus away from ‘how things currently are,’ and begin to use the power of our focused minds to think more about how we want things to be. By doing this, we will begin to see a shift in the content of our lives toward the things we are wishing to create for ourselves.


Change is a process, and deliberately creating real and positive change towards what we want is a process that we can learn, and one that gets easier over time with consistent practice. The initial problem most of us have when trying to change is that we do not have the experience of that which we want to create, so we don’t yet know how it feels.

Therefore, we often have inconsistent and confusing thoughts about what we are wanting. And so by habit, we tend to keep most of our attention focused on our current reality, (the one where we are not in control of our vibration) and this perpetuates more of the same!

Money is a problem for many of us, so let’s use it as an example to explain this further.

Let’s say we want to have more disposable money because we think our lives will be made better for having it. So our end desire is to feel good, and we think having more money will make us feel better.

To attract more wealth you need to first change your frequency to one of a wealthy person.Our current reality may be that we are struggling and never have enough money for all the things we want to do and want to buy. So, when we focus our thoughts on our present reality and complain about never having enough money, this is the focus that will continue the existing vibration and therefore maintain our current predicament.

WHY?…… because we live in an ATTRACTION-BASED universe where what we think about is what we manifest in our lives. And this means that what we are thinking about NOW will attract similar thoughts to us, and so on, and so on. Therefore, if we are thinking about lack, through The Law of Attraction, we will receive more lack in our lives.

What we “ATTRACT” to us is a direct consequence of our own personal vibrational frequencies. Our unique vibrations are made up of all the thoughts we have ever had, words we have ever spoken, and all the actions we have ever done. Everything is composed of energy and it all adds to our vibration. IF WE CAN INTENTIONALLY ALIGN OUR ENERGIES (VIBRATION) TO WHAT WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT HAS TO MANIFEST IN OUR LIVES.

Therefore, the secret to achieving a better financial position is to realign our thoughts to consistently and deliberately think about and speak about more of how we want to be living in the future, and less about what we do not want….. or better still, NEVER EVER SPEAK OR THINK ABOUT WHAT WE DO NOT WANT…….
….. remember it’s an attraction-based universe!

How can I practically begin to improve my vibration?

Gratitude will bring us more to be grateful for!

The most important thing we can do now to help ourselves is to stop looking at all of the things that we currently consider to be wrong in our lives. There is nothing wrong with any of our lives! There never has been and there never will be. Everything is there to prompt us, or to encourage us to get moving in the direction that we wish to be heading…… where we are living in ‘Heaven on Earth.’ Yes…… life CAN be that good…..

I don’t mean that we will sprout wings and sit around on clouds….. but we can exist in a state where we have developed our minds (and therefore vibration) to such a degree that we are focused on joy-filled creation…..

…… and in this state, what we wish for DOES BECOME our experience!

  • So, START PAYING MORE ATTENTION TO THE WAY YOU ARE FEELING, and then ‘positively’ adjust your thoughts so that your vibration is always aligned with wellbeing. If you can do this consistently, you will begin to notice that you are attracting more of the good stuff you want into your life on a more regular basis.
  • Give less attention to what other people think about your journey…. It’s none of their business and unless it’s positive feedback, it only serves to disrupt your vibration. Stop asking for their opinions about your journey….. after all, what do they really know about you? They’ve got their own game going on, and it’s different from your game!
  • You are always moving, doing, and thinking…… and you can never stop vibrating. So why not choose to move towards things, thoughts, and experiences, which are pleasing to you, ones that will help you maintain a high vibration?
  • Make peace with your current situation, whatever it is. Make lists of the positive things and aspects of your life as it is now. We all have things to be grateful for. You may even begin with the fact that the sun comes up every day…. Remember that if you keep focusing on the not-so-good aspects of your current situation, then this is what you will continue to hold yourself in vibrational alignment with….. more of the same!

Remember: Life is a journey, and hopefully as we progress down the path, we become wiser and better at playing the game of life.

To become wiser means to understand that how we feel is of utmost importance to our experience as a human. And that we can, at all times, by being in control of our vibration so we can have a better life experience!

Our current and past beliefs are the ones that have manifested the current reality we are living. And OUR BELIEFS ARE JUST THOUGHTS THAT WE HAVE REPEATED TO OURSELVES OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Maybe it’s YOUR time to begin creating new beliefs by thinking better thoughts that align with YOUR desires for a life filled with love, joy, well-being, and abundance?

What do you think? More of the same, or……

I would love to hear how life is working out for you in the comments section below.

Shared with love and respect for all souls playing the game of life. May your journey be filled with fun, love, and excitement!


6 thoughts on “How to get the best out of life

  1. Hey Andrew,

    A wonderful and very timely read for me, as always.

    At the time of writing, we are still in Lockdown here in London.

    We have been in the same situation for just over 3 months now (with a 2-week period in-between when we were allowed out, LOL).

    So life has become very “samey”.

    However, I’ve used my time wisely, and I’ve been extremely productive.

    Nevertheless, this has involved doing things in a habitual manner.

    Now while I typically crave habit usually, I have found that it is starting to get to me. I mean, I even have lunch, coffee, dinner, a shower, etc. at exactly the same time every single day.

    I’ve found that my mind has been wandering for the past few weeks, and I constantly find myself in a negative mindset.

    I convince myself that this is because there seems to be no end to what we’re currently experiencing. There is no hope. There is nothing to actually look forward to.

    With that being said, it suddenly occurred to me yesterday that all of these thoughts and feelings are simply my own mind.

    I’ve read and discussed with you enough times, “life is the journey, not the destination”.

    So, in effect, even if every day does feel mundane, the same, even boring, this is still because of my own doing.

    There are still things I can do for pleasure, entertainment, etc. while we are in lockdown.

    I think I’ve got too much into the thinking that I NEED something to happen to make a difference. However, in reality, I can make this difference at any time that I choose too.

    Don’t rely on others or outside influences for your own happiness.

    Thanks once again for a great read.

    I think I need to spend some further time checking out your previous articles that I’ve missed, and get that positivity back into my mind and soul again. LOL.


    1. Hi Mate,

      It sucks to hear that you have been in lock-down for so long. I believe many health professionals are predicting that the negative long-term effects of the lock-downs and mask-wearing be far worse than the effects of the virus itself! I really feel for you, and hope that the situation resolves itself as soon as possible.

      In a lock-down situation, it’s never going to be as easy to be spontaneous. I mean you are confined to a specific place, with the same people, and have the same entertainment options available every day. So maybe a routine is not a bad thing? What is most important is HOW YOU FEEL about what you are doing when you are doing it.
      I’ve read accounts of yogis sitting in caves and meditating for seven years. In the beginning, it may have been difficult, but with focus and resilience, they are able to turn it into a very rewarding and life-changing experience. Choices……

      And I think you got it! Maybe this experience is just what you needed to bring you to the realization that ‘you don’t need something to happen or anyone else to do anything’ for you to feel good. It is all in your mind, in the thoughts that you choose to think, and that’s all there is to it! We live a happy life when we think happy thoughts, and when we don’t…… well then we are not happy.
      It’s rare that I have free time, but when I do I always choose to occupy my conscious mind with something uplifting that will help me towards my goals, because if I don’t, I know my subconscious mind will slip back into its old negative programs that do not support the direction I want my life to head in.

      Good luck with my previous articles, there’s some great stuff in them, and I’m sure the next few that are coming will also interest you.

      I wish you all the best, my friend,

  2. It’s kind of funny how things work out in life. I came across your post at a surreal time in my life. As a matter of fact, I have recently decided to focus more on just doing the things I know that will help me reach the ultimate goals in my life. I often focused on when things didn’t work out and how much “bad luck” I had but now I “try” to look at the bad things as “one less negative” on my journey.

    I do actually feel that changing my way of looking at outcomes has shown the actual progress I am making! As you say, look at things differently and put your happiness first! I believe positively adjusting your thinking, will show your more good in your life! Great information on changing the mind process!

    1. Hi Yvette. Thanks for your supportive comments.

      It great that you have decided to focus more on what you want… this will ensure that these things manifest more easily into your life. And yes, you are right, this attitude clearly shows how you are evolving and becoming more responsible for creating your own reality rather than just reacting to stuff that is happening in the environment around you. Awesome!

      There is no benefit for us to give our attention to those things that are unwanted, and instead, it just attracts stuff into our lives that we do not want. So it’s a no-brainer really, about where we should focus our energies….. only on that which is wanted. Happiness is what is wanted more than anything else. And if we are happy, then all other good things will be attracted to us 🙂

      Have a great day,

  3. Another wonderful read! I always look forward to your posts. What you said about what we are living now being based on old vibrations. I guess it’s kind of like how when we look up at the stars in the sky by the time that image reaches us we’re actually looking at a past image as opposed to a present one.

    I find for myself I constantly need this reminder to create, rather than just react. Intellectually I know it, but when I get caught up in the emotions I sometimes lose track of it.

    Absolutely adored what you said about us all being lead actors in our own story and constantly having the ability to change it. As someone who works as a performer, this spoke to me greatly. I think you are right, repetition is the key. It is one of the most important elements to getting the LOA to work for us and for some reason the one people find hardest to stick to (myself included.) It’s all fun and games until something in our present derails and discourages us but I truly believe that if we can master consistency then we really will see our manifestations come to fruition in full force.

    1. Hi Natalie…. Yes, it is like looking at the stars, it’s all old news, so to speak! Great analogy 🙂

      You are not the only one who sometimes loses track. I’m sure it happens to all of us now and again, and usually, it’s more often than we would like.
      Getting caught up in our emotions is such a wonderful experience if they are emotions that are pointing to the things we want to be achieving, but of course, if not, it’s a great idea to try and bring our attention back from reacting and become conscious of the effect we are having on and vibration. This is usually enough to make me want to change from a negative or non-beneficial state and begin to focus on thoughts that will uplift me again!

      As you have said, consistency is the key to manifestation. Repetitiously practicing the vibration we wish to be living, without contradiction, will result in it manifesting real quick. I have had some experiences in my life when I really wanted something, and offered no contradictory thoughts, and at these times my desires manifested so easily and naturally….. I know it’s possible to do the same for everything we desire, but for the things we have a lot of resistance about, or strong negative programming, it does require more practice and more time…. But with perseverance, we can have it all!

      Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
      I wish you all the best,

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