How To Overcome Illness With Meditation: A Process of Developing Consciousness


Being sick is both physically and mentally challenging. Anyone who’s ever had a sick body knows how difficult it is to think clearly and function normally when you’re not feeling great. And if you’re stuck in a cycle of feeling sorry for yourself and thinking negatively, it can be hard to break out of it.

For this reason, the most difficult part of being sick is ‘not being able to think greater than you are feeling.’ And because of this, your body (the way you are feeling now) is dictating your life at this moment, because of the way it is controlling your thoughts.

So, how can you begin the process of healing….. How can you begin to ‘feel better’ when your body is dictating to your mind that you are not well and you should feel like crap?

What’s The Best Way To Get From Sickness To Wellness?

People develop conditions/illnesses/diseases as a result of years of mismanaging their energy, emotions, and lifestyle. Chronic illness is not something that just magically appears overnight. And therefore, it’s essential to understand that it’s going to take some time to reprogram your mind and body to begin the process of healing.

The continuous imbalance you have imposed on your mind and body through years of bad habits and neglect have taken its toll and has essentially reprogrammed your genes to create sickness in your body. However, the story does not need to end there….You can begin writing a new and better story anytime you like…..

You can apply the same processes that led you to sickness to reprogram your mind and body for wellness. However, this means that you have to change… because you cannot keep thinking and doing the same things that ‘got you to where you are now’ if you want to manifest better results concerning your health.

You will need to reprogram your genes in a new way, and all this means is that you will need to think thoughts about wellness instead of sickness. And the reality is that it’s going to take some time…. It’s not like you can just pop a few pills and expect to heal.

Healing from illness is a process that requires commitment, repetition, understanding, new knowledge, and better habits….. and you have to be consistent with it.

The Wealth Genome ButtonHowever, once you notice positive changes taking place within your body, and you can correlate those changes with the positive changes you have made in your thoughts and habits, you will begin to get very passionate about the process…. and this passion becomes the powerful catalyst you need that will inspire you to take it to the next level….

So, what’s the best way to create a habit of beneficial thoughts of wellness?

Meditating Regularly Is The Best Way To Affect Positive Change

Regular meditation enables you to change your brainwaves, which means you can ‘go beyond your analytical mind.’ And you want to do this because it is your analytical mind that is conforming to the signals your body is sending out that are telling you that you are sick.

Through meditation, you can get to a state where you are no longer worried about the kids, your job, your relationship, dinner, who won the big game, and what’s happening in your body….

With meditation, you can just ‘be in this moment.’ You can be and no longer identify with your body, your stress, or fears, and you have no identity. You can learn to exist, at the moment, purely as consciousness.

And from within this experience, your soul consciousness can merge with the Universal or ‘God Consciousness’ and this is where you can access your Operating System, your Subconscious Mind Programs.

Bemoreom-banner-ad-easy-meditationYour subconscious mind is the place you really need to be if you are wanting to make rapid changes to your life! It is within your subconscious mind that you can rewrite your Operating Programs, the instructions that determine which genes are switched on and off… or how sick or well you are.

So, if you are currently unwell or suffering in any way whatsoever, you will benefit greatly by meditating regularly to go beyond the ‘negative’ instructions your body is sending to your conscious mind. Your goal should be to ‘experience beyond body awareness,’

And when you learn to do this, your body’s programming (pain, fear, and sickness) will no longer trap your mind into repeating your current reality. Instead, you will be able to work with your body from a higher level of consciousness and recondition it towards creating a healthier new reality.

Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight, But It Will Happen!

If you don’t change the way you are doing things, you will remain as you are now, unwell and suffering…. And even if you want to change, you will be trying to affect that change in your body through awareness of your body as it currently is…. This is a sick body trying to influence sickness to become well! And this doesn’t work well because your current sick body does not know what wellness is, so the best you can do is create small changes over time.

The Wealth Genome-buttonHowever, if you can go beyond your body to become consciousness instructing your body, then fantastic change is possible, and it can happen very rapidly… this is what ‘miracles’ and ‘spontaneous healing’ are. They are not something magical, but rather an understanding and adherence to natural Universal Law.

So, a regular and sincere meditation practice is important. To ‘go beyond the body and think greater than you are currently feeling’ is not something you are going to be able to achieve overnight. And if you can’t already go beyond your body during meditation, you will have to learn how to do it.

You Are So Much More Than Just A Body And Mind….

A big obstacle most of us have when trying to change is that we feel the need to keep looking for results to see if we are on track. However, the moment we begin looking for the positive changes we are wanting is also the same time we are telling ourselves that ‘I don’t believe I have changed yet’….

It is the old unwell you that needs to look for confirmation, not the ‘new you’ who is already living the positive changes you have created!

The new self would never look to see if it was ‘better’ because it’s already staying in that state. And this is why this process takes time… it’s a process of development, practice, and continual awareness, and therefore it’s a process that takes time.

Quantum Manifestation Code Program banner adSo, meditate regularly to go beyond your body, your identity, and this space and time….. and when you can do it, you can enter into your operating system and re-code your genetic makeup to be any way you wish it to be…..

….. and this means that if you choose, you will never be unwell again…. instead, you can always thrive…… because you become the intelligent consciousness instructing your body towards wellness, not from the body’s point of view, but from a place where a far greater intelligence resides…

True healing and transformation begin with the realization that you are not just a body, but a conscious spiritual being capable of creating your own reality and influencing your health and well-being.

And with consistent practice, patience, and self-awareness, you can overcome the limitations of your body and mind, and tap into the infinite potential of your spirit, so you can always thrive.

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