How To Raise Your Vibration When Depressed: 11 Ways To Lift Your Vibration now!

Being depressed sucks! We’ve all experienced times when we were feeling down-and-out…. And unfortunately, it’s just part of the human condition. We are physical, spiritual, and emotional beings and that means we cannot escape our feelings.

However, many people do a great job of trying to hide their feelings or pretend they don’t have any…. Not a good idea, as this will always come back and ‘bite them in the ass!’ So it’s best to acknowledge how you are feeling and then use any of the proven methods to get yourself out of your slump as soon as you can….

Why?…. because there is no advantage to you, or anyone else, when you are feeling depressed, sad, anxious, angry, jealous, or any of the other ‘negative’ emotions. However, there are many advantages to you and others when you raise your vibration.

How To Raise Your Vibration When Depressed

The way you feel is an emotional response to what you are thinking. This means that relief from depression is always possible when you realize that you can exercise control over your thoughts. You will immediately feel better when you choose ‘high-vibrational’ thoughts instead of low-vibrational thoughts. Therefore, redirecting your thoughts to things that you enjoy, are excited about, or that inspire you, will automatically raise your vibration.

Raising Your Vibration Will Take As Long As It Takes For You To Choose Better Thoughts!

If you are depressed because your cat has been missing for a few days, and then she wanders in for a hug, guess what?… you’re instantly cured…. Is it a miracle? No, it’s just the nature of the human mind….

When we observe things happening that make us happy, our vibration immediately goes up. It’s like the depression, sadness, and despair we were feeling just evaporated. And this is very telling…. Because if we understand this concept, we have the key to getting ourselves out of low vibrational states, like depression, whenever we want and as quickly as we want.

It’s important to realize that your thoughts are your choice.

No one else is putting the thoughts you are thinking in your mind. However, it may seem like that at times, but it’s impossible. Most of your thoughts are a result of what you are observing in your environment and the subsequent reactions you have.

Maybe the boss yelled at you this morning…. and it brought you down…. Now every time you see the boss, your thoughts are drawn back to that unpleasant experience, reliving it so that you feel down again. And, yes, every time you choose to think about it again or share this memory with others, it will lower your vibration, again and again……

And because humans are complex beings with lots going on, the morning episode with the boss is just one of the things that you have to be depressed about. I’m sure you can revive multiple memories of stuff that will immediately lower your vibration if you choose to!

I highlighted ‘if you choose to’ for a very good reason…. That reason is to remind you that you are sovereign over your mind and therefore, your thoughts are your choice… and you don’t have to continue to think depressing thoughts!

What Can You Do If Your Mind Is Thinking Negative Thoughts Too Often?

There are many ways to overcome your depressive thinking. However, you also need to realize that sometimes it’s ok, or even appropriate to be in a lower vibrational state.

Rewrite History Review-delete-limiting-beliefs-giftIf a loved one has just passed away, our relationship has just ended, or our child has injured themselves, it’s not really acceptable to run around singing songs of joy. It’s natural to feel sad, anxious, angry, etc. at times.

However, far too often, many people end up dwelling on stuff that they don’t need to be thinking about, in repeating cycles. And it’s depressing them and lowering their vibration.

The long-term effects are detrimental to overall health and well-being. So the sooner you can change your mind and begin improving your vibration, the better off you and everyone around you will be.

So, What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Raise Your Vibration NOW?

1) Everything begins from where you are now! So, accept how you are feeling. This is just the starting point and from here you can make things a lot better. Realizing that you are in a low-vibrational state is a good thing because you now realize that there is an opportunity to grow yourself into a better feeling state.

2) Appreciate that you are a thinking and feeling being….
It’s a special thing to be in a body on this amazing planet at this time…. There is so much beauty in the world, and so many wonderful things to experience. Other people are living wonderful, joy-filled, and exciting lives…. and you can begin now to make this your reality if you choose to.

Recognizing that there are things in your life to be appreciative of and grateful for will open the doorway for more good things to come in. We live in a universe where everything is in constant vibration. And like attracts like…. You will receive according to The Law Of Attraction….

Nothing to be grateful for???? What about the fact that the sun comes up every day, you have free air to breathe, your heart pumps whether you think about it or not, and it’s wonderful to hear the unrestrained laughter of children….

How To Raise Your Vibration When Depressed-Emotional Guidance Scale By Abraham Hicks3) Make a choice now to begin thinking thoughts that will raise your vibration. Depression is a feeling state that’s low on the Emotional Guidance Scale. And every feeling we have is a result of the thoughts we are thinking. When you are depressed it is simply a result of the ‘depressing’ thoughts you are having.

Interestingly, people will continue to have negative thoughts and then resent that they are in a low vibrational state…. And yet it’s obvious that you cannot be in a high-vibrational state while continuing to have low-vibrational thoughts…. the two are just ‘not attracted’ to each other, they cannot exist in the same space at the same time!

The positive vibrations kick in at around number 7 on the Emotional Guidance Scale, which is with contentment and then hopefulness. So although it’s going to be easy, anything you can do to at least get you to these feeling states is going to positively raise your vibration…. just choose to do it, again and again, and again…. The more you keep aligning your thoughts on the positive end of the scale, the easier it will become as The Law Of Attraction will make it so!

4) Choose to do something you enjoy NOW! When your attention is focused on something fun, it will inspire thoughts of fun… and depression cannot exist when you are thinking about and having fun. Your problems simply will not exist…. So the more you can do to keep your mind focused on one thing and then another and another, the less time you will have to dwell on your depressive thought patterns.

7 Day Mind Balancing Plan- ebook-is-lack-of-sleep-harming-your-health5) Your mind is intricately connected to how your body feels. You cannot eat crap food, take drugs, and alcohol, and expect to be in a ‘good vibrational state.’ The artificial high you get from substances is only temporary and results in you falling down the Emotional Scale within a short time.

Therefore, keep your body healthy, fit, and strong, by exercising regularly, getting enough good quality sleep, and eating high-vibrational foods. The vibration of the substances you consume combines with your vibration…. Is what you are putting into your body raising your vibration or lowering it?

6) Do something to help someone else. There are always people who will benefit from what we can do for them or give to them. Giving selflessly is a fantastic way to raise your vibration and at the same time make someone else’s life better.

7) Stop spending time with other people who are also in a negative space. They are bringing you down and even sucking what little energy you have out of you. Instead, choose to hang out with people who lift you up, inspire you, and make you feel good!

8) Stop spending so much time looking at screens.
Social media is addictive, and TV’s put you in a hypnotic state where you are suggestive to the messages they are playing….

So if you are watching lots of dramas, horrors, crime movies, and low-quality stuff in general, then guess what? You and being ‘programmed’ to live a crappy low quality life…. It’s The Law Of Attraction all over again…. you can’t escape the consequences of what you are giving your attention to….

You should only ever expose yourself to stuff that you want to attract into your life, and then eventually, the fantastic relationships, the abundance, the physical health, the confidence, etc. will become your reality!

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9) Get Creative. Your negative thoughts are coming from your logical or left brain. Our right brain is the creative, intuitive side, and when we are engaging this aspect, we are not thinking so much, but feeling more…. and if we can turn our attention to something creative, like drawing, journaling, music, dancing, yoga, etc. we will disengage our negative thought processes.

10) Declutter your living and workspaces. Remove anything (as much as possible and practical) that doesn’t make you feel good when your attention is on it, and replace it with stuff that lifts your vibration….

11) Spend more time in nature. The sun, fresh air, sea breeze, mountains, trees, and animals… all lift our vibration. Children playing and laughing, and pets being irrational and affectionate, definitely raise our spirits.

Get outside more, away from the air-conditioning, artificial lights, and technology, back to what was our natural environment for thousands and thousands of years before our modern style of living took over… and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

What Are Some Of The Consequences Of Remaining In A Low Vibrational State?

– Negative thoughts, if often thought, become addictive. This is because The Law of Vibration (Attraction) dictates that what you are thinking about will naturally draw similar thoughts to it. And this is why it is sometimes so hard to break out of a cycle of negative thinking.


And the upside of this is that The Law Of Attraction will then begin attracting better circumstances, people, and events into your life…. and the upward spiral of feeling better just keeps getting better.

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” Abraham Hicks

Origins Reborn Law Of Attraction Banner– Being in a low vibrational state makes everything harder. It’s harder to get out of bed, find motivation, and think clearly. Mentally and emotionally, you will feel blocked and sluggish.

– Physically, your body will be more prone to illness, stress, and pain.

– Your problems will seem bigger than they are and more energy and effort will be required from you to deal with them.

– You will begin to think that the world is against you, and you will begin to judge yourself as not worthy or not deserving of the good things in life. You will essentially give up trying to make things better and may even become chronically disabled by depression, which may lead to suicidal tendencies.

How You Live Your Life Is Your Choice

Congratulation if you made it this far. It means you are serious about finding a way to make your life better.

Learning how to make your life better is not only possible, but it is part of our purpose for being here on this journey of life….and it is a journey, one that doesn’t need to end why we are still breathing.

Every moment of every day is an opportunity where we get to choose what we think, what we do, and how we are acting and reacting to life….. and it is the things we think that ultimately determine the quality of our lives.

So, why not choose now to think better thoughts, to do things that make you happy, and to act in ways that improve the quality of your life and those around you….. Accept that you are responsible for your life, and begin now to make it the fantastic experience that you want it to be.

Go, and have a great life!

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