How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest A Better Reality.

Manifesting all that we want is easy when we know how!

Our universe works according to precise laws much like a computer program. This means that it is logical, and therefore, predictable. Overall, the programming is far too complex for us to comprehend in its entirety. However, we can become aware of the most important laws that govern our lives and then use them to make our lives better. The main one that concerns our overall well-being and the quality of our life experience is The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is always operating and ensures that nothing ever happens to us randomly or by accident. We, as humans, are complex bio-electrical beings and as such, are constantly radiating energy that has unique vibrations. And our vibrations are signals that instruct The Universal Mind, (God, or Source Energy) what content and circumstances to deliver back into our lives.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest A Better Reality

The thoughts we think most often become our ingrained beliefs, the good and the not-so-good ones! The things we believe the strongest, we have emotional attachments to. And these emotions (our energy in motion) cause us to resonate (vibrate) at specific frequencies….. Our vibration then behaves like a ‘magnet’ which causes the All-Knowing Source Energy to deliver exactly in accordance with the signals we are emitting. In a universe as perfect as the one we live in, it simply cannot be any other way!

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

All that exists is energy. This includes every thought we have, every belief we hold, and every action we take. All of our energies act like magnets, asking the universe to deliver matching results into our lives. And, the Universal Mind delivers, without question!

The Universal Mind does not hesitate to ask ”do you really want to receive more of the ‘not enough money’ you keep complaining about?” No, it just assumes you understand what you are thinking and so delivers more of what you are complaining about….. not enough money (which is your vibration) will continue to be your experience!

Therefore, you need to be careful with your energy (especially your thoughts) because you cannot escape the consequences of anything that you think, feel, and do. 

To summarize The Law of Attraction, we can say that our energies when combined, give each of us unique vibrations in regard to love, health, finances, etc. These vibrations then radiate into the universe and act as a magnet to return to our lives the corresponding circumstances, events, and people, to match our signals.

This means that everything that makes up the content of your life is a result, or accurate representation, of something that you have instigated.
And therefore, no one else is in any way whatsoever responsible for any aspect of your life.

The Law Of Attraction Is like magnets attracting to us what we resonate withThe All-Powerful Creative Loving Force (Universal Mind) is just graciously returning to you what we are asking for……  This force can never return to you what someone else thinks about you (unless you agree with them.) You can only ever get the circumstance, people, and events, manifesting into your life that precisely matches your unique vibrations.

What a wonderful world this is…. All you have to do is ask consistently, and without deviation from your vibration (feelings and emotions) and you are guaranteed to receive what you are asking for.

So….. as we are all living lives that match our energy vibrations, I have a question for you: Are you happy with the life you are currently living, or…. have you been thinking that you are not receiving what you are asking for and instead are receiving things that you don’t want to be part of your life experience?

Why Are You Not Getting The ‘More’ Money/Love/Health, etc. That You’ve Been Asking For?

When you understand how The Law of Attraction works, and that nothing in your life happens randomly or by accident, you can begin to use this law to draw only the good things, people, and events you desire to be featured in your life story….. And why wouldn’t you, because, none of us really want to live a sad, bad, or unhappy life story, do we?

So how can you manifest all the good stuff that you want and leave out the other stuff?

Your vibration is made up of your emotional responses to life’s events. Therefore, we need to learn how to harness the power of our feelings and emotions and direct them towards more of the stuff we are wanting in our lives rather than stuff that is unwanted…

Have you ever felt the negative ‘vibes’ of an angry person, or felt how ‘uplifting’ it is to feel love? This is the basis of our power to manifest/attract! It is the vibrations we are emitting in relation to all aspects of our lives that we can use/change/modify/intentionally direct to upgrade our lives!

It is our feelings/emotions that cause us to vibrate and this emits signals into the universal mind. This means that how we are feeling at all times is of prime importance as it is the energy of our feelings/emotions that are attracting to us our life circumstances. You can read more about this in my previous post here: “Nothing is more important than the way we feel!”

We can learn how to manifest all that we desireLet’s use money as an example to illustrate how to use The Law of Attraction correctly. Let’s say we are currently struggling, do not have enough money, and would be a lot happier if more money was ours to use as we wanted.

How NOT to ASK for more money!

  • I wish I had more money
  • I never have enough money
  • I want more money
  • I can’t afford that
  • Rich people are not very nice, etc.

What the Mind of God ‘hears’ is our vibration that corresponds to ‘lack,’ ‘never enough,’ ‘wanting more,’ ‘can’t’ and ‘not nice.’ It doesn’t see these things as negative but merely responds exactly to our vibration.

Therefore, we get ‘more wishing,’ we continue to have ‘never enough,’ we continue to ‘want more,’ and we continue to ‘not be able to buy the things we desire’…….. WE ARE GETTING RESULTS THAT PRECISELY MATCH OUR FEELINGS AND BELIEFS…..BECAUSE THIS IS THE VIBRATION WE ARE SENDING!

A quote attributed to Jesus sums this effect up:

“For whoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance. But whoever does not have, from him shall be taken away even that which he has” – (Matthew 13:12.) Or as we say these days, “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.” WHY?

A person with a wealthy mindset which includes thoughts, beliefs, actions, and feelings about being wealthy (awesome abundance VIBRATION) attracts more wealth to them. Conversely, a person who thinks of lack, fear, struggle, and hardship, and has the corresponding vibration, will attract more of the same to themselves! Their lives will never be filled with abundance…… unless they change their vibration.

It now becomes evident that we have to be very careful of what we are asking for….. because we get exactly what we ask for!

Attracting money is easy when you know how!

How to ask for what we want!

  • I am happy with all that I have and eager for more
  • I’m thankful that I can pay all my bills on time
  • Life is great and I am growing because of all the experiences I have
  • I appreciate all of the freedom and abundance I have in my life
  • I am grateful for all of the beauty in the world

An attitude of appreciation, love, joy, health, abundance, and gratitude, will bring more of the same into our lives, more that we can be grateful for, more to appreciate, and more to love….. This ‘healthy vibration’ will ENABLE US TO RECEIVE more of what we want, because our positive vibrations, according to The Law of Attraction, can only ever return to us all that we think is good about life!

The most important thing to understand here is that if we want to be wealthy, we must FIRST ‘vibrate’ at a frequency like a wealthy person….. and only then can we begin to attract more wealth into our lives. This applies to love, health, success, confidence, and everything else that we desire….. we will only manifest it into our lives if we can first match and maintain the vibration of what we want.

Einstein understood this law and is quoted as saying: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

I’m currently not receiving what I want. How do I get The Law of Attraction working for me?

We can learn how to create the reality we desireOur lives are always going to be just a continuing series of events. This means that stuff is happening and always going to be happening whether we like it or not! And all that stuff is having an effect on us…. It affects our vibration….
And therefore it all contributes to the signals that we are sending to the universal mind…… which determines the results we receive in our lives.

Our thoughts and reactions to events and stuff that are happening will either make us feel better or worse at the moment….. and this is important because, remember, it is our feelings and emotions that are causing us to vibrate at specific frequencies (because of what we are thinking and doing) and this vibration is the signal the universe responds to. If we feel worse, our lives get a little worse….. if we feel better because of what we are thinking, seeing, feeling, doing, hearing, tasting, and touching, then our lives are improved…..

So we get results (not immediately) in our lives that match our most consistent vibrations (which stem from our most consistent thought patterns which are based on our deep-seated subconscious beliefs.)

It’s fortunate for us that we do not receive immediate results according to every thought we have. Briefly: this is because most of us are unable to control the majority of thoughts that are traversing our minds every day.  You can read more about this in one of my previous posts: Would it really be a good thing if we received all that we dreamed of?

The Law of Attraction is uncompromising and always delivers what our vibrations are ‘asking’ for.

The Law of Attraction is always at work in our lives and cannot ever be switched off, compromised, undermined, or rewritten. When we say we want it to work for us, we are thinking about it in the wrong way. It benefits us more if we ask how can I change my vibration so that The Law of Attraction will only deliver the good stuff that I want into my life?”

This is the right question, because, remember Einstein said “Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.”

Everything that we want and will ever want for-ever-more already exists in a vibrational state, and these things will not change their state to allow them to come to us. THEREFORE, THE ONLY WAY FOR US TO GET THE THINGS WE WANT IS TO CHANGE OURSELVES TO MATCH THEIR ALREADY EXISTING VIBRATION.Yoga and meditation are reat ways tochange ourselves and raise our vibration.

To say this a little differently, to drive the point home: If we wish to be getting results in our lives that are different from the circumstances that we are currently living, WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR VIBRATION TO BECOME A MATCH TO WHAT WE WANT TO RECEIVE.

Wealth has a specific vibration, as does love, confidence, success, health, and all the other stuff that we want. Their vibrations are not going to change just because we have a mediocre mindset and yet desire to be powerful, successful, loved, and affluent!

So, how do we change our vibration? You can check out my post What are the three best ways to raise your vibration?for some more information on raising vibrations.

Our transformation to a better life begins when we become clear about what we want.

It should be evident by now that what we consistently think about, and give our attention to, is of vital importance as it creates our emotions and therefore our vibration. And our vibration is what attracts our life’s conditions and circumstances to us. If our emotions are creating vibrations that match our desires, GREAT, we will be living a life that we are satisfied with!

However, if we are emotionally and mentally all over the place, it will be impossible for us to attract the things we want, and instead, we will be receiving stuff into our lives that seem random, and is more often than not, stuff that we don’t want! This is why it’s necessary to “evolve ourselves,” and we begin this process by becoming the CONSCIOUS CREATORS of our thoughts, and therefore our vibrations.

Therefore, the first and most important step to manifesting is to become clear about how we want to be living. If we are specific, clear, and precise, without deviation, our desires WILL manifest into our lives quickly and easily. But this will only happen once we achieve consistent specific vibrations that match our desires.

We are already emitting signals into the universal mind regarding what we think and feel about love, finances, health, and every other aspect of our lives and receiving results that match our vibrations. And if we want to know what our predominant thoughts are about love, finances, health, etc. we just need to look at the results we have attracted into our lives….. They are an exact match to our vibration current vibration!

Manifest abundance while you sleepWe are here to live joyful lives, and as such, it should be our intention to always aim for the highest or best feeling thoughts at all times. And while all of us can’t be feeling fantastic all of the time, we can all probably do a better “job” than we are doing now, which will begin returning positive effects in our lives rather quickly.

Job is not the best word to use in the above phrase. However, it is appropriate because at first, it may seem difficult and unnatural for many of us to be feeling good all the time, and we may even be plagued with mistaken ideas that we don’t deserve to be happy.

However, rest assured, that feeling good is our birthright, and when practiced, it does get easier with experience. And then the magic begins, because the better it gets, the easier it gets, then the better it gets……… Life is meant to be an enjoyable experience, a romp in third-dimensional physical reality for our eternal souls… why not choose to just relax a bit more, and enjoy a lot more 🙂

Remember to ask for what you want in a positive way, and never ever ask for what you don’t want……

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What you are thinking now is creating your future!

Learning more and then practicing what we learn will ensure that we will have a wonderful life experience.

Shared with the dream of inspiring others to enjoy their lives, just for the fun of it!

With much love and respect for all souls who choose to play the game of life,


12 thoughts on “How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest A Better Reality.

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I enjoyed your discussion here on the Law of Attraction. I first heard this from Bob Proctor years ago. but, I never followed up on the idea much. I was a bit skeptical about this. It did make sense to me when I thought, this is similar to the saying “What comes around, goes around”. You do good deeds, good will be returned to you 10 fold. I have read similar thoughts in the bible.

    Your discussion here is giving people a roadmap of what they really need to do to comply with the Law of Attraction. And how much it can improve our lives.

    We need to think about better and more pleasant thoughts in great detail to attract those vibrations to us. I think your product would help to channel this thinking into a roadmap for those of us who struggle with it. We need to get back to basics and think about what would I like to receive in life, and then get a clear picture of the life we want to live.

    I know now, that I must be more careful with my thoughts going forward!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Chas.
      I believe that what was written about in the Bible and The Law of Vibration/Attraction is one and the same.
      After all, both believe in the one source of creation and that our physical universe is governed by absolute laws.

      The language of today has changed from what it was thousands of years ago, but the meanings can still be reconciled. For example, the Bible uses the word faith and expresses that if we have absolute faith in what we are asking, we will see it realized. The Law of Attraction uses the word imagination to express the same condition. If we can imagine (see the results of what we want without deviation) it will manifest in our lives.

      For me, there is no contradiction, and we can learn from both sources. However, being a ‘modern’ person I find The language used when talking about The Law of Attraction easier to understand. Some meanings in the bible require a bit of research and digging to discover what they really mean in today’s language.

      No matter what we believe, you have summed it up nicely by stating: “We need to think about better and more pleasant thoughts in great detail to attract those vibrations to us.”

      I wish you well, my friend,
      Happy manifesting 🙂

  2. Hey Andrew,

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. Your article has reminded me of the fundamental principles that govern the ways in which our life unfolds. Whether it is filled with mostly good experiences or unwanted ones, depends on our thoughts and feelings.
    The facts you’ve put forth definitely resonates with me, and I have to say that I’m truly grateful for your words of wisdom. I definitely need these gems at this junction in my life.
    We all hold the power to manifest our highest ideals and through the knowledge of the law of attraction, as well as a direct application, we can uplift ourselves from any situation, and materialize any reality we desire.

    I’ve been studying LOA for a few years now, and like many others, I’ve slipped back into old patterns of thinking that don’t serve my higher purpose. However, it’s helpful resources and platforms such as this, that help to guide us along the path and remind us of who we are.

    Thanks again for this amazing article.
    Blessings in abundance


    1. Awesome, Mikhail. Many thanks for your kind words.

      It looks like the Law of Attraction is definitely working for you at present… You got the messages you wanted when you needed them.
      I’m happy I was able to provide a little inspiration for you and make your day a little brighter.

      We are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. It is our faulty programs that teach us that fear, uncertainty, and hardships, are a normal part of life. However, once we decide to step-up and become responsible for the circumstances of our lives, we begin to realize that, YES, WE CAN CREATE CIRCUMSTANCES AS WE WISH THEM TO BE. No longer do we need to be the ‘receiver’ of what life tosses our way!

      It a great feeling when things that we desire and program ourselves for begin coming into our lives…. and then we look back and wonder why we didn’t learn about this earlier? And why is it that most people on the planet are not aware that the content they are living is default content, coming from programs that we were given when we were young…. so, it wasn’t us who actually programmed our subconscious minds to attract these existing lives to ourselves….. other people provided the information that makes up the majority of our lives, and we are living it by default.

      It’s awesome to know that we are all capable of achieving anything that we can hope for, if we just do what is necessary to change our programming.

      I wish you all the best, my friend,
      Have a great life,

  3. Hey,

    This is a really interesting article. I have tried the law of attraction before and I have read the book “Think and Grow Rich”. However, when I did the techniques that the book describes and what you have discussed in this article, I don’t think I completely believed in it. There are so many people around the world who 100% believe in the law of attraction and you can see how it has worked for them.

    I think I need to start again with the law of attraction and do my absolute best to fully believe in it. Your articles certainly do help and I will keep you updated on how I am getting on with my beliefs and how the law of attraction is/isn’t working for me.

    Thank you for the reminder and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom.
      I’m looking forward to receiving your positive updates regarding how you can begin making The Law of Attraction work for you in your everyday life.
      It interests me that there are many people that Think this Law is made up, or not real. But a basic understanding of science informs us that it is real.
      Basic science tells us that everything that exists is energy and that all energy is constantly vibrating. Once we really understand this concept, it simply becomes our mission to create within ourselves the appropriate vibration to attract the matching results we desire into our lives.

      A simple example that we can all understand is: If we are angry, filled with fear and hate, others will be fearful of us and do their best to avoid us. After all, who among us wants to be bathed in these negative vibrations?…. other angry, hateful, and fear-filled people are the only ones that will be attracted to this sort of vibration

      Conversely, if we want our lives to be successful, happy, and filled with love, then we must first radiate these vibrations so that we are assured to attract the same back into our lives.

      I wish you all the best, my friend 🙂
      Enjoy your journey,

  4. Really detailed overview on how to use the law of attraction man. I enjoyed your thoughts on this, it is clear that you have studied this subject and know how to put it to use.

    I came across the law of attraction years ago with Jack Cannfield and crew were promoting it. I think they called it the secret? I have always been intrigued by the concept. I have been involved in personal development for many years and it changed my life, but I have never been able to master the law of attraction. Your post has helped and I will be following your future trainings.


    1. Hi Rob,

      Yes, Jack Cranfield is someone who is still promoting The Law of Attraction, however, I’m not sure if he was ever associated with Rhonda Bryne who is the author of the book The Secret.
      I remember when The Secret was first released. It was promoted as Life-Changing, and for many people, it was. However, it did not contain all of the information that we needed, and many people, myself included, became a bit disillusioned because we were not able to radically improve our lives just by positive thinking alone. There were still pieces of the puzzle missing…… I get to them in a minute, but first….

      You mentioned that you were not able to master The Law of Attraction.’ However, since The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working, we are all the beneficiaries of it at all times….. Since everything that exists is energy in motion (vibration) nothing that exists can escape its effects. Therefore, what you and the majority of others really mean is that you are not yet able to place enough emphasis on the vibration that you ‘want to achieve’ for the results you ‘want to manifest’ into your life NOW. So, in the hopes that you, and others, will benefit from what I have learned in the years following The Secret, continue reading.

      The missing pieces of the puzzle for me were that:
      1) we are only consciously aware of our thoughts for approx. five percent of the time we are awake, so even if we could think positive for all of this time it will never overwrite the other ninety-five percent of thoughts that are constantly repeating themselves in our minds that reinforce our existing reality…. the one we are wanting to change!
      2) We want to create the positive thoughts, not as the end product, but because of the ‘feelings/emotions’ that they generate. It is our emotions that cause us to vibrate, and this vibration then attracts ‘like unto itself.’
      3) A better and easier way to improve the signals we are emitting is to directly change our vibrations. And this is why I am such a fan of Brainwave Entrainment technologies, and why I use them to realine my vibration to attract to me the things that I desire in my life. I focus on freedom, love, joy, and abundance, knowing that with these frequencies, everything else that I desire will naturally and easily fall into place. I have reviewed some of the products I have used myself, and continue to use in my ‘Awesome Products’ category if you are interested in checking them out.

      I hope this information is of use to you, and hope that you will soon begin manifesting the life that you desire for yourself.
      I wish you all the best, my friend,

  5. Hey there, thanks for sharing this awesome post about the Law of Attraction. A few years ago, I learned that there’s a correlation between how we think and feel and our results and, that we have the ability to shape our reality according to our thoughts and feelings. Needles to say, I decided to grab on to this knowledge with both hands and practice these techniques until I master them. That was about five years ago. Today, my life has a completely different shape and my reality is manifesting according to my goals (thoughts). I learned that having a list of goals (desires) is one of the keys to success with this law. It helps you to keep your mind and emotions in check all the time and pointed straight to your goals. Then, all it takes is a bit of personal action to go from A to B and that’s it. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Hi Ivan.
      It’s awesome to hear about the successes people have when they embrace an attitude of self-responsibility.
      There is nothing better than giving birth to a desire, focusing on it, and watching it materialize into our lives And, as you say, setting goals is vitally important because if we don’t have any, we don’t know where we want to end up…..

      To play with this process of desiring and then creating is, after all, why our souls choose to incarnate into a physical dimension. Your awareness of your desire to create changes in your life and then holding on to this vision and manifesting it is a great example to others who are still not really aware of how powerful they are.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and journey with us 🙂

      Have an awesome day mate.

  6. Over the years I learned to be careful with my thoughts, because our thoughts create our reality, and sometimes we – subconsciously – sent out the wrong vibrations to the Universe, which in turn brings us stuff we “did not ask for” but in a way we may have asked for it by not being clear about it. This is clearly illustrated with your examples of how not to ask for money and how to ask for what you want.
    But what if you can’t always control your thoughts and you get a thought that isn’t really your thought, I mean, something that not really comes from you or something you don’t really want to think? Is that also transmitted to the Universe?

    1. Hi Christine. Most people are in the group of ‘not being able to control their thoughts’ for most of the time we are awake each day.
      Just because we ‘cannot’ control what our mind is thinking does not mean we do not need to be responsible for these thoughts. We are responsible, and yes, we will reap the benefits or consequences of these ‘unintended’ thoughts just as we do with our intentional thoughts.

      However, this is nothing to be worried about… this is just part of the journey from being an unconscious thinker to becoming a truly conscious creator of all the content of our lives. And this IS A JOURNEY, a journey that takes time for us to develop ourselves so that eventually we will be able to look back and saw, what a wonderful journey it was!

      If we could achieve all that we wanted right now, life would lose its appeal and be ineffective as a playground for our eternal soul. So, enjoy the insights that you have now that are leading you to discover more about your potential, and as you enjoy the journey more and more, you will receive more and more into your life to enjoy…. The Law of Attraction makes it so.

      Have a great day 🙂

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