Change Is Scary But So Is Staying The Same: How Much Are You Hurting?

Everything that happens outside of ourselves, (our external environment,) that solicits a reaction from us is an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves.

We are able to learn so much just by becoming aware of how we react to different situations, different people, and the different environments we interact with.

So how is life working out for you? Are you currently having a wonderfully fulfilling experience?

Do the people, locations, and situations where you spend your time make you feel uplifted or drain you of vital energy?

In other words, is your current lifestyle supporting your overall quest for a healthy, abundant, and fulfilling life, or would you prefer it if some things were different?

Change Is Scary But So Is Staying The Same

Our Life Circumstances Are The Manifestation Of Our Past Thoughts

It’s important to realize that it is our own subconscious programming that compels us to seek out situations that fulfill our deep-seated beliefs about ourselves and about life in general.

Our beliefs/programming are just a collection of ideas that we have adopted from those with influence over us as we were growing up. Some of us refine these beliefs over time to incorporate new ideas and thoughts that we have. But for the majority of people, these core programs remain buried deep below the conscious level of thought.

If we were programmed to believe that we are somehow unworthy and that life is hard, then our subconscious mind will ‘feed’ us with thoughts that unconsciously guide our lives so that we are never content, fulfilled, or abundant in any significant way.

If this is the case, we will unconsciously be surrounding ourselves with situations, people, and events that bring us down and deplete our vital energy. So we will come home tired and depleted each day.

Why would we do this to ourselves? Often because it is ‘comfortable’ for us to feel this way. Our subconscious programming tells us that this is what we ‘deserve.’ However, the reality is that we don’t deserve anything. This is just the temporary life situation we have accepted for ourselves- based on the beliefs we formed in the past, which caused us to form self-limiting habits. 

How can I hack my brain for success?Our lives can begin to improve immensely when we realize that we don’t have to keep believing these old beliefs, and continuing with the same old habits. So, if we are not happy with any aspects of our lives, we can choose to take steps and begin changing our thoughts now, to ultimately form new beliefs, which will result in creating a new and better life experience for ourselves.

To learn how to quickly and easily upgrade our thoughts, check out my post How Can I hack My Brain For Success!

You Can Only Receive As Much As Your Subconscious Mind Thinks You Are Worth!

It may not seem so at times, but we always have options available to us. For example, if you are not happy about going to work every day, you may want to consider changing jobs. It is soul-destroying to wake up and think ‘another day doing stuff I wish I didn’t have to do,’ and another 4 days of this until my day off. Only 45 more weeks of this torture until my annual holidays!

What impact do you think these repeated negative thoughts have on your state of mind and general physical well-being?

If your relationship is not making you jump with joy, not making you warm and fuzzy on the inside, then do something about it. Why do we think that it’s OK to settle for situations that continually make us unhappy? That’s not what life is about! However, often we consider that ‘the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know.’ Maybe this is just another example of a false belief that we are holding onto that affects our ability to be happy. I’m not suggesting you leave your partner, but find ways to make your situation better….. because your happiness depends on it!

Creating a better life is easy when you know how!Our acceptance of bad situations, our procrastination, and our bad habits are ways for us to not fully commit to life, and they have a significant negative impact on our overall life experience! If this is your experience, maybe it’s time for a change, time you started giving yourself a better life experience….. What do you think?

We ALL have the ability to create fantastic lives for ourselves. However, first, we need to accept responsibility by realizing that our current situation is our own creation. And from now on, we can become aware of, and start making better choices for ourselves. It all starts NOW with YOU believing that YOUR LIFE HAS ENORMOUS VALUE and that YOU DESERVE to have a great life experience! The choice is yours, and yours alone.

 Don’t Let Fear Of The Unknown Hold You Back From Living A Better Life

Our desire to change and our motives for change are either pulling us forward, toward something more pleasurable or pushing us forward by the desire to avoid that which is painful. If we are currently feeling dissatisfied with some aspects of our life but are not yet ready to change, it is either because we are not in enough pain, or the perceived benefits of doing something different are not yet great enough to compel us into action.

Most people tend to gravitate towards that with which they are familiar, but we never learn anything new by doing this. If we continue to do the same things, our life will tend to continue relatively unchanged into the future. Is this what you want for yourself, more of what you currently have?We can feel off-balance when we begin to move in new directions.

Unfortunately, most of us resist change until our present situation is so bad that we have no choice but to try something different. So when we can no longer tolerate the amount of pain we are feeling, we begrudgingly may move in a different direction and risk being exposed to that which is unknown to us.

Or are you willing to face your fears and take a new road in the hope of creating a better future for yourself?

How Can You Create A Better Life?

Everything is always changing. This is just the nature of life! And this is great because every day is a new day and with it, we are offered many opportunities and possibilities that we didn’t have yesterday. If we can learn to embrace the unknown, with eager anticipation, I guarantee that you will soon be living a better life.

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quizThe future is filled with many different roads to choose from. If we find ourselves feeling stuck, we should just choose the best one and start moving. This is because there are no wrong directions in life and there is no such thing as a mistake, just more opportunities for us to learn new things.

Sure, there may be times when things don’t work out the way we hoped that they would, and that is OK as long as we learn from the experience. We can then pick a different road to travel for a while, and then we can change direction as often as we like.

However, if we know where we want to end up, choosing the best path becomes a whole lot easier!

We are fortunate that we have the gift of free will, and therefore the Universal Mind/Prime Creator/God never judges our choices, but we do need to accept responsibility for what we do, and according to The Law of Attraction, there are always consequences. The consequences of our thoughts, words, and actions are for us and will manifest in our life, either negatively or positively depending on the actions chosen. So, it pays to always think, ’is what I am about to do going to take me closer to being the person that I want to be?

Is what I am doing going to improve my life, and the lives of others around me, or is it going to reduce my quality of life?

Once we lose the fear we have regarding change and embrace variety and new experiences in our lives, our lives will suddenly become a whole lot brighter and larger than they were before. Then even more opportunities for change that we could not previously see will present themselves for our consideration.

The law of attraction says that we attract more of what we are, and someone embracing growth and learning will attract more growth and expansion into their lives.

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Learning The Rules Helps You Understand How You Can Win

It’s important to always be considering what is best for us and for the environment in which we are interacting, (family, friends, work, social activities, etc.) With this in mind, it’s always beneficial for us to choose thoughts, words, and actions that will uplift us and those around us and take us above the ‘middle line.’

What Is ‘The Middle Line?’

Visualize a line drawn horizontally across the center of a blank piece of paper. This line is where we are now. It represents our accumulation of energy, or vibration, up to this point in time, which can be thought of as our current state of well-being, or our personal vibrational frequency.

‘Positive’ thoughts and actions will elevate us above this line and enhance our energy, whereas any ‘negative’ thoughts we have and actions we take will reduce our energy below this line which results in a lowering of the quality of our life experience. So this line is constantly fluctuating to always be in perfect tune with every thought we have, every word we speak, and every action we take.

Imagine if we could be aware of this all the time and use it as a gauge to improve our life?…… Well, the good news is that we can!

We can start now by becoming more aware of our thoughts and then assess if they will help us in a positive way or will impact negatively on our energy/vibration.

Most changes are very subtle and not necessarily felt by us, however, their effect is always cumulative. So, if we can become aware of our energy in relation to our health and well-being, we will always have the opportunity to help ourselves.

Thinking and acting positively at all times not only helps us but also has a positive effect on all those around us. So if we want your family life to improve, we need to begin by changing ourselves into a more loving positive role model.

Think positive to attract positive!

Most of us are aware of the elevated sense of well-being we feel when we have done something to positively help ourselves or others. This is our energy level being raised above the position where it was before.

Conversely, when we do something that does not benefit us we may feel a resulting decrease in well-being. Often people with low self-esteem will choose negative thoughts and actions as a form of self-punishment, thereby reinforcing what they already feel about themselves.

The Middle line can be used for decision-making…. Is what I am doing, thinking, and feeling going to elevate my energy, or lower it? What can I do to bring about positive change in my life NOW?

It may be as simple as a kind thought, a smile, an action instead of inaction, or setting something in place that will continue for a longer period of time. A good place to start is to feel happy and share that with others. Happiness can be contagious and is never decreased when shared therefore elevating the energy levels of those we share it with.

Constantly Thinking Positively Will Change Your Life

Two people can be doing what may seem to be the same action and yet achieve very different results on an energy level. The resulting effect on their middle line from any thought or activity is dependent on the energetic intention of the person doing the action.

There may be two colleagues working side by side in a factory assembling some electronic components. One may be there because it is the only job they could get, and they needed the income. Their thoughts may be consistently tuned into what was on TV last night, what is for dinner, and what the kids are going to do on the weekend……

Sacred Sounds produce lasting abundanceThe other may spend his/her time thinking that the product the component goes into is of high value and important for many people, so they will be considerate and do the best job they can all the time. Their attention will be focused on taking pride in doing a good job.

Which finished product would you rather buy? I know which one I would prefer.

The answer should make us think about the activities we do each day and how much focused loving attention we are putting into our daily lives. If the answer is ‘not much,’ then it may be beneficial for us to make some changes in either the things we are doing, that we are not giving our full attention to, or we could change the way we think about the activities we are doing.

Some activities are essential for living and cannot be avoided, such as eating. So when preparing food, choose healthy food over food with low nutritional value. Appreciate that you have food to eat and are able to feed your family because so many in the world are starving every day.

Give your loving attention to choosing, preparing, and presenting the food as it will be providing nourishment to those who consume it.

Even if they do not recognize that it has been selected, prepared, and presented with love and appreciation, the food will still be energetically better for them because of the loving intent that you put into its preparation.

Isn’t it better to sit and share a meal with people who are in a positive frame of mind compared to a bunch of angry unhappy people?

Life is simple really. What you put out, you will get back! If you want a better life, just choose to have a better life and start doing the things now that will attract to you what you want in the future.

This means changing your thoughts, words, and actions, starting now to align with how you see your future-self living. We must first ‘be’ what we want to ‘become,’ and then through  The Law of Attraction, our desired outcomes have to become our reality!

I would love you to leave any thoughts you have on changing your life for the better in the comments section below.

Shared with much love and respect for all beings who are playing The Game of Life.


18 thoughts on “Change Is Scary But So Is Staying The Same: How Much Are You Hurting?

  1. Hi Andrew! Love the article! I agree that positive thinking is always the way to go, I practice it every day with changing success. There are so many negative people around us in life and it is difficult not to get impacted by them. I try to stay positive and keep confirming this to myself as often as possible. I started down a different path in my work life recently and am working hard towards success and its challenging every day. The law of attraction hasn’t manifested itself yet, but I am working on a better tomorrow every day! Stay positive and share with others what you can spare!
    Sending you good thoughts.

    1. Hi Marc. Many thanks for your generous comments and for sharing your story. The law of attraction is such that it is always working, whether we want to believe it or not. So everything that is manifesting in our lives now is a result of the accumulated thoughts we have had in the past.
      You are desiring the thoughts that you are having now to manifest now, and because you are not immediately getting the results of what you are thinking now, you think that the Law of Attraction is only working sometimes, or not working. However, vibration, or like energy attracts like energy, is a fixed universal law and never gets it wrong.
      Be aware that you are on the right path because what you are desiring is turning up sometimes. If you continue with your positive thinking it will become your habit and this is guaranteed to create a life for you in the near future as you are creating it with your present positive thoughts.
      The negative people around you are living the life that they have created for themselves. This is their business, not yours. You do not need to get caught up in all of their dramas. The best way you can help them and yourself is simply to be a positive and happy person. Your raised vibration will improve your life and the lives of all of those around you.
      I wish you well on your journey. I know you have it within you to live a happy and successful life!
      With much respect and support,

  2. I was told something when I got clean and sober that I try to live by every day. Your post said it all. “Consistency will keep you in the same place and with the same people all the time you conform to what you think life should be and stay in that comfort zone. To get out of the comfort zone to grow and learn, experience new things in life is believing we can do anything we put our minds to”. We need like-minded people to help us achieve those things in life, just like I need a 12-step sponsor and people in 12-step groups to keep from falling back into old habits. These people let me grow and I’m able to meet new people that continue to help develop my mind for the better and achieve the positive things in life. Change is not scary if you have the right mindset, the negative mindset only holds you back and action is never taken to grow. As you said it’s a mindset and we need a positive one to grow.

    1. Hey Jason. Thanks for sharing with us. It’s all about having the right mindset as you said. We will grow and move onto better things with our lives if we create the mindset to allow ourselves to do it, and equally, we will stagnate and die if we place too many limits on ourselves. The choice is ours and ours alone. Congratulations to you for choosing a better future for yourself by outgrowing your past. New friends is certainly a great first step to making this a reality. I wish you all the best, my friend.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    I love your post its awesome its help me a lot I’m a newbie to this business and I want to read it. One of your post is remind my past, also I tried to avoid change my life how many times its quite difficult to me. However I learn to motivated my self everyday. And here I am looking forward for business.. I always remember this post. Thanks a lot I hope someday I can creat a post like this..

    1. Hi Mary Jane. Thanks for sharing. Self-motivation is essential for change to occur- You actually have to do something different than you have done before. Once we can change is small ways, we come to realize that changing is not scary but is actually exciting and an essential part of life. We either move forward or stagnate and die. I always prefer to take a leap of faith and go down an unknown road to see what surprises are waiting for me to discover 🙂
      I wish you well on your journey of new discoveries.

  4. Hi Andrew, Anyone can relate to “your middle line” analogy. Think, do, and say positive uplifting things and one’s energy rises above the middle line. Do the negative opposite and one’s energy falls below the line. The higher we rise above the line the higher our vibration becomes. When we are living with ultra high vibrations we are blessed with the riches of life. It really is as simple as that. Thank you for sharing. Cheers now.

    1. Hi Jill. You are right when you say ‘it really s as simple as that!’ So, why are there so many unhappy people around when the answer is right there in front of us?
      It’s generations of conditioning that we have to overcome and this requires us to be a lot more aware of our thinking patterns a lot more of the time. Conscious creation requires constant effort, and most people are lazy when it comes to learning how to use their greatest asset, (their mind) to help them achieve the life that they desire for themselves. Fear of change convinces most people that it is easier to sit on the couch and watch mind-numbing ‘entertainment,’ or get lost in addictive behaviors including alcohol, drugs, porn, smoking, etc, rather than make time to change oneself because it requires ‘too much effort!’
      Even though our societies say they want us to achieve our dreams, currently they are not set up in a way that makes it easy for the majority of people to do so. Fear is programmed into the majority of us from a very young age and it is challenging to change this mindset as it is constantly being reinforced as a prominent belief in us by our schools, government, entertainment systems etc.
      I wish you well on your journey, Kind regards,

  5. I could not agree with you more that our thoughts come from those we saw above us growing up. We are a social construction of those we surround ourselves with. Sometimes we do not have much choice. The best option is to attempt to manage the thoughts inside our heads.

    To make my life better, I personally like to take a weekly hike, anything to get me outdoors and into nature. I find I feel a lot better afterwards. The stresses of school fade away and I am energized afterwards. It is invigorating. The trees sway in the wind and the fresh air calms me down. Life is nice.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Hi, Alex. Yes, we were heavily influenced by those who surrounded us when we were growing up. Do we have a choice in this? That depends on what you believe. As a newborn baby without any beliefs or the ability to think, no we do not have a choice as to which information we choose to absorb. Our young minds are like a sponge until we reach the age of seven. So everything we are exposed to ‘gets in.’ However, I believe that we are more than this collection of skin and bones, thoughts, memories, and emotions. It is our spiritual aspect or our soul, that guides us to be born in the perfect environment to learn the perfect lessons to continue our growth and development. If we were aware of this, the game of life as an education center for our soul development would be ineffective. So we as young humans are left to flounder in the dark, so to speak. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. As you say, life is nice. Enjoy yourself, my friend. Say hi to the wind and the stars for me 🙂 Kind regards,

  6. Hi,

    I’ve been listening to Eckhart Tolle’s teachings on YouTube about staying in the ‘now’. But I find it nearly impossible to do.

    Do you have any tips or practical guides for doing this? Maybe an audiobook or something?


    1. Being in the moment is something that we learn progressively. For most people, in the beginning, it is difficult for their busy minds to remain in the present for even a minute or two. The more we practice by consciously returning our attention to how we are feeling and what we are thinking, the easier it becomes, and eventually, through habit, it becomes our ‘normal state of being.’ My advice is simple as always. It is to just become aware of your breath, more often. By becoming still and being quiet we can use our breath to connect to our feelings. Our feelings tell us what thoughts we have been having as the two are intimately connected. The more you practice this simple act of being self-aware, the more you are connected to ‘this moment’ or ‘now.’ I hope this helps. Please feel free to leave any further questions. I wish you all the best on your journey.

  7. Good topic, I always believed that positive thinking is the best way to
    deal with life. Letting fear to conquer us is very dangerous…
    We have to fight back and let ourselves to see the light.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is inspiring

    1. Hi Marian. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It’s interesting that we can believe that thinking positive is the best option, and other people just don’t seem to get it. Yes, it is a personal choice to see the light, and we have to let others make the decision on their own, in their own time. I hope to see you back soon. Kind regards,

  8. Andrew Thanks for writing another inspiring blog: just love positive affirmation at the start of the day. Creepy but I look in the mirror and I say You are amazing and so am ! To your continued success

    1. Hi Hannah. That’s a really good affirmation early in the morning- nothing creepy about it. I bet it makes you feel good and then you can channel that positive energy into your day. Thanks for sharing. Cheers,

  9. Hi Andrew,

    Great post! loved it. I have started a new business and I am going through ups and downs emotionally so this really helps. Some days things are going great and other times not so great. I am learning to find that real inner balance and I am growing and changing by not letting my emotions control me. Once we have our power back we can really feel ourselves on top of our game again.

    The more you rein the emotions in the easier it gets next time. I love change whereas most people reject it. Open up and flow with it and life will be an adventure 🙂

    Cheers mate.


    1. Hey Kev. Good for you starting a new business. You know, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it! It’s so important not to let our decisions be ruled by our emotions. Keep a clear head and remain focused and you will succeed. Best wishes to you mate, enjoy the growth that change brings and you are assured of an adventurous life.

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