Is it OK to be Wealthy? Rich Man, Poor Man, It’s Your Choice!

Being wealthy gives us many more choices in life

Many people who don’t have a lot of extra money often have misconceptions about money and those that are wealthy. These misconceptions may include things you heard when you were young, like:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees, Wealth Activator Code Review Banner
  • money is the root of all evil,
  • you have to work hard for money,
  • money can’t buy happiness,
  • spiritual people can’t be wealthy,
  • rich people are greedy,
  • there is not enough money for everyone to be wealthy,
  • and you can’t have that because we can’t afford it.

I’m sure that most of you reading this can identify with one or more of these beliefs, and could add several more to the list.

The important thing is: These misconceptions are just beliefs we adopted when we were young from those closest to us. These beliefs, if we are still holding onto them, are not set in stone, and are therefore able to be changed. We can actually make the conscious choice to reprogram ourselves to achieve any level of wealth that we desire.

So, is it Ok to be wealthy? You bet it is! Read on to understand why it’s not only OK, but it’s in our best interests to be wealthy.

Is It OK To Be Wealthy?

New Life Frequencies gift Magnetic Wealth AttractionFirst, it is a good idea to understand our reasons for wanting to be rich as these reasons if strong enough will help us to set goals and keep us focused on our pursuit of wealth.

Rich vs Poor: Why should I want to be rich? The advantages are numerous and will vary with each of us. They may include:

  • To have more free time to spend with loved ones and be able to provide everything they need for a comfortable life
  • Having the ability to travel more frequently and in style
  • To have more time to pursue hobbies/sports/entertainment
  • Being able to afford the best education and healthcare for yourself and your loved ones
  • To be able to afford the best and safest toys/cars/houses and other goods and services that you may desire
  • You will never need to look at the price tag on anything ever again.

Poor people worry more about money, how they will pay their bills, whether they can afford to have a birthday party for their children, how much they can afford to spend on a second-hand car, which school they can afford to send their kids to, and if they have enough to repair the leaking roof…..

Being wealthy alleviates many stresses that poor and middle-class people are constantly subjected to, allowing them to live a more relaxed easy-going lifestyle.

Being Wealthy Allows You To Make a Positive Difference

Having excess wealth means we can live our own lives in the manner we choose. We can vacation where and when we want and spend our time in pursuit of things that interest us and bring us satisfaction and joy. The ability to follow our passions allows us to be happy, healthy, and in a relaxed state most of the time. This also has the benefit of positively affecting those around us.

We can make a positive difference in the lives of others by paying for the best medical care for our loved ones and friends, providing the best educational opportunities for those around us, and discretely paying for the groceries for someone who is less financially able to do so. We can give to charities that do work we consider beneficial, we can donate our time to inspire/help others to achieve their goals, and we can retreat to our own private sanctuary for a break whenever we wish to.

There is no downside to being wealthy. However, there are a few wealthy people that use their wealth in negative ways. This is a flaw in the person and has nothing to do with money! If you can use wealth to improve your life and the lives of others in uplifting and inspiring ways, then it becomes a duty for you to become wealthy and encourage others to try to achieve the same. Think of all the good that you could accomplish! Think of all the people that you would be able to help!

Change Your Mind And You Will Change your Life!

Wealth creation is easy once you have reprogrammed your subconsciousThis is your life and you can choose to change negative thinking patterns that you have about money so that you can begin living the life you want to. You have to consciously choose to use the power of positive thinking regularly to reprogram your current habitual thoughts that have been sabotaging your life in relation to money so that new beliefs about money are created in your unconscious mind. The power of positive thinking will lead you to make better decisions based on money and open you up to new possibilities and opportunities that you may have previously been unaware of.

We live in a world of cause and effect. Everything we think, (cause) leads to an action/inaction, and then there is a result, (effect). To change our current circumstances (the results/effects of our past thinking) we must change the negative thinking patterns that got us here. Or to put it another way, our subconscious conditioning determines our thinking patterns, which determine our decisions, which determine our actions which eventually determine our outcomes in life.

Control Your Thoughts and You Will Create a Better Life!

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, it is not always that easy to overcome the unconscious programming that we inherited from those around us as we were growing up.

First, we must cultivate an awareness of our thought process. Then we need to understand how our thoughts have created the life that we currently have. We can then learn to disassociate from those thoughts that are not serving our best interests by realizing that they are something we learned and we are not those thoughts.

Is it OK to be wealthy-smiling-woman

We actually always have a choice in the present moment to be and do differently than what our past conditioning is telling us. So choose now to adopt thoughts that support your new goals for financial success, abundance, and happiness. It takes time. However, if you remain focused and determined, you will succeed in creating the life that you truly desire.

For more tips on how to do this refer to my blogs: How to have a better life by overcoming negative thinking and How can I control my thoughts.

What’s It Like Being a Wealthy Person?

People are people. Most wealthy people are good people who have achieved wealth by helping and supporting others, by providing needed products and services, and by overcoming many personal and professional obstructions on their journey. They are normally bold in character, understanding of others, willing to listen to new ideas, generous, and confident.

If you are interested in reprograming your subconscious mind to begin attracting wealth-creating opportunities into your life, check out The Medici Code series of subliminal brain entrainment audios. Because, after all, being poor or wealthy is just a manifestation of our deep-seated beliefs, and if we can alter our beliefs, we will change our lives!

All things considered, money is a tool to be used to open up a whole world of possibilities that are not available to people without wealth. It creates freedom of time so that the wealthy can spend their time doing the things they want to be doing, so they can live their life to the fullest.

Who among us does not want this type of freedom?

Please share any thoughts you may have in the comments section below.

20 thoughts on “Is it OK to be Wealthy? Rich Man, Poor Man, It’s Your Choice!

  1. Something I always think is: Control the wealth, don’t let the wealth control you. Some of the richest men in the world live very happy lives. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, etc. But there are miserable millionaires that aren’t even close to the amount of wealth that Buffett and Gates contain.

    1. It’s a good idea as you say to control the wealth. Our quality of life is dependent on who we are as a person and has nothing to do with circumstances outside of us, including wealth. This is proven, as you say, by the fact that there are many miserable millionaires around. If we work on ourselves first and achieve a sense of well-being and general abundance we will in time be rewarded with abundance in all things good!
      A happy life is achieved when we feel good within ourselves, and this has nothing to do with our possessions or things external to ourselves.
      Thanks for sharing,

  2. I remember reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” years ago, and it really changed my view on what being wealthy meant. I agree that a lot of it has to do with our mindset. A positive mindset focused on what you desire can change your life dramatically. I think vilifying the rich is in a way just an excuse for us not to try harder or be content with our current state. As you say, there are indeed some people who use their wealth for the wrong reasons, but that can apply to anyone regardless of wealth. Thanks for the great article, and I hope it helps people think about wealth in a new way. Take care.

    1. Hi Joseph. Thanks for your kind words. We are always going to have good and bad people, irrespective of the amount of money they have. So money in itself is not a problem. It’s how we use it that determines if it’s supportive of the greater good or not. It’s the same with guns. A gun is neither good or bad, but it is the person who chooses to use it for ‘bad’ that is the problem.
      I wish you all the best,
      Kind regards

  3. Many would say that money isn’t everything but the harsh truth is that if you have literally no money, you have money. It can be hard to admit, but money, really, is something you cannot live without, especially if you are the provider for your family.
    But, it’s also good to be aware that money is something helps you bring positivity to your life, but is not the only positive element in your life!

    1. Hi Crystal. Many thanks for your thoughts. You are so right that money is not the only positive thing in our lives. If we seriously think about it I believe that we all have so much to be grateful for, each and every day. Life is an amazing adventure full of opportunities for growth, joy, and fun!
      Wishing you all the best,

  4. Great read. You brought up some pretty good points. Changing your thought patterns does sound really easy, but it definitely IS not. Staying humble and positive is a key factor to success and basically what you and your surrounding will be like. If one is negative all the time about everything, I’m pretty sure they are not going to make it that far if no one even wants to talk or be around them. Anywho, love the material, I’ll definitely be reading more of these posts.

    Jerrick S.

    1. Hi Jerrick. Many thanks for the comments. You are absolutely right! The environment we submerse ourselves in will have a big impact on our ability to stay positive and focused. It pays to choose wisely, for the sake of our personal wellbeing. Best wishes to you on your journey.
      Kind regards

  5. True, but sometimes we are going in circle when we want to be rich: we sacrifice time that we can spend with our relatives to get money and then we pay money to have great memories in vacation. Practically we sell our time to the owner of the company we work for and he gives us money in exchange. How can we get out of this? It would be great to find a more rewarding job/business where you could work 4h instead of 8h and receive more money at the end that you can spend with your family. I guess everyone is looking for that in one way or the other. Personally, I envy those digital nomads I see on youtube, working from Bali, on the beach, that go for a swim during the lunch break. How can you live in such a paradise, make money and enjoy the nature, culture and food?

    1. Hi Bogdan. Thanks for your comments. Trading your time for a paycheck that allows you to live just above the poverty line is modern day slavery. It is very rare that someone trapped in the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck will ever achieve abundance in their life. And yes, our relationships suffer, as does our physical and mental health. However, if you are serious and willing to work for it, there are ways out. I’m currently in my apartment looking over a tropical beach, (it’s raining at the moment, but it’s still awesome) doing what I love. I love to share knowledge and ideas with others in the hope of inspiring them to ‘go for it.’ If you want to change your life, it’s up to you to do it. There is a link on my website in the right-hand side banner to Wealthy Affiliates. There, you too can learn how to become a digital nomad and work towards living a life that you currently only dream of. So, what will it be? More of the same, or is it time to accept responsibility for your situation and take action to create the life you want to live? The choice is yours.
      Best of luck,

  6. Changing your thoughts can be very helpful but it definitely seems to be harder than simply deciding to do it. I am working on avoiding negative thoughts and focusing on good things.

    1. Hi Mariah. Initially, it can be very challenging to change a thought pattern that we have had for many years. It is like we are addicted to it, and it is the easiest and least challenging way for us to think and respond to situations. Our mind is leading us to ‘stick with what it knows’ because our ‘ego’ is afraid of losing control over us. However, with time and experience, we can become more aware of our thinking patterns and with awareness comes the power to change them. It gets easier and easier the more you assert to your ego that it does not have control of you thoughts. If patience and persistence prevail, with time you will notice a new more positive version of yourself emerge, one who is in control of your own life. Enjoy the journey of discovery that is your life.
      With much love and respect,

  7. Hello Andrew,
    This is one of the great articles I ever read about Rich and Wealthy – and why we should want to be rich or wealthy.
    The freedom of being wealthy is really valuable. It creates more peace of mind in our daily living.
    Indeed poor people are sometimes poor because of their mindset that money is the root of all evil.
    Not realizing that money is just another material thing that can also enable good people to help other people in different ways.
    Thank you for this great article.

    My warmest regards and God bless,

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments. Yes, money is just a tool we can employ any way we want. Good people will do good things with it, and as for the others?????
      At the end of the day, Universal law dictates that we will all get what we deserve.
      Kind regards

  8. I like how you can take a controversial topic and make it so simple to understand and read. Being rich or poor is simply a choice. It’s based on how we think, perceive things around us and the actions that we take. As Bill Gates even said, “if you are born poor, its not your fault but if you die poor its your fault.” Thanks for the great post. Keep it up man.

    1. Hi. I really like that quote and the way you think. We don’t have much control over our own lives when we are young, however as we age we would benefit greatly by assuming responsibility for our own lives and then steering it in the direction we want it to go to achieve our dreams.
      I hope all of your dreams come true.
      Kind regards

  9. Hi Andrew,
    There is no doubt here that money certainly doesn’t grow on trees but for me just to have enough for a comfortable lifestyle is more than enough, now for those you have it then i say good luck to them as long as they don’t gloat about it.

    1. Hi Dave, and thanks for the comments. We all have different goals around many different aspects of our lives, and that is perfectly fine. Yes, other people should mind their own business, as we should mind our own. In that way, we would all be happy in the pursuit of our own goals without having to deal with the judgment from other people.
      I wish you all the best on your journey through life.
      Kind regards,

  10. I found your article very interesting and I agree with your opinions about wealth. Being wealthy shouldn’t change a person, we should always stay humble and keep helping others.
    I’m looking forward to the day that I no longer have any financial stress.

    1. Hi Helen. thanks for your comments. Money worries are such a big part of many peoples lives. Imagine how different the world would be if the majority of its inhabitants weren’t struggling to pay the monthly bills.
      Kind regards

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