Is There Any Purpose In life? Life Is A Series Of Events Guided By Our Soul To Lead Us Home.

Life is a journey

We, as eternal souls, choose to play in this reality so we can experience what life in a feeling, thinking, and physical body can teach us. The journey of physical life is an amazing experience for our omnipresent soul to engage in. It is like a holiday as we get to pretend for a short while that we are separate from the one source of creation.

We chose to come into this limited plane of reality, and in it, we are the creators of our experience and are all living the perfect experience according to what we have manifested for ourselves.

Is There Any Purpose In Life?

The reality that all life is ONE vast Unified Field of Energy is undeniable and brings the purpose of this limited life into perspective. We have, as a collective consciousness of humanity, dreamed up this earth game as an experiment in separation from our own divine source. We came here to feel what it would be like, to see what it could teach us, and to experience the exhilaration of eventually awakening from within ‘The Dream!’

While some people like to intellectually understand information, it is more valuable for our soul-self to fully engage in and ‘experience’ life. Information, by itself, is only intellectual and only gives a small insight as to what life is about as it does not include a full body, mind, emotional, and spiritual experience.

Use the Law Of Attraction to manifest while you sleepSo, if you can come to believe that our soul is choosing to live here for a while, in this time and space reality, so that it can advance in wisdom through the understanding gained by directly experiencing life by involving all aspects of SELF, (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual), how would this impact how you live your lives? For me, it had a profound impact!

It changed how I thought about this life experience, and it made me realize that I need not take myself so seriously. Why? It made me view life like a ‘school’ which is a progression of learning. So we are never expected to know everything, and we are always able to continue to learn more and more.

And, because we cannot deny that we ‘think’ we are here, we should give this experience our complete and undivided attention. Anything less is a tragic waste of our potential and will ensure we return again and again to continue the game until our soul truly understands what it is to live a physical, emotional, and mental life.

It is by actively and constantly participating and fully immersing ourselves in life, as presented to us each and every day, that we will once again become ONE WITH THE SPIRIT OF LIFE.

Has something gone wrong with my life? How can I learn the rules of the game?

My life is not easy, am I doing something wrong?

It seems that this current version of the game has mutated into a completely controlled, artificial environment, in which human behavior is thoroughly predictable. We are being persuaded, through the influence of a few manipulators, to align with a negative higher-density existence. We are being constantly exposed to fear, violence, hate, and destruction on a daily basis by the mainstream media, and being told what to do and how to live by our governments and religious leaders.

This game is being played by most of us without our conscious awareness, and the stakes could not be higher. Our soul is the prize, and depending on how we participate, we will either continue to be ignorant of our divine origins or we will awaken from our dream and choose to grow towards enlightenment.

What will you choose? Will it be liberation through an understanding of our true spiritual nature or continued manipulation by largely unseen forces that want to tighten their control over every aspect of our lives?

As with any game, when there is much to win or lose, the intensity of the emotions of the players increases as the end draws nearer. However, the end of this game may be just another beginning, as there is always a game, within a game, within a game, in an unlimited field of potential!

Universal law NEVER gets it wrong: Our current role is the perfect role for us to learn what our soul wants to learn

Even though our current reality is a system based on a completely ridiculous, competitive, and fake ‘global economic race,’ (for countries, their decision-makers, and people to be distracted by), where some are enormously successful and the rest get left behind, it is still a game!

The Spirit Whispering program With seven billion people on the planet with different levels of awareness, here to learn different lessons and have different experiences, it is impossible to view anyone with judgment based on our own personal beliefs. None of us are ‘better or worse’ than any other, and the duality we perceive is actually ALL ONE in the Unified Consciousness of Creation.

How could life be any more perfect than it is now? It simply cannot be! If we can view life with an understanding that we are all divine, have always been, and will always be divine, (AS ARE ALL OTHER MANIFESTATIONS OF INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE, HAVE, AND WILL PARTICIPATE IN THIS EARTH GAME) we can remember that even those who we label as ‘bad’ are only acting a part in a game.

In this ‘frame’ of the game, they are playing ‘this’ part, whereas, in other frames of the movie that is life, they and we, are also acting in countless other different roles. Some of those roles live in love and others in the absence of love! When viewed this way, not one of us in spirit, is any different from anyone else.

Not one of us is beyond the Source of love, as it is an impossibility to be beyond creation, which is LOVE! Knowing this we can accept the ‘evil’ or absence of love we perceive in some players, as it is by their sacrifice of playing this part that we are afforded the opportunity to learn many lessons that would not be available if the duality of love/hate, light/dark, or good/bad did not exist.

Their spirits ARE also NOW residing in the higher planes of reality and have always been with us, and in that plane, there is nothing but love shared between us.

All the ‘good people’ are the ones who are remembering, to varying degrees, their connection to the light and love of the source, while all the ‘bad people’ have yet to recall their true nature. That’s all, it’s really no big deal!

By reminding ourselves of this the next time we wish to pass judgment, (on an actor in a play that ‘in our opinion’ is behaving in some way imperfectly), we may instead begin to experience tolerance, compassion, and even love for that actor. Because the friction they are providing is for our benefit so that we may have the experiences that we are here to learn from (just for the fun of it!) They would not be part of our experience if we did not need to learn more about ourselves through them!

resisting the natural flow of life make everything difficult!But my life is hard: Can I change my life to make it better?

It is vibrationally impossible for us to have an experience that does not fit within the framework of what we need. As we grow in experience and change vibrationally, we will find it increasingly difficult to remain in our current situations, unless the energy around us rises harmoniously with our own.

We are always attracting that which we need into our lives at all times to help expand our awareness of ‘what is’ and ‘what is possible.’ This is happening automatically according to The Law of Attraction, whether we are aware of it or not.

If we want something different from the stuff we are currently attracting as the content of our lives, we can through conscious awareness, create the lives we desire for ourselves. It does take time, and that is OK, as life is a continuing journey of self-discovery.

While here, we will benefit by being patient and not trying to force that which we are not ready for. For example, there is no advantage to trying to develop psychic powers until we have grown into the awareness of how to use them with integrity and intelligence for the good of all beings. Their selfish misuse by us would only backfire and come back to harm us.

With this in mind, we should realize that transformation towards awakening must evolve progressively until we are no longer influenced by external suggestions or by the previous detrimental subconscious programs we had.

We can then become the true master and creator of our own reality and can act in alignment with Divine Will.

So, how do I wake up from this dream?

Rewrite History Healing Product-package-pictureBy buying into the illusion of linear time, we are experiencing the effects of causality and accept it as absolutely fundamental to this reality. However, because time is an illusion, and all possibilities already exist at this moment, we can be as the masters are, already ‘self-realized’ or ‘awakened.’

Jesus, Buddha, and many others chose to focus on the perfection of their being. By doing so, they rose above the illusion of space and linear time and were able to draw upon their already realized selves to become the absolute creators of their life experiences. They embraced freedom and limitlessness and by their examples, they showed us the way. Jesus said: the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do.” John 14:12.

The masters teach us that consciousness exists outside of our brain, even outside of our body, and that ALL THAT EXISTS is part of a Universal Mind or One Consciousness. This is not a higher personal awareness but is actually a holistic higher awareness that connects ALL within a single Unified Field of Energy, which encompasses ALL creation.

When we realize this, by freeing ourselves of all constraints that have bound us to live within the matrix, we can move our awareness anywhere and have access to all wisdom and knowledge, and all the playgrounds at any time and in any location within the matrix.

This is how paranormal experiences such as manifestations, time travel, remote viewing, precognition, out-of-body experiences, magic, miracles, and maybe even dreams are made possible. This awareness of YOU being the absolute creator of your own life is SELF-realization.

This awareness brings freedom from the limitations of this realm and is the completion of our journey here on Earth.

To achieve this, we don’t need to get out of our bodies as our consciousness already resides outside of our physical body. We just need to become consciously aware of our true spiritual nature.

Does life then become easier? Will I be able to create what I want?

Life can be summed up by saying that: We are here because our soul chose to be here! We are on a journey to remember our own divinity. This remembering is progressive and at some point on the journey, we will realize that we are the creator of our own lives.

& Magic Energy Experiments banner adBy knowing that everything is a choice, we can just simply choose to be happy and loving at all times and encourage all others to do the same.

We should never avoid anything that is put in front of us for our attention, ‘good or bad,’ as it is neither.

However, it is important to exercise discretion in the choices we make as they will either support our continued evolution or hinder our quest for self-knowledge.

These lessons ARE THE REASON we are here. And if we learn our lessons, the whole of creation will be uplifted by our participation!

You can help yourself by remembering what it is like to be innocent, or to be ‘born again.’ If we can learn to listen, feel, appreciate, and love again, then we can also assist others that wish to evolve.

It is those that are born again, with a renewal of their spirit, that will be the shepherds to lead humanity into the next phase of evolution, towards freedom through self-realization.

Those that are still immersed in this plane of existence and living through their mind, cannot do so as their ego/intellect prevents it. However, at any moment we can release the illusion of ‘I’ or the ego-self if we choose to.

Our big lesson on this Earth reality is to learn how to love unconditionally, and it is this love that will draw us back into a state of complete and continuous existence within the one energy that encompasses all of creation.

Shared with much love and respect for all beings


16 thoughts on “Is There Any Purpose In life? Life Is A Series Of Events Guided By Our Soul To Lead Us Home.

  1. Very well written, and with so much information. You truly grasp that we are soul’s choosing to have this human experience and all it entails. I look forward to seeing more from you.

    1. Hi Lori. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future. Have a great day,

  2. Hi Andrew,
    This is a great article, I really enjoyed reading it. Life would be easier and funnier if more people would see it for what it is. It’s true that people judge other people, things or events according to their beliefs. When we become aware of our belief system in this game of life and accept that we are all one, we can create a wonderful life.

    1. Hi Blanka. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love that you think life would be funnier if people realized the truth of their existence. I couldn’t agree more. More fun would definitely make the energy of humanity lighter 🙂
      Have a fun day, Cheers,

  3. Another awesome post Andrew! I enjoy coming back here when I am feeling confused or stressed and your words of wisdom always help me to get back on the right path!
    I think are right about love being our highest calling in this life. Do you think we should focus more on loving ourselves to become better at loving others? Or should we seek divine guidance on how to love others as they need to be loved?

    1. Hi Irma. Many thanks for taking the time to visit my site again. You know you can also visit even if you are not feeling confused or stressed 🙂
      I am very happy that my words are able to help you in any way at all. In answer to your question, I believe that we need to start where we will derive the most benefits for ourselves and others at the same time. This is achieved first and foremost by loving ourselves completely and unconditionally. Unfortunately, we are programmed by society that it is somehow selfish and unnatural to love who we are as a person. However, the truth is that if we are unable to love and respect ourselves we will not be able to feel love for any other beings, including people.
      You also ask ‘should we seek divine guidance on how to love others?’ Love is our natural state of being. Unfortunately, as a species, we have deviated away from living in a state of ‘Grace’ (or free from sin) and instead choose to embrace qualities that don’t support our ultimate health and wellbeing. Humanity is now full of fear, disease, hate, anger, self-doubt, etc. and this all detracts from our ability to love ourselves and others. Our ability to love ‘others’ will occur naturally when we first learn how to love ourselves, and pure unconditional love is not something others will be able to accept from anyone else until they are able to love themselves first. We can never force another being to accept our love, but we can assist them by showing and teaching them that they, just like the rest of us, are worthy of being loved. Lead by example and begin by receiving your own unconditional love for your own magnificent SELF!
      I hope this little rant helped to answer your questions.
      Shared with love and respect,

  4. This article really resonated with me and my experience. For so long, I thought I was the product of life happening to me, but after many challenging experiences and facing them head on, I have expanded and grown and see now very clearly what you speak of here. We are all designed to connect to our light and create our own life according to our own light, and those we encounter that are antagonistic in some manner are there as gurus in a way- teachers brought in the form of contrast so that we may determine for ourselves what really resonates with our beings, and what is a product of the ego and needs to be released. I wonder now when I encounter people or situations that create unrest in me, if it is indeed a projection of my own state of being and I try to observe what can be learned so as to stay connected to the light of love, rather than buy into the reactivity, negativity, and fear that resonates in the collective consciousness – as you stated, everywhere in the mainstream media. I am very pleased that you endeavor upon a path to provide these insightful posts. Shedding light on awakening and the concepts and truths of which you speak will prove to elevate humanity. That is my hope, anyway. Cheers!

    1. Hi Rebecca. Many thanks for your insights and wisdom. I know that sometimes when our ‘buttons are pushed’ and we are enter a state of unrest that it can be difficult to see the ‘bright’ or ‘light’ side of the experience. It is made easier when we understand that we are not the experience, and we are not the thoughts, body or emotions that are taking place. These things are just stuff happening based on our past habits due to the programmes/beliefs we have built about ourselves. By realizing this, we are giving ourselves the remedy to any suffering that we may have experienced in the past. It is through non-attachment to events, thoughts, and emotions that we will realize that we can exist in peace in a turbulent world because no event external to ourself will have any power over us! I wish you all the best,

  5. Thank you for this inspirational, insightful post. You make the everyday trials feel like something bigger, something amazing. Sometimes the drudgery of the day gets to all of us but we have to remember that there is wonder all around us, that we are on a journey and we need to appreciate and enjoy the ride.

    1. Hi Heather. I’m happy that you read my article and the words were able to make your day lighter and brighter. Life is amazing, and if we can always remember that, we will have an amazing life. With love and respect,

  6. I love the idea that we are “playing in this reality”. I’ve been learning a lot about everything you wrote lately, and really examining my life and how I take different things so seriously. I think that everyone has something helpful and useful they can do for humanity or the earth or animals, which once you find that, I feel like you find your purpose. I look forward to reading more of your insights. Thank you!

    1. Hi Andrea. I look forward to seeing you on my site again. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. Yes, I agree, that we all have something of value to contribute to the experience of being human. Have an awesome day. Cheers,

  7. I am happy that I read this article in the morning. It is so refreshing! Self-realization is important in life. You said it has to evolve gradually. When one wants to know about is there any way to follow and achieve it?

    1. Hi Kavitha. Thanks for taking the time to read my article. You asked, “When one wants to pursue self-realization is there any way to achieve this?” Yes, there is. You need to stop trying! Give up the search for enlightenment, and realize that you have all of the answers within you. You always have had, and you always will have everything you need to know right now. The problem is that we have just forgotten that we already know. Our human experience has been overtaken by our ego, and this ego self keeps us busy rushing around here and there, doing this and that and we are so consumed with our human identity that we have forgotten to listen to our soul self. So stop doing everything and let go of everything that you currently believe, and then you can hear the whisper of your soul and you are born anew and can exist with the realization that you are ONE with all of life!
      Shared with love and respect,

  8. Is I often struggle with things like this in my life, this was very helpful and in line with my own niche!
    Thanks for great reading!

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