Is this just a dream? How to play the game of life.

The game of life and how to play!

All things exist within the Cosmic Mind as consciousness. Each one of us is expressing through a unique thread of this universal consciousness to have our own focal point. It is here that our consciousness resides and has access to infinite information. Our minds, on the other hand, reside within the illusion (the dream of life) and have only local information available along with some limited analytical and cognitive abilities. Our limited view of reality does not mean that ‘more’ does not exist, just that we are yet unable to perceive it.

The birth and death of this universe are but a single breath in a much longer game. Here on Earth the seasons come and go, the tides flow in and out, and even our hearts beat to their own unique rhythms. All these things are just thought forms within the cosmic mind.

Life is a journey of self-discovery: Don’t sweat about the other stuff.

It is our predominant thoughts and beliefs- as threads of consciousness that are creating our realities within this game of life. In this way, we are the actual directors of our own life movie as well as being the projectionist, the editor, and the lead actor.

This reality of space and time was dreamed up to provide a playground for our souls to learn and grow through experience. Even though the playground can be thought of as a vast virtual reality construct, it provides us with lessons that lead to our continued spiritual evolvement.

This is made possible due to the linear nature of ‘time’ where we are afforded the opportunity to act, experience, and learn. Then repeat, and repeat, over and over again until we understand that which we came here to learn. This experience of progressive learning is simply not possible if we were to remain in a state of ‘God Consciousness’ where all things exist simultaneously.

It is an illusion that time and space exist. We, as souls, have chosen to immerse ourselves in a dream, and we call it “reality.” The illusion that an action leads to a result is only made possible because we have access to a small stream of information that relates to our current personal experience of reality. This, by necessity to believe the illusion, provides a life that is seemingly continuous in nature, leading from birth to death.

So even though all information of all possible lifetimes, timelines, dimensions, and alternate realities are always available in the Cosmic Mind we choose to limit ourselves to a single strand of information. Because it is only by doing this that we can become totally immersed in the illusion. We can then believe that the game of life is real!

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Albert Einstein.

This is my life, and MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING!

It is through the collective unconsciousness of humanity, from the energy of unmanifest potential, or God, that we have currently dreamed up this current version of the ‘collective consensus reality’ of the universe that we are acting in. There is unlimited potential for creation, and we have dreamed up this version, here and now.

We have created a set of natural laws so that we can immerse our ‘separate identity self’ completely within the experience of individual lifetimes. It is how we interpret the experiences that give us opportunities to change the universe and more importantly to us here and now, change our own lives.

How we think about our lives and our life experiences are directly linked, unconditionally, without exception. Most people are currently living in an experience where their power is given away to what they perceive is happening to them by way of external events. They then end up in a constant reactionary mode to ‘stuff’ they believe to be outside of their control.

This is living in ignorance of the reality that we are co-creators with the universe and are attracting experiences to us that mirror our unconscious beliefs about ‘reality.’

The universe (external experiences) is the mirror, or projection, through which we can see our unconscious self. This is the aspect of us that is doing the creating. It has no choice but to reflect back to us our interpretations to confirm our perspective in a self-validating feedback loop. This is the Law of Attraction at work in our life!

Our reactions to what we experience outside of ourselves can easily be justified if we do not recognize ourselves as the projector creating the movie of our own life. Once we realize that we are doing the projecting, we can easily become nonjudgmental witnesses to events and just marvel at the creation that manifests as our life, before our eyes.

We don’t get to witness this process until we are released from the illusion that we are subject to external control. It is through our belief that our projections, which are manifested and reflected back to us, are real and our reaction to these manifestations, believing them to be external to ourselves, that keeps us locked in this cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Until we escape from this dream we will be forever reacting to our own energy. By ‘waking up’ and realizing that the origins of our physical existence are created from our own minds, we shatter the illusion and see the truth of the dream.

How to play the game of life: Use The Law of Attraction to create what you want.

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Since all information exists simultaneously in the Cosmic Mind, all possibilities for our life exist at this time. However, we are projecting onto the screen ‘our life story’ as told by us, by The Laws of Attraction. This is only a very small fraction of every possibility available to us. As already mentioned, we are in effect writing the script, directing the movie, and acting the lead role in our own life movie!

Just like the old motion pictures all the frames exist at the same time. We choose to display them on the movie screen, frame by frame, to give the illusion of linear time. This allows us to establish cause and effect in our lives. However, as the projectionist, we could either spread out all the frames at the same time or in any order we choose.

Our mind in the matrix believes this personality/individual self, is only the lead actor and therefore views the frames one by one in sequence, providing continuity.

Without continuity, we would not be convinced that we are real- and the game of life would be ineffective as a learning tool. Therefore, to play here and now, we have to consciously choose to forget our omnipresent soul-SELF. However, our higher consciousness does realize that it is playing all roles including the projectionist, and can view all frames simultaneously.

It seems that a vast number of souls are desiring to wake up at this time to become aware of the game. More people seem to aspire to take an expanded active role is what is currently being manifest with a desire to evolve beyond the limitations of their current ‘matrix.’ As more and more souls wake up and focus their attention on creating a more peaceful, tolerant and compassionate society, this is the reality that will become manifest, and it will help to raise the energy vibrations of all other souls.

Begin now by building a solid foundation for a better life:

Understanding the laws and mechanics of creating reality assist in manifesting personal desires. Enlightened beings, (those who have cleansed their minds of all constraints,) have the ability to see through the illusions that are time and space and can perform what others consider miracles or magic. The laws of creation allow them to manifest into reality- creating something that those who believe in continuous time and solid matter simply believe is not possible. It is by these very limited beliefs that the reality of ‘not possible’ is created, and assured, for those with limiting beliefs. free cheat sheetHowever, miracles and magic are possible in this realm when we come to the absolute understanding, and belief, that time and matter are an illusion, and the game of life is ours to play in whichever way we choose.

How much time and effort are you willing to put into creating the life that you desire. The choice is yours. You can learn to have a better life by becoming aware of, and then changing your thoughts to change your life.

Learn how you can do this by reading what I have written about The Law of Attraction.

I wish you all the success you desire on your journey through this life, and I would love to hear what you think about this post. Please leave any feedback in the comments section below.

With respect and love,


(This post is made up of pages in a book I have written called “How to create an extraordinary life.’ I am currently looking for a book agent or publisher. If anyone knows someone they think may be interested in representing this book or publishing it, please feel free to pass this link onto them. I will be very grateful).

22 thoughts on “Is this just a dream? How to play the game of life.

  1. Thank you for this very in-depth information about how to play the game of life. I have learned much. I know of the law of attraction. And I have heard that belief is key to manifest. But belief is not easy isn’t it? We see the world around us, and we have to believe to attract and create the world we wish to have and be in. How can this be done easily? Do you have an article to help with this question? Or if you are writing one soon, kindly let me know. Once again, thank you.

    1. To believe in a world different from the one we see is not easy. The trick is to see the existing world through loving eyes, eyes that can only see beauty wherever you are looking. This can be achieved by changing the way we feel and think about what we are seeing. Instead of being judgmental or disapproving of stuff, we can see it for what it is….. Other people playing the game of life to the best of their ability, that’s all!
      So the world, other people and circumstances do not need to change in order for us to see marvel in the absolute beauty that is in all of life. It is simply we who need to change how we view the world events, other people and circumstances that surround us!
      You may like to check out some of my other articles to help you create a wonderful life experience for yourself.
      I wish you all the best on your journey.
      With much love and respect to you and all who play the game of life,

  2. To say that this article is mind-blowing will be the understatement of the year!
    And yeah, the year has just begun, but still…
    I’ve been reading other works on the law of attraction and creating, but I don’t think anyone else is having the exact same view as you.
    I mean, the way you look at the things in life is quite unique!
    I read this post in one breath. Hopefully, you’ll keep going just like you do so far!

    1. Hi Boby. I love your response to what I have written. I am glad that you got something positive out of it and hope that you can use some of the information to help you achieve your goals in this life. Welcome back anytime 🙂
      Shared with love and respect,

  3. I read through the article you posted. I have to say that I can only agree with Kyle when he says there is a niche for everyone! I did find the information quite interesting and relevant.
    Thanks for the post. Well done, and best of luck with the book.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Tom. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Yes, there is a niche for everyone, and we are all different. This just adds to the variety of life and makes it more interesting.
      Have a great day, Kind regards,

  4. Pretty deep this article. Knowing yourself is the first step in understanding and creating your universe.
    I don’t think that there are limits in what we can archive if we really want something.
    I believe though that is needed a lot of self study to find the power to escape from the dream of ”reality”
    I trend to think that everything is an illusion, but maybe is someone’s illusion… maybe god’s
    Maybe when we ”die” – we are waking up

    1. Hi Marian. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that we are very powerful when we come to ‘know ourselves.’ And I also believe that we can wake up from the dream while we are still in this body as others have done that have come before us, those who have obtained a state of self-realization, Christ-consciousness or Buddha-hood. I like to think of dying as ending this current dream and waking up to actual reality. From here we will then immerse ourselves into another dream, just for the fun of it. Kind regards,

  5. Hello Andrew,
    WOW, this is some ‘deep’ stuff you have written here. I agree that we are ‘players’ in our own story that we can ‘create’ at any time. It is a ‘tough pill to swallow’ for a lot of us because of the limitation we have also created for our minds. There is also so much ‘fear’ when it comes to embracing possibilities and miracles. However, if we take our time and go step by step, we have the power to change our lives. All the best and keep ‘creating’.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Michelle. One step at a time, always going towards more self-awareness of our part in our play will create for us an awesome life experience. I wish you lots of fun, laughter, and abundance in this act of life.
      Kind regards

  6. I love this article as I am a man who pursues to gain all information as possible even though there is unlimited information out there or in us because we are all one and everything is energy vibrating at a frequency and every thought creates our feelings and it is our feelings that create our reality.

    I love to read and speak to like minded people, thank you for sharing this article.

    Kind regards.


    1. Hi, Dean. Many thanks for taking an interest in my article. I too like sharing with like-minded people. In this way, we can all grow together. Let’s create good thoughts, to create good feelings, to create a fantastic reality for ourselves! Onwards and upwards.
      Kind regards,

  7. Hey Andrew, I’ve always felt like life is like a book and it’s already written. Each day is another page turned. One quote I always go by is: Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.
    I also believe in the law of attraction. Feeling and being positive attracts the same back. We learn a lot as we go through life and I believe that we get wiser too as we get older.
    What do you feel is one of life’s most important and positive lessons?
    Excellent article!

    1. Hi, Rob. Never be a prisoner of your past. I like that a lot. If we can live by this advice we will be free to create each day anew, and create it in anyway we like. What a fantastic idea.
      What do I believe is one of life’s most important lessons? To constantly and consciously bring our attention back to our breath. This simple act centers us, quiets our mind and allows us to consider options instead of just mindlessly reacting to situations. I guess, in a way, it is the same as releasing us from the bonds of our past. Thanks for sharing. Kind regards,

  8. Hey Andrew,
    I think that we live in such a reactionary impulsive society that most people don’t slow down enough to think about how they should respond to events in their everyday lives. I agree with you that while we often don’t choose circumstances in our lives…we always have a choice as to how we react to those moments. The mind, like you say, is the reality which we create.
    Good stuff! Thanks…Tim

    1. Many thanks for the comments, Tim. It seems like such an easy thing to do, to just slow down, take a breath and think before reacting. However, as you say, not too many people seem capable of doing it. Let’s show them how 🙂
      Kind regards

  9. I really enjoy reading through your take on the mind. I would tend to agree that are minds have a massive impact on our lives. What we believe in. We have to be careful and be mindful of the minds. The law of attraction is very powerful unfortunately it seems most humans gravity naturally to the negativity side of that law. And get more of it I think most humans are pre-disposed to that way and more inclined to negativity. I think myself it takes time and discipline to control our thoughts and to get the best out of life.

    1. Hi Joseph. Many thanks for the comments. Yes, it does take time and discipline to change our conditioned responses, but luckily it is possible. It does seem that humans are pre-disposed to a negative way of thinking, but I don’t think that that is our essential nature. I believe it is a result of the programming that we receive from our peers, from the Main Stream Media, from many of the violent video games that are played, and the continuing wars are going on, etc, etc. If we were exposed to positive, uplifting information and examples of loving kindness when we are young, we would be more inclined to exhibit these traits ourselves.
      Kind regards

  10. Hi Andrew,

    Things that can happen in life that are so awful and so positively, that I feel it is lost on me somewhat, due to its surreal nature. The game of life is what we are at and your insight here in this article was very illuminating. Those that are succumbing to circumstances simply have not predicted such things and so preparing for good time (1st) but also bad times will off-set a lot of stress. Than you Andrew, I really enjoyed your article.

    1. Hi, Philip. Many thanks for your comments. As we near the end of our journey we come to realize that there is no ‘good and bad.’ We understand the nature of the school of life as a place where we come to experience the whole range of emotions and accept them for what they are- just another event that allows us to learn more about our-self. It is important to realize that we are not our emotions, we are not our fears and we are not our problems. These are just things happening and it is always our choice how we respond to them. I always like to choose a positive healthy uplifting reaction. I hope this helps.
      Kind regards

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