Karma is Cause and Effect in Action.

Karma has been described as ‘the spiritual principle of cause and effect where the intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that very person.’ I interpret this as ‘the results we attract into our lives due to the previous thoughts and actions we have released into this world.’

It is not only our physical actions but also the energy from our thoughts and our words that accumulate to determine the resulting circumstances of our life. This means that every thought and action has been added together to result in our current life circumstances! (Our circumstances are our state of health and well-being, our level of abundance, our mental abilities, the state of our relationships, etc.)

Karma is Cause and Effect in Action


Are you excited about this knowledge? I would be—– if I were living my ideal life. And, I also would be even if I am not currently living my perfect life. Why? Because with this understanding, we now realize the path we can take that will allow us to create the future life that we desire for ourselves.


If Karma is Cause and Effect, how does it Affect me?

We are all living a perfectly balanced life, where the sum total of energy we have expended into the world is perfectly matched by what we receive. When I say ‘energy expended and received,’ I’m not talking about just physical work-related output, but the UNIVERSAL ENERGY (or life force/Prana) that ALL things consist of.

Everything has a vibration, including thoughts, words, and actions. These vibrations can be either beneficial or harmful to us, and according to The Law of Attraction, what we put out is what we will receive back.

For example; we may think that someone has wronged us in some way. We may believe that we are justified in being angry with them, and we may even falsely believe that our anger, in this situation, is somehow beneficial to us and harmful to them. However, when we are angry, we exude a low (destructive) vibration, and this low energy actually has no power to affect them unless they allow themselves to be influenced by it. This other person is free to act, react, or ignore us as they wish. In other words, it is up to them how they are affected by our anger, and has nothing at all to do with us.

However, we cannot escape the effects of our anger. The Law of Attraction dictates that it is WE who will reap the rewards/punishments from the energy we are emitting. “As we sow, so shall we reap.” The anger vibration will take its toll on our health as the organization of our brain, nerves, and muscles are affected by everything that we think and feel. (There are whole websites and books relating to anger and other negative emotions and their destructive results on us, mentally, emotionally, and physically, so I won’t go into it here.)

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I think most of us understand, on some level, the damaging impact that negativity has on ourselves and others who routinely choose negatively as a way of dealing with life’s circumstances. (It’s just not very nice being immersed in their negative vibes 🙂

Our life circumstances are a record of all our thoughts and beliefs.

It is ‘our current self’ that is visible for all to see, and this self is made up of our past beliefs, thoughts, and actions. So if we are predominantly a negative person, we can understand it is because we have been thinking negative thoughts more than positive thoughts in the past. If we wish to stay this way, ok, but knowing that our current life circumstances are of our own making, we can choose a different future for ourselves if we want.

Close your eyes for a few minutes, and take a few slow long deep breaths. When you are relaxed, remember a time when you were angry and notice how you feel emotionally, notice what thoughts are going through your mind, and notice what is happening physically within your body.

Let it go, take a few deep, relaxed breaths, and now do the opposite. Remember a time when you were filled with joy or deeply in love. How do you feel, mentally, emotionally, and physically?

Which state of being would you like to be experiencing more often?

The Law of Attraction quizIn contrast to negative thinking, when thoughts of love, harmony, peace, inspiration, courage, and power (to name a few) are traversing our minds, our bodies have a completely different response. We naturally become happier and healthier and our future will become brighter.

The good news is that, when entertained frequently and over long periods of time, beneficial thoughts WILL replace negative patterns we currently may have and WILL become our predominant subconscious thought patterns. Therefore, positivity CAN become ‘who we are.’

We can, in effect, be transformed or ‘Born Again’ into positive, fun-loving, powerful, healthy, successful, confident people, (people who are fun to be around)

You can transform your lives in any direction you want!

It’s common to hear people complaining about certain aspects of their lives. Maybe they don’t have enough money, their partner doesn’t understand them, they don’t have enough free time for themselves, or never got the right education, etc. The list is endless! However, complaining doesn’t change anything! Complaining just keeps us stuck in the same beliefs with the same thought patterns predominant in our minds. If we continue to cling to the same habits and beliefs we can expect to receive, through The Law of Attraction, similar results to what we are currently getting.

Once we understand that WE ARE ALWAYS RECEIVING IN EXACT PROPORTION TO WHAT WE BELIEVE, we will recognize that if we want something different from what we already have, all we have to do is change our predominant thoughts. This will upgrade our beliefs over time and produce the desired outcomes.

For the majority of us, the programming/conditioning we received when growing up and throughout life is really strong, and we, therefore, tend to follow predictable patterns of behaviors, actions, and reactions to life’s events. Breaking these patterns and habits can be challenging, especially as most of the time, we may not even realize that they exist. However, ALL of us can break our current habits/patterns to achieve future success in any and all aspects of our lives. But, it does require effort on our part!

Nothing will transform for us unless we make the necessary changes to the current beliefs we have that have manifested in the present life we are living. New beliefs are required, and over time, they WILL create a unique new vibration that will change what we attract to us! 

How to begin making changes that will benefit you

We cannot expect our life to improve magically when we make superficial changes like moving house or changing our occupation. This is because it is only our location or work that is different. We, or ‘OUR SELF,’ have essentially remained the same. We still hold onto the same beliefs and have the same habits and reactions to life’s events.

The same holds true if we think that when someone else changes their behavior to something more agreeable to us, our relationships will be wonderfully improved. But of course, we have not changed, so we will find some other behavior to complain about!

The above examples refer to changes that are ‘outside of us.’ They are in our external world. This is the world outside of our thoughts and emotions. This is a world where stuff is happening all the time, some of which we consider to be ‘good’ and some ‘bad.’ The critical concept to grasp here is that:


There are currently seven billion people in the world doing what they want, not necessarily what we want them to do….. Stuff is always going to be happening that we ‘don’t approve of!’ What are you going to do about it? Most of us react to unfavorable things and events in mental and emotional ways that are damaging to our health and general well-being. However, it does not need to be this way!!!!

We can always come out on top of all situations, all events, and all circumstances by changing the way we have been habitually reacting. First, it’s essential to realize that most of what is going on is none of our business. Every thought we have about what is happening is either an investment or a cost to our well-being. Our thoughts will either make us happy or unhappy, will empower us, or disempower us. This is why it is so vital that we become more conscious of our thoughts more of the time, and choose our thoughts wisely so they will benefit our overall happiness. bemoreom-mediation-banner-ad

Now you know how important your thoughts are, you should immediately release about ninety percent of the stuff that you currently may be worried about, stuff that is ‘none of your business.’ This alone will free up your mind so you can focus on things that will be of benefit to your future self.

And now we are getting to the truth of how you can actually make lasting positive changes in your life!

All Things Beneficial Come From Within!

We are educated to believe that power, strength, and happiness are to be found in the outer world, the world of possessions, of status, of the stuff we have little control over. This wrong thinking is the cause of most of the unhappiness in the world throughout the ages.

As humans, we have the ability to choose what we think. This unique ability is what gives us the power to determine our own personal reality. Our thoughts are energy that acts upon the universal mind and draws to us the results of our thoughts…..

….. and every thought is a cause, and every condition is an effect of our thoughts.

If our inner world is harmonious, we will be living a peaceful outer life experience. If we are troubled, angry, or fearful, our external circumstances will reflect this accurately. In fact, every detail of our outer life is a reflection of our inner world (our deepest beliefs, our thoughts, and our feelings.)

We will achieve a harmonious inner world when we control our thought processes to make every thought a positive investment into the future life we wish to create for ourselves. We do this by focusing on all the good stuff in our lives and by not getting caught up in negative thoughts when things are not ‘going our way’ or unfolding as we wish them to. In other words, we should always consciously determine for ourselves how any experience affects us instead of just reacting based on our habits or long-standing programmed responses.

Knowing that we WILL benefit by thinking good thoughts, WE SHOULD ALWAYS FOCUS ON SEEING THE ‘GOOD’ IN ALL SITUATIONS.

Karma is Cause and Effect in Action- Young girl covering her mouthIt becomes quite apparent that the power to have a good life or a bad life lies in OUR INNER WORLD and is not dependent on events that are happening outside of us. It is the way we view events and then respond to them that creates our reality- our reality being how we think, feel, and therefore what circumstances we attract to ourselves.

How Can You Improve Your Life, Beginning Now?

We each need to determine the value we place upon ourselves, on our happiness, and this will then begin to reflect on how we interact with the world at large, which will determine the quality of our life experience.

I suggest to you, each and every one of you, that you make your happiness, your success, and your abundance a priority in your life. You are not, and can never be responsible for anyone else’s perceptions of reality, so put your attention where it will do the most good. Become a more conscious positive thinker so that you WILL improve your own life.

You will then be showing others a better way to live, and those that are ready will benefit from your example and may be inspired to improve their own circumstances.


We just need to look at our current life circumstances to realize what our deepest beliefs are. What is our current level of abundance, how is our love life, are we working at a job we love, etc.CD picture of Zen 12 product

Mindfulness and meditation can really help us achieve a better understanding of why we have the current life that we have and give us insights as to how we can move towards better life experiences.

Our future life is up to us. The possibilities are way beyond what you are currently living! What life experience do you wish to create for yourself?

My next post will be about using your imagination, by way of Creative Visualization, as a very powerful tool to attract the future life that you desire into your experience.

I wish you well on your journey, knowing that we are all currently getting what we deserve- according to our predominant thought vibrations. However, the future contains many, as yet unrealized possibilities. What are you going to choose for yourself? Why not make it awesome 🙂

9 thoughts on “Karma is Cause and Effect in Action.

  1. Hi Habib. Those that receive abundance into their lives are vibrating at the frequency of abundance. This frequency is nothing special, not magic, and is just one frequency out of so many that is available to all of us.
    The Law of Attraction DOES NOT say: wish for that which you want and you will get it!
    The Law of Attraction DOES say: First, identify what you want, then change your vibration to match what you want, and only then will it be attracted into your life! The cause always comes before the effect…. it cannot be any other way!
    So if we wish to be abundant, we must, through ‘process’ (we must do things) to raise our thinking to create feelings that resonate at the frequency of abundance. Then the ‘results’ will be attracted to our vibration. ‘Cause and effect,’ ‘process and results,’ is just the way things work in our universe.
    The Law of Attraction always gives us according to our vibration…… which is usually not what most of us desire, but is an exact match to what our unconscious beliefs about ourselves are!
    Change your predominant thought patterns to raise your vibration, and you will change your life!
    I wish you all the best,

  2. Thanks for this post, I needed to read this today although challenging. Sometimes It is hard to let go of emotions such as anger but as you say we need to if we want to keep on top of our vibration. I have found in certain situations I’ve been saying my affirmations and then the opposite has happened. Do you have any advice on this, or how to get past deep-seated beliefs based on repeated past experiences? Thanks for such a great post 🙂

    1. Hi Natalie. Thanks for your questions and input.
      The reason we call them ‘deep-seated beliefs’ is because they are firmly anchored into our subconscious and we have been automatically regurgitating them for long periods of time. ‘Trying’ to get rid of them is extremely difficult as the more we fixate on them and reaffirm their existence, the stronger they become.
      A better approach is to ignore them completely, even when they pop up again and again. We become aware of their existence but do not attach any emotion to them. Once aware of them, we need to immediately cultivate the new thoughts (with appropriate emotional feelings) that we want to become our new beliefs.
      A good analogy is: you are in a dark cave of negativity, and all you need to do to escape the darkness is to light one match (new positive thought.) Then light another match, and another, and soon the darkness will disappear when enough matches are lit. It becomes easier and easier to add new matches (beneficial thoughts and feelings) and soon the old belief system is replaced by a new one. This is the Law of Attraction’s promise to us: If we maintain a vibration often enough and for long enough, it will manifest into our reality.
      Remember, life is a journey, and you did not come here to reach the finish line quickly. Begin to enjoy ALL OF THE JOURNEY and everything will unfold as your soul has planned all along 🙂

  3. A very powerful and extensive post about how to attract abundance into your life and how karmic thoughts affect your future. I´ve read The Secret a few times and am all in favour of this way of thinking. However, I still find myself thinking negatively and it´s a work in progress. Things will improve. Everybody including myself just has to make the effort to think more positively and be grateful every single day.

    1. Hi Susan. Life is an unfolding of experiences that eventually lead to wisdom or enlightenment. The journey must necessarily begin from a state of knowing less to culminate in a state of ALL-KNOWING. The very fact that we are still alive on Earth at this time tells us that we still have more to experience and learn, and there is nothing wrong with this.
      Yes, as you say, things will improve, because you have the necessary awareness to make it so! Enjoy the journey is easy when we focus on the beauty that surrounds us and are grateful for all that we have.
      I wish you well on your journey,

  4. Very informative and inspiring article. I agree we must carefully guard our thoughts and the negativity we allow ourselves to be around. The quality and level of happiness in our lives really is up to us. Each day I strive to become better than the day before. Continuously learning, exploring, growing, and being open to new opportunities wherever they may be. I tend to do my meditation while also doing yoga because I find the breathing techniques help me to search inside myself. Have you used yoga as a meditation tool? Does something else work better for you? I am looking forward to your next article and have book-marked your site.

    1. Hi Deb. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post. Breathing is a wonderful tool that I use to quiet my mind. I use it while doing yoga and also as a stand-alone practice. I find that conscious breathing allows my higher aspects to become more prevalent at the time of practice and this heightened sense of being stays with me longer the more I practice.
      I use yoga basically to keep my body toned, healthy, and strong and really enjoy the practice. But more and more my practice for self-development is focused on creative visualization of how I want my future to be. I going in this direction because if ‘thoughts determine reality’ then thinking the same of similar thoughts is going to give us a similar reality in the future. If I change my thoughts to focus on what I want to create, by the law of attraction my future will become what I am imagining today. I hope that makes sense to you.
      I wish you all the best,

  5. Great article, Andrew! At some point you say “We cannot expect our life to improve magically when we make superficial changes like moving house”. Given the rest of the explanation you are right, regarding external and internal influences.
    Yet, we sold our house 3 years ago, traveled for a year, and then settled down in a different country than our own. It’s marvelous! The realization that we dared to take such a big step and the way our life has changed, make us happy and proud. 🙂

    1. Awesome! It’s always great to hear about the successes people have in their lives.
      I imaging that your internal world of thoughts and feelings is evolved enough so that you would be a happy person in most situations? Like you, I moved countries a couple of years ago, and even though things have not worked out as desired, (mostly because of the recent virus-related lockdowns), I am still happy and content to be where I am and I also know that I would have been happy to remain where I was!
      The point I was trying to make in my post, but maybe wasn’t clear enough, was that ‘Life is basically an internal experience.’
      How we see the world, and how we feel about the world depends on our beliefs and thoughts. And the interesting thing is that we all see the world differently, depending on how we are programmed. This means that if we are basically an optimistic person (like I imagine you are) we will be able to see beauty everywhere. If we are pessimistic, changing stuff in the external world will never bring us happiness.
      I wish you a great day and a wonderful life 🙂

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