Lazy Commissions Review: (How To Make $100 A Day in 2023 With Affiliate Marketing)

If you are reading this Lazy Commissions Review you’re looking for A PROVEN WAY OF MAKING AT LEAST $100 A DAY ONLINE. You may have already brought and tried some other courses, but haven’t yet gotten to the point of being able to make a sustainable income online. I’ve been there, done that, but can now happily say that I do make a regular income online…. (Still not as big as I want.) But as I learn more and keep applying the proven strategies, as taught in Lazy commissions, my income continually grows.Lazy Commissions Promotion Ad

If you read my URL (Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, and Wise) you may be wondering why I’ve included this review on my website because the Make Money Online Niche isn’t one I normally talk about. However, I do have a good reason for writing this review. It’s because I have got to personally know this product’s creator….. and he was an invaluable source of information, help, inspiration, and support that enabled me to make my first $1000 plus online.

……..and if I can do it with the information in this course, then I’m sure that Lazy Commissions can also help you achieve your online income goals.

What Is Lazy Commissions All About?

Lazy Commissions is a comprehensive online course designed to teach affiliate marketers How To Generate $100/day, easily and quickly. The course consists of a mix of text, audio, and video files that cover everything you need to build a highly profitable and successful online business from scratch. Also, those with existing businesses will learn how they can generate organic targeted traffic to their affiliate links so they can take their business to the next level of income generation. AND, CURRENTLY…. YOU GET ALL OF THIS FOR FREE!

The course covers important topics like the correct mindset, proper execution, online business and marketing fundamentals, affiliate marketing basics, email marketing, lead generation (list building), traffic generation, and much more. Check it out for yourself now, HERE!

Who Is Tim Ikels, the guy behind Lazy Commissions?

I was fortunate enough to meet Tim (aka obdude) a little over three years ago. At that time, he had just left his regular employment and set himself the challenge of building a sustainable online income and living as a digital nomad. I was new to affiliate marketing at this time and thought to myself that I had better stay in contact with this guy because I believe he will do it. And I would then want to know how he did it.

Well, true to his word, HE DID IT! I’ve followed Tim’s journey over the last couple of years as he’s been traveling from country to country, doing what he is passionate about….. building reliable and ever-expanding sources of online income, AND supporting others, like me, in their quest to do the same.

He has put this course, Lazy Commissions, together to teach what has worked for him and many other successful online entrepreneurs. Tim has a no-nonsense way of showing us how we can implement the same or similar strategies to create new sources of income, or even take our existing online businesses to the next level.

Tim has been a successful online earner for a couple of years now and is often mentioned in the Sales Leader Boards of affiliate platforms including Warrior plus. And in response to my, and many other people’s questions, asking him how he did it, his practical answer was to create this course. So now we can just implement the proven strategies, step by step, to achieve our own successful online businesses.

Who is Lazy Commissions For and What Does The Course Include?

If you are new to Online marketing, then Lazy Commissions is a great place to begin building your business. And if you are experienced, but not yet making the kind of bucks you want to be making, then you will receive the missing pieces to the puzzle that will allow you to proceed to the next level….. Remember, Lazy Commissions is currently free, so you have got absolutely nothing to lose!


Lazy Commissions is a high-quality affiliate marketing course with new affiliate marketers, and those struggling to earn their first commissions, in mind. The focus of the course is to get you to $100/day in affiliate commissions as soon as possible.

Lazy Commissions covers all the important online marketing basics, execution, email marketing, “free” traffic generation, & more. The course is based on solid fundamentals and also comes with several highly valuable bonuses and additional resources.

The course is constantly being updated and improved to keep it evergreen and to meet the needs of its customers in the best possible way. This can be seen in the ‘Change Log’ page included in the main menu.

Tim is always available to personally interact with his customers. He listens to what we need and want in the course and then, if appropriate, updates the course material to further benefit all members.

And as Tim say’s, “if I was to follow “common marketing advice”, this is where I’m supposed to give you a “rags to riches” story and share a made-up “hero journey” with you. But I think we can skip the BS that’s insulting our intelligence, and instead keep it real.”

And with that in mind, Lazy Commissions was created and currently includes 6 helpful training modules that are further broken down into 21 concise, easy-to-follow segments. The main modules are:

1. Getting StartedLazy Commissions Tim Ikles Profile

2. The Foundations

3. E-Mail Marketing

4. Lead Generation

5. Traffic Generation

6. Conclusions & Next Steps

Why should you purchase Lazy Commissions?

Often, the biggest problem we face in this business is finding someone we can trust to give us proven and current information, at a good price that will help us grow our business in the way we want. It seems that most of us have made purchases in the past that haven’t lived up to their promises. And, this is just bloody annoying, to say the least!

Well, the really good news is that Lazy Commissions is still in pre-launch mode and is therefore CURRENTLY FREE!….

……. you simply cannot beat or complain about that price, or lack of it, for any reason! So…. There is no financial risk with the complete front end of this package. And…. All the information you need to get you to $100/day is in the front end!

Tim also has some upgrades available at ridiculously low prices if you want him to do most of the work for you. These upgrades will enable you to start getting returns more quickly.

1) The first one is The Rapid Implementation Kit (RIK.) And it costs ONLY $7

  • A professional high-quality and blazingly fast bonus/bridge page that you can edit to your personal needs. Tim shows where you can host the page for free on best-in-class hosting CDN.
  • A high-quality splash page for use with any traffic exchange, solo ads, and classified ads.
  • 5 high-quality squeeze pages (for the MMO/IM niche), 2-step, and classic opt-in pages, with instructions on how to host these pages for free.
  • A high-quality, auto-forwarding “Thank You” page to pre-sell any core offer.
  • the perfect DFY lead magnet (for the MMO/IM niche)
  • A 10-day follow-up email sequence to warm your leads up to your core offer.

2) Secret Affiliate Insider for $27

This is an exclusive and private community of like-minded affiliates and online entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and experience.

This is a place where Tim and others host advanced and on-demand workshops, quick-fire training, present case studies, and ‘behind the curtain’ paid traffic campaigns.

Anyone who is a member can ask questions of Tim and the other members on a private server hosted with Discord.

They also run several channels on that server, including a popular and well-received shared review-access channel. This makes it easy for newbie marketers to get review access to many software tools and information products for their reviews.

3) Licence Rights for selling Lazy Commissions for $47:

If you buy this upgrade, you will bump your commissions from the automatic 50% for promoting Lazy Commissions up to 0 throughout the entire funnel!

However, it doesn’t end there because if you purchase The Special Licence Rights for $97, you will not only get 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel but also ALL OF YOUR CLIENT’s DATA! Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any other offer on Warrior Plus that even compares to this generous offer.

Added to this: Tim has a complete, value-driven, “raw link” follow-up engagement campaign of 20 emails in total to all new members of Lazy Commissions, to provide more value and get people engaged with the training and upgrades… He’s totally committed to making your business work for you in the shortest time possible.

So, the product is GREAT VALUE FOR SO LITTLE MONEY, and as for trust in Tim? For me, it’s a no-brainer because I know this guy. And I have to say he is very, very, generous and dedicated when it comes to sharing his knowledge and experience. So, in the course, you will learn what has worked for him and how you can also benefit from implementing the same strategies in your online businesses.

Get started today call to action button

Can Lazy Commissions Help You Make More Than $100 A Day Online?

Yes, without a doubt! If you study ALL the material in this course, you will have all the necessary information, skills, and resources you’ll need to begin earning $100 a day. However, the name is misleading, because IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK FOR LAZY PEOPLE…. but then no program ever will! So if you expect to get money for nothing, maybe you should stop reading here and go back to watching crap on the TV, because your life is never going to get any better…..unless you invest some time and effort in upgrading your knowledge and skills.

The Lazy part does come, but it comes after you have done the initial work of setting your business in motion. Because only once things are scaled and running smoothly, can you ‘set and forget’ it! So, as with all successful businesses, initially, you will be required to do some work…. and Lazy Commissions makes it as simple as possible by laying out a step by step proven processes for you to follow.

So, what are you going to do?

Do you have goals and dreams of living a better lifestyle than you currently are?

Is having a sustainable passive income part of your goals?

$100/day is a great beginning….. but it is only the beginning. If you are serious about your future, invest some time in this (currently) FREE course and learn how you can create your future the way you want it to be…….

For me, passive income equals freedom. And by doing what it takes now, I know my future is going to be better than almost everyone else on the planet!

So Really, What are you going to do NOW? Lazy Commissions instant access button

If you’re serious about building a sustainable income working online, then you also need to get Tim’s newly released product, Traffic Endgame.

Traffic Endgame is a FREE online educational course, (including many valuable free resources), teaching you how to take advantage of THE TOP 3 TRAFFIC SOURCES that pro-affiliate marketers use to get rich. Through years of trial and error, success, and failure, Tim has arrived at a formula that works and can help you begin earning your first dollars online or provide a huge boost to your existing income.……


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10 thoughts on “Lazy Commissions Review: (How To Make $100 A Day in 2023 With Affiliate Marketing)

  1. This looks like a good product and it comes free! I have heard a lot about this guy and I can tell that he is a legit guy who is ready to help people make money online.

    1. Hi Thabo.
      Yes, Tim is a great guy… and he understands that his path to success is made a lot easier and quicker when he is able to help others achieve the same.
      We’re all in this together mate.
      Let’s have a fun and awesome journey towards creating our dream lives!

      Have a great day,

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I haven’t heard of or studied about Lazy Commissions. It sounds really promising, but then again if it sounds too good to be true…
    But I will take your word for it because it looks legit. As you stated you can try it free. I will certainly give it a better look because of your review.


    1. Hi Markus.
      Thanks for taking the time to read my review.
      Lazy Commissions is definitely a legit course, and it is packed with relevant and critical information that anyone wanting to make money online needs to know.
      And yes, at the moment it is free, so why not check it out…. you have nothing to lose.

      I wish you success on your journey,

  3. Hi Andrew,
    I am always skeptical of anyone who has been making money from Warrior Plus products. You mentioned Tim Ikels is often mentioned in the Sales Leader Boards of affiliate platforms including Warrior plus. I may have seen his name before, I can’t recall for sure.

    I have reviewed 50+ products on Warrior Plus and the good quality products that actually help people are rare. Most are “get rich quick” types of products that appeal and play to the emotions of people in need of money. Almost all offer this get rich quick, easy push-button profits type offers and the reality is to make money online nothing could be further from the truth. Making money online requires hard work and consistent effort. But selling this reality doesn’t sell well. That’s why all these product creators on Warrior Plus sell all these “systems” to appeal to be less work and faster. But that is almost always not true and so many people lose money buying these products and their upsells.

    So I’m still skeptical even with the front end being free. There are upsells there and the perennial problem with these types of systems is getting traffic. So I will pass on this for now but would greatly appreciate it if you could share any success you have with this Andrew – I may reconsider if you can show me some success.

    Thanks for your review.

    1. Hi John. I am not familiar with the majority of products on Warrior Plus.

      As you know, my niche is Personal Growth and Development. And as I mentioned, the reason I have reviewed Lazy Commissions is that Tim is a personal friend of mine.
      The information at the front end of the product is enough to get a business up and running in the ‘right’ direction. And as I said in my review, it isn’t for lazy people. Anyone in the business knows that there is no cheating and that initially, it does require hard work to create and sustain a successful business.

      As for proof that it works, I can only say that the information provided by Tim has encouraged me to change some of the tools and strategies I was using and they have helped me gain more traffic and build my list.

      Like you, I am still a paying member of Wealthy Affiliate (Andrew888) because of the extensive support and training provided within this platform. However, we can all always benefit from researching other information from those that have found their own path to success.

      Cheers John,
      I wish you all the best!

  4. At first, the title of this product made me think it is a scam or some sort of a get-rich-quick scheme designed for gullible people. However, after reading your review, I understand that I’ve jumped to a conclusion. Lazy Commissions and its owner seems like a legitimate product. The fact that Tim gives it away for free is the major green flag! I will definitely sign up for it and see whether Tim can help me generate more traffic, leads, and sales to my affiliate business.

    Thanks for sharing your honest review and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post, Ivan.

      Tim’s a great guy who really knows his product and this industry. And yes, the product is currently free and definitely worth checking out.
      There is always someone who knows a little more, or something different from what we know, and who knows, it might be the piece we are missing that will help us take our business to the next level.

      I wish you all the best, mate,

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