Moonlight Manifestation Review: (Can We Really Manifest Abundance While We Sleep)

Attract abundance while you sleep

Can an audio program really transform our lives while we sleep? Let’s find out by discovering what is Moonlight Manifestation?  And can it clear the energy blocks that are preventing us from realizing our goals and dreams? If so, this would mean we are free to become abundant with wealth, love, security, and freedom. And this is, after all, what we all desire.

At this time it seems like the world is going mad. There is turmoil and uncertainty everywhere as the pandemic narrative is force-feeding huge amounts of fear upon us daily. It seems like the certainty we used to rely upon has gone. Our jobs, health, and education are no longer things we can take for granted.


What Is Moonlight Manifestation?

The content of our lives is made up of our prevailing beliefs. If we can remove the old beliefs that block us from manifesting abundance, we will then achieve abundance. Moonlight Manifestation works by implanting beneficial beliefs into our minds when they are most receptive. This is when we are sleeping as our subconscious minds are wide open and can easily accept new beliefs around abundance, optimum health, freedom, etc.

What is the Moonlight Manifestation program all about?

Reprogram your subconscious while you sleep


Moonlight Manifestation is an audio program that uses subliminal reprogramming to ‘entrain’ our minds to rapidly and successfully accept new thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Specifically, reprogramming sets us up to achieve abundance in all aspects of our lives. This happens as our old beliefs are being synchronistically brought into alignment with the new, superior, life-affirming, affirmations embedded within the audio tracks.

The series of unique audio programs are designed to free us from any energetic and mental blockages we have that are preventing us from achieving our dream lives. The two core audio journeys focus on removing financial blockages so that we can allow abundance to flow freely to us.

The program works because it bypasses our conscious ‘ego’ minds and taps directly into the potential within our vast subconscious minds.

Our subconscious minds are responsible for the majority of the content of our lives and this is why we need to find a way to reprogram it directly. Only then will we attract the abundance, success, love, and joy we desire into our experience.

Because Moonlight Manifestation bypasses our conscious mind and its limiting beliefs, the program will begin working from the first time we use it. The two main income manifesting sound journeys, Abundance Rising and The Divine Block Dissolver will ‘rewire’ our minds for success on deeper and deeper levels as we continue to listen.

There are many other soundtracks included in the package and each is geared towards other specific goals we may have. They are all produced with the same high-quality Vibrational Layering Technology as the main tracks. Listening to them is optional and basically depends on the specific goals and dreams each one of us wishes to achieve. However, I suggest following the information in to ‘Quick Start Guide’ to ensure that you get the most benefit out of the program.

Moonlight Manifestation dream yoga banner

Who is responsible for Moonlight Manifestation and why is it of benefit to me?

Alexander Wilson is a well know manifestation coach and spiritual guide. He is the brains behind this program and created it specifically to allow busy people to benefit from manifesting while they are getting a good night’s sleep. Alexander is also responsible for several other successful manifestation programs including Manifestation Magic.

The principal difference and benefit of this program is that we can utilize the time we are sleeping to reprogram our minds for success and abundance. Sleep is something that takes up a lot of our lives. The positive use of this time to improve our lives is not new and has been used by ‘Dream Yogi’s’ as a ‘bridge to cross into the TRUE reality.’

This leaves our waking hours to be used as we desire without the need to set time aside to practice meditation, make vision boards, recite affirmations, etc. Basically, we can live our lives as normal, except for a few minutes at night when we will set ourselves up. Then we just go to sleep and let the subliminal audios work their magic by ‘upgrading’ our limiting beliefs to attract abundance and success into our lives.

Why do I need Moonlight Manifestation to reprogram my beliefs to achieve my goals and dreams?

App to manifest abundance

At this very moment in history, it seems that the world is being turned upside down. There are government’s intent on taking away our freedoms as well as our means to support ourselves. There are currently riots in many first-world countries, food shortages, and the fear of global warming, etc. Inflation is a certainty and will make everything more and more expensive.

Why is all of this be important to you and me? Because the stability we have enjoyed in the years since the last great war is becoming a thing of the past. There is going to be continual uncertainty in the coming years. And the ones that will survive and thrive are the ones who make the effort to upgrade their existing belief systems to enter into a new age of abundance.

It is our existing beliefs as a society that have added to the current problems we are facing, and the only positive way to rise above the turmoil and uncertainty is to reprogram ourselves for abundance, success, and joy. And once we take on these new beliefs, they become part of our resonance, our vibrational frequency at a cellular level. And then, according to The Law of Attraction, the Universal Mind must deliver matching results of abundance, success, and joy into our lives. IT IS LAW!

This is not the apocalyptic end that some have prophesized about, but a transition into a new age. And the new age requires that we have new beliefs to match the ‘Golden Age’ that is coming…..

How will it reprogram me for abundance?

We are all manifesting, all of the time. The Law of Attraction is inescapable and is giving us conditions into our lives based on our vibration. Unfortunately, many of us are getting stuff that we don’t want as conditions in our lives because of the ‘bad’ subconscious beliefs we have been programmed with.

As our vibrational frequencies rise, we become aware of and can begin to take more responsibility for the manifestations that we create. And since it is our subconscious programs that are responsible for up to ninety-five percent of the thoughts we have every day, it is these ‘bad’ thoughts that we benefit most by changing.

Moonlight Manifestation works differently than other manifestation programs because it uses a window of time when we are most susceptible to accepting new beneficial mind programs. Our transformation is best achieved when we are in the REM sleep state. Listening to the hypnotic language of the subliminal audios during this deep sleep cycle is what makes the transformational affirmations so readily accepted. And this is the main reason we will achieve results with this program.

How specifically does Moonlight Manifestation work?

Dream Yoga by Moonlight manifestation

The Audio tracks take advantage of a technology called “Vibrational Sound Layering.” This means that a huge amount of information can be packed into a shorter time. There are thirty-two sound frequency layers embedded into the tracks. Each one contains information to reprogram our minds for achieving our goals.

The first three layers are the most Potent Manifestation Activators. They are:

1) The ‘Deep Sleep’ layer, unlike anything you’ve experienced before, is key to unlocking the Moonlight Manifestation Window.

2) The ‘Storybook Scripting’ layer.
Our desires are transmitted as a command to our fully aware subconscious minds, clearing blockages and programming up for success….. starting as soon as we awaken.

3) The ‘Manifestation Acceleration’ layer. By harnessing proprietary “quantum field” energetic sound technology our positive intentions
are solidified, deep into our subconscious. This sends an IMMEDIATE attraction signal out to the universe to automatically attract our desires towards us.

What benefits will I achieve?

How would your life change if you no longer had to live paycheck to paycheck?

How would you feel if you were now driving your dream car and living in your dream house?

Soul mate? Who wants one? How would you feel when you are finally with the one you have been dreaming about all these years?

Think about what YOU have wanted to achieve with your life, and then allow moonlight Manifestation to ‘entrain’ your mind so that you will achieve it!

What do I get when I buy Moonlight Manifestation?

Moonlight Manifestation includes three full sound journey SERIES.

Manifest abundance while you sleep

# 1: The Income Manifestation Series: The Abundance Rising
and The Divine Block Dissolver
are the centerpieces of this series. There are also another seven sound journeys that are 100% life-changing.

# 2: The Unstoppable Motivation Series: Awaken your “Warrior” and “Goddess” inner powers so that you will feel your most confident… your most radiant… as you go about your daily lives. Eliminate procrastination, overcome fears, boost confidence, clear blocks, and overcome childhood trauma.

# 3: The Unlock Your Quantum Magic Series: Listen to these sound journeys before bed & unlock enriching new talents like….

  • Supercharge your memory…
  • Unlock your 3rd eye…
  • Upgrade speaking skills…
  • Unleash magnetic writing…
  • Even jump-start your IQ…

PLUS: 3 Additional Bonus Sound Journeying Series

1) The Dream Yoga Activation System

2) The Overnight Hypnotic Healer Series

3) The Overnight Health Series

Reprogram your mind with Moonlight Manifestation


You deserve to create a magnificent life for yourself!

Are you willing to PUSH PLAY before you go to sleep at night so you can reprogram your subconscious for wealth, success, love, joy, freedom, and everything else you desire?

If so, then today is your lucky day! The complete package is valued at $1220, However….

Moonlight Manifestation is available right now at a hugely discounted price of only $55.50

Download now
Hit the button a wake up to a new life tomorrow morning

You’re IMMEDIATELY receiving the 2 main sound journeys, Abundance Rising and The Divine Block Dissolver…

Along with all 6 complete series, you will also receive the ‘Sweet Dreams’ app so you can take the complete package with you where ever you go! This is enough to explore for months and just what you need to experience the greatest personal expansion of your entire life!

So, why not simply hit “play” tonight on your Abundance Rising soundscape and let it help you seal in the abundance you want to manifest. Then, allow the vibrational layering to carry you away into the most restful sleep of your life.

All of Alexander’s products come with a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee! This is how sure he is that Moonlight Manifestation will work for you.

Instant access buton Moonlight Manifestation

4 thoughts on “Moonlight Manifestation Review: (Can We Really Manifest Abundance While We Sleep)

  1. What is Moonlight Manifestation? I’ve never heard of it so thank you so much for explaining it all. It sounds very interesting. If I have trouble sleeping through the night, will it work for me?

    1. Hi Alyse.
      Yes, Moonlight Manifestation will help you sleep at night. The first ‘sound layer’ of the tracks helps to promote a deep sleep state so we can experience blissful sleep. We will then wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and inspired to have a great day.
      Thanks for reading my review, I hope the information has helped you.

      Have a great day,

      1. Andrew,
        Por Gentileza gostaria de saber se eu Adquirir um Desses Programas aqui Para o Brasil se ele vem Traduzido na Minha Língua no meu idioma Português?

        Translation: By Gentileza I would like to know if I purchase one of these programs here for Brazil if it comes Translated into my language in my language Portuguese?

        1. Hi Aguimar,

          Sorry, this program is only available in the English language.
          Although the words may not be understood, the magic is in the vibrations. Words like the soundtracks have unique frequencies and either transmit positive healing frequencies or negative frequencies.

          All of us, no matter where we are from, and no matter what language we speak will benefit from the unique layered frequencies embedded into these audio tracks.
          I hope this explanation makes sense when translated into your native language.

          Desculpe, este programa está disponível apenas em inglês.
          Embora as palavras possam não ser compreendidas, a magia está nas vibrações. Palavras como as trilhas sonoras têm frequências únicas e transmitem frequências de cura positivas ou negativas.

          Todos nós, não importa de onde viemos e não importa o idioma que falamos, nos beneficiaremos das frequências em camadas exclusivas incorporadas a essas trilhas de áudio.
          Espero que esta explicação faça sentido quando traduzida para o seu idioma nativo.

          Cheers mate,

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