Our beautiful World continues to give and we demand more: What would the Creator think about this deranged abuse of the Earth?

Enlightened beings viewing Earth

The natural universe, without compromise and without asking for anything in return, provides us with everything we need for our human experience.

Our home, this beautiful Earth, gives equally to all of us as she knows that all life is one vast unified field of energy and that we co-exist as one entity in spirit.

Why don't we think about it, before destroying our home, the earth?However, humankind has temporarily lost this memory and is operating mostly from selfishness, greed, and the belief that we are somehow special. We continue to take everything we want to fulfill our desires and try to satisfy our personal self-indulgence without regard to the Earth and the other species that we share the planet with.

What parent would put up with, or could sustain this type of behavior from their children?

How did it come to this? And what are the consequences for us?

How is it possible that the mind of humankind is oblivious to the possible irreversible damage we are inflicting on our home, the Earth? What will it take for people to wake up and realize that the very quality of our lives depends on the quality of the environment we live in and the health of other species that we share these spaces with?

The natural world of animals, plants, minerals, water, and air, are all being adversely affected by the destructive activities of mankind. The increasing ill-health of these vital systems will be our eventual downfall unless we stupidly manage to eradicate ourselves first. Our ‘vastly superior intelligence’ has allowed us to come up with many options, including nuclear weapons, more manufactured viruses, severely compromised immune systems, DNA destruction, suffocation from toxic plastic overloading, and numerous other activities we are currently engaged in.

Wht would an advanced species think of our destruction of our panet?How would God or an enlightened species view the activities of humankind?

Imagine if a ‘God’ or ‘vastly intelligent alien race’ was looking down upon the Earth at this point in our history. They would judge us as behaving like spoiled children who demand to have every one of our wants fulfilled, now, without regard to any long-term consequences to the environment.

If it was possible for ‘God or higher beings’ to save us, do you consider that they would want to save us? Would you, in their place, save a species that seems totally intent on destroying the world that you had created for them?

Would you save the one species that is exploiting and eradicating the other beautiful species that you had created to live in harmony and balance for the mutual benefit of all life on the planet?

I think that it’s entirely likely that a more enlightened God or alien race would take pity on the planet and the other species that we are constantly abusing….. and therefore, eliminate the abusers!

Yes, I mean you and me and the majority of mankind! We are the problem here. All the other species just obey the natural laws of nature and follow their programming. However, humankind is ‘above’ that…. we have been gifted with free will…. the freedom to create or destroy as we please!

With humanity gone, the Earth would quickly return to a natural state of balance and harmony and all the other life forms would fit in and naturally conform to whatever the Earth provides for them. Life is always seeking expression and nature always fills in any gaps.

Are none of us worth saving? Are we really that bad?

We are all capable of being better beings.If any intervention was to occur from ‘above,’ (alien or God), maybe they would consider that some of the humans are worth saving?

However, the criteria used would be very different from that currently use by people on Earth to determine ‘who is important, and who is not.’ It would not be about how much money we have, who our parents are, what nationality or religion we are, or how intelligent we think we may be, but instead be about our selflessly loving vibrational signature which is formed from the sum total of our life story that would judge us to be worthy of saving or not.

Therefore, it would more than likely be the ones who have worked on themselves by raising their vibrational signature to become aware of their true spiritual nature, or those approaching a state of ‘enlightenment.’ that are considered worthy candidates for saving. These are the few who will have searched out their ‘inner demons,’ confronted them, and overcome them. These people will be easily recognized and would actually be an asset to any continued future life experience as they will strive to co-exist with all other life instead of taking, abusing, and recklessly destroying that which they falsely consider being separate from themselves!

And if there is no intervention from above, it is still the souls immersed in love that have purified themselves to do ‘no harm’ that through their higher vibration will ascend to a higher plane of existence. These are the only ones capable of living in a purely paradisaical world without destroying it.

What do I need to do to save myself? The best answer is to become a more genuinely loving being.

Believing that we will be saved because the leader of some religion says we will be, (if we believe their way to salvation) is living with false hope. Being an outwardly good person of ‘high moral character’ will not be enough to save us, nor will lots of metaphysical knowledge, religious beliefs, prayers, or meditation alone. Personal purification of everything about us that is unworthy or of low vibration is necessary to make living in ‘Heaven’ a possibility.

Love is the answer we seek“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,

but by making the darkness conscious.”

Carl Jung.

We may have lots of metaphysical knowledge, but knowledge is useless without the understanding of the darkness and the ‘living of the knowledge.’ So, ask yourself, ‘Have I done all that I possibly could have done to help myself survive any possible futures?’

If you are still living in a body and are not currently enlightened, then the answer is ‘no, we have not yet done enough,’ whether we like it or not!

So, maybe we should all consider putting more effort into our personal development or SELF-evolvement. This will culminate with us recognizing that we are connected to ALL LIFE and it is therefore in our best interest to express joy, kindness, consideration, compassion, and love at all times.

It’s not my fault: I am not responsible for the destruction happening around the world!

If we consider that we are not responsible for the current state of the world, both the good and the bad, then think again, because it is only when good people stand by and do nothing that tyranny is able to thrive. We are all co-creators of this world and it is the combined, predominant, thoughts of humanity as a collective that has manifested this current consensus reality.

Through the metaphysical ‘Law of Attraction’, mankind has created by ‘resisting what he does not want’ instead of focusing on ‘creating what he does want.’ (When we think negatively, what we don’t want…. we get it. Therefore, we need to always think in terms of what we do want!)

By fully accepting our responsibility for everything currently in our life as ‘our creation,’ we can stop blaming others for what they are ‘doing to us,’ and actually empower ourselves with the energy to begin to create the things that we do want in our life.

Many people are finding themselves stuck within a ‘victim mentality,’ and this does not serve their best interests in any way whatsoever. Individuals can only empower themselves to make significant changes by always choosing to be proactive in creating what is wanted instead of wasting energy on what is not wanted or the ‘apparent’ injustices of any situation.

What can I do now? How do we save the Earth and our-SELVES?

We all need to play our part to save the earth.It is to our detriment that we watch the Main Stream Media news channels which subject us to so much negative and fearful programming on a daily basis. Their intention seems to be to always keep us focused on the problems in the world today.

The controlling powers behind our governments, corporations, banks, the military-industrial complex, and media organizations, know that by focusing the majority of the population’s attention on problems that they will create more resistance, anger, and fear. They understand that this adds energy to continuing the problems, which is to their advantage, so they can continue to keep control of the general population, through both economic, religious, and political means.

These controlling powers’ intentions are to keep people focused on the negatives to prevent them from actually looking for real, effective, and lasting solutions to the greatest of humanity’s problems. And this works because while we are focused on the problems (low energy vibrations) it is impossible to receive solutions (higher energy vibrations.)

Our solution is to direct our attention to where it will have the most benefit. We need to change OURSELVES so that we become capable of contributing to creating a better, healthier, sustainable world by confronting all that is unworthy within OURSELVES.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung.

The problems we have in the world today only persist because the majority of people are trapped in the consensus reality and believe ‘this is the way things have always been and it is too hard to change them.’

This is something we are taught from a very young age, and if we buy into it, we will continue along with all the other ‘sheep’ and live an average life doing average things. In this scenario, our minds will not reach anything near our potential but will instead rot away because of all the mindless entertainment and media propaganda that we subject ourselves to on a regular basis.

There are always more choices available.However, WE COULD CHOOSE A DIFFERENT SCENARIO!

I don’t want to scare you, but it does involve lots of attention to details, and it does require that you face your fears and challenge yourself to become a better human ‘being’ at all times.

What do you think?

Want to give it a go?

Our current reality is being created by the way we are interacting with the world. Our beliefs cause us to have certain types of thoughts, which create certain types of feelings within us and these lead to the actions we take.

So, if there are some aspects of your life where you think you are not living up to your potential you can change something about yourself to improve your life experience! Simple.

But what do you change?

You need to understand that the only thing you have any real authority over in this life is the way YOU think, feel, and act. If you begin thinking about the consequences of your thoughts, words, and actions, then you will begin to choose thoughts, words, and actions that support the creation of the life you desire to be living in the beautiful abundant world that you wish to be living in.

When you change yourself, your whole world changes, because you see it through different eyes. In this way, you get to choose your very own life experience instead of accepting the default version that was programmed into you by your peers when you were growing up.

As a species, we need challenges to grow against otherwise we would just stagnate, wither, and die. It is therefore fortunate that we have antagonistic control freaks among us to show us that we can achieve more. The challenges we face always give rise to aware individuals who come up with creative solutions to our problems. This is fantastic as it allows humanity as a species to keep striving for more and expanding our potential.

So, with this in mind, even a happy life needs some ‘issues’ to balance it out. When each of us faces and understands our issues and deal with them responsibly, it is ultimately for the benefit of all humankind and all life that we share the planet with and our wonderful beautiful planet herself!

Shared with love and joy in the hope that some of you will use this information to save yourselves and in the process make the world a better place for all life.

Love and light to all beings,


22 thoughts on “Our beautiful World continues to give and we demand more: What would the Creator think about this deranged abuse of the Earth?

  1. Hi Andrew, I love this article!

    I am very much in natural health, mindsets, sustainability, and love, so this article is really resonating very strongly with my heart. You are very right! We are not victims; we are the creator of this reality we are living in. The victims are the children and people who are exploited for our comfort and greediness, leaving destroyed countries behind. It is our responsibility, and we can change reality by changing our own being, body, mind.

    Do you have heard about “The Great Reset,” Klaus Schwab? There are politicians already publicly proclaiming that they will create a new world order, where the mega-rich, Bill Gates, and others will control us? Some politicians in the Netherlands even have made it a part of their election propaganda and have won the election. Can you imagine?
    If I see how Prof. Masaru is sending love to water and it forms beautiful crystals as a response, I see how the high loving vibration brings everything on a higher energy level. It is so beautiful!

    Thank you very much, Andrew!

    1. Hi Sylvia. I’m happy you took the time to read my article and enjoyed it 🙂

      The only way our reality and the world is going to change for the better is if we first change ourselves, as it is all of us who are responsible for the current reality we have.
      However, much of humankind still seems to be emotionally immature and irresponsible. People want to leave it to ‘The governments’ to sort out all of the problems….. and the governments, of course, love this. They then become more powerful, more overbearing, more invasive, and more controlling. We, the citizens, lose every time we ask or allow the governments or any other authorities to do something for us that we should be doing ourselves!

      And this is what the Great reset is all about…. a few ‘legal’ (in their eyes only) criminals (psychopaths) stealing the freedom, possessions, and wellbeing from the vast majority of citizens of the world…. or the few that will be left alive after their ‘cleansing.’
      I think the movie “The Hunger Games” was a preview of the world that is to come following The Great Reset! It’s a scary thought!

      I’m shocked/saddened/surprised that there are politicians in the Netherlands that support this type of agenda and are being elected. It just goes to show how much we still have to learn as a species regarding our sovereign nature and the reality of why we are here on this beautiful planet at this time. I believe we came here as eternal souls, to play a game of life and grow experience-rich because of all that we are exposed to. The great reset is just one option of many possible ‘acts’ in this play of life, and it doesn’t have to come about. I can imagine many other ‘acts’ in this play that would be far more beautiful to be immersed in. What about you?

      I love Dr Masaru Emotos work. He was a true visionary and showed us, without doubt, the power that our thoughts, words, and actions have on the environment. I have included some of his research in one of my articles: Can our thoughts really affect our reality?

      One by one we can make this world a better place, and we do it by bringing our lives into alignment with our soul’s desires for us. I also have an article on this here for those who are interested in making the world a better place: Coming into alignment makes achieving goals easier!

      Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us again.
      have a great day,

      1. Yes, it saddens me knowing that their cleansing is happening, and most people are not aware.
        The politician in the Netherlands, Sigrid Kaag, could mention the Great Reset in an interview. I believe most people haven’t noticed it, showing me that people don’t read and inform themselves, maybe not be aware of what she has talked about. This is a worrying situation.
        Dr. Masaru Emoto is unbelievable; the way he has explained and showed how water resonates to vibration is absolutely amazing.
        It is the same for the solfeggio frequencies that can heal the body and mind by listening to the different frequencies of the tones used in sacred music, including the Gregorian Chants. Amazing world! 🙂

        1. I love using sound frequencies for healing tools as well as for reprogramming my subconscious mind to achieve better outcomes in my life. There is no doubt that they work and they have helped me achieve many of my goals.
          I have listed the programs that have benefited me the most in my ‘Awesome Products’ categories on this website for those readers who are interested in learning about the awesome power of sound vibrations and how they can help reprogram our minds for love, success, wealth, abundance, confidence, etc.

          We are truly blessed to live in such an amazing world!
          lets enjoy the experience as much as we can 🙂

  2. This is a really interesting article. Thank you so much for sharing. I completely agree with you about the media which is funded by the company’s making the biggest profits. I tend to read independent papers but they are hard to come by in local stores. Mainly I source them online.

    1. Hi Catherine. We are fortunate to live in the age of the internet so that we can access information on just about anything we want. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there, and even more tragic is that it is often being spread by way of the main-stream-media to support the agendas of those that control these influential networks. Luckily, many people are waking up to the fact that we can not always rely on these more traditional outlets for our information and so are doing the same as you and searching for alternative views online to get a more balanced perspective on events so they can make better decisions for themselves.
      Thanks for sharing, and I wish you all the best,

  3. This was such a good article. I think today the youth are either self centered with instant gratification issues or the complete opposite. Slowly but steady things are changing but who knows if it will be in time

    I think that if there is a higher being or race looking down on us they are chocked with what we are doing to our planet, each other and everything living around us. We act like we have planets like we can purchase shoes from the shops.
    Hopefully more people will read this and it will be an eye opener to them.

    1. Hi Alexandra. Haha, yes you are right! We are behaving as if we have planets to spare, but sadly this is not the case. For now anyway, this one planet is all that we have, as so we should be looking after her as best we can. After all, she is such a precious ball of diverse life and unbelievable beauty. I don’t understand how people do not get it? Thanks for your comments and I wish you a wonderful adventure on this precious earth.

  4. I honestly think that we’re at the point where complacency is standard. Not that people can’t and won’t change, but the few will barely make a difference. There are people out there doing their best to make the world better and then the majority will just sit at home and be content that those people are helping so there’s no pressure. Or if they’ll donate like, 10 dollars and call it a day. I think that until a disaster happens which FORCES people to relearn how to care about one another in the right way, or a set of VERY influential people rise up and rally some of the masses under them in an honest-to-God effort, then the chances of significant true positive change are low, and the chances of that not being undone in like 5-10 years are even lower.
    Which is why my options are to wait for disaster or try to become that influential person myself. And I’m not one to sit on my laurels if opportunity exists…

    1. Hi Aljareaux. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post. Often it takes a disaster to cause a significant change in the mindset of populations. It has happened in the past and I’m sure it will happen again in the future. I, for one, am hoping that humankind will wake up before things get too bad. I like you, prefer to do my best to become an influencer and help people to become aware of how they are negatively impacting on the earth and other life forms, so that they may change their habits. The purpose of my website is to encourage people to have a better life experience for themselves which will positively affect all life on earth. I do believe that one by one we can make a difference and save humanity from the prospect of another huge catastrophic event. Time will tell, and until then we are all better off by living the best life that we possibly can.
      Thanks for sharing. Kind regards,

  5. Hi Andrew – I enjoyed reading your post. I agree that we as a society are too quick to point the finger and have fallen into a “victim mentality” state. In order to make an impact for good in this world we must begin with ourselves first…start internally and then move externally. I am a big believer of personal development and taking ownership of our lives. Completely agree with your point on the media, it’s a toxic environment and a huge energy drainer, I personally try not to watch it too much. I believe if we all make an effort to start with small acts of kindness, love, and mercy we can make a difference. We must not lose hope even if things seem hopeless. Thanks for the post!! Keep up the good message!

    1. Hi Jeff. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. You are right! If we all start will small acts of kindness, they would over time add up to huge differences for humanity and the whole environment. I think each of us can only love externally to ourselves, including the environment, as much as we are able to love ourselves. Therefore any positive changes have to begin with each and every one of us learning to love, respect and appreciate ourselves first! I wish you lots of love and joy on your journey.
      Kind regards,

  6. Hi Andrew,
    Really great stuff in this article. A lot to unpack and think about. It was very thought provoking for me. I really do think in a lot of ways we are destroying each other and our planet. In my experience, the way we treat each other has gotten noticeably worse in recent years. To be honest, I think a lot of it can be contributed to social media. People are far more likely to insult or degrade someone behind the comfort of a computer screen than face to face. The internet has been a great thing in some respects but has damaged us in other ways. I think years down the road we are going to look back on it and realize how destructive it has been for many. I agree that we only have control over ourselves and it is up to us to make the difference. It can just be more difficult to practice with the way many people behave today. Thank you for writing this. I will be sharing it with others.

    1. Hi Dan. Thanks for your comments. I have to agree with you that social media plays a big part in disconnecting people from having deep and meaningful connections with each other and society in general. It is far to easy to say negative and harmful things when you don’t have to look someone in the eyes. This only happens because people think they are individual entities and have lost their connection to them-SELF. When we begin to have a positive relationship with our-SELF (self-respect and self-love) we will at the same time begin to treat all other forms of life with the same love and respect we give to ourselves. Cheers mate.

  7. Andrew, I want to congratulate you on an amazing website with such a HUGE, POWERFUL message, that I will share and refer all of my contacts to, because they all need to read your words!. I an in total agreement with you…..we are slowly destroying us (mankind) and our precious planet!! I’ve addressed some of the same issues on my own website, which, as you know, addresses human health and well being. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to find you on WA, and follow you……

    1. Hey Terry. Haha, thank you so much for your encouragement, Terry. It is most welcomed and most appreciated. I am also aware of the powerful information you are sending on your site (superfoodplant.com) and I wish to congratulate you on a fantastic job as well. Keep up the good work my friend, and together, with many others, we can change the world for the better. Cheers,

  8. This was an intriguing thought provoking article. I think the way to affect change in the world comes down to the Golden rule treat others the way you want to be treated and love your neighbor like yourself. It may be cliche but a random act of kindness really does go a long way.

    1. Hey Justin. Thanks for reading my post. I have to totally agree with you that the best way forward is to show love and respect to all beings, and it has to begin with the realization that we, ourselves, are worthy of love. We do this by learning to love ourselves first and then we will be capable of accepting love from and sending love to all others.

  9. This was an excellent read and quite an eye opener.

    I really enjoyed the part on becoming a more genuinely loving being. If every person in the world could take a few moments to look at themselves in the mirror and implement this thought, the world would become a better place instantly and a world of abundance would come to fruition.

    I hope many read this article and get some of the same take away’s as I have.

    1. Hi Jordan. Many thanks for your kind words of encouragement. Love encompasses all the ‘good’ qualities like compassion, respect, consideration, integrity, honesty etc…. If love is genuine, then we will never be able to intentionally harm ourselves or any other beings. Therefore, as the Beatles sang in their song ‘Love is all you need.’ You are right when you say that this would change the world instantly into a better place. With love and respect to you,

  10. I think one of the reasons people take advantage of the Earth is because some (newer generations, maybe?) are so used to having certain things a certain way and they refuse to change because it’s not something they consider “convenient”. Unfortunately, New York isn’t the only place on the planet that’s constantly in a hurry where people lack patience. We have become a society where we take things for granted and don’t consider any of the other options that have always been available.

    For example, I grew up on a farm where we grew our own food and cared for livestock. There were no concerns about plastic and polluted water because we lived near a natural stream and didn’t have plastic to toss in the water or kill the fish and birds. Now, with all of the technology available such as machines that package pre-cooked meals and create toxins in the air, the Earth is changing and people have shifted their view of food, nature and air quality.

    Another reason I think things are getting worse is denial. I believe it’s one of the biggest culprits of why things are getting worse. We have always considered Earth something that is endless and the thought of our world having limitations is daunting. People have become allergic to working for the things they have and expect consistent handouts. Their expectations of Earth are no different.

    1. Hi Aria. Many thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article. Your comments are insightful and help us to understand what is happening within societies in regards to continuing the problems rather than seeking solutions. Yes, so many of us are in denial and it is an unfortunate situation that if continued will only lead to more wholesale destruction. Coupled with the increasing mass production of so many goods that are essentially not necessary, we are indeed exploiting the Earth of her natural beauty to satisfy our fleeting wants for short-term personal satisfaction through the consumption of many throw-away goods. The younger generations know no different. This is the world that their parents have created for them! So, who among us will have the courage to wake up and do something about it?
      It’s all about personal choice. Do we wish our children could live in a better world that we currently have, or are we just going to ignore the obvious facts that we are slowly by surely pushing the beautiful Earth to the point where a decent quality of life will no longer be possible for our children and grandchildren?
      I wish you a beautiful day filled with happiness and love,

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