Why Raising Your Vibration May Not Be The Best Answer!


Do you ever look at people who are having a great life and wonder why your life isn’t as good as theirs?

Some people seem to magically attract good luck and fantastic opportunities. They have loving families and awesome friends, live in lavish houses, and are always going for extended holidays to fun places.

If adversity strikes, they never complain and are always the first to land on their feet again. And wealth and good health just seem to flow in abundance in their direction….

What’s going on? Were they born under a lucky star, holding a four-leaf clover, or do they possess magical powers that we don’t know about? Well, the truth is much less mysterious than any of those things.

Manifesting a Great Life Does Not Involve Luck or Magic

These people who have it all have achieved what the majority of people are yet to understand…. They have come into close alignment with their ‘authentic self.’ By this, I mean that they are consistently vibrating at a frequency that brings their thoughts, feelings, and emotions into close proximity with the authentic vibration of their true soul-self or ‘inner-being.’

That is to say, they have resolved most of their karma and are therefore rewarded by being able to manifest the awesome lives that they desire without having to exert much effort.

Sounds great right? But…. is it really as good a thing as we mere mortals think it is? Well, it sure sounds good to anyone who is facing daily challenges and struggling just to get by. However….

….. I’m going to offer you a different perspective, one that you probably haven’t thought of before. And this perspective is one that your eternal Soul resonates with…… and it explains why you don’t need to raise your vibration too high too quickly. Interested? Then please read on….

Why Raising Your Vibration Should Not Be Your Most Important Goal

Quantum Manifestation Code Program banner adOf course, it would be great to have all your goals manifest effortlessly. Imagine being able to just think of something and have it immediately appear, to wish for health and be radiantly healthy, and to imagine a dream partner and then accidentally bump into them the next time you’re in the mall. Who doesn’t want these benefits that having a high vibration brings?

You’d have to be crazy to not want these things to happen in your life, right? And all you have to do is raise your vibration…. and you can learn how in any number of previous posts I’ve written on vibration by clicking Here

However, what if the higher aspect of you, Your Infinite Soul Self, came here for a different reason?

To understand where I’m going to go with this, I first need to explain a bit about where I’m coming from…. because I know not everyone shares these same beliefs, especially when you’re still stuck in the lower vibrations that involve a lot of suffering.

However, if you bear with me for a few minutes, I’m sure I’ll give you something to think about…. something that will help you with the spiritual journey that you are on.

It’s Important to Understand What the End Result of Raising Your Vibration Is

Emotional-guidance-scale-Abraham-HicksIf you currently are vibrating at low frequencies of say fear, grief, or shame, you are going to benefit by leveling up to feelings of doubt, disappointment, and frustration. And from here, raising your vibration further will take you to contentment, hopefulness, and optimism.

So, with this, we would all agree that our life is going to feel better every time we can raise our vibe and maintain a higher base-level vibrational frequency. So, this is good and it doesn’t stop there but can continue to get better. And the higher your frequency raises, the easier it is to manifest all the things you desire into your life, with less effort.

Eventually, you will, if you haven’t already, reach a vibration where you exist in a state of continuous joy, knowledge, freedom, and appreciation. And when here, it seems that there are no longer any obstacles in your life…. Your life is just a magic carpet ride where you manifest everything you desire with ease.

So, I hear you ask, what could possibly be the problem with this? How could it be possible that being a happy, abundant, successful, and joy-filled creator of your own reality is not really in your best interests?

Well, in most ways it is…. but it’s what comes next where things take on a whole different meaning….

“Man Suffers Only Because He Takes Seriously What The God’s Created For Fun!”

banner ad for Midas ManifestationThe above quote is from Alan Watts. And I believe he has summed up life brilliantly!

While raising your vibration is a great idea, having a lower vibration is also not a problem… unless you perceive it to be a problem!

What Alan Watts is alluding to is that this reality including the earth and everything that it encompasses was brought into existence for no other reason than for our pleasure. He knew that as eternal souls who exist in a state of continual bliss and harmony, we would benefit by the creation of an alternative reality and then going and ‘playing’ in it…..

…. and what you are essentially doing when you are raising your vibration to the highest level is You Are Going To Intentionally Remove Yourself From The Very Playground That We Set Up For Our Own Fun, Adventure, And Pleasure!

That’s right, once your vibration rises above the level of third-dimensional reality, you will no longer be able to incarnate here on Earth. Why is this something that we should give serious consideration to? Because….

…. the reason you are here, now, is because your Soul, the higher, wiser, connected to source energy aspect of you, chose to be here right now to experience all the excitement that living in a body on a third-dimensional planet filled with contrast and diversity has to offer!….

It’s that simple. You consciously chose to incarnate here in your body at this time because, on a Soul level, you knew that you would be exposed to contrast and diversity. This means that this life that you are living now is the very thing your Soul is here to experience!

Your Higher Self Knows Neither Pain nor Suffering

manifesting.com movie to teach how to effectively manifestThe levels of pain and suffering you are experiencing are an indication of how much you are out of tune with your authentic Soul-Self’s purpose for being here.

Your Soul-Self does not see any struggle, fear, hate, confusion, anger, depression, etc. All your Soul-Self sees is the joy of being fully immersed in the game…. All for the fun of it!

Your Soul-Self knew that all the challenges you would encounter would provide you with opportunities for great triumphs, personal growth and development, and for the opportunity to experience emotions (energy in motion.) These are things you cannot experience or even imagine when you are living as an eternal being in eternal bliss….

…. and here you are, wanting to escape all your suffering as soon as you can….

… when what your soul really wants is for you to fully immerse yourself in this experience of life just as it is, just for the fun of it, all of it! Even the bits that you consider to be bad, horrible, and painful.

There’s No Need To Hurry! Life Is a Journey To Be Lived, Not A Destination To Arrive At

It may be difficult for some people to accept what I’ve discussed here. That is because it does take a higher vibrational being to understand the concept of being able to let go and just enjoy the experience of life as it is without the desire to change it in any way whatsoever.

& Magic Energy Experiments banner adIf you are already able to accept your life as it is and allow others to have their own experience without wishing for things to be different for them, then you have already achieved a high vibrational state of being. And if so, you are probably already enjoying all the contrast that is continually unfolding all around you… and for this, I congratulate you.

If this is you, then there’s probably no need to suggest that you try to remain here for as long as you can and continue to celebrate all the wonderful opportunities that being in a human body on earth brings.

You will undoubtedly already understand the immense value of experiencing life in a physical body in the third dimension with linear time. What a rush….. what a buzz, and what an awesome adventure this game is….

So, I hope you can now appreciate your journey from a different perspective…. It’s the day-to-day stuff that you are here to experience, not the dream of raising your vibration to escape… for that is the end of the adventure!

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