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Our history, everything that we have done, and everything that has happened to us, has made us who we are today. And we all have a history that included some negative stuff… and the worse it was, the deeper most of us tried to bury it.

It may have just been one traumatic event in an otherwise wonderful childhood, or a series of systematic events that have left us emotionally, mentally, and maybe even physically scared to this day.

Unfortunately, what happened to you back then is still having an impact on your ability to live a satisfying and fulfilling life today…. and you might not even realize what’s blocking you because you may have blocked it from your conscious memories.

However, even if unrecognized, past hurt, pain, and trauma will continue to limit your potential to be happy and successful in the future UNLESS YOU DEAL WITH IT!

Yes, you can live a wonderful life….. and healing from your past is a necessary step on the journey to a better life!

The Rewrite History Healing Program At A Glance:

Rewrite History Healing Product-package-pictureCreator: This is another innovative product from the awesome team at Inspire3

– Price: Currently reduced to only $27

– Product Website:

– Product Type: Downloadable e-books and MP3 audio tracks

– Do I recommend this product? Yes, I do. Based on my experience with NLP techniques and subliminal audio tracks, I know the technologies used in this product are the best currently available to reprogram ourselves for a better future. If you’re currently not achieving all that you want, Rewrite History will be able to help you become unstuck so you can achieve more and better things for the rest of your life!

What Is The Rewrite History Healing Program About?

Our lives are a result of all the thoughts and feelings we have had and the subsequent actions we have taken.

This means that every condition in your life now, your financial situation, your relationships, your happiness, success in business, friendships, etc. all began with thoughts you had in the past. Therefore, your current satisfaction or lack of it is the result of your history.

During your formative years, the patterns you were exposed to most often became your beliefs. This includes how you currently think about money, love, success, etc. And these patterns came from your environment and the events that happened to you as you were growing up. And it’s probable that they were not all positive!

This means that if you had one or more negative experiences, they could have resulted in you forming self-sabotaging beliefs that are still affecting your ability to live the quality of life you are desiring.

Rewrite History Product review-Natalie-Ledwell-testomonialUnfortunately, so many of us grew up believing things like:

– I’m just not good enough

– Things never work out for me

– I’ll never succeed at anything

– Money doesn’t come easy

– I have to work hard for everything I want

– Whenever I’m happy, it won’t last, etc. The list is actually quite long!

These limiting beliefs have been poisoning your daily life, creating habits that ensure that you are not always happy or successful. In effect, they are holding you back from living your ideal life….

It is the purpose of The Rewrite History Healing Program to free you from your self-sabotage by dissolving your limiting beliefs…. And all you have to do is listen and let the specially engineered NLP audio tracks do the work for you in as little as 20 minutes a day for at least a week.

How Will You Benefit from Using The Rewrite History Program?

Rewrite History Heal Pain and Trauma giftLife is a mixed bag, and you never know what you’re going to get. And this certainly applies to us when we were born.

On a conscious level, we did not choose the situation we were born into. If we could have, I imagine almost everyone would have chosen a life of luxury, freedom, and unlimited fun and adventure….. however, we didn’t have a choice!

We were born into situations where we as children had no control over how we were treated and what we were taught. So, it’s not our fault that many of us were mistreated and taught many things that would adversely affect us for the rest of our lives.

This is why many people are feeling broken, feeling like things are never working out for them… just because of what others said and did to them when they were growing up, young and impressionable…. And, of course, they didn’t know any better….it’s not like we could choose something different for ourselves at that young age.

To add to this, maybe something even happened more recently. It could have been something someone said or did behind our backs at work or in our relationship. And if we stuffed it down instead of dealing with it, it will continue to nag at us and erase our self-confidence until we deal with it.

Dealing with our past will allow us to move into a better future in many ways. And with this goal in mind, The Rewrite History Healing Program will:

Rewrite History Reviews-childhood-quiz– Help you identify any limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back

– You will learn how to re-frame these experiences to take away their influence over you

– The negativity will be quickly and easily overwritten with new empowering beliefs so you can begin improving your life within a week

– Your reduced stress and worry will allow you to experience greater freedom, better health, and improved success in achieving your goals

– Your improved state of mind will lead to more happiness in all aspects of your life

What’s Included In The Rewrite History Healing Program?

Main Program:

The entire Rewrite History Healing Program is available in a 3-part 100-page PDF as well as in MP3 format (over 4-hours of powerful listen-along healing.)

The content explores everything from how your memory works to how you can heal from your past. Included are ten of the most powerful healing protocols ever developed which you can listen to on any device.

12 Ultra Powerful NLP Audio Exercises: Rewrite History healing Program Audio Tracks

These life-changing audios incorporate the most powerful healing NLP protocols currently known. Included are the Time-Machine Process, the Detonate Process, Vaporize Process, Dissociate Process, and more.

This is ‘healing as you listen,’ and all the processes are backed by research in neuroscience and the Field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP.)

As a bonus, all these healing protocols are also included in ‘quick’ versions….. (I prefer the original versions as the healing tends to go deeper.)

The Complete Rewrite History Journey:

This healing companion is filled with reflections, mission statements, and further advice and insights on how to get the maximum benefit out of each of the healing exercises.

Bonuses Included With The Rewrite History Healing Program Include:

Additional Gifts Include:

You will also receive more healing processes, including The Cinema Process ‘instant magic’ audio exercise, The Fairground Process ‘scar eraser,’ The Swish Pattern ‘belief flipper, and more.

Priority 24/7 Lifetime Healing Support:

Change isn’t easy… if it was, we would have done it for ourselves already.

The Rewrite History Team knows this and they are serious about helping you achieve your goals. So they will send you a priority contact email address where you can contact them any time with anything you wish to discuss to help you with your positive transformation.

1-Year Money Back Guarantee:

If you follow the course outline as suggested, it will work! You will change in ways that enable to you live your life more fully and to achieve more of your goals, quicker and easier, than ever before…..

However, it’s possible that for some reason you won’t be ecstatic with the results you receive…. So, you can get a complete refund on everything you paid within a year of purchase…. No questions asked!

Rewrite History Reviews-Product-picture-but-now

So, Let’s Break This Rewrite History Healing Product Down:

Most of us have some pain and trauma holding us back, and it’s true that we may not even be aware of what it is.

These subconscious blocks may have begun in our childhood, continued to compound, and have been poisoning every aspect of our lives to varying degrees ever since.

Even if we ignored them, or were not aware of them, our subconscious blocks still weigh heavily on our emotions and therefore affected our thoughts, feelings, and actions throughout our lives.

The Rewrite History Healing Program can help free you from your self-sabotaging beliefs using proven-by-science techniques.

Rewrite History reviews-burt-heaton-testomonialThe main program, a powerful 20-minute ‘History Healing’ audio, uses cutting-edge NLP techniques to heal the hurt and pain from your past. This will ease any current suffering you may be experiencing and enable you to emerge stronger, revitalized, and happier than ever before.

To create a better future, you cannot keep thinking, feeling, and doing the same things you have been doing….. You have to heal from your past once and for all so you can re-emerge as a better person, and assume greater control over your life…..

So, you have a choice…. to continue to live your daily life as you have been doing…… and get nowhere better than where you are now…..

.…. OR, resolve your trauma and get on with living the rest of your life stronger, better, and freer than you have ever felt in your entire life….

Is $27, the price of a meal, worth your future happiness and success?

Be smart, and make a wise choice, like so many other happy people already have….and end up living the better life you want for yourself and your loved ones…..

Rewrite History Reviews-buy-now

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