What Are Some Short and Long-Term SOLUTIONS to BOREDOM: (7 Ways To Improve Your Life Now)

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Boredom is not a consequence of what is happening in our environment. If it was, then all of us would be bored at the same time when doing the same things or exposed to the same environment. Instead, you will probably have noticed that just because you are bored, it does not automatically mean that everyone else is also bored. Also, there are times when others can be bored even when we are not.

Therefore, boredom is not a fixed thing or event and is instead a subjective quality that is dependent on us. And if we can understand WHY WE BECOME BORED, then we can also work out how we can overcome it. So…… what is boredom and more importantly, what are some Short and Long-Term Solutions to Boredom?

Short and Long-Term SOLUTIONS to BOREDOM

Boredom is a FEELING we experience BECAUSE OF THE THOUGHTS WE ARE HAVING. When bored, we are not meaningfully engaged or passionate about what we are doing and our thoughts are merely reflecting this. Therefore, if we change what we are doing to something more meaningful, our thoughts will also change and this will result in an improved ‘state of feeling.’

Why Do We Get Bored?

We’ve all been there at times, experiencing the debilitating feelings of BOREDOM. And I’m sure we can all agree that it sucks.

The most important thing to realize about boredom, and all other feelings that we experience, is that they are states that we have created for ourselves. I say this because no one else has the power to make you feel a certain way…..

…..Our feelings are the results of our ‘inner world’ which WE have created for ourselves because of the thoughts we are having.

Sure we can blame other people, events, and circumstances, outside of ourselves for the way we feel, but ultimately it is what we are thinking about those other people, the events, and the circumstances that lead to the way we feel….. not the actual people, events, or circumstances themselves!

Subliminal 360 Free Gifts Brain HackerLet’s imagine you are at home alone, and you’re feeling bored. (I imagine there are other times you have been home alone and not been bored?) However, this time your friend didn’t turn up as planned, or the Wi-Fi isn’t working, or the cats run away to play with their friends, so you’re alone and bored! Ohhhhh, poor me, nothing to do…. I’m sooooo bored and it’s their fault……

Well, in reality, it’s not their fault. Your feeling bored now is a direct result of you thinking you’re bored and you feeling sorry for yourself, that’s all! What if your friend suddenly turned up, the Wi-Fi worked, or your cat came home, would your thoughts change?

Yes, of course, it would….. and then your feelings would also change to reflect the different thoughts you would be having……. Therefore, it is our thoughts that are creating our feelings. And this is important to understand because the way we predominantly feel is the gauge we use to assess the quality of our lives.

So, to have amazing lives, we should aim to be feeling good for as much of the time as possible…. If we change our thoughts, we will change our world!

How Do We Change Our Thoughts To Create Better Feelings?

We become bored when our minds are not meaningfully engaged in what we are doing. So, to change our thoughts, we can either consciously think differently (better) about what we are doing, or we can change what we are doing to something more likely to result in better, more positive, thoughts.

We all know that when we are doing something we are passionate about that we are never bored…. The two things (passionate and bored) just cannot exist together. Fun and bored, excited and bored, and happy and bored cannot exist together at the same time….. therefore……

……change what you are doing and you will change how you are feeling! Simple, YES?????

You can learn how to receive everything you want in life!I know that we are all different, so the solutions for us may or may not be the same as for other people, and visa-versa. However, there is one thing that is guaranteed to work for everyone….. a more permanent way to eliminate boredom and other undesirable states of mind/feeling. What is it?…

…….The only real and permanent solution to overcome all undesirable states of mind is to learn how to control our minds. If we can learn to consciously direct our thoughts toward our desired outcomes, then we will never have an excuse to be bored ever again. The current reality is that we are bored because we are not using our minds in a way that supports our well-being. And it’s because we either don’t know how, or we are too lazy to focus on and then set about bringing our goals and dreams to life!

If you want to help yourself by learning to meditate so you can better manage your thoughts, check out my review of the easiest way to learn to meditate using the awesome program from Zen 12 Meditation here: Can We Get An Hours Meditation Benefits In Only 12 Minutes?

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What are some Short and Long-Term SOLUTIONS to BOREDOM?

Defeating boredom requires that we distract our minds from the thoughts of boredom, or the belief that we have nothing interesting to do. Doing something different from our normal routine, or something new is always a good option. This works because new stuff requires that we actively engage our brains and therefore our thoughts to process new information. And we cannot be actively learning something new and be bored at the same time…. Therefore, anything new or different is a great option, like:

1) Easiest solution for temporary relief: Go and visit a different park, beach, shopping mall, or street, somewhere you haven’t been before. New stimuli will automatically engage your mind and take you out of a boring state.

2) Learn a new skill. Take up cooking, sewing, woodworking, swimming, yoga, running…. anything that gets you active, because moving the body in new ways requires you to be consciously engaged and therefore present in this moment….. this leaves no time to be bored.

“Boredom happens when we are not in control of our minds (unless we choose to be bored on purpose.) Therefore doing anything that actively engages your mind will release the feeling of boredom.”

3) Do what I did and start a blog. I have learned to build this website and build a passive income by talking about and sharing what I am passionate about…. Personal Growth and Development. It’s been a challenge at times, and very rewarding most of the time. And I, along with many thousands of others, have the awesome support team at Wealthy Affiliate to thank. They prove all the tools required and support needed for us to succeed at building successful businesses that we can work from anywhere…. (I have no time to get bored at the tropical South-East Asian beach resort that I now call home.)

4) Meditate, learn to meditate, take up meditation, and then meditate some more…. and never stop meditating. The more we can learn to focus our minds on creating the awesome lives that we desire, the more likely we will be able to make it our reality. Our success depends on our desire and willingness to do what it takes to succeed. And a powerful focused mind is the best foundation for all success that is to come.

Or, you can remain bored and unfocused and continue to complain about the un-justness of other people and the world at large….. (but I hope you realize by now that this is not going to help get you to a better place.) Meditation will! Check out another one of my posts to learn more about meditation: What is the Real Purpose of Meditation?

5) Find someone who will benefit from your presence…..this can be someone who needs a skill you have, someone who is lonely and needs to talk, or basically anyone who is struggling in any way whatsoever. Helping others give us a rush, a sense of belonging, of accomplishment and it makes us feel good…. And us feeling good is a great reason to do anything. And of course, the other benefit is what the other person/people/animals/nature will receive. It’s a win/win!

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo Buscaglia

CD picture of Zen 12 product6) Play with kids on their terms… forget you are an adult and that you need to set the rules. Immerse yourself into their world for a change and experience life as they see it… fun and exciting. No kids, what about a pet? No pets, go and hug a tree or lie on the grass or beach and imagine the world from the perspective of nature. She provides all that we need to grow and sustain our bodies, as well as the playground that we play at ‘being humans.’ We have so much to thank her for, and feeling grateful leaves no room for boredom!

7) Force yourself to do something that you have been putting off. I know that thinking about it sucks, but the feeling you will have once the task is completed will be relief and satisfaction. So choose…. do you want to continue feeling bored, or ARE YOU WILLING TO DO SOMETHING NOW FOR YOURSELF THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER? Ummmm, big decision!

And if you seriously can’t find anything in the list above, what about this: I came across the bored button. If you push the bored button, it will randomly select something for you to do, and if you don’t like that idea, just push it again for another idea…… https://www.boredbutton.com/

What Will You Do Now To Reduce Your Boredom?

That’s up to you. Whatever you do, I hope you will act in your best interests. I have tried to explain why boredom is not something we feel because there is a lack of things to do, but is a result of the mindset we have going on in the moment.

What you do with this information is something only you can decide. As with all of us, the power to take a more active role in the quality of your life lies within your mind.

Positive change is something we can all achieve, beginning now…. But you have to really want it. And if after giving it some serious consideration, if you honestly want to improve the quality of your life, you will begin doing things differently from now on.

Rewrite History Review-delete-limiting-beliefs-giftFeel free to browse more of my posts for multiple ways you can begin to make a better life for yourselves, and as always, please feel free to reach out in the comments and ask anything you want clarification on. I’m always happy to help anyone who wants to move forward into a better future.

Shared with much love and respect and with the desire to make the world a better place by helping people make better lives for themselves,


2 thoughts on “What Are Some Short and Long-Term SOLUTIONS to BOREDOM: (7 Ways To Improve Your Life Now)

  1. We are the type to get bored fast so use meditating more to occupy our time. But if we do more things that have meaning, we understand that we can reshape our minds. This article can help others and find their inner peace, and find other alternatives to making good choices if we are not stressed. Being stressed can lead to unwanted things in life, like chaos, and stress, and not letting it get to that point can make a difference.

    Thanks for this article, it did help us, will pass this on to others as well.

    Mathew and Deloris

    1. Hi Guys,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I agree with you that the best way out of any negative situation is not to get into it in the first place. Meditating and spending more of your time meditating are great ways to reshape our minds so that we will not become bored and stressed. And anything that keeps us away from stress is good for us, body, mind, and soul!
      Keep up it guys 🙂

      All the best,

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