Sleep Salon Review: (Inspire3 Helping You Sleep Better Starting Tonight)

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Sleep disorders are becoming more and more common among adults as well as students. Problems getting a good night’s sleep are caused by a variety of reasons including health problems and stress-related issues. This Sleep Salon Review does not talk about actual medical problems but talks about how you can address other sleep-related issues. (For medical problems, you should talk to a qualified professional for appropriate advice.)

The CDC in the United States reported that over one-third of adults are getting fewer than the recommended seven hours of sleep each day. Stress, hectic schedules, a change in routine, etc. all interfere with our ability to perform optimally throughout while awake. And while this is OK on occasion, it becomes damaging to our wellbeing if repeated night after night.

The negative effects of not sleeping properly impact our relationships, our work performance, our ability to drive safely, our energy levels, our social lives, etc. Our moods become unregulated, we may gain weight, our memories suffer, and our ability to make good decisions is also impaired. In fact, all areas of our lives are undesirably impacted if we are not able to function optimally due to our ongoing inability to have a good night’s sleep.

If we want to stay healthy, feel at our best, and perform up to our potential, it’s necessary to consistently sleep well.…. it’s not optional!

So, is it possible to improve the quality of our sleep if it is something that we have not been achieving for some time already?

Let’s look at my number one recommended ‘good sleep aid’ to find out how The Sleep Salon Program by Inspire3 can help you improve the quality of your lives…… just by helping you to consistently achieve a better night’s sleep.

Sleep Salon Review: (Inspire3 Helping You Sleep Better Starting Tonight)

If you regularly have problems falling to sleep at night, if you often wake up feeling exhausted, or are frequently feeling tired during the day, then your life is being negatively impacted by the inability of your body and mind to recover from the previous day’s activities. And if you do not address this issue, the effects will continue to accumulate until you may end up with a chronic health condition.SleepSalon Testimonials

So, the best time to address your sleeping problems is now…. before you actually become sick.

According to general symptoms of sleep disorders differ and may include a varying severity and combination of:

  • difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • daytime fatigue
  • strong urge to take naps during the day
  • irregular breathing patterns
  • unusual or unpleasant urges to move while falling asleep
  • unusual movement or other experiences while asleep
  • unintentional changes to your sleep/wake schedule
  • irritability or anxiety
  • impaired performance at work or school
  • lack of concentration
  • depression
  • weight gain

If you have any of these issues, you will benefit from this Sleep Salon Program that is made to help people like you and me improve the quality of our waking lives by improving the quality of sleep we regularly receive. And the good news is that you can begin sleeping better from tonight.

What is Inspire3’s Sleep Salon Program?

When our sleep disorders aren’t caused by medical illness, some of the most effective treatment options revolve around making changes to our lifestyle. This may include moving to a quieter neighborhood, changing jobs to reduce stress, eating a better diet, or engaging in a more regular exercise routine.

However, since it is not always possible to do these things, the best option that can benefit all of us is to use these ‘special brainwave MP3 audio tracks’ from The Sleep Salon program. These tracks have been scientifically proven to induce a brainwave ‘sleep-state’ within minutes. All you have to do is listen to these specially designed audios, either with or without headphones. And you too will join the thousands of people who are already benefiting from sleeping better.

The Sleep Salon brainwave audio program helps our brains do what they should naturally be doing every night, but are not doing. The audio tracks use specifically engineered tones and pulses to help influence our brainwaves, taking them from the waking alpha state into a deep delta sleep state. These audio tracks are incredibly powerful tools that are designed to lull us to sleep naturally and therefore very safe.

So, if you are frustrated with staring at the ceiling at night, tossing and turning, and stressed out with your inability to enjoy a good night’s sleep, all you need to do is to hit the play button…… and you’ll probably never even get to hear the end of the recording….. (because you’ll already be enjoying a great nights sleep!) And after, a good night’s sleep and then waking up fresh to begin each new day is always a joy instead of a chore.

What does Inspire3’s Sleep Salon include?

Ad for Sleep SalonThe core of the program consists of 12 brainwave MP3 sessions. And all you have to do is to listen to the ones most suited to the type of insomnia you’re experiencing when you are wanting to fall asleep.

The 12 tracks are engineered with different goals in mind. Some will help you get to sleep faster than ever before even if you’re suffering from insomnia, pain, depression, as well as other conditions.

Other tracks are designed to reduce insomnia-related problems including irritability, memory loss, risk of diabetes and heart disease, obesity, and impaired judgment.

And the last set of tracks helps us to become more awake during the day. This means we will feel happier, less stressed, more energetic, more mentally alert, and we will enjoy better health due to an improved and stronger immune system.

What BENEFITS will you get from using The Sleep Salon Package?

Brainwave ‘Entrainment’ programs (similar to The Sleep Salon) are used for a variety of reasons. The benefits are wide-ranging and people use them to overcome all sorts of disorders as well as just to enhance their productivity, overcome addictions, lose weight, reduce anxiety, gain confidence, heal from chronic pain, etc.

Our brains are the most incredible tools that we have at our disposal, and yet most of us have no idea how to use them to anywhere near their full potential….. we are just learning how to scratch the surface of what they can do for us….. (have you ever heard that on average, we use less than 10% of our brains?)

Brainwave entrainment technology allows us to ‘reorganize’ our brainwaves into different states that make it easier for us to achieve our goals. These goals can be anything simple like getting a better night’s sleep, being able to relax, or switching into a super productive mode.…..

Whatever our goals are, they all begin and are propagated in our brains. So the proper functioning and organization of our brains is a necessary component for living a successful, healthy, and happy life.

The Sleep Salon program influences our brains with delta waves which are known to bring about a state of deep and relaxed sleep. Therefore, simply listening to the tracks is enough for our brains to ‘model the deep sleep state.’ And this makes it easier than ever before for us to have a long and restful sleep.

For best results, it pays to eliminate all disturbances, make sure you are comfortable, and place your relaxed attention on your breathing, noticing it slowing down and becoming deeper.

What are the track options in The Sleep Salon Program?

1. Wake Up Section

Most of us who suffer from sleep problems have fallen asleep unintentionally during the day when we didn’t want to. These two audios are meant to help you remain awake and keep your sleeping patterns well in check.

– The first wake-up session is 20 minutes long and should be listened to in the morning. It will convert the sleeping hormone, melatonin, into the happy hormone, serotonin. This helps you remain awake, alert, and energized throughout the day.

– This wake-up track is only 15 minutes and is backed with classical music for extra emphasis on awakening. Listen with eyes closed before getting out of bed in the morning.

 2. Relaxation Section

These two tracks help you to relax as you get ready to sleep by reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

– Stress and anxiety reduction (25 minutes). This promotes peace and calm by putting ups into deeper states of relaxation. Headphones are not necessary, but closed eyes are the best option.

– Sleep Training (20 minutes). This track helps train your mind to sleep. It influences the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone, and gets into the part of the brain that deals with reducing stress and sleeping. Listen to it in the evenings. You can also use it for studying or working to get into a relaxed and focused state.

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3. Sleep Induction Section

These eight tracks are the core of the whole program. They are designed to take you from wakefulness down to plenty of rest and ultimately to deep sleep. They also have other benefits like reducing pain, increasing the flow of blood, and reducing stress.

Sleep Induction With Night Sounds (50 minutes) – The most popular session. It brings the nightly atmosphere with sounds of crickets and others, which help you drift into sleep quite easily. Listen just once at a moderate volume with eyes closed and without headphones.

Sleep Induction With Classical Music (50 minutes) – This really soothing track starts high with Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, down to Sweet Dreams, and then some sleepy background noise. Listen to it without headphones and with your eyes closed.

Dissociative Sleep Induction (50 minutes) – This track is the best fit for an active chattery mind. It will bring the noise in your mind to a halt and get you to gently fall asleep. Listen using speakers with a suitable volume with your eyes closed.

Hypnotic Sleep Induction With Suggestions (50 minutes) – This session uses deep hypnosis known to induce sleep and deep rest. It uses 3D effects and voice suggestions.

You don’t need to actively listen to the suggestions for them to work their magic to relax your mind.

Hypnotic Sleep Induction With Affirmations (50 minutes) – This session also uses hypnosis meant to give you a different perspective of yourself. It gives strong affirmations that will help positively change your mind.

All Night Sleep Loop (90 minutes) – Best for people who live in a noisy neighborhood, those with sleep apnea and those who often wake up at night. This track uses brown noise and you can play it on repeat. Five repeats will give you a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

All Night Sleep Loop Sleep CD Version (80 minutes) – If you have a CD player, this session will work best for you. It is the same as the first All Night Sleep Loop and is made for those who may not have an mp3 player but have a cd player besides their bed. You will need to burn the MP3 track to a CD first.

Sleep Loop for Pain Management & Healing (20 minutes) – You can also play this on repeat. It is made for people who suffer from chronic pain and need deep sleep but can’t get it. A good example is fibromyalgia patients. This track is best listened to with your eyes closed and without headphones.

What does the Sleep Salon cost, and where can I get it?

The entire program is only $37. That’s $37 to change your life, because let’s face it, sleeping well is necessary if we are to function at our best!

$37 is the price of a couple of meals in an average restaurant or a single new pair of pants, OR the beginning of greater productivity, better mental clarity, more physical energy, and a better attitude!Sleep Salon List of Free Gifts

And to make things even better, the awesome people at Inspire3 are right now giving away three bonus gifts. They include the sleep salon user guide, Wake Up With Energy mp3 audio, and Overcome Insomnia hypnosis track (45 minutes).

You will also get the Inspire3 30-day money-back guarantee so if for any reason you are not satisfied, you will get your money back, no questions asked!

A word of warning: While looking to purchase this program for myself, I came across some ‘fake sites.’ I’ve seen other people warn of fake sites before, but never seen them myself…. But they are there, and if you send them your money, you will not gt this program.

Use this official link from Inspire3 and be sure that you will get the Sleep Salon product that will improve your life.

As always, I wish you Health, Wealth, Happiness, and the Wisdom to live a wonderful life,


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