Sometimes it seems that the world is run by crazy people!

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The world is currently viewed by many as a place full of injustice where it is difficult for the average person to acquire the freedoms to live, happily in abundance, without concerns relating to their future. Those with great power have manipulated society to be this way and are therefore considered by many to be greedy, selfish, and even evil.

This way of thinking will not help solve the problems humanity currently faces.  Nor will it help to bring an end to the suffering of all those who live in poverty or just above the bread-line.

It is only when we view the events that are currently happening that we tend to get emotionally caught up in the notions of ‘good and bad,’ and ‘right and wrong’ as they are affecting us. If we were able to view all life from a greater perspective and for much, much longer periods of time, we would begin to understand how everything that is happening just conforms to natural cycles governed by unbreakable universal laws.

Viewing life over a longer period of time gives us a new perspective on what is happening

woman looking at the timeAs discussed previously, good and evil do not exist in the spiritual world. There is only a progression from:

absolute love (the highest vibrational frequencies where a connection to the source of creation is accepted absolutely and unconditionally),

-to a state of absence of love (lower vibrational frequencies, which is when we do not recognize that we are a part of the whole system of creation.) This is believing instead that we are individual beings and separated from the whole.

Evil is a word used by humankind and can be best described as the distance that we are separated from the source of our creation. Or, the amount that we have forgotten that we, and all else that exists, are an integral part of the whole of creation.

Some people refer to this source as God and others use different names like Universal Source, Elohim, Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh, etc. It is the concept behind the name that is important, not the name itself, and names just show which language we speak, which religious groups we belong to or other aspects of how we define ourselves as individuals.

Different names do not necessarily mean that we have different beliefs.

human face with sound vibration running through itI will continue to use the word God as it is easily understood, however, please feel free to substitute this word with any other word that you resonate with that will convey the idea that there is an intelligent force behind all that exists.

In this intelligent universe, an absence of God is actually impossible, as ALL THAT EXISTS IS GOD. When this is known, we understand that we do not need to be afraid of those considered to be ‘evil.’ Instead, we can develop compassion for them as they neither know, feel, nor experience a connection to their source of life in this lifetime.

How does knowing this help me have a better life?

As individuals, we contribute best to the well-being of the whole system when we first look after our own spiritual health. Part of this means letting go of the need to fear, condemn, or judge those that currently manipulate business, politics, economic systems, and technology, etc. for their own selfish benefits.

When we view them and their actions only from our rational programmed mind, we are immersing ourselves deeper into this current game, or limited life experience that we are having. From here, we cannot benefit from the wisdom that we would gain by looking longer term through the eyes of our soul who is here to enjoy and grow from many different experiences that being in a physical reality affords us.

It does help us, instead, to realize how lost they actually are and how fearful they have become because of the lost knowledge of their connection to the Source, or God. Then, with understanding, we can release all the judgments that we hold against them as this will not only help them but make our lives more positive in the process.quote from Buddha

Life is a continuous unfolding of experiences, and we have all been playing ‘goodies and baddies’ on and off throughout the millennia. Knowing this helps us to realize that we have all been lost to varying degrees at different times in our many incarnations. So, why judge them for playing a ‘baddie’ this time around!

Why should we forgive those that have hurt us in the past!

Even if we cannot be happy that they are where they are, doing what they are doing, we should try to accept it, because this is the game that they, as a soul, have chosen to play at this brief moment in history. We are only seeing their ego-self which is not their true divine soul-SELF. It is only a part they are playing, in a play of life, here and now, just as we are playing our own part in……

the game of life.

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By viewing others as personalities, instead of seeing their true infinite soul SELF, we are not seeing the unlimited potential that God has gifted them with. They, like us, are an infinite soul, here to share the experience of physical reality with other aspects of SELF. That is all. They will neither suffer nor die, but like us, will wake up to play again and again until they are ready to realize that they are ONE with the Creator.

The ‘not so good people’ have souls, just like us. And even though at this point in the game of life they are experiencing more degrees of separation from the Source, it is still a fundamental truth that we are all on the same journey back to the One Source.

The light and love of the Creator is still within them, although at this time it may be buried very deep as to be indiscernible.

If we can understand that they, like us, will eventually find their way back to the Creator we can become a positive influence on them. For people to reach their full potential they must be given the opportunity to do so. And it is when we have unlimited love, compassion, and concern for all others in the same measure that we have for ourselves that we allow the space to open up for them to grow into their true potential.


As souls, we are not all here to learn the same lessons. Focus your energies on being the best version of yourself!

We should not assume that the things that are important to us should also be important to others. It makes our journey lighter if we can accept the game that others play as ‘their game’ and just focus our considerable energies on creating the best possible life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Allow others to live their lives as they choose, and allow them to make mistakes so that they can learn from them. We can be there for them if it is in their best interests and if it doesn’t conflict with our best interest when they need and want our help. We can even try to be happy for them because they are learning from the experiences that life is presenting to them.

Two hands reaching out to connectWhen we are at peace with ourselves it feels good to share our abundance. Give love, assistance, time, friendship, and encouragement when it is of benefit to others. If we put our faith in that which is real, (love), and have compassion to help our fellow man, we will be rewarded with feelings of inner peace and contentment. Love, happiness, and joy are contagious and naturally spread to those we surround ourselves with. Everyone benefits!

Unfortunately, fear, stress, and anxiety are also contagious and are passed on to susceptible people including our loved ones, workmates, and social groups that we hang out with. I love to hang out with positive, considerate, happy people for this very reason.

What about you? What ‘state of mind’ are you sharing with your family, friends, and co-workers?

How can I help someone who is not so positive?

We can assist those lost in ‘negativity’ by encouraging them to love and forgive themselves, for all those they think they have hurt and for all the wrong they perceive they have done. They may find it difficult to forgive themselves but the truth is that no one has ever done anything too dark that they cannot transition back into the light, as this is an absolute impossibility.

The Creator knows no sin that is beyond redemption and we can help our fellow players in this game by showing them forgiveness, love, and compassion. After all, this awesome, amazing, experience of being alive on Earth would not be the same without them.

Wouldn’t we be better off without all the negative and nasty people in the world?

We benefit by being able to give thanks to all the courageous souls that have chosen to play this game with us. All have chosen to separate from God with the ultimate intention of being students and teachers, and ALL will eventually return to God, expanded, by all the experiences lived. Even those who are considered to ‘not be behaving in a beneficial manner for the evolution of humanity’s consciousness’ are playing a very important role. They are teaching others how to ultimately trust themselves and to be discerning with how they expend their energy.

By creating this current version of the world, they have unwittingly given us our greatest gift. This gift is to dream of and work towards creating a better world based on cooperation and love where everyone can be prosperous and happy. This would truly be a world where Heaven and Earth are one and the same.

Man looking up at the heavens

If we, as actors in this game of life, had not been manipulated and deceived so methodically by those in power, many souls would have no reason to ‘wake up to the game that they are playing. They would likely be so content in their blissful ignorance that it would never occur to them that there is a greater destiny over the horizon.

Therefore, by knowing that we have been ‘played,’ instead of feeling anger, fear, or guilt, we can actually view it as a blessing in disguise, as it is confirmation that we are waking up and getting closer to the truth of our spiritual being. The ‘dark forces’ of manipulation, by revealing themselves, only serve to show us the light that is within ourselves. And this confirms that we are on an upward evolutionary path.

ALL is ONE. Our negativity will only come back to harm ourselves!

Buddha said about anger: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”
Our life is inescapably tied into the rhythms and cycles of all life that has formed and evolved to live synergistically with all other life. In this way, we are never separate from any other soul, the environment, or anything that is created.

The more we can come to understand this spiritual principle of ‘Oneness,’ the easier it is for us to be of assistance to others, (both the goodies and the baddies).
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Because of this, it serves us to always do our best, so that the energy we create is beneficial for the positive evolution of humankind and all other beings.

If our energy is not on the positive side, then we are just adding more weight to the negativity that already exists. See my article about how your thoughts, words, and actions can either help or hinder your personal development here: What is Karma?

It is only the feeling of being an individual that allows for judgment against others. If we can remember that we are connected to all life, all the time, then we will show compassion instead of judgment for others. Once we realize that there are no ‘other people,’ that we are all one in spirit we will begin to take better care of ourselves and be more cautious when dealing with others, even those that we consider to be ‘not so good!

A benefit of time and wisdom is that we can see patterns more clearly- the same game being played out repeatedly, throughout history again and again. And why not? What a glorious game!

I hope this article has given you something to think about?

The choice is always ours….. What will I put out there by thinking and acting negatively, and what will I put out there if I think and act positively?

What would you rather be the recipient of, negative or positive energies?

Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts and ideas as to how we can create change by being more considerate of our own thoughts and actions first. What experiences have you had?

Shared, as always, with love and respect for all beings



10 thoughts on “Sometimes it seems that the world is run by crazy people!

  1. Wowza this is such a thoughtful piece!

    The world is run by crazy people thought right? Have you seen what’s going on with the UK election right now? It’s absolutely insane the people who are up for it. They are crazy! And the public doesn’t really have a say in it.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Politics is like going to the circus. It a place where all of the clowns get to perform! Many of them do have good intentions but the system itself is flawed and prevents many good things from happening that would benefit all of society. You say the public doesn’t have a say in it? I would say it is the public that continues to vote for these clowns. If nobody voted, the system would have to change. But the fact is that we currently have the system we deserve as a country because of the ‘Law of Attraction’ dictates that like energy attracts like energy. It simply cannot be any other way!
      I look forward to the time when people realize that they deserve better and take a stand to ensure they get what they actually want.
      Thanks for sharing.

  2. I doubt they are crazy Andrew. Being disconnected from their higher self and letting their greed and arrogance take control are IMHO (in my humble opinion) the real reasons for the madness humanity lives. Terms like togetherness, spirituality, justice have become the laughingstock of the powerful. My beliefs don’t permit me to have negative thoughts about anyone. Good or bad, everything and everyone around me plays its role in my life’s scenario. I believe it was a mutual agreement before our incarnation and I am thankful to them for helping me play the game of life.

    1. Great attitude. Life becomes a lot easier when you think this way as we no longer need to judge anything as good or bad and just flow which what life presents to us on a moment to moment basis. I wish you all the best on your journey.

  3. “CRAZY” is nice, but not without awareness.
    Emotions are my friend and I need to do some work on them.
    Wish me luck.
    Love your writing.

    1. Yes, emotions are our friend. They add much ‘spice’ to our lives. I wish you all the ‘luck’ that you desire for yourself to create the dream life that you want to live.
      Much love and respect,

  4. It just so true, this world can only function where there is bad and good, they works together.. There is no light without darkness. And vice versa , really interesting topic. Great job!

    1. Yes, everything needs balance to work properly. It has always been that way and will never change no matter how much we all want to live in a perfect world. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very positive thinking. I agree on that we need to forgive, also that is required in order to be forgiven.
    Keep making world a better place.

    1. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post. Forgiveness is so important for our own health and wellbeing. When we don’t forgive someone else, it is we who hold on to the negative consequences, not them. By letting go we are able to move on with our lives into positive directions.
      Many thanks, Andrew

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