Subliminal 360 review: How can Subliminal 360 help me better utilize the power of my subconscious mind?

Reprogram your subconscious to attract success

Subliminal 360 is marketed by Inspire3, a company that devotes its time to, and prides itself, on “Creating Powerful Products that help Unlock the power of our minds using Scientifically-Proven Methods.” The program helps us improve our lives by unlocking the vast untapped power that is within our subconscious minds.

Subliminal simply means information we receive that is not recognized or understood by the conscious mind, but still influences it.” So it is information that our subconscious minds are aware of and are actively storing for future reference- even though our conscious minds are not aware that we have received this information.

Whether we believe it or not, we are all being subjected to, and influenced by, ‘subliminal information/cues’ thousands of times every day. Subliminal 360 Free Gifts Brain HackerThese cues can be visual or auditory in nature and if they are repeated often enough will become embedded into our neural network to become part of our psyche. This means that they become a part of our subconscious thought and belief patterns.

This is critically important because research has proven that it is our subconscious minds that are the determiner of the outcomes and conditions we receive as ‘our lives.’ Logic tells us that our conscious minds are what we use to think, reason, act, and react, however, for the majority of our lives this is simply not the case.

According to psychologists, our conscious minds are only active for about five percent of our waking lives. This means that the majority of the thoughts traversing our minds and the reactions we have to life’s circumstances are due to our subconscious programs. The question then needs to be asked, where did our subconscious programs come from?

Where did our subconscious programs come from?

Our subconscious programs are built through repetition. So the more often we are exposed to a particular message, scene, or idea, the more our subconscious mind thinks that ‘this is what we have chosen to see, hear, or feel over and over again so it must be important to us. Therefore, our minds build beliefs around it.

When growing up we did not consciously choose which information to ‘accept’ as part of our subconscious programming. If we were exposed to struggle, hardship, poverty, and abuse, our minds saw this ‘as the way the world is for us.” We then form beliefs around this as it is all we knew.

These beliefs, which are deep in our subconscious minds then become the ‘go to’ programs that still rear their ugly heads when we are not consciously involved in what we are doing.

Learn how to reprogram your life for successConversely, if our early programming was made up of comfort, love, abundance, and ease, then this is what we came to expect from life. And this is what our mind programs will constantly be guiding us to replicate for ourselves.

Most of us lie somewhere in between, where we have some programs that support our goals and dreams for a great life, and some that don’t. And luckily for us, as adults, we can choose the information and experience we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. This is good news for us, as it means we can reprogram our beliefs and therefore our responses to life’s circumstances to truly reflect the outcomes we wish to be receiving in our future.  

I see this as a very ‘fair’ process. I say that because, as adults, we should be responsible for our lives. We are powerful creators and as such we ‘create’ more of that which we are exposing ourselves to (Law of Attraction.) Therefore, we are receiving circumstances into our lives to match the programs in our subconscious minds…..  We could say that we get what we deserve (or we get in direct correlation to what our attention has been predominantly focused on!)

What has Subliminal 360 got to do with any of this?

Inspire3 created the Subliminal 360 program as a way to help us reprogram our subconscious beliefs so that we can achieve better lives for ourselves. The software targets our subconscious minds with thousands of subliminal affirmations every day to reinforce the positive aspects of living to ‘retune’ our minds so that we can achieve our specific goals and dreams.

Brian Tracy endorses Subliminal 360

It’s not magic, it’s science. Think about it. If we put crap information into our minds every day, how can we expect to lead great lives? And now think about This: How much of what we are exposing ourselves to during our days is, unfortunately, reinforcing the status quo or our existing reality.

To change our lives, we need to change our subconscious programming……. And this is what Subliminal 360 will do for you! We can rewrite our lives to be the way we want them to be instead of just plodding along accepting more of the same!

The process of effective change requires that we talk to our minds in a way that reflects what we want out of life instead of focusing on and rehashing all of the stuff we don’t want.

“You get the essence of what you think about – whether you want it or not – because Law of Attraction is unerringly consistent – therefore, you are never only telling the story of “how it is now.” You are also telling the future experience that you are creating right now.” Abraham Hicks

Our minds are a very powerful tool that we are in control of. And yet, how often do you exercise absolute control over your thoughts? Do you notice your mind wandering and rehashing the bad relationship, the lack of money, ill-health, and many other THINGS THAT WE DON’T WANT AS PART OF OUR EXPERIENCE? The Law of Attraction says that the more we think about these things, the more they ARE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE a part of our experience.

Our minds can only attract into our lives the things we are thinking about…… So, if you don’t want something in your life, don’t think about it!!!!! Simple! We can seemingly by magic transform our lives NOW by only ever thinking of what we do want. And this can only be
achieved by reprogramming our subconscious minds to positively reflect the awesome lives we wish to be living.

How does subliminal 360 work?

Subliminal 360 repeats to our minds over and over again the same positive outcomes we want to achieve. Our magnificent minds will eventually come to accept the positive programming and our new goals and dreams will become hardwired into our neural networks. This brings our subconscious minds into sync with our goals and desires and therefore will set about attracting situations, circumstances, and conditions into our lives to create a better reality for us!

Subliminal 360 screenshotJust imagine how being exposed to 3600 visual and audio subliminal affirmations every hour you are on the computer, watching TV, or listening to music while exercising, jogging, walking on the beach, etc. can rewire your mind. That’s up to 86,400 subliminal affirmations each day… Can you see how this is going to positively change the information that your subconscious mind is using to create your reality?

With Subliminal 360, we can improve our future prospects while browsing Facebook, playing computer games, walking the dog, or preparing dinner. The audio and visual cues that we choose can be to help us improve our mental skills, increase personal power, enjoy business success, get over fears and phobias, boost our health, improve at sports, and so much more.

Our future literally becomes our choice as Subliminal 360 has a library of 350+ subliminal sessions. And we get to decide what we want to change. Then click — and you’re done. Self-growth doesn’t get any easier than this.

The negative programs we have that prevent us from attaining the success we want can never change by themselves!

Our minds currently think they are working for us as they are creating our lives based on the information we are exposing ourselves to. They think this is the content we want in our lives.
So they will work hard to ensure our life outcomes match the content (our beliefs) that we are exposed to.

If we do not change what we are allowing into our conscious and subconscious minds, our old programs will never change. Our mind’s old programs can never change by themselves….. We’ve got to take control and show our minds who is in charge.

This means that if we are in any way unsatisfied with any aspects of our lives, we need to consciously change the programs/beliefs we currently have. Subliminal 360 MP3s

Subliminal 360 is the easiest way to change our subconscious beliefs….. We can literally set the programs running and then forget they are there while knowing that our deep-seated beliefs are being rewritten to manufacture positive outcomes for our future selves.

We can gain confidence, adopt a millionaire’s mindset, learn a new language, become more assertive, think positively, enjoy exercise, let go of our fears, master a musical instrument, eliminate stress, lose weight, stop smoking, and so much more. All with just a few clicks of the mouse to set up that which we wish to create for our future lives.

What do you need to do to get the most benefits out of Subliminal 360?

Very little actually. For this program to work, you just need to be motivated to achieve your goals. The reality is that nothing will work for you if your thoughts are not aligned with the new and improved version of yourself that you want to create.

Once you know what you want to achieve, it’s easy to custom create your personalized programs for yourself, or just choose The complete Subliminal 360 packagefrom the vast library of pre-made subliminal materials available. There are 350 different sessions to choose from, including sessions like stop snoring, enjoy total focus, manage IBS, get fit fast, attract your dream home and overcome grief.

The Audio tracks software has the option of adding ‘brainwave entrainment’ technology when customizing MP3s, which is something I highly recommend. All you have to do is choose the affirmations, add the background music, and then listen at your leisure to begin creating a better future for yourselves and your family.

Subliminal reprogramming works best when we are not engaging our conscious minds as part of the process. Therefore, using these programs when multitasking or even when sleeping/meditating is going to return you fantastic results.

Are you ready to upgrade your life today? Take advantage of the special offer available NOW direct from the Subliminal 360 website and begin reprogramming yourself so you can be living your dream life in the near future….. or, do nothing and continue on pretty much the same as things are now. What will it be? Get instant access to Subliminal 360 now

As always, your future is in your hands!

I wish you all the best,


10 thoughts on “Subliminal 360 review: How can Subliminal 360 help me better utilize the power of my subconscious mind?

  1. Hi Andrew
    This was a really insightful post! A few years ago, my girlfriend (and now wife) introduced me to a book called “The Secret” and it went into great detail about the laws of attraction. Since reading that and trying to implement its teachings, I can tell you from experience how powerful it really is. By simply choosing to focus on the things or areas in your life that you want to improve, you can manifest them into happening in real life.
    Sometimes you can see this happen right away, other times it’s later on, but regardless it can be used to help yourself. It reinforces the old mantra of “garbage in, garbage out”, where you are a product of what you put in your life.
    This program looks like a great way to target your subliminal consciousness and make a positive difference in your life.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, this was really helpful!

    1. Hi Dereck.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I am glad it was of some value to you.

      The program, Subliminal 360 is a great way to target our subconscious minds and install new beliefs that will benefit us in creating better futures for ourselves. I’m happy that you mentioned that you need to ‘implement’ the information that you learned about from the book ‘The Secret.’ It doesn’t matter how good the information is, knowing it without putting it into practice will never help us attain our goals, so it is the awareness of, and the implementation of the tools we learn that is ‘the magic’ formula that creates awesome lives.

      I agree that some things come easier than others, and this is simply because t=we are able to align our thoughts more easily towards certain topics. Some people can manifest money easier than others because they harbor less resistant thoughts about this aspect of life, whereas others are luckier in love. Again, it’s because they can more easily define exactly what they want and hold on to their vision without contradictory thoughts…. so love comes easier to them.

      The less resistance, or non-aligned thoughts we have towards something we wish to manifest into our lives, the easier and quicker we will manifest it for ourselves.

      I wish you well on your journey, my friend,
      All the best,

  2. I agree that the Law of Attraction is unerringly consistent. Subliminal 360 sounds just as interesting as the Secret or the Raikov Effect.
    I am definitely going to read more about this.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Aparna.
      Yes, universal laws like the Law of Vibration (commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction) are fixed and unlike the laws of man cannot be ‘worked around.’ There is always a matching effect to anything that is put into place. And because of this, once we understand the laws, we can use them to manufacture or ‘manifest/create’ the exact life circumstances that we desire for ourselves.

      Programs like Subliminal 360, and The Raikov Effect programs are very valuable because they help us determine the kind of life we wish to be living, and then they provide the tools to help us reshape our minds, our subconscious beliefs, so that we can ‘become’ the person we need to become to be able to attract/manifest/create our dream lives.

      The Law of Attraction is all about first becoming a vibrational match to that which we want to create in our lives. For example, if we are not already affluent but we want to be wealthy, we cannot do it with our existing mindset…… because our existing mindset is responsible for creating the conditions we currently have in our lives.
      To attract the wealth we desire, we must vibrate in resonates with wealth, as affluent people do….. it is our vibration that attracts results into our lives, not that which we occasionally think of or fleetingly wish for while we are complaining about the lack we currently have!

      If our lives are currently not living up to our dreams and desires, we need to change our subconscious beliefs to align with what we want to create. Both subliminal 360 and The Raikov Effect are wonderful tools that enable us to do exactly this…… manifest the lives we are currently only dreaming of!

      I wish you well on your journey,

  3. Hey Andrew, you always have such interesting programs you’re writing about! I am doing another course at the moment. It’s 6 weeks of which one week is finished. But after that, I’ll definitely return to have another look at the one you describe here.

    I saw in your answer to Christine, there is a free trial available. That makes it extra interesting to see if it’s something that works for me.

    My guilty pleasure is looking at talent shows like AGT. It always amazes me that the illusionists use subconscious signs and that they seem to work. 🙂

    What I am wondering since you are already far on the path of self-realization etc whether this program still had a lot of impact on you?


    1. Hi Hannie. I’m lucky that I am able to write about things that interest me….. How our minds and bodies work and how they interact with our environment is fascinating to me, and I just want to understand it more and more so that I can help myself, and others, to maximize our potential, enjoyment, and success in our lives.

      I am happy that you find the products that I am reviewing interesting. I have used other products in the past that showed promise, but have not always reviewed them because either they did not live up to their promises, or they were not the best products I have come across in their categories. So, when I review a product it is because I believe that it is one of the best available, and it is something that I have used myself.

      Yes, there is an offer with this program of 5 X ‘brain hacker’ audio tracks. They are a good way of starting in the Subliminal 360 program. They are all set up and ready to go. As I mentioned in my review, Subliminal messages are not something that we need to focus on. So there is nothing for us to do or remember, or to learn. With the MP3s, we just need to hit the play button and then get on with whatever it is we were doing. It could be meditating, relaxing before going to bed, jogging, doing the dishes…… and just let the magic happen in the ‘background.’ As our conscious mind is engaged in doing whatever we are doing, our subconscious is free to absorb all of the information embedded in the audio tracks.
      So why wait until you have finished your 6-week course? If you begin now with the free downloads you will already be 5 weeks into an ‘improved mindset’ when you finish your course. The audio tracks can even be playing in the background while you are studying your coursework. I use them when I am on my computer doing other tasks, like writing this, as they are non-intrusive, and depending on which track I am listening to, they can enhance my focus and concentration, or just keep me in a pleasant relaxed state.

      I too love watching people succeed in shows like AGT. It really elevates my emotions when people seemingly do the impossible and surprise themselves and the entire audience. There is nothing more important than the way we feel, and I enjoy watching several clips at night before going to bed… when I do go to bed, it is with feelings of admiration, love, respect, joy, etc. (it’s way better than going to bed grumpy, haha.) Seeking pleasure is nothing to be guilty about, although, at times, it seems there are large portions of society that for some reason don’t want us to be happy. For example, we are entering into another severe lockdown again tomorrow. So again, because a few people have tested positive for covid (doesn’t necessarily mean they have it), the entire province will be locked up again and forced to wear masks (even while driving in their car by themselves???????) I will be deprived of visiting my favorite cafes or having any type of fun. I will not even be allowed to walk alone on the beach again (because we all know how dangerous that is…..). Maybe covid has evolved into a NEW MORE DEADLY STRAIN AGAIN, and this one is able to jump up from behind a grain of sand and bite me in the bum?????

      The ‘path of self-realization’…. Hmmmmm, I think I wandered off that path a long time ago. You may rethink this thought in light of my above comments, haha.
      I’m not sure if I can describe what I want to say, but I will try.
      I now consider that we are all on ‘the path,’ and the path we are on is the correct path for us. However, most of us are giving our attention to stuff that is happening outside of ourselves, and we tend to care too much about what other people are doing and saying. And as such, we ‘adjust’ our lives so that we can fit in, be accepted, and be a part of a bigger collective. This is all good and can be a lot of fun, or pain, depending on our beliefs and the environment we are part of, but it denies our uniqueness, it removes us from what makes each of us special.

      So now, for me, life is more about being authentic. To me, this means… I am alive, here and now in this body, on this beautiful planet….. How can I live my life in the best possible way to get the maximum out of this experience? It’s about my thoughts and my feelings…. and while many people would consider this selfish, it is only when we have sorted our own stuff out that we are able to be of true and lasting benefit to others.

      We may look at the situation of another lockdown as ‘negative,’ however, it’s all a matter of perspective. While I would almost certainly choose freedom over restrictions, I am also intrigued by the possibilities and opportunities that the lockdown creates. It’s only a negative experience if we view it will a negative mindset…… and a part of being a selfish person is looking for the good in all situations…… and because I am selfish, I choose what is best for me… This does not involve denying anything to others or taking from others, but it does mean that I put a lot of value on the way I feel…. and I choose to think the thoughts and create the beliefs that produce good feelings over not-so-good feelings. And why shouldn’t we? Just imaging a world where all the ‘selfish’ people were wandering around feeling good all the time, smiling and laughing while they go about their daily lives….. oh no, here comes another selfish person, feeling happy when the rest of us are not feeling so good…. How dare they!!!!

      One thing I have learned is that happiness can be contagious, so if we take care of ourselves first, we have more to offer to those we love and interact with. It can truly be a wonderful life wonderful…. What are you choosing?

      With much love and respect to all souls who choose to play the game of life 🙂

  4. This sounds like something that I could use. What you think you create and if you don’t want something to happen, then don’t think it! But I feel that sometimes I have no control over my thoughts. They just go off and before I know it I have to stop myself from thinking the thoughts I didn’t want to think in the first place. How can I stop that from happening?

    I checked out the website and it offered a free access and a paid course. What does the free access offer?

    1. Hi Christine. Welcome back 🙂

      The ‘free access’ that is offered is a popup window. It allows you to download 5 x FREE Brain Hacker MP3s PLUS try out Subliminal360!
      It’s a great offer, however, it does not allow you to create personalized Subliminals. When I signed up I received a 15-minute ‘recharge’ session, a ‘mood booster’ session, a ‘healing relaxation’ session, a ‘power nap’ session, and a ‘speed learning’ booster session. Great gifts, and there is no cost involved…. well worth giving it a try 🙂

      “How can I stop myself from thinking the thoughts I didn’t want to think in the first place.” Haha…. Don’t worry, you are not alone with this issue. It’s just a part of being a human being and having a brain that works the way it does. The only way out of it is to become a ‘conscious thinker’ all of the time, and I’m not sure this is even possible for us.
      My goal is to progressively become ‘more aware of my thoughts more of the time.’ Awareness of what we are thinking allows us to make choices…. Is what we are currently thinking taking us closer to achieving our goals, or is it taking us further away from achieving the lives we want to be living?

      Make a conscious choice, each and every day, many times every day, to become consciously aware of your thoughts, and then with the power of choice, you can guide your magnificent mind to be thinking of stuff that will be of benefit in your life…… This is the only option we have, and it is a process that gets easier every time we exercise the power of choice.
      We have been programmed with beliefs that don’t support our ‘natural and powerful creative selves,’ and we, therefore, need to progressively reprogram our minds to do what we want them to do. You can try and wrestle your mind into submission….. (won’t work), or you can use something like Subliminal 360 to input the new beliefs that you wish to become part of your reality.

      Why not try the free gifts, the 5 x brain hacker Subliminals to see if this is a tool that you will be able to use to improve your life?

      I wish you all the best,

  5. interesting topic. I spend a good deal of time and effort learning about the mind and listening to subliminal messages. I think they can have an impact on our thoughts and decisions over time. However, for me, I also understand the danger and the limitations.
    I can listen to a message telling me I am 8 feet tall 10,000 times but I will never be that tall. That is an extreme example but one that is wise to consider when thinking that we have more power than we have.
    Thinking good thoughts is a very beneficial habit and maybe there is a place for subliminal messaging. But it is used in harmful and controlling ways as well. I feel like the news media through repetition has deceived the public by repeating the same things over and over daily until people have been influenced and swayed to believe many false narratives. Commercials and ads can do this too.
    I am fascinated by the human mind and enjoy reading blogs like this one, so thank you.
    The bible says to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and that is my personal challenge as well as advice.

    1. Hi Mickey.
      Many thanks for your valuable comments.

      I agree with you that we are programmed through repetition by the mainstream media, education system, and ‘entertainment’, and most of it is not for our benefit. We are conditioned that we are not powerful and instead need the intervention of governments, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and many other professionals to sort out our problems so that we can be ‘happy’ in our lives. The programming is telling us we are not good enough until we have this product, are this weight, are living in this suburb, drive this car, eat this food….. It’s never ending, not consistent, and most of it is definately not true.

      Yes, we may not be able to become 8 feet tall with the help of subliminal messaging, but we can definately reprogram ourselves to counter the years of propoganda and advertising lies that have unknowingly been forced upon us at every oportunity. With Subliminal 360, we are offered the opportunity to choose the beliefs we wish to have, and with time, these new affirmations will become part of our subconscious programs, and yes, they will change our lives for the better. They have definately worked for me.

      However, as you have alluded to, the changes we wish to createin our lives need to be something ‘real.’ By this I mean, they need to be within the realhm of possibilities. I haven’t seen anyone desire and then grow to 8 foot tall, so it is unlikely to happen for us, no matter how much we want it. But I do know people who have lost weight, stopped smoking, dramatically improved their financial situations, regained health, gained confidence, and found the love of their lives fro using subliminals.

      As I say in most of my posts, We have many good tools at our disposal, but the greatest tool we have, the one that will make any of them work for us, is our self belief, our courage, and our determination to create a better more rewarding life experience for ourselves. We are the key to our own success. If we pick up a tool and run with it and we will be successful!

      I apprecite your time and comments,
      Have a great day mate!

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