The 432 Code Review: John Bass’s Vibrational Healing Program That Activates Abundance

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The 432 Code Program Review At A Glance:

– Product Creator: John Bass

– Price: $43.20 (less than the cost of a single dinner out!)

– Official Product Website: The 432 Code Website

– Product Type: Downloadable audio and video tracks and PDF guide

– Main Benefits: These powerful sequences of harmonic frequencies will quickly, safely, and easily ‘LIFT YOU UP’ by activating vibrations within you so that you can live a life of abundance, beginning with your finances.

– Do I recommend this product? Yes, I do! Why? Because we are surrounded by non-harmonic numbers, sights, and sounds all day, every day. And they throw us out of balance, mentally, physically, and emotionally. We are often stuck in offices, in traffic jams, viewing screens way too much, etc…. and these things and many more associated with our lifestyles are negatively affecting our well-being and keeping us living way below our potential.

To be well, and to thrive, we need to restore balance and harmony to our psyche and retune ourselves with the positive harmonies of nature and the universe…. and the ‘Codes’ that are embedded in The 432 Code Program will do this for us…. they will lift you up and enable you to thrive….

Why is ‘432’ so significant? It turns out that 432 is the most harmonic number behind virtually everything in our universe. 432 is a harmonious vibration that is a powerful force for positive creation and abundance in all things.

The 432 Code review-product-picture

What Will The 432 Code Program Do For You?

The 432 Code is a program to remove the energetic, mental, and emotional blockages that are currently preventing you from achieving a life of abundance, joy, beauty, success, and love.

The code is not something new but is something that has been ‘occulted’ or hidden from the majority of people so that the few (so-called) elite could maintain control and power over nearly all the resources and people on the planet.

….. But, fortunately, times are changing! And this ancient knowledge that can open abundance in every aspect of your life is once again coming into the light and being made available for us all.

The 432 Code is a Program that is embedded with sacred sequences of harmonic numbers, as quantum waves of sound, and light. These unique ‘Harmonic Keys’ work with you on multiple levels by:

The 432 Code Reviews-John-Bass-buy-now– creating new neural pathways in your brain,

– eliminating stress from your life,

– clearing all energy blockages and

– revealing your soul gifts and true life purpose.

This means that while listening, you are effectively being ‘reset,’ mentally, emotionally, and physically to your optimal well-being settings as given to you by The Creator. And with time, this natural state of being, your ability to thrive and have a joy-filled life, will become your new reality.

It doesn’t matter what your current circumstances are…. when you are ‘re-tuned’ to your natural God-given state, you will experience abundance in all areas of your life.

The 432 Code-user-comments– Your relationships will improve,

– Your heart will be open to experiencing true love,

– Greater success will happen with your job, career, business,

– Money worries will disappear, and

– Stress will dissolve and be replaced with the harmonious state of ‘ease.’

What Makes The 432 Code Better Than Other Vibrational Healing Programs?

The 432 Code Program is the first of its kind to incorporate a ‘Video Activation System.’

This ensures that your whole psyche is fully immersed in the life-changing experience….

Everything that exists is made up of tiny vibrating particles. This includes light, sound, and our human bodies. All of our trillions of cells are vibrating all the time. And this vibration is changed according to what is happening in our environment.

If we are arguing, our rate of vibration goes down. If we are in love, our vibration goes up…..

The Harmonic Keys in the form of geometric light and sound encoded in The 432 Code will raise your vibration so that you will, through The Law Of Attraction, only match/attract high-vibration experiences, circumstances, and people into your life.

This program will work for everyone, and all you have to do is ‘click play,’ listen and watch for 10 to 15 minutes each day…. It’s 1000X more effective than reciting affirmations alone….

Why? Because it works on all levels of your being…. Mind, nervous system, energy system, and your soul’s DNA blueprint.

The 432 Code Begins With The Instant Harmonic Balance Activation Series

The 432 Code Instant Harmonic Balance Activation Series Product pictureThis set of 5 sound and light journeys is designed to quickly re-tune you to your natural harmonic state, which is ABUNDANCE.
You should notice a shift in your financial situation within 7 days as your vibration is tuned towards a more positive mindset…. which begins to manifest as positive outcomes in your circumstances….

As you begin to resonate with a feeling of ‘always having enough,’ you will attract matching experiences and people into your life to ensure this becomes your new reality.

Next Comes: The Superabundance Money Activation Series:

The 432 Code-the-superabundance-money-activation-series-product-pictureThis series consists of 8 additional sound and light journeys designed to move your reality from a comfortable life to one of COMPLETE FREEDOM.

With the right belief and intention, you will be able to raise your vibration to manifest enough money so all of your needs and wants are met…. And then once your vibration stabilizes, you will never have to worry about money ever again…. complete freedom from financial worries!

Who Created The 432 Code Program, and Why?

John Bass (musician, healer, sound engineer, and researcher) has created The 432 Code as a remedy to our suffering. He has ‘decoded’ one of the easiest and quickest methods for us to break free from the programming that is currently limiting us…. so that we too can live lives that are filled with joy, health, love, and abundance.

…. and his ‘secret’ (not really a secret… just not yet widely known or used) is to immerse ourselves in the healing vibrations of 432 Hz with sound, light, and quantum waves….

The 432 Code-John-Bass-pictureWhy would this work?… Quantum waves of sound and light are mediums that transfer huge amounts of information and can rebalance and heal us mentally, emotionally, and physically quickly and easily. These mediums bypass our conscious minds and can clear and heal our trauma, blockages, and current limitations.

Science is finally catching up with ancient knowledge and spirituality and has confirmed that the universe is made of energy. And they now recognize and can measure the energy that is harmonious with our well-being and energy that is detrimental to our health, relationships, our ability to learn and thrive, etc.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

The reality is that massive abundance exists and continues to be created every day…. More wealth is available now than at any other time in history…. However, we, the majority, have been deprived of it as we have been intentionally overwhelmed with ‘bad’ energy for our whole lives by the institutions that are meant to support our desire for a great life.

These include our education systems, the music and entertainment industries, our governments, etc. The powers that control these institutions exert their influence to ensure that we, the 99% of humanity, have not had access to abundance and therefore cannot rise above their control.

So, while they surround themselves with good energy/vibrations we are constantly being subjected to energy frequencies that they know will keep us out of balance with our natural state of being, which is to thrive. Instead, as a society, we are becoming less wealthy and less healthy with each generation.

One of John’s goals is to help alleviate the suffering of as many people as possible…. And he is doing this in the best possible way…. By raising your vibrations so you will ‘resonate’ with abundance and then can receive your fair share of our abundant universe…..

Change your Vibration today to begin attracting abundance into your life….

3 Special Bonuses Are Included With The 432 Code Program

1) The Soul Vision Generator: (normally sells for $97, today FREE)

The 432 Code-quick-start-guideThe 432 Code activates ‘The True You.’ This changes who you are as a person, and it can at first be a little confusing for some people. So the Soul Vision Generator helps you to understand what has been activated within you and what you are now capable of.

It’s a simple quiz that when filled in will give you answers about your hidden gifts, talents, personality traits, life challenges, and your one true purpose.

2) The Soul Vision Activator: (normally sells for $67, today FREE)

This is a companion bonus audio series that contains 5 sound journeys composed with ‘Harmonic Keys.’ These specifically engineered tracks work on multiple levels to fully ‘turn on’ your soul superpowers.

3) The 432 Code Easy-Play Portal: (normally $120, today FREE)

This portal makes it easy to listen to and share this life-changing program with your like-minded family and friends…..

Just connect or download on your mobile, laptop, tablet, or home entertainment system and click play to share these healing, life-transforming, sounds with others or listen on your own while in bed, out walking, during yoga, or meditating.

Together, these bonus gifts are valued at $284. However, they are being included with The 432 Code Program TODAY for FREE.

What’s Your Future Going To Be Like?

Our future can be many things….

However, for most people, their future is pretty much a continuation of what’s happening in their lives now. Is this what you want for yourself and your loved ones?

Because it’s the easiest option…. All you have to do is keep doing the same stuff you’ve been doing that got you to where you are now…..That’s right nothing has to change!

However, there is a higher vibrational energy entering our planet at this time of awakening…..

And it means we now have options available to us that have never been available before. Information is coming back into the awareness of those who are ‘awake enough’ to take advantage of it to make their lives better….. and then to assist others to do the same.

But…. Just because the information is available doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically upgrade your vibration….

…. You have to do something to show that you are ready for an upgrade. You have to take action to register with the Universal Mind, the Creative Force Of ALL, that you are willing and able to add to the positive transformation of yourself and the world you are part of.

It starts by upgrading your vibration, and The 432 Code
is written with the information, in the language that the universe understands (vibration) that will guide you to the better life you are seeking…..

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FAQ’s about The 432 Code

How Quickly Will I Get Results By Using The 432 Code?

The shift from your limiting mindset will begin changing immediately. The positive vibrations received when listening to The Harmonic Balancing Series ensures that your ‘low-vibration thoughts’ can no longer remain.

Your thoughts will effortlessly be upgraded so that your new thought patterns will vibrate in harmony with the abundance you desire…. And through The Universal Law Of Attraction, these things will begin to manifest in your life.

And the good news is that all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the journey…..

How Does The 432 Code Work?

The information encoded in The 432 Code Program contains the perfect combinations and sequences of vibrations in the forms of sound, light, and quantum waves. These ‘Harmonic Keys’ clear away your limiting beliefs so that new upgraded information can establish itself and become your new essence.

Your mind, nervous system, DNA, and energetic bodies will then resonate with ‘abundance’, and because like attracts like, this is what will begin manifesting in your life within a short time.

What Happens If I’m Not Happy With The Results I Am Getting?

If you follow the program, there is no way you cannot achieve improved results in your life. However, there are a few people who are not willing to ‘let go’ of their pain, anger, frustration, etc. So they hold on to their old lives by continuing to be negative, pessimistic, angry, etc.

To achieve the best results from The 432 Code
Program, you need to bring your new upgraded positive mindset into every aspect of your life at every possible opportunity.

However, if you are not yet willing to have the better life you dream about, you can get a 100% money-back refund within 60 days of using The 432 Code…. no questions asked!

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